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TM1 Advanced Developer (IBM Cognos TM1)

Course Description: This course is designed for Advanced TM1 users who want to become TM1 Architects and OLAP Model Designers. This advanced TM1 course covers designing and building dimensions and cubes, importing and loading data, creating TurboIntegrator processes, working with multiple cubes, rules, security, and more! Students will benefit from a comprehensive curriculum taught by a professional TM1 consultant, who will be sharing real-world experience and tips for best practice TM1 development. There will also be a consultative component of the course where you can get hands-on professional help with your project! Who will benefit from this course? TM1 power users who want to learn the art of TM1 Architecture and OLAP Model Design. Among the many professionals who will find this course essential are: system administrators, actuaries and those who perform sales and financial analysis. Prerequisites Completion of the TM1 Essentials 1-day course Duration: 2 full days

Syllabus: The course includes the following topics, 27 exercises plus much, much more!

Role of the Developer The TM1 Environment TM1 Configuration Dimensions TurboIntegrator Cubes Rules

Rules Extensions Parameters Cubes Security Developer Best Practices Consultation Your project your questions, Bringrequests, conundrums code and projects to work on in class

CPA Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Chartered Accountant's (CA) Training & Development

Subject to the relevant member forming their own view as to the applicability of the course material, CALUMO courses are equivalent to structured CPD and CPE. For more information, please visit the CALUMO training website: or phone CALUMO on (02) 8985 7777.

TM1 Advanced Developer Detailed Syllabus

Chapter 1: Introduction Welcome to the course Prerequisites Role of the Developer Developer Best Practices Defining your learning objectives Chapter 2: The TM1 Environment Chapter 3: TM1 Configuration Data Directory File Types TM1s Configuration File Common TM1s.CFG Entries TM1s.CFG Parameter entries TM1P Configuration File Common TM1p.ini Entries TM1p.ini Parameter Entries TM1 Options LIC Files Control Objects Chapter 4: Dimensions Definition Design Considerations Attributes and Aliases Dimension Editor Weighting Adding an ALIAS and Attribute Dimension Worksheet Dimension TI ­ Recorded Recorded Process Dimension TI ­ Non Recorded Non-Recorded Process Chapter 5: TurboIntegrator Extension Anatomy Process Data Population - Extension Functions Examples Chapter 6: Cubes Definition Design Considerations Measures Dimension Method to Build External Data Source Data Population Dimension Order Re-Order Dimensions Your Project Chapter 7: Chores Scheduling Chapter 8: Rules Definition Anatomy Area Definition Leaf Consolidation String Qualifier Formula Functions Conditional Logic Cube References Introduction to Skipcheck Introduction to Feeders Overfeeding Conditional feeding Rule Editor Rule Worksheet Tracing Calculations Tracing Calculation Trace Tracing Feeders Examples

Chapter 9: Rules Extensions Pulling data from another cube Feeders SkipCheck Feedstrings Feeders from other cubes Rule Tips Feeder Tips Chapter 10: Parameters Cube Chapter 11: Security At Cube Level At Dimension Level At Element Level At Cell Level At Process level At Chore Level Using Rules Getting Help Appendices Commonly used Rule Functions Commonly used TurboIntegrator Functions Sample Rules Sample TurboIntegrator Processes ­ Code snippets TM1 Administration Remote Server Operations Running TM1 as an Application Logging Transactions Data Backup and Recovery Turning logging on and off Querying the Transaction Log Changes in RAM, Saving to Disk Deleting Old Log Files Monitoring Server Performance Managing Client Connections Memory Management Appendix F: More Hints and Tips

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