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Basic Concepts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3-4 Survey . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 Social Influences & Group Dynamics . . . . . . . .5 Human Behavior . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6-7 Child & Adolescent Development . . . . . . . . .8-11 Adult Development . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11-12 Gender, Relationships & Sexuality . . . . . . .13-17 Violence & Abuse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18-20 Stress & Anxiety . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20-24 Mood Disorders . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24-26 Suicide . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26-27

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Dissociative & Somatoform Disorders . . . . . .27 Substance Abuse, Dependence & Impulse Control . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28-39 Eating Disorders . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40 Sleep Disorders . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41 Schizophrenia & Delusional Disorders . . . .41-42 Personality Disorders . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43 Life-Span Disorders . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43 Mental Health Treatment . . . . . . . . . . . . . .44-45 Special Topics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46-47


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Basic Concepts

The Psychology Media Suite will add a dynamic new dimension to any college, Advanced Placement, or high school psychology course. Comprising more than 120 best video clips seller! foundationaland other media, the Suite is a blend of documentary segments illustrating psychology concepts and principles, reports on cutting-edge research in psychology, and Active Teaching Modules designed to enable instructors to re-create studies such as the Asch Conformity Experiment and the Stroop test, conduct psychology experiments on selective attention and eyewitness memory, and more--right in the classroom! Subject areas include: · Introduction to the Field of Psychology · Learning · Brain Neurology · Sensation and Perception · Attention/Consciousness · Emotions, Stress, and Health · · · · · · · Language and Intelligence Memory Developmental Psychology Social Psychology Personality Abnormal Psychology Therapy/Treatment

A viewable/printable instructor's guide containing video summaries, educational contexts, and discussion points is available online. (6 hours 18 minutes total) © 2008 c

$449.95 · DVD OVF35671-K

Conduct in-class psychology experiments using the Suite's Active Teaching Modules!

Selective Attention Demonstrate the phenomenon of Inattentional Blindness with this segment, inspired by the famous "gorillas in our midst" video. Instruct your students to count the rope skips--but will they notice the clown with a potted plant strolling past in the background?

Optical Illusions Included are six optical illusions that demonstrate how information gathered by the eye (sensation) and processed by the brain (perception) can be "incorrect." Illusions provided include the Necker cube, Ponzo illusion, Zollner illusion, Herring illusion, and Muller-Lyer illusion.

Asch Conformity Experiment Solomon Asch's classic experiment starkly demonstrated the power of conformity in groups. The Psychology Media Suite provides the elements of the experiment so you can re-create it in your classroom. Plus, it contains a filmed version of the experiment being conducted in a college setting.

Operant Conditioning Reinforce the distinctions between Negative Reinforcement, Positive Reinforcement, Positive Punishment, and Negative Punishment with four entertaining segments that demonstrate each form of conditioning in a workplace setting. Can students identify which form of conditioning is which?

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Basic Concepts

This collection of 34 video clips takes a close look at mental health and the human mind. Aspects of chronic stress, sleep disorders, seasonal affective disorder, depression, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder, and schizophrenia are covered, along with insights into brain architecture and the psychological benefits of exercising, meditating, and having a pet. (51 minutes) © 2007 C

$99.95 · DVD OVF37381-K

best seller!

Health News and Interviews: Mental Health and the Human Mind Video Clips

Madness: A History

In the past, there was no such thing as mental illness, only madness. Its treatment was often indistinguishable from torture or murder. This program follows the long, often grim road towards understanding and treating mental illness. Through testimonials, original manuscripts, photos, and extensive footage from medical archives, leading doctors and medical historians trace the history of asylums, the development of psychoanalysis, electroconvulsive therapy, and the rise of psychopharmacology. The program also details the once widespread use of phrenology, lobotomy, and lobotomy's ancient precursor, trepanning. (51 minutes) © 2001

$169.95 · DVD OVF32730-KS · VHS OVF32730-A

best seller!


Myths about Madness: Challenging Stigma and Changing Attitudes

Fear and misunderstanding are major roadblocks on the path to effective community care for people with mental illnesses. This concise training tool exposes the myths surrounding afflictions of the mind and challenges discrimination against the mentally ill. Interviews with mental health professionals, journalists, researchers, and people who have themselves been through the mental health system raise questions about the public's attitude toward mental illness. In addition, people diagnosed with mental health problems speak candidly about the stigmatizing impact of living with a label. (23 minutes) © 1998

$99.95 · DVD OVF10004-KS · VHS OVF10004-A



Winning the Mind Game: Triumphing Over Mental Illness

Filmed in the U.K., this program sympathetically presents the stories of four young adults--two men, two women--who triumphed over bipolar disorder, chronic anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder, clinical depression, and an eating disorder. Looking back on their lengthy ordeals, each person explains to viewers what it was like to slide into mental illness and how, with the help of others, they reestablished control of their lives. (25 minutes) © 2003

$99.95 · DVD OVF33292-KS · VHS OVF33292-A

This award-winning program brings to light the complex and controversial history of the mental institution in the U.S. through a detailed study of St. Elizabeths Hospital in Washington, D.C. It also debates whether deinstitutionalization has proved an overall failure, leaving more patients homeless than are mainstreamed into society, and if the time has come to reintroduce the asylum as a place of therapy and benign confinement. Rare archival footage, interviews with former patients, and insights from mental health historians David Rothman, of Columbia University, and Gerald Grob, of Rutgers University, make this a documentary not to be missed. (60 minutes) © 1989

best seller!

Asylum: A History of the Mental Institution in America

CINE Golden Eagle Award "A powerful, visually stunning film. Portrays a complex subject in a moving and human fashion." --Charles Ray, director, National Council of Community Mental Health Centers

$169.95 · DVD OVF32651-KS · VHS OVF32651-A



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Gambling that changes from a penny-ante pastime to a full-blown addiction. Nightmares that refuse to go away. A series of inconsequential rituals that fills up every waking hour. In this three-part series, anecdotal case studies and scientific research are blended into a candid analysis of three chronic mental disorders: pathological gambling, post-traumatic stress disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. (52 minutes each) © 2001

Making Peace with the Mind

best seller!

Survey · Social Influences & Group Dynamics

Now Available! By Satan Possessed: Case Studies in Public Hysteria

During the early 1990s, reports of Satanic worship and associated crimes intensified across the United States. This classic documentary captured the phenomenon at its height, revealing rogue therapists who encouraged patients to experience false memories and personality disorders, as well as questionable religious leaders who employed similar tactics with followers. Viewers will encounter supposed experts on Satanic activity, such as counselors Timothy Maas and Catherine Gould, both of whom urged patients to recollect childhood abuse by Satanists, and Pastor Doug Riggs, whose dubious exorcisms are recorded in the film. Also featured is a San Diego family nearly destroyed by accusations of Satanism. An HBO Production. (60 minutes) © 1993 C

$169.95 · DVD OVF39895-KS


Pathological Gambling: A Costly Addiction

In this program, psychologists talk with former high rollers who share their stories of addiction to gambling.

$169.95 · DVD OVF29357-KS · VHS OVF29357-A

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: When the Memories Won't Go Away

This program discusses the causes, symptoms, and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder.

$169.95 · DVD OVF29358-KS · VHS OVF29358-A

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: The Tyranny of Rituals

In this program, psychiatrists talk with OCD patients about their rituals.

$169.95 · DVD OVF29359-KS · VHS OVF29359-A

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DVD OVF29356-KS · VHS OVF29356-A

Echoing the Milgram experiment of the 1960s, this ABC News program sets up a psychological test in which an authority figure urges men and women to inflict pain. Social psychologist Dr. Jerry Burger interprets the disturbing findings. The program also analyzes the 1971 Stanford prison experiment as well as the 2004 hoax in which a fake police officer caused a McDonald's employee to be strip-searched and abused. (35 minutes) © 2007 C

$169.95 · DVD OVF37390-KS · VHS OVF37390-A

best seller!

Obeying or Resisting Authority: A Psychological Retrospective

Tens of thousands of people "live" there, and tens of millions of U.S. dollars are exchanged there. Welcome to! After introducing viewers to this compelling virtual world, You Only Live Twice grapples with overlapping in-world/ real-world issues ranging from cybersex and the psychological repercussions of virtual sex crimes, to intellectual property rights fraud, to taxation on hard cash made on virtual crossborder sales, to the medical use of Second Life as a schizophrenia simulator. Insights and opinions are provided by SL creator Philip Rosedale; virtual property development millionaire Ailin Graef; Play Money author Julian Dibbell; Lauren Gelman, of Stanford Law School's Center for Internet and Society; New York University's Clay Shirky; Ted Castronova, author of Synthetic Worlds; and others. Contains mature themes and explicit imagery. (47 minutes) © 2007 C

best seller!

You Only Live Twice: Virtual Reality Meets Real World in Second Life

"A thought-provoking look at a brave new e-world, You Only Live Twice is recommended."--Video Librarian

$149.95 · DVD OVF37558-KS · VHS OVF37558-A



Video Clip Online Not Available in Canada c Closed Captioned Films for the Humanities & Sciences® · Call 800-257-5126 · Fax 800-329-6687


Human Behavior

best seller!


Joy, sadness, fear, anger--the more we try to conceal them, the more visible they become. This four-part series illuminates connections between the physical and psychological aspects of human behavior. Original BBCW broadcast title: Exposed. (57 minutes each) © 2006 C



What is the secret to swaying the undecided and winning over the skeptical? In this program, Dr. Marsden illustrates how experts in the art of persuasion think and operate, and how their goals can become transparent. Dr. Marsden talks with salespeople, marketing gurus, and business owners, as well as a hypnotist who pulls teeth without anesthetics and a former cult member with firsthand experience in being psychologically controlled.

$169.95 · DVD OVF36538-KS · VHS OVF36538-A

Although lying is universal, it may be the most poorly understood of all human traits. In this program, psychologist John Marsden attempts to unravel the mysteries surrounding deception and identify its cues in body language and facial expression. Dr. Marsden interviews Donald Bickerstaff, a man who swindled millions from investment clients, and Beth Shannon, a portrait artist with an uncanny ability to spot falsehoods.

$169.95 · DVD OVF36536-KS · VHS OVF36536-A


It can lead to isolation, to depression, even to violence. In this program, John Marsden investigates the devastating effect that social and romantic rejection can have on the brain, the body, and human behavior. Using the latest neuro-imaging technology, Dr. Marsden examines the links between unrequited love and physical pain; he also sheds light on crimes of passion, early childhood experiences of rejection, and gender factors.

$169.95 · DVD OVF36537-K · VHS OVF36537-A

Urban Survival

Are humans genetically disposed to live in large, dense groups--or are we actually unfit as a species to do so? In this program, Dr. Marsden dissects the behavior of city dwellers, analyzing why some people are capable of urban living while others clearly are not. Dr. Marsden inquires into the dangers of city life, the nature of urban etiquette, and the visible effects of sensory overload and urban anonymity. Original BBCW broadcast title: City Life.

$169.95 · DVD OVF36539-KS · VHS OVF36539-A

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DVD OVF36535-KS · VHS OVF36535-A

New! How to Be Happy!

Positive Psychology in Action

This program illustrates the application of positive psychology through a powerful workshop in which participants increase their awareness of what creates happiness by performing acts of indulgence, altruism, and gratitude. How to Be Happy also considers whether wealth, friendship, religion, job satisfaction, raising children, and getting older typically do or don't promote happiness. An fMRI study on the effect of deep meditation on the brain, a segment on laughter yoga, and a case study of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, a very successful company whose management style is firmly based on the principles of positive psychology, round out the program. Original CBC broadcast title: How to Be Happy! (44 minutes) © 2008 C

$169.95 · DVD OVF39583-KS · VHS OVF39583-A

New! All About Happiness

Trying to find happiness is the search of a lifetime, and in this multi-segment ABC News program, a diverse cross-section of experts shares insights into the psychological and physiological constituents of happiness; the effects of genes, life circumstances, and intentional activities on happiness; where on Earth the most--and least--happiness is said to exist; and the story of one person who followed his bliss by building a two-ton boat out of... wine bottle corks! Daniel Gilbert, author of Stumbling on Happiness; Sonja Lyubomirsky, author of The How of Happiness: A Scientific Approach to Getting the Life You Want; and Eric Weiner, author of The Geography of Bliss, are featured. Original ABC News broadcast title: Happiness. (37 minutes) © 2008 C

$169.95 · DVD OVF39466-KS · VHS OVF39466-A


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Human Behavior

Brain and body are often considered separate entities--but they work together to create our emotional interface with the world. This four-part series best seller! explores the fascinating subject of human sensation and response, focusing on laughter, crying, pain, and pleasure--and why these phenomena help define us as a species. (49 minutes each) © 2003


The Anatomy of Laughter

What happens in our brains and bodies when we think something is funny? This program studies the human response to humor from a physiological and psychological standpoint. Providing an evolutionary perspective on laughter's role in cooperation and adaptation, the program also features interviews with doctors and patients who express varying degrees of skepticism about laughter's healing power.

$169.95 · DVD OVF36979-KS · VHS OVF36979-A

The Anatomy of Crying

Humans may be the only species to shed tears. But is crying a strictly human act? This program explores the deep well of animal instinct that, shaped by eons of evolution, still informs our expression of grief, fear, anger, and even joy. Focusing on the development of distress signals in early hominid infant behavior, the program studies different types of crying and their biological and cultural significance.

$169.95 · DVD OVF36981-KS · VHS OVF36981-A

The Anatomy of Pain

Pain warns the body of invasion and other dangers. But the connection between pain and the human mind is more mysterious. This program examines various types of pain and their elusive neurological aspects; it also presents methods, both clinical and alternative, that help long-term sufferers cope with debilitating pain. The process by which pain signals travel through the human nerve network is explained.

$169.95 · DVD OVF36980-KS · VHS OVF36980-A

The Anatomy of Pleasure

Which is more enjoyable--the satisfaction of desire, or the sensation of longing itself? This program looks at the emotional, neurological, and genetic aspects of seeking and gaining pleasure, analyzing close ties between the search for gratification and the preservation of self and species. Sex, artistic creation, the consumption of favorite foods, high-risk behavior, and spiritual ecstasy are all explored.

$169.95 · DVD OVF36982-KS · VHS OVF36982-A

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DVD OVF36978-KS · VHS OVF36978-A

New! Total Isolation: The Science of Sensory Deprivation

The effects of sensory deprivation are still poorly understood. In this program, six volunteers undergo a 48-hour study of near-total isolation, conducted inside a former fallout shelter. Led by clinical psychologist Dr. Ian Robbins, the experiment has a twofold focus: observation of the subjects during their seclusion--which is enhanced by arm cuffs, heavily filtered goggles, and static-filled earphones--and before-and-after cognitive tests that examine the brain's central executive functions. Commentary from former hostage Brian Keenan and former Arizona State Prison inmate Paris Carriger sheds light on the physical and mental ordeal of extreme solitary confinement. Original BBC broadcast title: Total Isolation. (50 minutes) © 2008 C

$169.95 · DVD OVF39642-KS · VHS OVF39642-A

Now Available!

Anger: Myths and Truths about the Emotion

Is venting one's rage really healthy? Do age, gender, and self-image have any connection with anger problems? Has our society become inherently angry? This ABC News program explores the psychology and sociology behind the most dangerous of emotions. Viewers will meet Dr. Robert Millman, a Weill Cornell Medical College professor who has coined the term acquired situational narcissism to explain connections between volatile tempers and towering egos. The University of Michigan's Dr. Brad Bushman provides further connections between narcissism, aggression, and America's youth, while "angry comedian" Lewis Black points out the seeds of fury in everyday realities, from waiting in line to political disagreements. (30 minutes) © 2007 C

$99.95 · DVD OVF39465-KS · VHS OVF39465-A


Video Clip Online Not Available in Canada c Closed Captioned Films for the Humanities & Sciences® · Call 800-257-5126 · Fax 800-329-6687


Child & Adolescent Development

This 13-part series captures pivotal stages in the learning best and growth processes of 25 seller! children from a wide range of backgrounds. A BBC/Open University Co-production. Original broadcast title: Child of Our Time. (60 minutes each) © 2002-2008 C


Right and Wrong: Moral Development in Children

How and when do children begin to work out right and wrong? This program observes a group of 25 six-year-olds and the varying levels of honesty and compassion they display.

$169.95 · DVD OVF39211-KS · VHS OVF39211-A

Recipe for Success: How Children Learn

This program studies the knowledge-building process of early childhood by observing 25 sixyear-olds as they adapt to the challenges of their surroundings.

$169.95 · DVD OVF39212-KS · VHS OVF39212-A

Thanks for the Memories: How Children Remember

Do our brains store experiences from our first few months of life? This program explores the personal significance of memory and examines the developmental stages at which meaningful awareness is formed.

$169.95 · DVD OVF36540-KS · VHS OVF36540-A

Will to Win: Helping Children Succeed

This program studies the factors that help create a resilient personality and the reasons why some children back down from challenges.

$169.95 · DVD OVF39225-KS · VHS OVF39225-A

Power Struggles: Parents vs. Children

Is it healthy for parents to exercise complete control? This program looks at childhood battles for independence and the reasons why such struggles are psychologically necessary for children to undergo.

$169.95 · DVD OVF36541-KS · VHS OVF36541-A

Fitting In or Standing Out? Conformity in Childhood

Why do so many young people follow the crowd? This program seeks answers, visiting a group of 25 seven-year-olds who are learning to cope with peer situations.

