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New PC 290-290.023 Section Number

290 - 290.023 is known as the Sex Offender Registration Act 290(b) - Lifetime duty to register in city or county where residing, within 5 working days of coming into or changing residence in jurisdiction 290(c) - Mandatory registrable sex offenses (adult convictions) 290.001 - SVPs must register 290.002 - Out-of-state registrants working or going to school in CA must register 290.003 - Persons released from confinement after July 1, 1944 for offenses listed in 290(c) must register 290.004 - Mentally Disordered Sex Offenders must register 290.005 - Persons convicted in courts outside California, including other states or in federal or military courts, must register 290.006 - Court can order registration for offenses committed out of sexual compulsion or for sexual gratification 290.007 - Dismissal pursuant to PC 1203.4 does not terminate duty to register 290.008 - Juveniles adjudicated for specified sex offenses, who are sent to CDCR/DJJ on that offense, must register

Old PC 290 Subdivision



290(a)(2)(A) 290(a)(1)(E) 290(a)(1)(G)


290(a)(2)(C) 290(a)(2)(D)


290(a)(2)(F); formerly PC 290.1


290.009 - Persons required to register pursuant to the Act must register if employed/students/volunteers at institution of higher education, pursuant to PC 290.01 290.010 - Concurrent registration required at all addresses where person regularly resides 290.011 - Transient registration 290.012 - Annual update; SVP update; transient update; no fee for registration 290.013 - Change of address; notice by jail/prison to DOJ of registrants incarcerated over 90 days 290.014 - Name change by registrant 290.015 - Registration required upon release from incarceration; information required at registration 290.016 - Pre-registration at time of incarceration, commitment, or prior to release on probation



290(a)(1)(C) 290(a)(1)(D); 290(a)(1)(E); 290(a)(1)(C); 290(a)(1)(F) 290(f)(1)-(f)(2)

290(f)(3) 290(e)(2)


290.017 - Notification of duty to register 290(b) prior to release from custody, confinement, or on probation 290.018 - Penalties for violation of the Sex Offender Registration Act 290(g)

290.019 - Procedure for obtaining relief 290(a)(2)(G) from duty to register for decriminalized sex offenses 290.020 - Notice to local law enforcement agency of release of registrants on temporary assignment for firefighting, disaster control 290(j)

290.021 - Statements, fingerprints and photographs of registrants only open to inspection by peace officers or other law enforcement officers 290.022 - DOJ must renovate VCIN (sex offender registration database) by July 10, 2010 290.023 - Registration provisions of Act are retroactive





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