$169.95 · DVD OVF39226-KS · VHS OVF39226-A

Zero to Hero: Shyness and Sociability in Children

What makes a boy or girl a loner? This program examines the diverse ways and varying degrees of success in which youngsters build that allimportant skill: getting along with others.

$169.95 · DVD OVF36542-KS · VHS OVF36542-A

Killing Creativity: Are Schools or Parents to Blame?

This program observes 25 seven-year-olds and their families in order to study childhood creativity, why it frequently fades, and why it matters.

$169.95 · DVD OVF39227-KS · VHS OVF39227-A

Read My Lips: Learning Language

Communication is at the core of the human experience, even though effective communication takes a lifetime to learn. This program explores how we develop the arts of speech and nonverbal expression.

$169.95 · DVD OVF36543-KS · VHS OVF36543-A

Divide of the Sexes: Gender Roles in Childhood

This program reports on a group of 25 eightyear-olds as they adjust to gender roles and expectations.

$169.95 · DVD OVF39735-KS · VHS OVF39735-A

Identity Crisis: Self-Image in Childhood

What shapes a child's identity--nature or nurture? This program weighs in by capturing the emotional and psychological development of 25 boys and girls at age five.

The Age of Stress: Children Under Pressure

Is stress good or bad for kids? Tracking a group of 25 eight-year-olds, this program explores what happens when pressure builds at school and home.

$169.95 · DVD OVF39924-KS · VHS OVF39924-A

Highly recommended by Educational Media Reviews Online.

$169.95 · DVD OVF34648-KS · VHS OVF34648-A

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DVD OVF40053-KS · VHS OVF40053-A

Flesh and Blood: Sibling Rivalry

Monitoring a group of 25 six-year-olds, this program follows experiments that highlight the significance of birth order and sibling rivalry and bonding.

$169.95 · DVD OVF39210-KS · VHS OVF39210-A


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Child & Adolescent Development

Children in Crisis

Lillian, a four-year-old with autism, lives in a world all her own. Sixteen-year-old A.D.'s attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder causes him to proudly proclaim that he does not love his parents anymore. Eleven-year-old Pamela's five different diagnoses stand in the way of her being left alone with her brother. These children are examples of the more than 3 million in the country who have some type of mental and behavioral disorder. This intense program highlights how their lives, as well as the daily routines of their families, are an incessant struggle. Therapists from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and Center for Child Development and Research assert that with proper diagnosis and treatment, children and families can find a measured quality of life. A Discovery Channel Production. (46 minutes) © 2004

$149.95 · DVD OVF33595-KS · VHS OVF33595-A

The Problem with Boys: Falling Behind in School and Life

According to education statistics across North America, boys now perform poorly compared with girls--and with boys of previous generations. What is causing this trend? What can be done to help both genders succeed? This program presents insights from experts in child development--including Dr. William Pollack, Harvard clinical psychologist and author of Real Boys, and Jean-Claude St. Amant, Senior Education Researcher at the University of Laval; it also surveys male teenagers themselves about the challenges facing boys and young men. Teacher training, curriculum design, literacy instruction, role models, pop culture, and male behavioral tendencies are some of the topics addressed. Original CBC broadcast title: The Problem with Boys. (41 minutes) © 2004 C

$149.95 · DVD OVF37476-KS · VHS OVF37476-A

The Drugging of Our Children: Inside the ADHD Controversy

The majority of doctors rely on psychotropic drugs to treat children with ADHD. This program challenges the status quo, supported by extensive testimony and documentation. Using detailed interviews with psychiatrists, neurologists, and education experts--as well as parents and kids who have suffered because of rigid prescription practices-- the program analyzes links between school procedures, the medical establishment, and Big Pharma. (104 minutes) © 2005 C


Body Image for Boys

As the idealized male physique continues to be hyped in movies, on TV, in magazines, and on billboards, a rapidly growing number of men are becoming obsessed with appearance. Each year alone, they spend billions on gym memberships and home exercise equipment-- and women are no longer alone in battling anorexia and body dysmorphic disorder. This topical program explores some of the issues facing young men today as they struggle to define themselves amidst the flood of mediagenerated images of male physical perfection. Experts including Divya Kakaiya, the visionary founder and clinical director of the Healthy Within treatment center; Leigh Cohn, co-author of the seminal Making Weight: Men's Conflicts with Food, Weight, Shape, and Appearance; and UCLA Healthcare sports medicine physician Gary Green as well as a number of young patients grapple with problems such as steroid abuse, eating disorders, exercise addiction, and phony food supplements. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. A Cambridge Educational Production. (18 minutes) © 2002 C

Recommended by Townsend Letter: The Examiner of Alternative Medicine.

$169.95 · DVD OVF36647-KS · VHS OVF36647-A


Living with ADHD

Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder need not miss out on crucial educational opportunities. This program describes new medical strategies designed specifically for parents struggling to keep ADHD from controlling their households and limiting the prospects and happiness of their children. It also focuses on the challenges of parents who, in addition to their children, are diagnosed with the disorder. While presenting concerns that Ritalin and other drugs have led to overmedication, the video demonstrates that clinical advances are enabling children to learn constructive behavior, build relationships, and lay the foundations of a rewarding life. A BBCW Production. (50 minutes) © 2004 C

$169.95 · DVD OVF34640-KS · VHS OVF34640-A


Top Ten DVD/Video 2003, Young Adult Library Services Assn. (YALSA) Finalist, FREDDIE Awards

$89.95 · DVD OVF29939-KS · VHS OVF29939-A


Video Clip Online Not Available in Canada c Closed Captioned Films for the Humanities & Sciences® · Call 800-257-5126 · Fax 800-329-6687


Child & Adolescent Development

best seller!

Buying into Sexy: The Sexing Up of Tweens

It's almost as if teenagers belong to a separate best seller! species. This series delves into the mysteries of adolescence by following several participants over a two-year period, exploring the biological, psychological, and social pressures that begin with the onset of puberty. Expert interviews, in-depth conversations with teens, and detailed passages from the participants' video diaries are included. Contains explicit images and material. Original BBCW broadcast title: Teen Species. (52 minutes each) © 2002 C


Ads targeting girls between the ages of 8 and 12 employ an increasing level of sexuality. Are advertisers responding to neo-feminist notions of "girl power" or are they leading girls toward harmful self-images? This program examines the trend by following a group of tween girls through their daily lives, recording their perceptions of fashion, celebrities, boys, and themselves. An urgently needed social analysis. (26 minutes) © 2005 C

$149.95 · DVD OVF37465-KS · VHS OVF37465-A


Teens Dealing with Death

What can educators and school administrators do to help guide young people through their first exposure to death? This program features Camp Comfort Zone, a place where teens who are grappling with death-related grief can come to terms with it in a supportive peer environment. In addition, expert advice is provided by Elena Lister, clinical assistant professor of psychiatry at Cornell University Medical College, the collaborating psychoanalyst at the Columbia Psychoanalytic Center, and co-author of I Will Remember You: A Guidebook Through Grief For Teens. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. (29 minutes) © 2004 C

Girls: Entering the Teen Years

Claudia's changing body may prevent her from becoming a professional dancer. Twins Jessica and Rebecca prepare for high school and the social stress it will bring, with bra shopping at the top of their worry list. And Alex, now 13, sheds light on the trauma of starting puberty at age seven. This program guides viewers through the inner and outer lives of girls as they begin the transition to adulthood. Contains explicit images and material. Original BBCW broadcast title: Girls.

$169.95 · DVD OVF39168-KS · VHS OVF39168-A

2004 FREDDIE Award Winner "Students who have suffered the loss of a loved one will benefit from this video, which will help them realize that they're not alone."--School Library Journal

$99.95 · DVD OVF32319-KS · VHS OVF32319-A

Boys: Entering the Teen Years

Fourteen-year-old Jesse's physique is developing rapidly, while Mark, at almost the same age, poignantly awaits the first hint of change. Twelve-year-old singer Dominic struggles to maintain the purity of his voice; 11-year-old Andy, to find shoes that fit. All share their anxieties and goals through video diaries and unhindered conversations, while animation and live-action sequences highlight the science of male adolescence. Contains explicit images and material. Original BBCW broadcast title: Boys.

$169.95 · DVD OVF39169-KS · VHS OVF39169-A


Teens Hooked on Porn

Whether they live in America, Britain, or elsewhere, most teenage boys have been exposed to some form of pornography. But the Internet has radically escalated that exposure--to the point at which many adolescents are addicted. This program follows the stories of teenage porn addicts as they struggle with the issues that drive their behavior--although not all are open to soul-searching. Darryl, age 17, doesn't think he has a problem, but 16-year-old Malcolm has recognized his addiction and has begun seeing a therapist. Colin, age 14 and a devout Christian, needs help too but is unsure about approaching his pastor. All of their stories are tied together by issues of anger, aggression, and inhibition, and raise questions about the role of parents. A BBCW Production. (57 minutes) © 2007 C

$99.95 · DVD OVF37386-KS · VHS OVF37386-A

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Child & Adolescent Development · Adult Development

Secrets and Dangers: The World of Today's Teens

How have mixed cultural signals and online social interaction impacted the average teen's behavior? Is reducing violence, drug abuse, and dangerous sex a lost cause? This ABC News program examines those questions, presenting three eye-opening stories of teen life that confront an alarming rise in abusive teenage relationships, the confusing world of teen sexuality today, and the MySpace phenomenon. Viewer discretion is advised. (40 minutes) © 2006 C

$99.95 · DVD OVF36264-KS · VHS OVF36264-A

All former inmates have a hard time adjusting to life outside prison, but teenagers face their own specific set of challenges after doing time. This two-part series shows how that adjustment process often plays out and how its hardships can be minimized. Filmed in large part at the Rikers Island Academy, a GED-level school that has helped turn hundreds of inmates' lives around, the series covers the major sources of conflict that young people will encounter when reentering society. Addressing the day-to-day challenges of newfound, uncertain freedom, these programs illustrate how a support system can be built with the help of family, peers, caseworkers, and even correctional staff. A Cambridge Educational Production. (23 minutes each) © 2008 C


Teens: What Makes Them Tick?

Raging hormones. Exploding sexual passion. Rebellion punctuated by tattoos, pierced lips, and unfathomable music. What happens during the teen years to make kids so different? In this fascinating ABC News special, John Stossel talks to a variety of teens and their parents and visits the Harvard Medical School's Brain Imaging Center to reveal some surprising physiological reasons for teen behavior. He also discovers a social hierarchy among teens (the influencers, the conformers, the passives, and the edge kids) that is responsible for most fads, and talks with a psychologist and therapist about the secrets to successful parental nurturing: have rules but make them few, allow room for mistakes, and lecture less and listen more. (41 minutes) © 1999 C

$99.95 · DVD OVF9255-KS · VHS OVF9255-A

Highly recommended by Educational Media Reviews Online. Bronze Telly (2nd Place), 29th Annual Telly Awards From the Inside: Personal Challenges for Teens Reentering Society

For many inmates at juvenile correctional facilities, looking ahead to freedom brings anxiety and doubt. This program illustrates the challenges that often await young offenders following incarceration and shows teen inmates preparing to face the corporate world, their families, and themselves.

$99.95 · DVD OVF37255-K · VHS OVF37255-A


College Days, College Nights

Sixteen students search for knowledge, fun, love, sex, and a path to a rewarding career as this documentary tracks them through one academic year at The University of British Columbia. Partying, clubs, and sports compete head-to-head with classes and sleep--but campus life is only one part of this compelling story. The other revolves around that age-old transition from child to adult known simply as growing up. College Days, College Nights is an honest look at the total college experience as seen through the cameras of Oscar-winning director John Zaritsky--and a team of eight film students who capture events that the pros could not have witnessed. An indispensable part of a high school's guidance library or a college's freshman orientation program. Some content may be objectionable, and some language may be offensive. (91 minutes) © 2004 C

$179.95 · DVD OVF38754-KS · VHS OVF38754-A

On the Outside: Social Challenges for Teens Reentering Society

The importance of guidance programs for prisoners can't be overstressed--they help society as well as the individual reentering it. Following young people who have been discharged from Rikers Island Academy, this program focuses on the payoffs that come from educational and counseling services for those behind bars.

$99.95 · DVD OVF37256-K · VHS OVF37256-A

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Adult Development

Accepting Life's Transitions

Aging is a series of transitions, some gradual and some abrupt. How do people come to terms with these changes? This program examines the aging process from beginning to end, defining age from the viewpoints of biology, psychology, society, functionality, and the law. The impact of current behaviors and attitudes on one's future self is also discussed, as well as dying--itself a part of life--and the stages of grieving. In addition, the program addresses the health challenges faced by older Americans and indicates why some seniors cope better than others. (29 minutes) © 1998

$149.95 · DVD OVF11400-KS · VHS OVF11400-A

Created to meet the needs of a steadily growing American senior population, this series addresses important issues that affect quality of life for older men and women, as well as their spouses, family, and friends. Through scenes of daily living, interviews, and expert commentary, the programs provide valuable insights and advice on mental wellness, the key to successful aging. (55 minutes each) © 2002



Recommended by Booklist. Maintaining Mental Health

This program tells the stories of five vibrantly alive seniors who have successfully navigated through momentous life changes.

$149.95 · DVD OVF32230-KS · VHS OVF32230-A

Alzheimer's and Dementia: Caring for the Caregiver

This program presents examples of Alzheimer's and dementia caregivers who have learned to cope effectively with the stresses of such obligations, restoring balance in their own lives.

Growing Old

This program explores the medical, emotional, and economic realities of growing old in America. Whether they are well off, financially marginalized, in good health, or terminally ill, the film's participants raise challenging questions. What is the healthy way to grow old? Is age a disease to be battled or a stage of life to be celebrated? Perhaps most importantly, how can we reverse our society's neglect of the elderly? (74 minutes) © 2006 C

2003 FREDDIE Award Winner

$149.95 · DVD OVF32231-KS · VHS OVF32231-A

Depression: Not a Normal Part of Aging

This program explores the complex relationship between depression, alcohol, and substance abuse, showing how knowledge of symptoms, family support, and early treatment can restore the capacity for pleasure and contentment in most seniors' lives.

$149.95 · DVD OVF32232-KS · VHS OVF32232-A

Recommended by Educational Media Reviews Online and Video Librarian.

$169.95 · DVD OVF37606-KS · VHS OVF37606-A


Living with Alzheimer's

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DVD OVF32229-KS · VHS OVF32229-A

What is the difference between run-of-themill memory difficulties and the effects of Alzheimer's disease? If an older person is experiencing more "senior moments" than usual, should he or she be concerned? What happens inside the brain of an Alzheimer's patient? This program addresses those questions with the help of expert interviews and compelling case studies. Viewers will learn how the disease alters brain chemistry and leads to brain cell loss, and how it is typically diagnosed with cognitive tests and by studying patterns in a patient's history. Interviewees include Dr. Stephen Aronson of the University of Michigan Medical School and Dr. Marc Agronin of the Miami Jewish Home and Hospital for the Aged. (28 minutes) © 2006 C a

$99.95 · DVD OVF38788-K · VHS OVF38788-A


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Gender, Relationships & Sexuality

This seven-part series--produced by a clinical psychologist and a social psychologist and introduced by Herb Samuels, of the City University of New best seller! York--uses interviews to illustrate important and even controversial issues in human sexuality. Openness, spontaneity, and sheer humanity characterize the subjects of these programs as they answer every question with honesty, a remarkable level of positivity, and, at times, a sense of humor. A guaranteed discussion starter. Contains clinically explicit language as well as mature themes and imagery. (33-39 minutes each) © 2006 C


Telly Award Winner "Ideal for both providing information and stimulating discussions." --Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling Human Development

Parents, friends, sex education classes, the media--all of them shape our perceptions of reproduction and physical intimacy. Starting at the beginning, then, this program focuses on developmental issues in human sexuality over the course of four interview segments.

$149.95 · DVD OVF36009-K · VHS OVF36009-A

Medical Issues

Is sexuality an unavoidable casualty of physical disability or of surgery that significantly restructures intimate parts of the body? In this program, a man with a spinal cord injury, a woman who had a mastectomy, and a woman who underwent sex reassignment surgery discuss ways in which sexual expression has changed since their life-altering events.

$149.95 · DVD OVF36013-K · VHS OVF36013-A

Meeting, Dating, and Maintaining Relationships

This program looks at aspects of how relationships are formed and sustained. Interview segments examine online dating through, the liberating effects of physical modesty and Islamic approaches to courting and marriage, and how PREP relationship enhancement classes can strengthen a marriage.

$149.95 · DVD OVF36010-K · VHS OVF36010-A

Sexual Dysfunction and Therapy

It has been estimated that most couples will have one or more of the sexual dysfunctions outlined in the DSM-IV. This program introduces the most common while dispelling myths about female sexuality, stressing the value of communication, and offering advice on improving sexual technique. Common sexual disorders are commented upon as well.

$149.95 · DVD OVF36014-K · VHS OVF36014-A

Sexual Orientation

Geoffrey and Mark and Lisa and Allison are a pair of gay couples who are co-parenting biological children they conceived together. In this program, the four discuss when they first discovered they are gay, how they met their partners, issues they have faced as gay couples, the co-parenting experience, and what it means to them all to be a family. In addition, an overview on HIV/AIDS is given by a healthcare professional.

$149.95 · DVD OVF36011-K · VHS OVF36011-A

The Business of Sex

Pornography shops. Phone sex services. Strip clubs. Culturally, such businesses are typically consigned to the questionable fringes of society. But are there exceptions? In this program, workers in these three industries share their personal experiences, describe their clientele, and explain how they have lifted their occupations to a higher level.

$149.95 · DVD OVF36015-K · VHS OVF36015-A

Nonconsensual Sexuality

Without consent, sexual intercourse is nothing less than rape. This program offers insights into sexual victimization through interviews with a young woman who was raped in her own home by an armed assailant and a young man who was expelled from college on a charge of acquaintance rape. Also, a rehabilitation service for sexual offenders is profiled.

$149.95 · DVD OVF36012-K · VHS OVF36012-A

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DVD OVF36008-K · VHS OVF36008-A

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Gender, Relationships & Sexuality

Now Available!

Teenage Pregnancy and Adoption

This ABC News program sheds light on the most heartbreaking dilemma a teen mother can face. Viewers enter the lives of Erin and Brookanne, who--because of college plans and financial hardships--have decided against motherhood and now reside at the Gladney Center for Adoption, a unique facility for pregnant teens in Fort Worth, Texas. Ob-gyn appointments, counseling sessions, and meetings with hopeful adoptive parents reveal the medical, emotional, and economic realities the girls must confront as the impending births approach. The program culminates with the arrival of the babies and, within days, the moment of greatest sadness and joy. Original ABC News broadcast title: A Rare Look at Teenage Pregnancy and Adoption. (38 minutes) © 2007 C

$169.95 · DVD OVF39464-KS · VHS OVF39464-A

The Libido: Sex Drive

At the intersection of human biology and society lies the libido, the primordial sex drive that spans cultures, continents, and generations. This program examines the intimate physiological, societal, and evolutionary forces that have shaped the human sex drive over time and continue to regulate it. Experts such as biological anthropologist Helen Fischer, of Rutgers University, and psychologist David Buss, of The University of Texas at Austin, cover topics including the differences between male and female sexuality, hormones, puberty, restrictive versus permissive societies, the hidden ovulation theory of pairbonding, and menopause and andropause. Contains mature themes and explicit language and nudity. A Discovery Channel Production. (45 minutes) © 2002 C

$149.95 · DVD OVF33452-KS · VHS OVF33452-A

Love Trap

Is the most exhilarating of human emotions simply nature's way of keeping our species alive and reproducing? This program studies the behavior of men and women as they experience the magical feeling of attraction; it also presents a lively look at what happens inside a love-struck brain. Commentary from renowned anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher reveals the significance of vocal cords, sense of smell, pheromones, and hormones such as serotonin, oxytocin, and vasopressin, in creating the emotions and sensations of love. The specific roles these chemicals play highlight three critical stages that lead to an enduring bond: lust, romantic love, and emotional attachment. (26 minutes) © 2004 C

$99.95 · DVD OVF36104-KS · VHS OVF36104-A

Teen Sex

This program seeks to understand how and why teens are rewriting the book on sexual mores. Adolescents ages 13 to 19 share their intimate views and concerns as they talk about peer pressure, double standards, the influence of the media, having intercourse, whether oral sex is sex, STDs, birth control, pregnancy, and whether they and their families are emotionally prepared to deal with all of this. Interviews with parents are included as well, and commentary by Tamara Kreinin, president and CEO of the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States; Sarah Brown, executive director of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy; Michael Basso, author of The Underground Guide to Teenage Sexuality; Seventeen editor-in-chief Atoosa Rubenstein; Leslee Unruh, president of the National Abstinence Clearinghouse; and adolescent medicine specialist Gale Burstein, M.D., M.P.H., is featured. Onscreen statistics from the Kaiser Family Foundation emphasize important trends. Contains mature themes and explicit language and imagery. A Discovery Channel Production. (46 minutes) © 2004

$99.95 · DVD OVF34017-KS · VHS OVF34017-A


Adult Entertainment: A Psychosocial Study of an American Obsession-- Educator's Edition

Balancing serious science with tongue-incheek humor, this program tracks two men for 60 days as it attempts to identify attitudinal and behavioral changes that manifest as a result of viewing porn. The outcome is both illuminating and dismaying. Contains mature themes and explicit language and imagery. Some language may be offensive. An expurgated audio track is included (DVD only), and viewable/printable documents are available online. (52 minutes + 24 minutes of bonus material) © 2007 C

"An accomplished film."--Sundance

$169.95 · DVD OVF37311-K · VHS OVF37311-A



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Gender, Relationships & Sexuality

War of the Sexes

Hidden weapons, erratic battle lines, and no sign of a clear victor... such is life in the gender war. This five-part series confronts age-old myths and dilemmas that perpetuate tensions between the sexes, deploying the latest scientific research into gender-based differences. Featuring leading scientists and researchers--including anthropologist Helen Fisher, sociolinguist Deborah Tannen, psychiatrist Harrison Pope, neurologist Ruben Gur, and psychologists David Geary, Vikki Stark, and Daniel Perusse--the program juxtaposes scholarly commentary from these experts with compelling group-dynamic experiments that measure male and female strengths, weaknesses, prejudices, and potential. (45 minutes each) © 2005 c

best seller!


"Recommended for collections in psychology, sociology and gender studies." --Educational Media Reviews Online Language

Why do girls demonstrate greater reading and writing ability than boys? Is the female brain hardwired for faster verbal development? Should men let women do the talking? This program studies language differences between the sexes and explores the possibility that many communication skills are gender-specific. Clinical evidence regarding the significance of testosterone levels is also explored.

$169.95 · DVD OVF35826-KS · VHS OVF35826-A

Spatial Abilities

Packing the trunk, finding the right road, parking in a tight spot--are these masculine tasks, best accomplished with a man's mechanical aptitude and spatial reasoning? This program resists broadly brushed stereotypes, but does identify disparities in the ways men and women operate machines, manipulate tools, focus on tasks, and navigate.

$169.95 · DVD OVF35829-KS · VHS OVF35829-A

Sexuality and Seduction Power and Leadership

The war of the sexes, like any war, needs leaders and followers. Using a military-style competition between male and female test subjects, this program examines the different ways in which men and women exercise power, set goals, construct hierarchies, and perform teamwork.

$169.95 · DVD OVF35827-KS · VHS OVF35827-A

Looks, personality, intellect, bank account-- the reasons for attraction can't be predicted. Or can they? This program investigates ways that men and women evaluate potential lovers and life partners, and shows how their criteria may be more similar than many think. Commentary from psychologists and a respected sex therapist provides analysis on romantic expectations of both genders.

$169.95 · DVD OVF35830-KS · VHS OVF35830-A


When asked to describe birth from a baby's perspective, a group of women talk about fear, elation, and other feelings--while their male counterparts summon only physical sensations. What causes such a contrast? This program explores the divergent emotional tendencies of men and women, throwing gender differences into bold relief through spontaneous theatrical exercises and expert commentary.

$169.95 · DVD OVF35828-KS · VHS OVF35828-A

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DVD OVF35825-KS · VHS OVF35825-A

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Gender, Relationships & Sexuality

The Gender Puzzle

Science is identifying new biological processes that determine a person's sex. How will these findings affect the transgender and transsexual community? This program explores the latest research into gender development and the medical, cultural, and legal issues at the heart of the "brain sex" school of thought. Showing how human genome research has shifted scientific focus away from chromosomes, the video examines the role of brain receptors and the discovery of the SRY protein, which establishes maleness. Interviews featuring people with intersex and transsexual experiences shed light on how gender identity emerges, and how it figured into one man's legal battle for the right to marry. (46 minutes) © 2005 C

The Difference Between Men and Women

Men don't listen. Women can't read maps. Men snore more. Women are less likely to have affairs. Should those statements be dismissed as stereotypes, or can we point to tangible discrepancies--behaviorally and neurologically speaking--along gender lines? This ABC News program explores sex differences and the brain circuitry behind them. Presenting an interview with Dr. Louann Brizendine, author of the controversial book The Female Brain, the program covers such provocative topics as teen brain chemistry and development, the ways that sex is discussed in "mixed company," and the powerful hormones brought on by motherhood. Renowned transgender neurobiologist Ben Barres is also featured. (37 minutes) © 2006 C

$99.95 · DVD OVF37387-KS · VHS OVF37387-A

Recommended by Educational Media Reviews Online.

$169.95 · DVD OVF35637-KS · VHS OVF35637-A



New! When I Knew

Middle Sexes: Redefining He and She

Nearly everyone who meets eight-year-old Noah agrees--he is a girl in a boy's body. What challenges, or even dangers, await Noah as he grows up in the American heartland? This program explores the lives of those who do not conform to rigid gender concepts and examines changes in brain science that are shedding light on the gray areas between male and female. In moving and courageous commentary, individuals in the U.S., Suriname, India, and Thailand who have undergone gender transformation, or who have chosen same-sex partners, share their experiences--revealing a wide array of cultural attitudes on this eye-opening journey through psychology, biology, and sociology. An HBO Production. (75 minutes) © 2005 C Inspired by the book of the same name, When I Knew asks one simple question: when did you know that you're gay? The program opens with filmmakers Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato describing their own "aha!" moments and then brings together 16 interviewees for an intimate group discussion. Illuminating and moving. An HBO Production. (35 minutes) © 2008 C

$99.95 · DVD OVF39806-KS

Being Gay: Coming Out in the 21st Century

Today, while gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders are no longer forced to hide their sexual orientation, there is still prejudice and discrimination which can make coming out a difficult decision. And there are always internal pressures as well. This program presents the accounts and stories of people who have recently taken the step of coming out. Interviewees and experts discuss the benefits of this important transition by examining the six stages of coming to terms with one's sexual identity. They also look at the dangers of running away from sexual self-acceptance--such as alcoholism, drug abuse, and suicide--and how finding support can greatly assist the process. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. A Cambridge Educational Production. (25 minutes) © 2003 C

Recommended by Video Librarian.

$169.95 · DVD OVF35861-KS

Boy to Girl to Man: Disproving the Theory of Gender Neutrality

When David Reimer was a newborn, his penis was burnt off in a botched circumcision. On the advice of a gender-reassignment specialist, David was renamed Brenda and raised as a girl. This program--perhaps the ultimate nature vs. nurture primer--recounts the tragic medical and psychological ordeals that Reimer underwent, both as Brenda and then as David again. Original BBCW broadcast title: Dr. Money and the Boy with No Penis. (50 minutes) © 2004 C

$169.95 · DVD OVF36938-KS · VHS OVF36938-A

World Gold Medal, 2004 New York Festivals Highly recommended by Educational Media Reviews Online.

$99.95 · DVD OVF30935-K · VHS OVF30935-A




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Gender, Relationships & Sexuality

Now Available!

Rocking the Cradle: Gay Parenting

Prior to the 1960s, the idea of same-sex parenting had yet to reach the consciousness of most Americans. The majority of gays and lesbians did not even consider parenting, fearing the stigma their children might face. By 2000, however, the U.S. Census Bureau indicates that a full one-third of lesbian couples and roughly a quarter of gay male couples had opted to become parents. This program captures six gay/lesbian families in their day-to-day lives. Two of these families are families by adoption, two are co-parenting families, and two are lesbian families by insemination. Man-on-the-street interviews as well as emotional testimonials from the 15 adults and 11 children featured in this film provide a range of perspectives on gay parenting. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. (36 minutes) © 2007 C

$149.95 · DVD OVF38758-KS · VHS OVF38758-A

Women and Men Unglued: Marriage and Relationships in the 21st Century

Men and women of marriageable age are staying single in record numbers. The traditional family is fast becoming an anachronism. Could the 21st century be the era when the sexes go their separate ways? Through a series of filmed portraits and candid, often gritty interviews, this program looks at changing contemporary gender relations and expectations, exploring how men and women feel about issues such as dating, marriage, money, parenting, romantic love, feminism, and commitment. (87 minutes) © 2003 C

$169.95 · DVD OVF33067-KS · VHS OVF33067-A


The Love Lab: Putting Marriages Back Together

This insightful program goes inside John Gottman's renowned "Love Lab" to see how one of America's foremost marriage counselors and his staff analyze and advise couples in marital distress. At The Gottman Institute, videotape of spouse interactions is the key to determining marital stability...and the likelihood of divorce. Extensive footage is provided of couples undergoing assessment-- in their homes and cars as well as during 15-minute monitored conflict discussions and 18-hour live-ins at the Lab--and of Dr. Gottman, sociologist Virginia Rutter, and the rest of the Gottman team. A Discovery Channel Production. (51 minutes) © 2002

$149.95 · DVD OVF32494-KS · VHS OVF32494-A

The Mommy Mystique: The Anxiety of Modern Motherhood

Featuring an interview with acclaimed author and cultural observer Judith Warner, this ABC News program conveys the perspective of an American mother who has done much of her parenting outside the United States. Warner discusses her book Perfect Madness and its observations about the hectic, competitive lifestyle embraced by many American moms--a lifestyle increasingly fraught with anger and depression. While the author and three other mothers provide insight on a personal, emotional level, Warner's analysis of women on the edge raises political and cultural questions that are worthy of every American's consideration. (23 minutes) © 2005 C


Divorce: A Survival Guide for Kids

As this program makes clear, the most important thing for a child or teenager to understand about divorce is that it is not their fault. Still, how a child or teenager is affected depends a lot on how the parents handle the divorce and whether they can preserve some semblance of family life. In this video, teens, psychologists, and divorced parents talk about the difficulties young people face when their parents decide to separate. Through interviews and commentary, the program outlines the six emotional stages a young person typically experiences after divorce has changed a family. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. A Cambridge Educational Production. (15 minutes) © 2002 C

"Offers an excellent entry point for a discussion of the problems that beset families." --Anthropology Review Database

$99.95 · DVD OVF35358-KS · VHS OVF35358-A


The Scoop on Blended Families

Using a down-to-earth support group format, this video helps young people cope with situations that often result when two families merge. The program acknowledges feelings that children can experience when their parents remarry, including resentment, hostility, and a loss of privacy and trust...but it provides a clear strategy for improving relationships and circumstances. Teaching materials are included. Not available for preview. (16 minutes) © 2006

Recommended by Educational Media Reviews Online.

$49.95 · DVD OVF29845-KS · VHS OVF29845-A


Highly recommended by Video Librarian.

$49.95 · DVD OVF36273-K · VHS OVF36273-A

Video Clip Online Not Available in Canada c Closed Captioned Films for the Humanities & Sciences® · Call 800-257-5126 · Fax 800-329-6687


Violence & Abuse

New! Changing Men: Unlearning

the Behaviors of Domestic Violence

David Nugent, once a violent and abusive person himself, today runs a communitybased behavior change group in Australia called Heavy M.E.T.A.L.: Men's Education Toward Anger & Life. Helen Wirtz is a facilitator at MonashLink's Men's Responsibility Group. This program tracks the progress of group members Andrew, Adam, and Alex-- three husbands and fathers with dangerous antisocial behavioral issues--as they struggle to stop committing emotional and physical violence against those who love them the most. How did they become the way they are? And will their committed participation in group therapy sessions enable them to salvage their marriages? (46 minutes) © 2008 C

$169.95 · DVD OVF39707-KS · VHS OVF39707-A

Manhood and Violence: Fatal Peril

The Resolve to Stop the Violence Program places male convicts in highly structured encounter groups, helping them recognize the warped concepts of masculinity behind their violent behavior. This documentary follows nine inmates through the rigorous self-discovery process, recording their growing sense of accountability and willingness to change. With commentary from law enforcement officers, violence-prevention experts, victims' relatives, and the inmates themselves, the video also follows up on RSVP participants after their release, highlighting the ultimate benefit of the program--a dramatic reduction in recidivism among its graduates. (58 minutes) © 2003 C

$149.95 · DVD OVF34711-KS · VHS OVF34711-A

Family Violence: Breaking the Chain

This program looks at the effects of family violence on the abused and the abuser: at the danger that abused children will grow up to repeat the pattern of violence in their own relationships; at the problems of date violence; at the physical and emotional abuse women suffer at the hands of their husbands and lovers. While showing the benefits of therapy, it stresses the need of the abused for safety--through shelters, hot-lines, and community assistance--from those who abuse them. (28 minutes)


Healthy Relationships

Emotional abuse, fits of jealousy, and the use of physical force have no place in a healthy romantic or friendly relationship. This enlightening program offers teenagers practical approaches to nurturing healthy behavior in themselves and in others. Experts offer guidelines for dealing with specific dating or friendship problems and for handling peer pressure, which often leads to poor choices in teen relationships. Tips for ending unhealthy relationships are included as well. A Cambridge Educational Production. (33 minutes) © 2000

"Provides exceptional insight into emotional abuse. Useful in courses that concern social problems or marriage and family, as well as courses that deal with social psychology, criminal justice, or gender roles." --Teaching Sociology

$169.95 · DVD OVF4499-KS · VHS OVF4499-A


Red Flags: Avoiding Abusive Relationships

What if dating were like football, where flags are thrown when the rules are broken? In this award-winning program, the Love Referee does just that, using his red flag system to stop the action when abusive dating situations develop. Play-by-play coverage of scenarios involving sexual pressure, manipulative and obsessive behavior, physical abuse, lying, and problem lifestyles help make it easier to recognize and avoid those pitfalls in real life. The overall message? Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and to feel safe on a date. (21 minutes) © 1996 C

Recommended by School Library Journal.

$99.95 · DVD OVF11425-KS · VHS OVF11425-A


Let's Talk About It: Domestic Violence

Three wives beaten and humiliated by their husbands are the subjects of Let's Talk About It, which gives a voice and a face to a spreading epidemic of spousal abuse. This program puts video cameras into the hands of these women's children who then interview their mothers about why they endured--and how they survived--such physical and emotional injury. (Portions in foreign languages with English subtitles, 47 minutes) © 2005


$149.95 · DVD OVF37401-KS · VHS OVF37401-A

1st Place, National Council on Family Relations Healthy Living Award, What's New Awards

$99.95 · DVD OVF10786-KS · VHS OVF10786-A

ON E DEMAND English with Spanish subtitles


(51 minutes)

$149.95 · DVD OVF37402-KS · VHS OVF37402-A


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Violence & Abuse

To the average student, the definitions of date rape and sexual assault are notoriously unclear. Use this program to eliminate the confusion so young adults understand exactly what these things are--before anyone gets hurt. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. A Cambridge Educational Production. (25 minutes) © 2008 C

best seller!

Date Rape: A Violation of Trust

If... We Could Stop the Violence

In the future, brain scans could be used to assess a child's potential for violence, and to decide if that child should be kept apart from the public. Should doctors have that much power? This program explores the issue with a compelling dramatized story, showing how the state and the medical establishment could create a "safe" society--at the expense of those who fit certain parameters. A BBCW Production. (60 minutes) © 2004 C

$149.95 · DVD OVF37527-KS · VHS OVF37527-A

Recommended by School Library Journal.

$89.95 · DVD OVF37132-K · VHS OVF37132-A



The Criminal Mind Recognizing Child Abuse

Kids who grow up facing brutality and neglect are lucky if a teacher or daycare provider catches on. Tragically, child abuse often goes unnoticed--and if a first-responder does detect it, he or she may not understand what measures must be taken. This program spells out the Four Rs of child abuse--the harsh Reality of its presence in our society, the Results it leads to, the many ways to Recognize it, and the proper channels for Reporting it. Each of these concepts is explained through eye-opening dramatizations and supported by interviews with education and child welfare experts. By following the program's clearly illustrated steps to awareness and action, viewers will become better equipped to recognize and intervene in cases of neglect and abuse...while there's still time to help. A viewable/printable presenter's guide is available online. (25 minutes) © 2007 C

best seller!

"We do not cure anybody," the director of Atascadero State Hospital's Sexually Violent Predator unit frankly admits. Nevertheless, many in the criminal justice community admire Atascadero's relentless efforts to treat the criminally insane. This MSNBC documentary provides an inside look at the facility, which houses several types of offender--from MDOs, or the mentally disordered, to frighteningly disturbed SVPs--any of whom are eligible to run for a seat on the inmate governing board. Interviews with a number of residents and staff members are combined with a tour of the hospital's sophisticated departments, including a colossal pharmacy that dispenses 12,000 pills per day and an inhouse, unarmed police force. At Atascadero, drugs keep the peace. (43 minutes) © 2006 C

$169.95 · DVD OVF39089-KS · VHS OVF39089-A


Recommended by Teacher Librarian.

$89.95 · DVD OVF35674-K · VHS OVF35674-A

New! Rage Behind the Wheel:

A Look at Teen Drivers and Road Rage

What exactly is road rage? What can trigger it? And, most important of all, how can it be avoided? Experts in law enforcement and youth psychology answer those and other questions as the camera captures actual road rage incidents involving teen drivers. These same teens are also filmed in a group setting where they honestly express their points of view as frustrated drivers while openly taking responsibility for their inappropriate anger. Potential life-changing consequences of road rage ranging from a revoked license to a criminal conviction for aggravated assault or death by auto are hammered home. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. A Cambridge Educational Production. (19 minutes) © 2008 C

$99.95 · DVD OVF39514-K · VHS OVF39514-A


best seller!

If I Could: Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Child Abuse--Educator's Edition

If I Could is the heart-wrenching chronicle of Tracy Marasco, a single mother struggling to help her adolescent son James cope with severe emotional trauma resulting from abandonment and sexual abuse. To complicate the situation, Tracy herself was victimized as a child. Rage and despair permeate this disturbing program, but so do hope and determination--represented, in part, by VisionQuest, a provider of innovative intervention services to at-risk youth and families. Sally Field narrates. Contains mature content; viewer discretion is advised. Comes with 90 minutes of bonus material (DVD only). (99 minutes + 90 minutes of bonus material) © 2006


Winner, Best Documentary, deadCENTER Film Festival

$199.95 · DVD OVF36287-K · VHS OVF36287-A


Video Clip Online Not Available in Canada c Closed Captioned Films for the Humanities & Sciences® · Call 800-257-5126 · Fax 800-329-6687


Violence & Abuse · Stress & Anxiety

best seller!

Cyberbullying: Cruel Intentions

Rage: A Social Analysis

This program explores the emotional causes and social dangers of short fuses, linking the pressures of a hard-driving, high-tech world to the prevalence of an easily threatened, easily angered point of view. Breaking its analysis into three parts, the program examines road rage, workplace aggression, and violence among sports spectators. Nonviolent ways to assert needs and grievances are highlighted. (48 minutes) © 2004 C

best seller!

The teenage years have always been tough--but digital technology has raised the dangers of the social battlefield to a whole new level. This ABC News program reports on how cell phones, digital cameras, and personal websites encourage and amplify the frequent cruelty of teen behavior. With the help of an experiment conducted by Brigham Young University child development researchers, the program analyzes the behavior of a group of teenage girls as they use online verbal innuendos and emotional attacks to vie for attention and create a social hierarchy. The program also looks at the difficulties parents face in monitoring what kids do on the Internet. (40 minutes) © 2006 C

Highly recommended by Video Librarian.

$169.95 · DVD OVF35831-KS · VHS OVF35831-A

"An important addition to middle- and highschool library collections." --School Library Journal

$149.95 · DVD OVF36546-KS · VHS OVF36546-A



C.A.G.E. the Rage

By viewing this program, students will (1) see how to identify anger; (2) understand why mismanaged anger is so destructive; (3) discover how anger gets repressed, and the illnesses that may result from it; and (4) learn to release anger and express emotions in an acceptable and positive way using the C.A.G.E. method. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. A Cambridge Educational Production. (23 minutes) © 2007 C

Phobias: Living in Terror

Phobias are equal opportunity destroyers, robbing the peace of mind from millions of Americans across all segments of society. Examining case studies and experiments involving agoraphobia, arachnophobia, and fears of public speaking, snakes, trains, heights, driving, and social situations, this insightful program provides an excellent overview of phobias. Virtual reality and other innovative therapies are spotlighted, and commentary by experts including the renowned Ross Center's Jerilyn Ross; Joseph LeDoux, author of The Emotional Brain; and Robert DuPont, author of The Anxiety Cure: An EightStep Program for Getting Well, is featured. A Discovery Channel Production. (51 minutes) © 1998

$149.95 · DVD OVF32943-KS · VHS OVF32943-A

best seller!

2007 Silver Telly Award "Provides useful information to help teens learn to control their anger and keep it from escalating into violence." --School Library Journal

$99.95 · DVD OVF36107-K · VHS OVF36107-A



Circuits of Fear: Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders, the most common mental illnesses in America, account for approximately one third of the nation's direct and indirect mental health costs each year. Drawing on the experiences of patients and the insights of medical professionals, this program examines panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Medications, therapies, and imaging technologies that are leading the way to total recovery for people with anxiety disorders are spotlighted. A Discovery Channel Production. (51 minutes) © 2001

$149.95 · DVD OVF29223-KS · VHS OVF29223-A

The "In" Crowd and Social Cruelty

What does it take to be popular? Quite often it has nothing to do with being nice. In this ABC News special, correspondent John Stossel visits middle and high schools to discover why kids dish out abuse, why they take it, and what parents and school administrators can do to make it better. He also visits schools with successful anti-bullying programs. Discussions with students, as well as with psychologist Michael Thompson, author of Best Friends, Worst Enemies, reveal a number of factors that cause popularity or unpopularity among children, adolescents, and even adults. (41 minutes) © 2002 C

$99.95 · DVD OVF30196-KS · VHS OVF30196-A



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Stress & Anxiety

What do chronic stress, depression, and anxiety have best seller! in common? The prevalence of all three is on the rise...but each, once diagnosed, is treatable with very high recovery rates. This three-part series combines case histories with expert commentary and 3-D animations to explore the mind/body connection as it relates to these illnesses. The Biological Mind provides an accessible corridor into the complexities of psychological disorders. (45 minutes each) © 2006 C


Deeply Depressed

This program sheds much-needed light on vulnerability to depression, the subtle symptoms of the disease, and treatments involving psychotherapy and antidepressants. Brain biochemistry and the serotonin transporter promoter gene are discussed as well.

$149.95 · DVD OVF36473-KS · VHS OVF36473-A

Acutely Anxious

This program examines the physiology and psychology of anxiety, its symptoms, its highly maladaptive consequences, and treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy.

$149.95 · DVD OVF36474-KS · VHS OVF36474-A

Seriously Stressed

In this program, an immunologist, a psychiatrist, and a mental skills coach lay bare the symptoms of chronic stress, its negative impact on the body, and biological and psychological factors that influence vulnerability to overstressing.

$149.95 · DVD OVF36472-KS · VHS OVF36472-A

SAVE 15%!

Purchase the 3-part series today! List Price: $449.85 Special Discount Price: $382.40

DVD OVF36471-KS · VHS OVF36471-A

Are compulsive hair-pulling, hand-washing, and even gambling learned behaviors or inherited diseases? Where do obsessions come from and how can they be managed so they do not dominate a person's life? Using a number of actual case studies, this two-part series attempts to understand the roots of obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD, and looks at both standard and experimental treatment options. Original BBCW broadcast title: Obsessions. (50 minutes each) © 2003


Who's Normal Anyway?

Trichotillomania might be an unusual word, but it is a common obsession: hair pulling. By looking at several ongoing case studies, this program offers fascinating glimpses into obsessive-compulsive disorder, showing firsthand the debilitating physical and emotional effects, as well as outlining a number of treatment options. Brain scans of OCD patients illustrate differences in neural activity. Among the cases presented are Bob and Shirley, who hoard, Liz, who pulls her hair, and Stephanie, whose extreme fear of contamination is linked with her mothering duties. The program also features Dr. Randy Frost of Smith College, a leading expert on hoarding, and Professor Mario Capecchi of the University of Utah, who has altered a single gene in mice to produce trichotillomania.

$169.95 · DVD OVF32646-KS · VHS OVF32646-A

Seeking Perfection

Gary's love of soccer might wreck his wedding plans. Rosemary embezzled four million dollars in order to shop and hoard. An attractive young woman, Jennifer sees herself as disfigured due to body dysmorphia. These and other cases are used to illustrate how obsessive-compulsive disorder can be the flip side to strong, healthy self-interests. Along with studies of actual patients, the program features experts such as Dr. John Grant of the University of Minnesota, who has found similarities in brain circuitry and chemistry among those with OCD.

$169.95 · DVD OVF32647-KS · VHS OVF32647-A

SAVE 15%!

Purchase the 2-part series today! List Price: $339.90 Special Discount Price: $288.95

DVD OVF32645-KS · VHS OVF32645-A

Video Clip Online Not Available in Canada c Closed Captioned Films for the Humanities & Sciences® · Call 800-257-5126 · Fax 800-329-6687


Stress & Anxiety


Each of the six programs in this series addresses a best seller! different anxiety-related condition. During powerful and moving interviews, two patients with each condition share their distressing stories of how the disorders have wreaked havoc on their lives, and how they've learned to cope. Leading experts in each field provide brief explanations of the condition. (15 minutes each) © 1996



Victims of self-harm compulsively cut, burn, or strike themselves to relieve unresolved anxieties. This program investigates the condition.

$99.95 · DVD OVF6790-KS · VHS OVF6790-A

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Does PTSD exist? This program answers yes to that question through the stories of two patients and an expert from a hospital traumatic stress unit.

$99.95 · DVD OVF6791-KS · VHS OVF6791-A

Eating Disorders

Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are the focus of this program.

$99.95 · DVD OVF6792-KS · VHS OVF6792-A

Panic Attacks

This program presents panic attacks as a symptom of other stress-related conditions-- specific phobias, agoraphobia, generalized anxiety disorders--and also as a separate condition.

$99.95 · DVD OVF6788-KS · VHS OVF6788-A

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

BDD causes people to become obsessed with the idea that they must drastically and constantly alter their appearance. This program examines the disorder.

$99.95 · DVD OVF6793-KS · VHS OVF6793-A

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Intrusive, repetitive thoughts, often of a disturbing nature, are the chief symptom of OCD. This program explores the disorder.

$99.95 · DVD OVF6789-KS · VHS OVF6789-A

SAVE 15%!

Purchase the 6-part series today! List Price: $599.70 Special Discount Price: $509.75

DVD OVF6787-KS · VHS OVF6787-A

Now Available!

PTSD: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

A psychiatric disorder, PTSD generally follows life-threatening events like natural disasters, terrorist incidents, and military combat. Unfortunately, many PTSD victims don't realize what afflicts them. This program expands awareness and knowledge of the disorder and explores the latest treatment options available today. In an illuminating case study, a Vietnam veteran who developed PTSD after his tour of duty explains how the condition destroyed his personal life and forced him into bankruptcy before he found relief through Traumatic Incident Reduction Therapy. Expert commentary comes from Dr. Glen Schiraldi of the University of Maryland and Terry Luper of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The effect of PTSD on older veterans is a featured topic. (24 minutes) © 2007 C

$99.95 · DVD OVF39414-KS · VHS OVF39414-A

Coping with Stress

A certain amount of stress can actually enhance performance and productivity. However, continually high levels of stress have been linked to all of the leading causes of death in America, including heart disease, cancer, and lung ailments. This program analyzes the role of stress in day-to-day life and in overall physical and mental health. Sources of stress are identified, and techniques for managing stress are suggested. Information on how to improve personal communication--a powerful safety valve--is also provided. (30 minutes) © 1998

$149.95 · DVD OVF11398-KS · VHS OVF11398-A

best seller!



Video Clip Online Not Available in Canada c Closed Captioned Search over 12,000 videos and order online at


Stress & Anxiety

New! Happier Women: 25 Ways to Reduce Stress Video Clip Collection

Now more than ever, career issues, family crises, and health problems can add up to an emotional overload. This collection of 25 video clips offers guidance, reassurance, and useful facts for busy women. With an average clip length of 90 seconds, the collection incorporates mini-case studies and commentary from experts--providing visual support for instructors and counselors who want to reach overworked, overscheduled learners. Video clips include...

· What's Causing Your Headache? · Extreme PMS · Stress and Diabetes · Burned Out to Fired Up! Burnout · Depressed at Work · The Quest for Rest · Is Your Commute Killing You? · Blood Pressure · Care for Caregivers · State of Mind: Are You Happy? · State of Mind: Health and Happiness · State of Mind: Path to True Happiness · Can Your Friends Make You Fat? · Job Promotions: From Stressed to Best

· Eco-Anxiety · Healthy Workplaces · Quit Smoking Diet · Women and Hair Loss · Postpartum Depression · Stressed Out! Hurried Woman Syndrome · Stressed Out! Top 10 Stress Busters · Birthdays Without Pressure · Moms: Expect the Unexpected · Clutter Control · 6 Mistakes in the Gym

(52 minutes) © 2008 C

$169.95 · DVD OVF40000-K · VHS OVF40000-A

War on Their Minds: Voices of American Kids

When is war justified? What is worth dying for? Does protesting work? Is world peace possible? In this politically balanced program, children and teens express themselves with passion, intelligence, and insight as they grapple with these questions. "I made this documentary to give children a voice as well as encourage adults to reflect on what we are teaching tomorrow's citizens," says director/producer Jennifer Glos. An excellent tool for exploring the sociological and psychological impact of 9/11, the war in Iraq, and other incidents of violence on today's children. Aired nationally on Showtime Networks. (26 minutes) © 2004 C

$69.95 · DVD OVF35096-K · VHS OVF35096-A

XS Stress: Teens Take Control

Depression, anxiety, and an overwhelming schedule may be hallmarks of adulthood, but many young people are also familiar with them. This program gathers together the voices of teenagers as they reflect on personal frustrations and challenges. In an expressive flow of words, images, and music, three high school students--an ambitious male cheerleader raised by a single mother, a pierced and tattooed recovering cutter, and a dyslexic student wrestling with her anger at the school system--articulate fascinating perspectives, along with a chorus of others. The result is an excellent catalyst for class discussions about peer pressure, authority, and the future. (29 minutes) © 2004 C


Kids under Pressure

More American children are showing symptoms of severe stress--from poor academic performance to psychosomatic illnesses. This video illustrates methods that help reduce anxiety in children while building their love of learning. (22 minutes) C

$69.95 · DVD OVF34917-KS · VHS OVF34917-A

Bronze Plaque, Columbus International Film & Video Festival "This program is current and will maintain teen viewers' interest.... A good addition to both high school and public libraries." --School Library Journal

$69.95 · DVD OVF34809-KS · VHS OVF34809-A



Films for the Humanities & Sciences® · Call 800-257-5126 · Fax 800-329-6687

Photo credit: Alison Burns


Anxiety · Mood Disorders

Now Available!

Bracing themselves for a living nightmare, three individuals from varied backgrounds have agreed to live together while facing their common enemy: extreme agoraphobia. This twopart series follows their intense and emotional struggle, which at times appears hopeless. But Simon, Su, and Archana aren't alone in their endeavor--they're helped along the path to recovery by Professor Paul Salkovskis, Clinical Director of the Maudsley Hospital Centre for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma at London's Institute of Psychiatry. Viewers will gain insight into the concept of exposure and response as a viable dimension of cognitive behavioral therapy. Contains some profanity. (48 minutes each) © 2006 C

Venturing Out: Agoraphobics Confront Their Fears

When renowned psychologist Paul Salkovskis offers three agoraphobics a base from which to battle their fears, each sufferer embraces the opportunity to utilize the professor's "safe house." There's only one problem--getting there. This program illustrates the paralyzing anxiety agoraphobics typically experience when stepping outside their cloistered comfort zones. After Simon, Su, and Archana finally arrive at the house, Professor Salkovskis forces each to keep going outdoors to unearth the roots of his or her affliction. Su realizes that loud noises trigger her panic attacks, while Archana recognizes her own abandonment issues and Simon discovers how much he depends on the opinion of others.

$169.95 · DVD OVF39913-KS · VHS OVF39913-A

Far from Home: Agoraphobics Face the Ultimate Test

Supported and cajoled by psychologist and cognitive behavioral therapist Paul Salkovskis, three agoraphobic Londoners have tentatively confronted their fears--but they still have a huge amount of work to do. This program shows what happens when the experiment moves to the next level. After frantic preparations, Simon, Su, and Archana accompany Professor Salkovskis on a 13-hour airplane flight to Japan. There they walk the hectic streets of Tokyo, explore an exotic fish market, and ride a bullet train while coming to terms with their deepest internal struggles--and the hard-won understanding that agoraphobia has much more to do with what's inside than outside.

$169.95 · DVD OVF39914-KS · VHS OVF39914-A

SAVE 15%!

Purchase the 2-part series today! List Price: $339.90 Special Discount Price: $288.95

DVD OVF39912-KS · VHS OVF39912-A

Diagnosing Depression

Although the stigma of depression is fading, less than half of those who need help with depression will seek it out. Using several patient histories, this program addresses mild, moderate, and severe depression as well as the specialized cases of vascular depression, treatment-resistant depression, and the depressive aspect of bipolar disorder. Signs and symptoms of depression are spelled out, and multimodal treatment through psychotherapy, medication, support groups, and aerobic exercise is discussed. Commentary is provided by Thomas Insel, director of the National Institute of Mental Health; Susan Blumenthal, of the Georgetown University School of Medicine; and P. Murali Doraiswamy, of Duke University Medical Center. (28 minutes) © 2007 C a

$99.95 · DVD OVF38790-K · VHS OVF38790-A

Childhood Depression

Four to eight percent of American children experience bouts of major depression. Among teenage girls, that rate can be as high as sixteen percent. This program from The Doctor Is In emphasizes the importance of early diagnosis and treatment to avoid potential patterns of repeated depression later in life--and to prevent substance abuse and suicide. Children suffering from depression talk about how they cope with it, while child psychiatrist David G. Fassler, author of Help Me, I'm Sad, and Steven Atkins, a psychologist at Dartmouth Medical School, provide authoritative insights. A Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Production. (29 minutes) © 2000

$149.95 · DVD OVF10992-KS · VHS OVF10992-A

best seller!



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Mood Disorders

Depression: A Backpack Full of Bricks

Approximately 19 million American adults are grappling with depression. In this ABC News program, Ted Koppel talks with guests who have experienced the disease as well as family members who have lived through their loved ones' agonies. The program also pays tribute to the late actor Spalding Gray, who had the courage to go public with his condition, and features clips from his performances in which depression was the focus. (23 minutes) © 2004 C

$149.95 · DVD OVF33449-KS · VHS OVF33449-A


Beating Depression

This program comes to grips with depression through the experiences of five patients whose backgrounds span the socioeconomic spectrum. Three cases of chronic depression, one of which is complicated by borderline personality disorder and another by alcohol abuse, and two cases of bipolar disorder, one of which is extreme, are presented. The overarching message? Patients with depression can stabilize and lead fulfilling lives if they accept their condition and proactively address it. Antidepressants, psychiatric therapy, acupuncture, and other modalities are touched upon as components of a tailored treatment plan. (46 minutes) © 2004

$169.95 · DVD OVF34280-KS · VHS OVF34280-A

best seller!

Late-Life Depression

As many as one in five older Americans have late-life depression, which can lead to suicide. In this program from The Doctor Is In, three senior citizens describe how they have coped with this life-threatening illness. Medical commentary is provided by Charles Reynolds III, director of the Late-Life Depression Evaluation and Treatment Center at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine; psychiatrist Thomas Oxman, of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center; and Lucille Karatzas, director of Elder Services at Seacoast Mental Health Center. The central message? Late-life depression is a treatable disease, not an inevitable part of aging. A Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Production. (28 minutes) © 2003


From Depression to Discovery: A Teenager's Guidebook

Clinical depression and ignorance are a dangerous combination. Myths surrounding the disease--for example, the notion that it affects only adults--often prevent depressed young people from seeking help. This video shatters common misconceptions about depression, helping young viewers recognize its outward and internal symptoms. The latest forms of treatment are also explored. Interviews with teens who are living successfully with the disease, and commentary by renowned adolescent psychologist Dr. Harold S. Koplewicz, are interwoven with eye-catching and informative graphics that reinforce essential points. A viewable/printable instructor's guide containing student activities, discussion questions, vocabulary terms, and other helpful features is available online. The result is an honest, youth-centered informational tool that encourages a proactive approach to depression. A Cambridge Educational Production. (25 minutes) © 2005 C

National Mature Media Award, Bronze

$99.95 · DVD OVF33235-KS · VHS OVF33235-A


Flight from Despair: Depression and Mania

Approximately 20 million Americans are currently grappling with mood disorders, devastating mental illnesses that force people's feelings to the extremes of the emotion spectrum. In this program, patients and those who are closest to them relate compelling stories of life with depression, bipolar disorder, and other mood-related conditions. Pharmacological advances that are helping to manage these diseases and improve patient quality of life are addressed. A Discovery Channel Production. (51 minutes) © 2001

$149.95 · DVD OVF29222-KS · VHS OVF29222-A

Bronze Telly Award Finalist, FREDDIE Awards Recommended by Library Journal.

$49.95 · DVD OVF34718-K · VHS OVF34718-A



Video Clip Online Not Available in Canada c Closed Captioned a Audio Description ® Films for the Humanities & Sciences · Call 800-257-5126 · Fax 800-329-6687


Mood Disorders · Suicide

Depression and Manic Depression

Depression affects over 17 million Americans each year, and it's been estimated that only one-third of this group gets any treatment, largely because of stigma and fear. The lack of treatment results in a high number of suicides, making this illness as fatal as any other illness and a public epidemic. This program from The Doctor Is In explains the disease through the experiences of several people, including 60 Minutes host Mike Wallace; Kay Redfield Jamison, psychiatrist and author of a book on her life with manic-depressive illness; artist Lama Dejani; and State Department official Robert Boorstin. The program also provides an overview of medications and therapy being used. A Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Production. (28 minutes) © 1996

Now Available!

With and Without You: A Father's Suicide, a Family's Journey

In 2003, the Beaudry family left their comfortable middle-class home to backpack across the world. A year after their adventure, Samuel Beaudry took another journey--one that left his wife, Maryse Chartrand, with shocking questions. How could a life-loving person take his own life? When mourning exhausts itself, what comes next? Can a family survive suicide? This documentary, originally planned as a record of the global trek, is Maryse's quest to understand her husband's decision and grow past it. Exploring issues of masculinity, male depression, and family dynamics, the film depicts the tragically belated discovery of one man's hidden anguish--and one woman's hard-won emotional healing. (90 minutes) © 2007 C

$199.95 · DVD OVF40079-KS · VHS OVF40079-A

Silver Apple, National Educational Media Network Bronze Plaque, Columbus International Film & Video Festival

$149.95 · DVD OVF6297-KS · VHS OVF6297-A


Kay Redfield Jamison: Surviving Bipolar Disorder

Psychiatry professor and clinical psychologist Kay Redfield Jamison knows all about bipolar disorder--from the inside out. A patient herself, she is a nationally recognized expert on that condition at Johns Hopkins University, shining light into the darkest and most frightening corners of her life for the benefit of medical science. In this ABC News program, Dr. Jamison--a MacArthur Fellow and author of An Unquiet Mind, her best-selling memoir, and Night Falls Fast, her critically acclaimed book on suicide--talks frankly about her experiences with a mental illness that almost claimed her life. (21 minutes) © 2002

$99.95 · DVD OVF31410-KS · VHS OVF31410-A


Bipolar Disorder: Shifting Mood Swings

Different from the routine ups and downs of life, the symptoms of bipolar disorder are severe--even to the point of being life-threatening. In this insightful program, patients speak from their own experience about the complexities of diagnosis and the very real danger of suicide, while family members and close friends address the strain of the condition's cyclic behavior. In addition, Robert Hirschfeld, of The University of Texas Medical Branch; Karen Wagner, director of UTMB's Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry; and Joseph Calabrese, director of the Mood Disorders Research Program at University Hospitals of Cleveland, present new treatment options and medications for controlling bipolar disorder. (24 minutes) © 2002

$149.95 · DVD OVF33014-KS · VHS OVF33014-A


Every year, more than 30,000 American men, women, and children take their own lives-- an average of one every 17 minutes. Drawing on the experiences of law enforcement officers, emergency medical personnel, psychologists, neurologists, hotline counselors, family members of suicides, and survivors of suicide attempts, this emotionally charged program offers approaches to understanding and preventing suicide while exploring the anguish that accompanies it. Groundbreaking brain research, graphic death scene photos, and actual 911 recordings add powerful support to the case studies and treatment options documented. Viewer discretion is advised. An HBO Production. (59 minutes) © 2000

$169.95 · DVD OVF11650-KS

best seller!



Video Clip Online Not Available in Canada c Closed Captioned Search over 12,000 videos and order online at

Suicide · Dissociative & Somatoform Disorders

Teen Suicide

We all get depressed or feel stressed once in awhile. But today, teenagers have more stress in their lives than ever before. Divorced parents, substance abuse, lack of adult supervision, abusive family situations, unemployment, and a sense that the world may not be getting any better...are all factors which cause many teenagers to feel alone and desperate. Most teenagers successfully deal with these problems--but the fact remains that, on their own, too many can't. This excellent production takes a look at the reasons kids consider, attempt, or commit suicide while stressing specific measures to help prevent unhappy teens from becoming suicide statistics. Viewers learn how to recognize the signals of suicide contemplation which they can look for in friends or relatives considering taking this drastic measure, the importance of communication, what to do to help, and where to go for assistance in saving a friend's life. Those who may be thinking that ending their lives is the only way to escape discover that they are not alone in their problems, learn how to conquer these feelings, and become aware of specific people and organizations that desperately want to help. A life-saving message for teens, parents, teachers--anyone who comes in contact with at-risk teens. A Cambridge Educational Production. (35 minutes) © 1994 C

Now Available!

Cut-Up Kids: The Epidemic of Self-Harm

For reasons still being explored, a growing number of children, teenagers, and young adults regularly and willfully cut, burn, and otherwise harm their own bodies. This film follows three young people as they confront the violence they have inflicted upon themselves. Bullied at school, 15-year-old Beth has been cutting for the past two years. After a decade of self-harm due to academic pressure, 24-year-old Tor wants to leave the addiction behind. Tor's best friend Gary comes from a different world, having been brought up by social services since the age of 13, when he began cutting. Students will observe the process by which these young people increase their self-awareness and articulate their inner turmoil. Original BBC broadcast title: Cut Up Kids. (59 minutes) © 2006 C

$169.95 · DVD OVF39641-KS · VHS OVF39641-A


Skin Deep: Understanding Self-Injury

Each year nearly two million people injure their own bodies using knives, scissors, glass, cigarettes, candles, razors--in fact, practically any destructive item they can find. Through interviews with patients and mental health professionals and footage of actual therapy sessions, this compelling program seeks to understand a deeply disturbing and often secretive mental disorder that affects as many teens and young adults as anorexia. A Cambridge Educational Production. (22 minutes) © 2000 C

Gold Hugo, International Communication Film and Video Festival Highly recommended by School Library Journal and The Book Report.

$99.95 · DVD OVF8180-KS · VHS OVF8180-A


Recommended by The Book Report and School Library Journal.

$89.95 · DVD OVF11424-KS · VHS OVF11424-A

Hypochondriacs: Inside Health Anxiety Disorder

Every time Laura gets swollen glands, she spends hours on the Internet researching terminal cancer. Kevin lives in fear of contracting HIV--a drop of blood can send him into a state of panic. And the smallest ache convinces Sarah that she could die at any moment. Studies suggest that as many as one in four general-practitioner consultations are for hypochondriacs--or those who suffer from what is now called Health Anxiety Disorder. This compelling film follows these patients as they undergo an intensive period of cognitive behavioral therapy at a country retreat affiliated with London's Maudsley Hospital. Will it make them better, or are they destined to spend the rest of their lives in and out of unnecessary medical appointments and procedures? (49 minutes) © 2007 C


Cutting: Addicted to Self-Injury

Like most addictions, this one starts as a way of coping with emotional pain. But cutting-- the habit of self-injury on the rise among teenagers, especially girls--is a sign of deepseated anxiety and self-hatred that no one can cope with alone. This video examines the distressing, ritualized behavior and explores how parents, friends, guidance counselors, and those who cut themselves can work together to stop it. The program goes inside a support group for young women struggling with the habit, showing them engaging in group discussions, selfexpression exercises, and role-play that helps them let go of negative emotions and confront the "demon" of addiction. (10 minutes) © 2006 C

$49.95 · DVD OVF36249-KS · VHS OVF36249-A

Recommended by NSTA (National Science Teachers Association).

$169.95 · DVD OVF37633-KS · VHS OVF37633-A



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Substance Abuse, Dependence & Impulse Control

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An Interview with Michael L. Dennis, Ph.D.

In this program, Dr. Dennis discusses the risks facing the adolescent brain, co-occurring disorders in teen addiction, and resources that can help parents and patients. (22 minutes)

$99.95 · DVD OVF39799-KS

Featuring valuable case studies and expert commentary, this 14-part series offers a wide-ranging look at the science and the human face of addiction. Contains mature themes, occasional explicit language, and some graphic injury footage. An HBO Production. © 2006 C

An Interview with Kathleen T. Brady, M.D., Ph.D.

In this program, Dr. Brady discusses how underlying disorders like anxiety, depression, or trauma can lead to addiction or relapse. Dopamine production is also explored. (19 minutes)

$99.95 · DVD OVF39800-KS

Highly recommended by Video Librarian.

Addiction: A Comprehensive View

Packed with case studies, this program explores a wide range of addiction issues, including relapse, brain imaging, adolescent drug abuse, and insurance problems. (86 minutes)

$179.95 · DVD OVF39792-KS

Getting an Addict into Treatment: The CRAFT Approach

This program describes the Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) approach, which helps families guide addicted loved ones into treatment. (18 minutes)

$99.95 · DVD OVF39801-KS

What Is Addiction?

Underscoring genetic, neurological, behavioral, and environmental factors, this program follows Dr. Nora Volkow of the National Institute on Drug Abuse during informal group therapy. (20 minutes)

$99.95 · DVD OVF39793-KS

Treating Stimulant Addiction: The CBT Approach

This program goes inside the MATRIX Institute on Addictions, where meth and cocaine addicts attend Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) groups. Anhedonia is an important topic. (23 minutes)

$99.95 · DVD OVF39802-KS

Understanding Relapse

Focusing on triggers and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, this program addresses the complex issue of relapse. (22 minutes)

$99.95 · DVD OVF39794-KS

Opiate Addiction: Understanding Replacement Therapy

Going inside a leading treatment facility, this program follows the progress of opiate addicts in replacement therapy and shows how different types of opioids affect the brain. (19 minutes)

$99.95 · DVD OVF39803-KS

The Search for Drug Treatment: A Challenging Journey

How do doctors, counselors, and addiction patients choose the right program or medication? This program explores the topic. (21 minutes)

$99.95 · DVD OVF39795-KS

South Boston Drug Court

With commentary from Judge Robert Ziemian, this film goes inside a South Boston drug court, showing how the system supervises addiction cases. (20 minutes)

$99.95 · DVD OVF39804-KS

The Adolescent Addict

Using case studies, this program examines two treatments for child and teen addicts: multisystemic therapy and structured, long-term residential therapy. (26 minutes)

$99.95 · DVD OVF39796-KS

A Mother's Desperation: Resorting to the Law

An in-depth look inside a case study, this program illustrates a mother's final attempt to rescue her daughter from heroin--by having her arrested. (24 minutes)

$99.95 · DVD OVF39805-KS

An Interview with Nora D. Volkow, M.D.

In this program, Dr. Volkow addresses relapse, neurological factors in addiction, adolescent drug abuse, behavioral therapies, and medication. (25 minutes)

$99.95 · DVD OVF39797-KS

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An Interview with Mark L. Willenbring, M.D.

In this program, Dr. Willenbring discusses various factors that can lead to alcoholism, including genetics and psychiatric disorders. (22 minutes)

$99.95 · DVD OVF39798-KS


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Substance Abuse, Dependence & Impulse Control

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Health News and Interviews: Substance Abuse and Addiction Video Clips Crank: Made in America

The number one drug problem in rural America, methamphetamine, or "crank," is cheap, easy to make, and has the lowest recovery rate for addicts. By looking at a number of people in Iowa--even whole families--who are struggling with methamphetamine, this program lays bare the drug's tragic effects. Chilling computer graphics illustrate how the drug works on the brain. Dr. David Musto of Yale University discusses the history of "crank," and Asa Hutchinson, director of the Drug Enforcement Agency, explains its wildfire spread in rural areas. Contains offensive language. Some content may be objectionable. An HBO Production. (56 minutes) © 2003

best seller!

This collection of 18 video clips takes a close look at alcohol and tobacco and at addiction. A variety of topics is covered, such as the short- and long-term health risks of binge drinking, fetal damage due to alcohol, brain cell regrowth in recovering alcoholics, DNA damage from smoking, smoking-cessation failure, the DNA of addiction, and cocaine detox via a genetically modified virus. (27 minutes) © 2007 C

$99.95 · DVD OVF37379-K


Now Available! The Ice Age: Skating and Crashing on Crystal Meth

The world of illegal drugs has entered a new era: the age of ice, or crystal methamphetamine. This program goes inside the world of "skaters"--hardcore meth addicts--who roam the inner city of Sydney, Australia. Profiling several addicts and the ways in which ice has shaped and devastated their lives, the film depicts a typical meth user's two-week cycle of reckless euphoria followed by a prolonged crash. The program also includes commentary from drug treatment experts who explain how ice amplifies dopamine levels and wreaks havoc in the brain. A user named Lenore, exhibiting meth's terrifying grasp, identifies the one thing that will make her quit: "Death." Some content may be objectionable. Contains harsh language. (45 minutes) © 2006 C

$169.95 · DVD OVF39706-KS · VHS OVF39706-A

FREDDIE Award Winner

$149.95 · DVD OVF32483-KS

Crackhead University

Exploring the crumbling streets of inner-city Newburgh, N.Y., this program compiles a collection of tragic yet faintly hopeful personal stories while describing what happened to this once-prosperous community when crack appeared on the scene. The result is a visual textbook, brimming with the cold, hard facts of addiction, that viewers will find hard to forget. Contains harsh language and mature themes. (70 minutes) © 1999

$149.95 · DVD OVF36007-K · VHS OVF36007-A


HairKutt: Breaking the Heroin Death Grip

In this program, three well-meaning friends take their buddy Bryant "HairKutt" Johnson to a remote cabin for a week of improvised detox in the hope of helping him break his 15-year addiction to heroin. But when withdrawal turns to internal bleeding and life-threatening dehydration, they have to rush him to a hospital, where life and death hang in the balance. HairKutt survives, but becomes re-addicted immediately after returning home. These four friends, as close as family, learn the hard way that only 1 in 5 cold-turkey detoxes succeed in the short term and that it's rare for a heroin addict to kick the habit on the first attempt. An intensely human drama that unfolds slowly but very powerfully. Tell your students to forget reality TV and watch this instead, because this is the real deal--filmed live and unscripted as the story unfolded. Some content may be objectionable, and some language may be offensive. (77 minutes) © 2007 C

Mothers Addicted to Meth

Kristi is a 33-year-old woman brought up, according to her own account, by strict parents with strong middle-class values. She is currently battling a methamphetamine addiction, while trying to be a good mother to her small children at the same time. This ABC News program demonstrates that as meth becomes the latest drug of choice for many Americans, it isn't only the users who are falling victim to the powerful stimulant--it profoundly affects their sons and daughters as well. Focusing on the rehabilitation of "meth moms," the program examines the struggles they face in staying clean and reconciling with their broken families. (10 minutes) © 2006 C

$49.95 · DVD OVF36236-KS · VHS OVF36236-A


"An intensely personal, unflinching look at drug addiction."--The Boston Globe

$169.95 · DVD OVF37603-KS · VHS OVF37603-A


Video Clip Online Not Available in Canada c Closed Captioned Films for the Humanities & Sciences® · Call 800-257-5126 · Fax 800-329-6687


Substance Abuse, Dependence & Impulse Control

New! Twelve:

Young Addicts Speak from the Heart

Kat grew up in an alcoholic home. John made drinking the center of his life at a young age. Rene's parents divorced when he was five, while Chris and Dante both seemed to have everything they wanted--but all became substance abusers. Through detailed, candid conversations, this program goes inside the childhood memories and emotional lives of recovering addicts who started their habits at, or close to, age 12. Their stories reveal unique qualities and experiences as well as patterns seen over and over again among alcoholics and drug abusers--often involving crime and social isolation. In addition to their pain and regret, the participants also discuss the most daunting challenge of all: the ongoing process of recovery. (44 minutes) © 2008 C

$169.95 · DVD OVF40034-KS · VHS OVF40034-A

Addicted to OxyContin: A 48 Hours/MTV News Report

In a joint investigation with MTV, this 48 Hours broadcast focuses on Troy Swett, a young man who, ashamed of his $300-a-day OxyContin habit, confessed his addiction and underwent rapid detox at the Waismann Institute. The program also reports on 13year-old Shauna Ulman, who, after taking what she thought was ecstasy, died of an overdose; it debates whether OxyContin is addictive when used as prescribed; and it tracks the rise in theft of OxyContin from pharmacies and patients. Some content may be objectionable. Produced by CBS NEWS. (42 minutes) © 2001

"This film deserves praiseworthy credit for its excellent reporting and educational approach to this serious and growing epidemic. Serves not only as an introduction to the topic, but as a great discussion starter for university faculty as well as secondary educators. Professionals, ranging from chemical dependency counselors to rehabilitation professionals, will find interest in this quality film."--Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling

$99.95 · DVD OVF33082-KS · VHS OVF33082-A


Now Available!

Pills: Never Enough!

This program illustrates a growing appetite for--and dependence on--experience-enhancing pharmaceuticals and nutriceuticals among those who have the money, the connections, or the savvy to procure them. Drawing examples from the U.S. and France, Pills: Never Enough! examines the use of dietary supplements augmented by hormones to slow the effects of aging; the consumption of energy drinks such as the controversial Cocaine, which packs the caffeine punch of eight espressos per; the abuse of Prozac and sleep disorder med Modafinil by employees striving to work better and longer; the abuse of Ritalin and Concerta by students trying to improve their grades; and the abuse of OxyContin, Xanax, and other prescription meds at "pharming parties," just for kicks. The abuse of ED meds Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra is given special attention, emphasizing their obvious value to the porn industry and their inclusion in chemical cocktails downed at gay sex clubs. Contains mature themes and explicit language and imagery. (Portions in French with English subtitles, 52 minutes) © 2007 C

$169.95 · DVD OVF39623-KS · VHS OVF39623-A

Peter Jennings Reporting--Ecstasy Rising

How did an obscure chemical compound become an entire generation's drug of choice? Why has law enforcement gone into overdrive to fight it? In Ecstasy Rising, Peter Jennings leads a groundbreaking investigation into the faulty science behind the anti-Ecstasy campaign, highlighting the futility of government scare tactics and how they have damaged the overall credibility of anti-drug efforts. The program accurately assesses Ecstasy's risks, and incorporates interviews with major players in the Ecstasy saga--including the chemist who first experimented with it, the Dallas businessman who named it and made millions selling it, and the DEA officer who led the fight to criminalize it. (44 minutes) © 2004 C

$169.95 · DVD OVF35069-KS · VHS OVF35069-A



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Substance Abuse, Dependence & Impulse Control

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Drug and alcohol addiction is stronger than ever among America's teens and young adults. This three-part series of ABC News programs investigates disturbing new trends: teenage methamphetamine abuse, binge drinking among college-age women, and the alarmingly open access that many underage Americans now have to prescription drugs. © 2006 C


Women and Alcohol

Binge drinking is traditionally a man's "sport," but now many college-age women are joining in. This program explores the issue, documenting one young woman's quest to systematically determine the physiological impact of regular, heavy drinking. (17 minutes)

$79.95 · DVD OVF36237-KS · VHS OVF36237-A

Pharm Country

A "pharm party" typically offers a mix of drugs--most of them from household medicine cabinets. This program examines a disturbing trend in teenage drug abuse: getting high on legal drugs obtained through parents' prescriptions or from questionable online sources. (21 minutes)

$79.95 · DVD OVF36238-KS · VHS OVF36238-A

Hooked: America on Meth

This program reports on the Montana Meth Project, an organization undertaking an aggressive plan to "unsell" methamphetamines--with an ad campaign designed to frighten Montana's youth into avoiding the drug. (11 minutes)

"Delivers a huge amount of information and a powerful message in a mere 11 minutes.... Complements curriculum units on health, sociology and criminal justice. Highly recommended." --Educational Media Reviews Online

$49.95 · DVD OVF36235-KS · VHS OVF36235-A

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DVD OVF36283-KS · VHS OVF36283-A

If hindsight is 20:20, this three-part series offers some very clear-eyed advice by young adults who have wrestled with addiction and won. Combined with the comments of addiction specialists, these straight-talking testimonials make a strong anti-substance abuse statement that will resonate with kids and teens alike. A Cambridge Educational Production. (20 minutes each) © 2001



$89.95 · DVD OVF12046-K · VHS OVF12046-A


$89.95 · DVD OVF12047-K · VHS OVF12047-A


$89.95 · DVD OVF12045-K · VHS OVF12045-A

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DVD OVF12044-K · VHS OVF12044-A

Recommended by Youth Today.

Messing with Heads: Marijuana and Mental Illness

For decades, heavy marijuana use has been linked to impaired judgment and mental ability. This program explores new research into another link--this time between marijuana and mental illnesses, specifically schizophrenia and paranoid psychosis. Citing a wealth of clinical evidence and observations by neurologists, psychiatrists, and psychologists, the program delves into the frightening effects of THC on young brains: psychotic delusions and behavior that may not appear until years after drug abuse has ended. With pot addiction beginning at increasingly young ages around the world, this program is essential viewing in any anti-drug education campaign. (46 minutes) © 2005 C

$169.95 · DVD OVF34954-KS · VHS OVF34954-A

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Video Clip Online Not Available in Canada c Closed Captioned Films for the Humanities & Sciences® · Call 800-257-5126 · Fax 800-329-6687


Substance Abuse, Dependence & Impulse Control

"This is your brain on drugs," may be a good sound bite, but the reality of drug abuse is more complicated. As this five-part series shows, the brain can be affected by drugs and alcohol in different ways, depending on the substance consumed. The effects of stimulants, painkillers, tobacco and alcohol, cannabis, and hallucinogens are analyzed using the latest research and computer graphics. (51 minutes each) © 2005 C

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Stimulants: The Mechanics of Pleasure

The brain's pleasure pathway is a volatile place. This program explores the influence of cocaine, amphetamines, and other stimulants on the human nerve center.

$169.95 · DVD OVF36365-KS · VHS OVF36365-A

Cannabis: Satanic Herb or Healing Potion?

This program presents many of the latest neurological findings on cannabis, including new investigations into the clinical applications of the drug.

$169.95 · DVD OVF36368-KS · VHS OVF36368-A

Painkillers: Numbing the Mind

The human body creates its own painkillers when injured. This program shows how opium, heroin, and morphine hijack the brain's pain-numbing ability.

$169.95 · DVD OVF36366-KS · VHS OVF36366-A

Designer Drugs: Uncertain Borders

Hallucinogenic plants may be the world's oldest drugs. This program shows how the properties of natural and synthetic hallucinogens have been discovered.

$169.95 · DVD OVF36369-KS · VHS OVF36369-A

Legal Drugs: Still Addictive, Still Deadly

This program illustrates how tobacco and alcohol, both legal drugs, chemically take hold of the brain and affect a user's personality and behavior.

$169.95 · DVD OVF36367-KS · VHS OVF36367-A

SAVE 15%!

Purchase the 5-part series today! List Price: $849.75 Special Discount Price: $722.30

DVD OVF36364-KS · VHS OVF36364-A

The Addicted Brain

This documentary takes viewers on a tour of the world's most prolific manufacturer and user of drugs--the human brain. It shows how the biochemistry of the brain is responsible for joggers' highs, thrill-seeking, certain kinds of obsessions and compulsions, and other behavior patterns. Developments in the biochemistry of addiction are also explored. (26 minutes) © 1987

"This worthwhile video shows students that everyday choices they make can chemically affect their brains."--Media & Methods CINE Golden Eagle "This fascinating production mounts its case with stunning cinemicrography, three-dimensional models, expert interviews, and liveaction sequences."--Booklist

$99.95 · DVD OVF1363-KS · VHS OVF1363-A

Using sophisticated 3-D animation, this program takes viewers on a journey deep into the brain. The first part illustrates the brain's major functions, and shows how neurons communicate with each other. In the second part, animated molecules of nicotine, cocaine, and marijuana travel from outside the body all the way to their cellular targets in the brain, where they interact to affect the body. Images of actual neurons are used in the animations. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. (25 minutes) © 1997 C a

best seller!

Animated Neuroscience and the Action of Nicotine, Cocaine, and Marijuana in the Brain

CINE Golden Eagle Award "One powerful tool a teacher can use to make neurobiology instruction meaningful." --Science Books & Films

$99.95 · DVD OVF8352-K · VHS OVF8352-A



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Substance Abuse, Dependence & Impulse Control

A complete video library of the most widely abused drugs

Drugs: Uses and Abuses Drugs: Uses and Abuses

"Attention-grabbing, informative programs." --School Library Journal "Well-paced to keep teens' interest. Good overview."--The Book Report Recommended by Today's Librarian. Inhalants

This program presents a summary of this class of drugs and then details its constituent parts: solvents and aerosols, nitrites, and nitrous oxide. A doctor of pharmacology, an addiction specialist, police officers, recovering addicts, and others delve into the history and biological effects of these drugs. (20 minutes)

$79.95 · DVD OVF9291-K · VHS OVF9291-A

A veritable encyclopedia of pharmacological facts, this outstandbest seller! ing eight-part series thoroughly examines the therapeutic uses and dangerous abuses of drugs. Moving beyond the Just Say No mentality, each program promotes discussion, explodes myths, and provides information delivered in accessible language by a wide range of concerned professionals and recovering addicts. (17-39 minutes each) © 1999 C



This program offers a summary of sedatives as a class of drugs, and then focuses on barbiturates, tranquilizers, and alcohol, while touching lightly on narcotics. A doctor of pharmacology, police officers, an addiction specialist, recovering addicts, and others describe the history and biological effects of sedatives. (32 minutes)

$79.95 · DVD OVF9287-K · VHS OVF9287-A


THC and the cannabinoids marijuana, hashish, and hash oil are examined in this video. Expert commentary is presented by former NFL player Charles Hunt, a pharmacist, a police officer, addiction counselors, a historian, a pastor, recovering addicts, and others. (30 minutes)

$79.95 · DVD OVF9292-K · VHS OVF9292-A


This program presents a profile of narcotics as a class of drugs and then spotlights opium, codeine, morphine, and heroin. Expert commentary is provided by a pharmacist, a nurse, police officers, addiction counselors, recovering addicts, and others. (29 minutes)

PCP and Ketamine

This program describes PCP and the veterinary anesthetic ketamine. A police officer, an addiction specialist, an addiction counselor, a veterinarian, and recovering users review the history and biological effects of PCP and ketamine, employing case studies and personal experience to assess their use, abuse, and hazards. (17 minutes)

$79.95 · DVD OVF9293-K · VHS OVF9293-A

Honorable Mention, The Communicator Awards

$79.95 · DVD OVF9288-K · VHS OVF9288-A


Analyzing stimulants as a class of drugs, this video examines caffeine, nicotine, amphetamines, methamphetamines, and cocaine--in both powder and crack form. A doctor of pharmacology, police officers, an addiction specialist, recovering addicts, and others profile the history and biological effects of stimulants. (39 minutes)

$79.95 · DVD OVF9289-K · VHS OVF9289-A


This program examines the use and abuse of anabolic steroids and GHB, a synthetic steroidlike substance and date-rape drug. Former NFL player Charles Hunt and a pharmacist, a police officer, an addiction counselor, a trainer, a swim coach, a recovering abuser, and others explore the history and biological effects of steroids. (24 minutes)

$79.95 · DVD OVF9294-K · VHS OVF9294-A

Psychedelics and Hallucinogens

In this program, a pharmacist, an addiction counselor, a police officer, a historian, a pastor, and recovering users provide background on psychedelics and hallucinogens as a class of drugs, and study the history and biological effects of mescaline, psilocybin, LSD, and the designer drug MDMA. (29 minutes)

$79.95 · DVD OVF9290-K · VHS OVF9290-A

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DVD OVF9286-K · VHS OVF9286-A

Video Clip Online Not Available in Canada c Closed Captioned a Audio Description ® Films for the Humanities & Sciences · Call 800-257-5126 · Fax 800-329-6687


Substance Abuse, Dependence & Impulse Control

Alcohol and Tobacco: The Truth

This series takes all of the glamour out of drinking and smoking for today's teens by unmasking their harmful realities. (30 minutes each) © 1991


The Truth about Tobacco

In this program, startling interviews with people stricken with smoking-related illnesses are contrasted with teen interviews demonstrating attitudes of self-deception. Each scene provides insights into why teens start, why it's so hard to stop, and why our society allows tobacco companies to promote a lethal drug. The degree to which tobacco is economically entrenched in our system, and why politicians avoid the issue, is scrutinized. The immediate consequences of smoking--bad breath, stained teeth, odors that linger in clothing and hair--are graphically depicted, as well as more serious consequences like terminal illness.

$89.95 · DVD OVF8184-KS · VHS OVF8184-A

The Truth about Alcohol

Combining hard-hitting, dramatic footage with insightful interviews, this program graphically illustrates why alcohol is so widely used and abused by both adults and teens. It examines the role of alcohol as an escape from personal problems, and as a leading factor in vehicular deaths as a result of drunk driving. From societal pressures to drink, to the resulting shattered personal lives, the program unmasks the contradictions of this lethal drug and encourages viewers to carefully consider its implications.

Highly recommended by the Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling.

$89.95 · DVD OVF8183-KS · VHS OVF8183-A

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DVD OVF8182-KS · VHS OVF8182-A



In this two-part series of ABC News programs, the psychological journey of an ex-criminal named Seville demonstrates what social outreach can accomplish--when a lost soul makes a conscious choice to find a better life. (22 minutes each) © 2005 C


Highly recommended by Educational Media Reviews Online. From the Badlands to Redemption

Ten years ago, Merrill Jackson stole Cadillacs and helped his fellow heroin addicts shoot up-- behavior that earned him the nicknames "Seville" and "The Doctor." This program explores the extraordinary transformation that took place in Jackson's life after he met Joann Muller, an activist Christian minister and mother of five from the suburbs of Philadelphia. Through one-on-one interviews and extensive footage from Jackson's drug-dealing days, the fearless street preacher explains how her community-oriented mission took shape, while the man formerly known as The Doctor contemplates the painful life he left behind.

$99.95 · DVD OVF35486-KS · VHS OVF35486-A

The Doctor and the Reverend

Car thief, heroin addict, drug dealer--how can a person escape a life like that? This program examines the life-changing friendship between Merrill "The Doctor" Jackson and the Rev. Joann Muller--the first, a criminal from the streets of Philadelphia; the second, a Christian minister determined to change him. Using intimate interviews and footage of crime-infested neighborhoods, the video describes the process through which Jackson realized his future was up to him. Revelations from both interviewees, brought out by challenging questions from host Ted Koppel, guide viewers through the nightmare and rewards of drug recovery.

$99.95 · DVD OVF35487-KS · VHS OVF35487-A

SAVE 15%!

Purchase the 2-part series today! List Price: $199.90 Special Discount Price: $169.95

DVD OVF35485-KS · VHS OVF35485-A


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Substance Abuse, Dependence & Impulse Control

Now Available!

Countdown to Delirium: The Debate over Drug Classifications

New findings indicate that some of the most addictive and dangerous drugs are legal ones. This program looks at the pros and cons of the current drug classification system, shedding new light on the physiological and neurological effects of various substances. With the help of London's Institute of Psychiatry and other leading addiction research organizations, the program assesses the risks of alcohol, tobacco, and inhaled solvents, comparing them with class-A drugs like ecstasy, 4-MTA, and LSD--with results that may surprise many in the drug education community. Equally surprising findings about marijuana and its connection to schizophrenia are also included. Original BBC broadcast title: Countdown to Delirium. (51 minutes) © 2007 C

$169.95 · DVD OVF39643-KS · VHS OVF39643-A

Now Available!

The All-American Drug: Heroin in Suburbia and the Heartland

Once confined to the inner city, heroin addiction is on the rise in suburban and rural communities. This ABC News program shows how a growing number of teens and young adults are getting hooked on heroin through gateway drugs like OxyContin. After a suburban father describes the prescription drug habit and heroin overdose that took his daughter's life, a young mother in rural Ohio explains how she began that same perilous journey and can't quit. In addition to commentary from other teens and parents, the program includes expertise from Brian Crowell, a drug enforcement agent, and Joseph Califano, chairman of the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse. Includes graphic scenes of heroin injection. Original ABC News broadcast titles: Heroin in Suburbia and Heroin in the Heartland. (17 minutes) © 2006 C

$99.95 · DVD OVF40018-K · VHS OVF40018-A

Now Available!

The Addictive Personality

Does addiction have a genetic factor? Can any type of addiction be treated medically? What steps can family members take to help a loved one struggling with addiction? This program provides answers to several addiction-related questions, focusing on the complexities of the addictive personality. Viewers will benefit from a case study featuring a patient with a serious gambling addiction, and from a genetics-oriented discussion inspired by two sisters with addictive personalities. Expert commentary comes from Dr. Michael Fingerhood of Johns Hopkins University Hospital, who works with alcohol and drug abusers, and Terrence Shulman, founder of the Shulman Center for Shopping and Shoplifting Addiction Treatment. (25 minutes) © 2007 C

$99.95 · DVD OVF39417-KS · VHS OVF39417-A

If... Drugs Were Legal

The year is 2015. A coalition of European countries has decriminalized most stimulants, narcotics, and hallucinogens. But has legalization made drug use--or the streets of London--any safer? This program depicts a future in which police officers, Big Pharma executives, and recreational drug consumers would, depending on one's perspective, either reap the benefits or suffer the consequences of a reversal in drug policy. Interwoven with the fictional narrative are real-world interviews highlighting both sides of the debate. Former chief constable Francis Wilkinson and Transform Drug Policy Foundation director Danny Kushlick argue for legalization, while toxicology expert John Henry and former customs investigator David Raynes warn against it. A BBCW Production. (61 minutes) © 2005 C

$149.95 · DVD OVF37525-KS · VHS OVF37525-A

Addictions: Chemical and Behavioral

Addiction is a way to escape from anxiety, anger, or pain--unfortunately, it also leads to them. This video shows how addictions develop and how they can involve both substances and behaviors. Outlining the functions of neurotransmitters, especially dopamine, the program illustrates various ways in which addictions take root in emotional problems and then spiral out of control. Gambling, highrisk sex, and eating disorders are described on the same level as the abuse of alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, or heroin--all are potential addictions that can be treated if their causes, as well as their withdrawal symptoms, are understood and addressed. A teacher's guide is included. Not available for preview. (21 minutes) © 2004

$99.95 · DVD OVF34558-K · VHS OVF34558-A


Video Clip Online Not Available in Canada c Closed Captioned Films for the Humanities & Sciences® · Call 800-257-5126 · Fax 800-329-6687


Substance Abuse, Dependence & Impulse Control

S.M.A.R. . T

Standards-based MediA Resource for Teachers


· Facts on...Drugs · Facts on...Alcohol


The Substance Abuse Prevention S.M.A.R.T. Box provides teachers best and students with an outstanding seller! blend of multimedia materials designed to support substance awareness and addiction prevention programs. Correlated to the American School Health Association educational standards, the S.M.A.R.T. Box combines core content, creative activities to test comprehension, a Teacher's Guide with suggested lesson plans, and a Teacher's Resource Pack to deliver an enriching and engaging learning experience. The Substance Abuse Prevention S.M.A.R.T. Box Contains:


· · · · · · · ·

8 POSTERS (Laminated)

Hallucinogens Inhalants Narcotics Phencyclidine (PCP) Sedatives Steroids Stimulants Marijuana


· A Teacher's Guide packed with information: a curriculum map, lesson plans, educational standards, fast facts, program overviews, learning objectives, vocabulary terms, discussion questions, Web site resources, student activities, and a reading list

7 VIDEOS (on DVD or VHS)

· Addiction: Young Adults Winning the Battle--Alcohol · Addiction: Young Adults Winning the Battle--Tobacco · Drugs: Uses and Abuses--Stimulants · Drugs: Uses and Abuses--Inhalants · Drugs: Uses and Abuses--THC · Drugs: Uses and Abuses--Steroids · Teen Danger Zone: Teens at Risk


· A Teacher's Resource Pack of reproducible hand-outs that include student activities and reference material

SAVE over $200!

List Price: $859.15 Special Discount Price: $649.95

DVD OVF31345-KS · VHS OVF31345-A




Drunk Driving


Prescription/ OTC Drugs



Communicate the downside of drugs in no uncertain terms. This eight-poster set speaks directly to young people about the alarming risks and all-toofrequent tragedies linked with drug abuse. In addition to several types of dangerous substances--including prescription and over-the-counter medication--the deadly pitfalls of drunk driving are also examined. A Cambridge Educational Product. Eight 17" x 22" laminated posters. © 2007

$79.60 · Posters OVF37035-PO-LA

best seller!

Drugs: A Destructive Force Poster Set


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Substance Abuse, Dependence & Impulse Control

Drunk Driving: The Party's Over

Every day at the renowned Ackerman Institute for the Family, teams of counselors are helping people with drug and alcohol addictions to save their relationships, their futures, and their very lives. Praised by the American Psychiatric Association, this award-winning program tracks the progress of a husband and wife, a mother and teenage daughter, and a young couple over a three-year period as they fight their way toward recovery. Candidly filmed at Ackerman and other facilities as well as in the subjects' homes, this gripping documentary provides valuable insights into the devastating effects of substance abuse and the methods being used to assist in breaking addictions. "[Reality television] pales in comparison with the reality offered up by documentarian Ken Rosenberg in this new HBO special," says the Los Angeles Times; extensive footage of family counseling sessions is only one of the reasons why. An HBO Production. (71 minutes) © 2000

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Drinking Apart: Families Under the Influence

This video, written by a college law professor, puts your students in the jury box. At a teen party, Kevin urges Amy to go on a "beer run." Mike goes with her. There is an accident and Mike is paralyzed for life. He sues both Amy and Kevin. The video moves quickly, interrupting the testimony with party scenes and a "Jaws of Life" rescue. A doctor testifies to the extent of Mike's injury. Mike describes his life in a wheelchair, and Amy talks about her life in jail. She ends by explaining how the accident has cost her parents their life savings. After the video, your students must decide the case. Their verdict is not important, but their discussion is. A Discovery Channel Production. (23 minutes) © 1998 C

$99.95 · DVD OVF39646-KS · VHS OVF39646-A

Winner, Silver Hill Hospital Media Award

$149.95 · DVD OVF10952-KS

Making of a Hangover

Filmed under the watchful eyes of a team of researchers, this program scientifically tracks the physical and psychological changes in seven volunteers--three men and four women, ranging in age from 21 to 34-- as they drink with their friends in a bar. Vital information is provided on alcohol's impact on the body, the worthlessness of inebriation remedies such as cold showers and coffee, the very present danger of alcohol poisoning, and genetic inputs for alcohol addiction. In addition, outstanding 3-D computer graphics illustrate alcohol's effects on the brain, stomach, heart, liver, and genitals. A police sobriety test is demonstrated. A Discovery Channel Production. (51 minutes) © 2002

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Women and Alcoholism

Physiological differences between women and men place women at greater risk for physical complications from alcoholism. This program from The Doctor Is In profiles several women from different backgrounds and age groups who are in recovery from that disease. Interviews with medical experts include Michelle Lauria, M.D., of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center; Patrice Muchowski, Sc.D., of AdCare Hospital of Worcester; and Kathleen Mitchell, M.H.S., LCADC, of the National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. A Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Production. (28 minutes) © 2003

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Substance Abuse, Dependence & Impulse Control

Adult Children of Alcoholics: A Family Secret

In this program, famous adult children of alcoholics speak out about childhood nightmares and adult behavior that continues to reflect the problem of a parent's alcoholism: some chose alcoholic partners, others developed drug, gambling, or other addictions. All speak of the difficulties of coping with the damage inflicted by an alcohol-centered childhood. (52 minutes) © 1990

One Life: Detox or Die?

David Graham Scott has been addicted to drugs for nearly 20 years, or as he puts it, "four on heroin and the rest on methadone." Filmed by Scott himself over a five-year period, this emotionally charged documentary follows his double life as a heroin abuser and filmmaker, his pattern of deceit with his family, his battle to conquer methadone, and the fight to finally beat his addiction. His desperation to overcome drugs causes him to risk all on an unauthorized, controversial, and potentially lethal method that promises to limit withdrawal symptoms to one day--but sends the patient on a soul-searching, gutwrenching 36-hour detox. Some content may be objectionable, and some language may be offensive. A BBCW Production. (45 minutes) © 2004

Recommended by Addiction & Recovery.

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Children of Substance Abusers

Danielle's father is an alcoholic, as are both of Luke's parents. Nicole's mother is recovering from crack cocaine addiction. How have these teenagers dealt with such overwhelming conditions? This video explores the emotional confusion and trauma affecting children of substance abusers, showing how many young people are able to break the cycle of addiction and create a healthy pattern for their own lives. Important steps in that process are featured--most importantly, realizing that your parent's problems come from his or her sickness and are not your fault. Self-worth, acceptance, forgiveness, and the concept of the "parentified" child are all explored. (9 minutes) © 2006 C

$19.95 · DVD OVF36252-KS · VHS OVF36252-A

"The harrowing scenes of heroin use and the painful close-up view of the cold-turkey style experience are not for the squeamish. Otherwise, his video diary of a progress from four years on heroin, via 12 years on the prescribed replacement, to a final and potentially fatal detoxification effort makes compelling viewing. An infallible antidote for any notion that drugs are glamorous." --The Sunday Times (London)

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A Wave of Compassion: Spirituality and the Recovering Addict

What does it mean to be a "functioning" alcoholic? How does it feel to struggle with substance abuse day after day? What keeps addicts from truly recovering? This program explores such questions from a range of unconventional viewpoints, creating an honest look at addiction that avoids judgmental or strictly clinical approaches. At the center of the film is Jimmy, a 41-year-old surfer who describes the drinking problem he has had since age 13. The challenges of recovery are also discussed by several experts: a physician, a psychologist, a nutritionist, and a social worker--while unique and insightful commentary is provided by a Native American shaman, a stand-up comedian, and other voices of reason and personal experience. (47 minutes) © 2007 C


"A year from now, two of you will be dead." So begins an orientation session at Camp Recovery, a Santa Cruz drug and alcohol treatment center. This documentary follows five young addicts through the camp's 30-day rehab program and tracks their progress, or lack thereof, in the months that follow. Featuring remarkably candid interviews with the participants, riveting one-on-one and family counseling sessions, and heartbreaking portrayals of post-camp life--which means relapses, more detox, and even jail time for some--the video clearly illustrates the challenges a recovering addict faces in order to avoid becoming the worst kind of statistic. Contains harsh language. An HBO Production. (87 minutes) © 2005 C

$169.95 · DVD OVF34685-KS

"The healthcare system is so overburdened that they don't look at the humanity of the person. A Wave of Compassion takes the time to notice and honor the individual." --Mother of an alcoholic

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Substance Abuse, Dependence & Impulse Control

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Smoking Out the Truth: Teens and Tobacco Peter Jennings Reporting-- From the Tobacco File

After the high-profile tobacco lawsuits of a decade ago, many believe America's smoking problem has been addressed. But as Peter Jennings reveals in From the Tobacco File, policy makers and public health leaders have failed to capitalize on legal triumphs. In rare interviews with key players in the tobacco wars, Jennings explores what occurred behind the scenes in the industry during the 1990s, showing how close cigarette manufacturers were to complete capitulation. The tragic erosion of support for legal settlements--and for subsequent anti-smoking legislation--underscores Jennings' conclusions about one of the most pressing public health issues in America. (41 minutes) © 2004 C

Taking a proactive, studentdriven approach, this video focuses on the illusions and misconceptions surrounding teen smoking, exposing the faulty reasoning that leads young people to start or continue the habit. It also offers motivation to quit or abstain--and strategies for doing so. Topics covered include the methods and mind-set behind teen-targeted cigarette advertising, the ways that nicotine and tobacco damage health and personal appearance, the importance of confronting one's own addiction, and where to look for advice and support. Use this video to show teenagers--among the most vulnerable of media consumers--how to see through Big Tobacco marketing schemes and dead-end peer pressure. A viewable/printable instructor's guide containing learning objectives, educational standards, fast facts, discussion questions, and more is available online. A Cambridge Educational Production. (24 minutes) © 2006 C

Recommended by Teacher Librarian.

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Extreme Sports and Teens: The Psychology of Risk Addiction

For some teenagers, traditional sports don't provide enough excitement. This ABC News program looks at the structure and chemistry of the adolescent brain and shows why certain teens develop addictions to danger. It also outlines ways to identify the so-called Type-T personality and illustrates methods for engaging teens in organized activities that channel their energy away from adrenaline addiction. (11 minutes) © 2005 C

2006 Bronze Telly Award Honorable Mention, Columbus International Film & Video Festival

$89.95 · DVD OVF34738-K · VHS OVF34738-A


We Love Cigarettes: Resisting the Romance of Smoking

What causes smoking's deadly allure? Is there a surefire method for ending it? This program examines humanity's love affair with cigarettes, traveling around the globe to interview doctors and counselors dedicated to fighting nicotine addiction. Cold turkey guru Allen Carr, nicotine patch inventor Dr. Jed Rose, Zyban pioneer Dr. Linda Ferry, and tobacco whistleblower Dr. Jeffrey Wigand are some of the interviewees. Original BBCW broadcast title: We Love Cigarettes. (50 minutes) © 2006 C

$169.95 · DVD OVF36460-KS · VHS OVF36460-A

Recommended by Teacher Librarian.

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The Big Poker Gamble

By day, Jane is an unassuming single mother. At night she's a high-stakes poker player-- thanks to the Internet. This program looks at the explosive cyber-gambling industry, examining some leading sites and profiling men and women whose lifestyles now revolve around card-playing by computer. Additional interviews with gaming promoters and government regulators round out this eye-opening investigation. Produced by the Open University. (28 minutes) © 2005 C

Combining hard-hitting personal stories with cold facts, the first six segments of this chaptered program report on some of the most common drugs currently being abused by teens: OxyContin, PMA, Special K (ketamine), the methamphetamine Ice, inhalants, and, in the form of binge drinking, alcohol. The final segment focuses on hazing, a frequently outlawed form of initiation that, like substance abuse, speaks directly to the teenage desire to fit in with peers--sometimes at any cost. (46 minutes) © 2006 C

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Teen Danger Zone: Teens at Risk

Recommended by Curriculum Connections and School Library Journal.

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Recommended by Educational Media Reviews Online.

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Eating Disorders

I'm a Child Anorexic

Therapists have noticed a disturbing trend: anorexia now appears in elementary-schoolage children. This film documents a London clinic's 12-week program, during which malnourished patients must confront and conquer their fears of eating. Girls as young as eight enter the clinic dangerously emaciated and depressed--and although most battle their way back to good health, do their attitudes toward food really change? A BBCW Production. (60 minutes) © 2007 C

$169.95 · DVD OVF37385-KS · VHS OVF37385-A

Thin: Death by Eating Disorder

Filmed at The Renfrew Center of South Florida, this program closely follows four women, ages 15 to 30, into the weighing room, therapy sessions, and even the bathroom when the film's subjects relapse and purge. It also examines the pervasiveness of restrictive eating behaviors as well as the failure of the health insurance industry to address its clients' needs. Some content may be objectionable. An HBO Production. (1 hour 43 minutes) © 2005 C

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"An unflinching portrait of a deadly mental illness that is little understood and poorly treated."--Los Angeles Times

$169.95 · DVD OVF36518-KS

The Stockholm Solution: New Therapies for Eating Disorders

With a 75 percent success rate in treating anorexia and bulimia, Stockholm's Karolinska Institute is in the vanguard of eating disorder therapy. This program follows patients through the Karolinska regimen as they relearn healthy eating behavior, gradually recognizing natural feelings of satiety with the help of a computerized biofeedback system. Closely observing the Institute's counseling sessions, the video shows how the Karolinska approach counters traditional clinical methods, which typically involve medication, family dynamics, and a high rate of recidivism. The Stockholm Solution portrays a medical revolution--and what is for many young women a new lease on life. (37 minutes) © 2004

Battling Eating Disorders

Pinpointing the origins of anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating in body image and self-esteem issues, this program illustrates the grim consequences of eating disorders and offers students, parents, teachers, and counselors a rich source of information and support. Hosted by The Sopranos' JamieLynn Sigler. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. (29 minutes) © 2006 C

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"Powerful personal testimonies." --School Library Journal

$79.95 · DVD OVF35200-K · VHS OVF35200-A

Recommended by Educational Media Reviews Online.

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What is it like to eat around the clock? At 457 pounds, Wally knows. And Tammy, at 67 pounds, has experienced both anorexia and bulimia--at the same time. This haunting program introduces eight ordinary people who tell, in a chillingly matter-of-fact way, about their life-scarring--and even severely lifethreatening--experiences with body weight and self-image. Bouts with eating disorders are described in detail, as well as deep feelings of hurt, anger, alienation, and utter hopelessness. Fear of Fat provides penetrating insights into society's unhealthy focus on thinness and the toll in mental and physical suffering that such cultural fixation exacts. (60 minutes) © 2006 C

$169.95 · DVD OVF36378-KS · VHS OVF36378-A

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Fear of Fat: Eight Stories of Eating and Weight

Wasting Away: Anorexia Nervosa

This emotionally charged program profiles four young women attempting to recover from anorexia nervosa. Ranging in age from 14 to 25, they struggle to gain weight while dealing with associated conditions such as osteoporosis and depression, family dysfunctionality, and a mind-set that equates starvation with self-control. Filmed at the adolescent eating disorder unit of Westmead Hospital in Sydney and a private outpatient clinic, the program captures the complexities of a devastating psychological disorder that drives women to continuously lose weight-- even if it kills them. (47 minutes) © 2000

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Sleep Disorders · Schizophrenia & Delusional Disorders

The Sleep Famine: The Effects of Sleep Deprivation and Chronic Fatigue

What are the consequences of living in a 24/7 world, where sleep is simply not a priority? In this program, researchers from the circadian, neuroendocrine, and sleep disorders section of Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital as well as a broad cross-section of shift workers discuss sleep deprivation and chronic fatigue. Studies involving astronauts, truckers, and teenagers quantify the effects of light and dark on human physiology, long-term fatigue on life span, and tiredness on academic performance. The impact of fatigue on decision-making and the societal implications of time-shifting the circadian clock are also considered. (54 minutes) © 2000

Highly recommended by Educational Media Reviews Online.

$149.95 · DVD OVF11256-KS · VHS OVF11256-A



An inability to sleep is far more than a nuisance--it's a genuine health problem. This program examines insomnia from a medical perspective, exploring the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of the disorder. Interviews with doctors who specialize in treating sleep difficulties provide historical background on the affliction, the personal and professional hazards it can present, and dietary and behavioral adjustments that can improve the quality of sleep. The advent of safe and effective sleep medications is also described in detail, while observations from patients who have overcome insomnia provide a reassuring human dimension to the discussion. (28 minutes) © 2004 C

$149.95 · DVD OVF35623-KS · VHS OVF35623-A

Although mental illnesses severely affect thoughts, moods, and coping abilities, a fulfilling life is still possible for people who face those challenges. Outlining the symptoms and possible causes of schizophrenia, clinical depression, and bipolar disorder, this program explores various treatment options and identifies ways that patients can achieve personal independence. Real-world success stories are featured, emphasizing the importance of support from family and friends, as well as the vital role that medication and therapy play. A detailed discussion of meds developed during the 1990s sheds light on their improvements over previous drugs, as well as concerns about their side effects. (27 minutes) © 2004 C

$149.95 · DVD OVF35517-KS · VHS OVF35517-A

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Understanding Mental Illness and Schizophrenia



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Wide Awake: Portrait of an Insomniac

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 40 million Americans suffer from some form of sleep problem. This documentary offers an intimate look at the insomniac's world via the personal reflections of the filmmaker, lifelong night owl Alan Berliner. Conversations with leading sleep disorder specialists are also included. As Berliner explores his past and talks with loved ones, the factors behind his insomnia emerge, including genetics, family dynamics, obsession with work, and the imminent birth of his son. Experts include Dr. William C. Dement of Stanford University's Sleep Disorders Clinic and Dr. Leonid Kayumov of the University of Toronto's Department of Psychiatry. An HBO Production. (79 minutes) © 2006 C

$179.95 · DVD OVF39893-KS

Dark Voices: Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a neurological brain disorder that affects 2.2 million Americans today. This program seeks to understand how schizophrenia touches the lives of patients and their family members while examining the disease's etiology and pathology. Although there is currently no cure, schizophrenia is a highly manageable disorder--in fact, its treatment success rate is comparable to the success rate associated with heart disease. A Discovery Channel Production. (53 minutes) © 2001

$149.95 · DVD OVF29221-KS · VHS OVF29221-A


Video Clip Online Not Available in Canada c Closed Captioned Films for the Humanities & Sciences® · Call 800-257-5126 · Fax 800-329-6687


Schizophrenia & Delusional Disorders

My Name is Walter James Cross: The Reality of Schizophrenia

Walter James Cross tried to kill himself and failed, so he decided to tell his story instead. Finding an abandoned theater, he stands on the stage alone and recounts his descent into mental illness, into schizophrenia. Created by a psychiatrist who has worked for many years with schizophrenic patients, this compelling dramatic monologue presents an accurate depiction of a devastating, costly, much maligned, and misunderstood illness. This program has been screened at film festivals and professional conferences, including the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting, and was well received by doctors and nurses as well as patients and their families. (53 minutes) © 2001

$169.95 · DVD OVF33450-K · VHS OVF33450-A

People Say I'm Crazy

In what may be the first documentary photographed and directed by someone with schizophrenia, John Cadigan details his descent into mental illness and the extreme challenges he has experienced as a result. Describing the psychotic breakdown that occurred during his senior year of college, Cadigan relates his subsequent journey: how he dropped out, cycled through a number of drugs and doctors, and finally decided to film his agonizing battle with mental illness. Cadigan invites viewers to tour the world inside his mind--a chaotic, paranoid, and creative universe in which he struggles to know what is real and what is not. As viewers watch his fight to build a fulfilling and meaningful life--and learn how schizophrenia has bound the filmmaker and his family closer together--the pain and ultimate triumph of his struggle become clear. (85 minutes) © 2003 C


Unchaining the Mind: Advances in Schizophrenia Research

In the late 1790s the young director of a Paris insane asylum prohibited the use of chains and shackles. Philippe Pinel's decision is the first of many advances detailed in this program, which studies the history and physiology of schizophrenia, and illustrates current research aimed at finding a cure. Outlining the functions of neurotransmitters and the development of antipsychotic drugs, the video discusses newer medications and the importance of long-term care--with special attention to the "clubhouse" approach, including interviews with patients, psychiatrists, and mental health nurses. Cognitive therapy is also examined as a vital form of treatment. (36 minutes) © 2004

"A rare look at mental illness from the point of view of the afflicted.... a small film but an extremely affecting one." --The New York Times

$179.95 · DVD OVF37647-K · VHS OVF37647-A


Imagining Robert: My Brother, Madness, and Survival

For 17 million Americans, severe, long-term mental illness is a fact of life--a fact little understood by the majority of their fellow citizens. In an effort to raise public awareness of the day-to-day impact mental illness has on families, this intimate documentary profiles Robert Neugeboren and his brother, Jay, as decade after decade they cope with Robert's schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Drawing on Jay's heart-rending yet uplifting family memoir of the same title, the program deftly reveals the engaging personality of Robert while expressing Jay's considerable frustration in dealing with the mental health establishment. As instructive as it is insightful, Imagining Robert is ideal for opening a sympathetic dialogue on the treatment and impact of mental disorders. A Study Guide and other resources are located online at (56 minutes) © 2002

Best films list, Science Books & Films, Jan./Feb. 2006

$149.95 · DVD OVF34261-KS · VHS OVF34261-A


Schizophrenia and Delusional Disorders

Schizophrenia, acute and transient psychoses, persistent delusional disorders, and schizoaffective disorders are examined in this program, which was filmed in the U.K. Their principal abnormalities are divided into the following psychiatric phenomena: disordered thinking, delusions, hallucinations, and abnormal behavior. Specific symptoms of each disorder are discussed. Particular symptoms to look for in patient interviews are provided, along with criteria for diagnosing each disorder. (46 minutes) © 1997

$169.95 · DVD OVF7851-KS · VHS OVF7851-A


Winner, National Mental Health Association's 2003 Mental Health Media Awards "Imagining Robert will make an important contribution to public education and dialogue about mental illness." --Dr. Richard C. Birkel, Executive Director of NAMI (The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill)

$169.95 · DVD OVF30304-KS · VHS OVF30304-A



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Personality Disorders · Life-Span Disorders

New! The Madness of Dancing Daniel:

A Personality Disorder Case Study

Daniel Turnbull has a love of London, an obsession with hygiene, and a compulsion to dance. This program explores his rare personality disorder and describes one psychiatrist's attempt to help him create as normal a life as possible. Viewers will learn about Daniel's previous quests for independence, the behavior that got him blacklisted by most of London's assisted-living facilities, and the likelihood that he'll spend the rest of his life in a mental institution. The film also explores the possibility of hope in the form of Dr. Peter Tyrer, a specialist in personality disorders who has found one home willing to take Daniel. But it's located almost 200 miles from London, posing a critical test of the young man's sense of security. Original BBC broadcast title: The Madness of Dancing Daniel. (40 minutes) © 2008 C

$169.95 · DVD OVF39649-KS · VHS OVF39649-A

Echoes of Autism

Do people with autism experience love, romantic attraction, and heartbreak the same way non-autistic people feel those emotions? This ABC News program profiles Paul DeSavino, a 36-year-old man living with the disorder who says he is amorously drawn to a female acquaintance. Interviews with Paul, his mother, and autism expert Dr. Peter Gerhardt shed light on the complexities of the subject. An additional segment entitled "My Brother's Keeper" examines the disorder in the context of sibling connections. A young man discusses his brother's autism and how it has shaped their relationship, which is visibly expressed in a loving, open manner. (23 minutes) © 2006 C

$99.95 · DVD OVF36265-KS · VHS OVF36265-A


Asperger's Syndrome: Autism and Obsessive Behavior

It is the size of the frontal cortex that helps separate the human brain from that of other animals. This part allows humans to communicate, infer meaning, and imagine, all basic to the socialization process. But there is a group of people, primarily males, who lack a small piece of this frontal cortex and who suffer from a mild form of autism. Identified as Asperger's syndrome in 1940, this condition makes them incapable of everyday social interactions. They live in a constant state of anxiety, a result of the phobias that are a part of the disease. This program profiles the symptoms of Asperger's syndrome and what sufferers and their families can do to overcome the limitations that it imposes. Original BBC broadcast title: I'm Not Stupid. (30 minutes) © 1995

$149.95 · DVD OVF8646-KS · VHS OVF8646-A


At the Gates of Autism: Emerging into Life

As a child, Dr. Temple Grandin was diagnosed as brain-damaged; doctors today would call her autistic. But her condition did not deter her and, with the help of her mother and therapists, she went on to become an expert in animal behavior, designing livestock handling facilities and teaching as an assistant professor at Colorado State University. Much of her expertise with animals comes through lessons learned from her own condition. This program provides the rare opportunity to hear an autistic person discuss her condition and how she deals with life. Dr. Grandin offers many insights into the motivations behind autistic behavior and how parents, teachers, and therapists can better work with autistic children. (59 minutes) © 2000

$169.95 · DVD OVF30492-KS · VHS OVF30492-A


Synesthesia: When the Senses Overlap

Synesthesia may be a brain disorder, but those afflicted rarely complain about the symptoms. This program examines the unusual condition, outlines its appearances in medical history, and describes new theories and speculation surrounding it. Identifying well-known artists, writers, and musicians who may have experienced "crossed signals" in their sensory perceptions--including Wassily Kandinsky and Miles Davis--the video presents the possibility that tasting sounds or seeing numbers in color may actually occur to a lesser degree in most people, and that synesthesia could even have driven the evolution of language. Original BBCW broadcast title: Derek Tastes of Earwax. (50 minutes) © 2004 C


A Place in the World: Adults with Autism Finding Their Way

Children with autism turn into adults with autism: an obvious fact, but one that remains inadequately addressed by society. Through the uplifting stories of two adults with autism who enjoy the support of their parents, life coaches, and others dedicated to their wellbeing, this ABC News program looks at America's overall unpreparedness in helping such adults pursue fulfilling lives. (23 minutes) © 2005 C

$149.95 · DVD OVF35834-KS · VHS OVF35834-A


Recommended by Educational Media Reviews Online.

$169.95 · DVD OVF34647-KS · VHS OVF34647-A


Video Clip Online Not Available in Canada c Closed Captioned Films for the Humanities & Sciences® · Call 800-257-5126 · Fax 800-329-6687


Mental Health Treatment

The Brain-Body Connection

Every year it becomes more apparent that mental and physical health are closely intertwined. This program, hosted by noted journalist Garrick Utley, presents research on the link between depression and disease, the brain's role in athletic performance, and the treatment of chronic pain. Experts from the National Institute of Mental Health, Harvard Medical School, The Salk Institute, and elsewhere share their remarkable findings on topics such as the relationship between depression and platelet clotting, how synapses are hardwired, and the development of a drug to block the encoding of pain memories. The program features segments with singer Judy Collins, who struggles with depression; major league baseball pitcher Orel Hershiser; and Joffrey Ballet dancer Taryn Kaschock, who copes every day with the pain of scoliosis. (57 minutes) © 2000 C

Hearing Voices: Approaches to Managing Psychosis

For decades, a medical model has dominated the treatment of psychotics who hear voices. More recently, however, a psychological model, through which patients are taught to understand their voices, is gathering support. In this program, noted psychiatrist Dr. Marius Romme and mental health professionals from both sides of the debate air their views on treating this severe psychosis. The value of the psychological approach is stressed, as voice hearers discuss their successes with counseling, support groups, and focus-building exercises. Does talking about the voices offer a viable alternative to lifelong medication? A BBC Production. (50 minutes) © 1995

$149.95 · DVD OVF10504-KS · VHS OVF10504-A

Troubled Minds: The Lithium Revolution

In the 1940s, an Australian doctor discovered an astonishing treatment for what was then known as manic depression. At a time when electric shock, lobotomy, and Freudian psychotherapy were the only approaches to treating the disorder, lithium changed the way the medical establishment thought about mental illness and neuroscience and initiated the era of psychopharmacology. This program tells the story of the lithium revolution, from John Cade's research and historical breakthrough to its acceptance--despite decades of resistance by pharmaceutical companies and a ban due to deaths from the drug's toxic effects--as the standard treatment for what is now called bipolar disorder. (52 minutes) © 2004

Recommended by Palaestra: The Forum of Sport, Physical Education, and Recreation for Those with Disabilities.

$149.95 · DVD OVF10589-KS · VHS OVF10589-A


Main Prize, 2004 Vega Awards for Excellence in Scientific Broadcasting

$169.95 · DVD OVF33448-KS · VHS OVF33448-A

Viktor Frankl's Choice

A Holocaust survivor, the author of Man's Search for Meaning, and the founder of logotherapy, Viktor Frankl combined an inquisitive nature and a courageous zest for life with wisdom and humility. This captivating program hosted by Richard Dreyfuss and Kathleen Chalfant examines the life of the renowned psychiatrist, his contributions to science and philosophy, and the application of his theories, particularly in the area of palliative care. Rare archival lecture and interview footage and readings from his autobiography Recollections and other works are featured, as are interviews with members of the Frankl family. A Ruth Yorkin Drazen Production. (58 minutes) © 2002

$169.95 · DVD OVF30732-KS · VHS OVF30732-A


HEADSS: An Interview Protocol

Identifying social and psychological needs is a critical step in caring for at-risk youth. The interview protocol known as HEADSS--focusing on Home, Education & Employment, Activities, Drugs, Sexuality, and Suicide & Depression--is a highly effective method for listening to teenagers and building strategies to help them. This video introduces the HEADSS protocol to health and social service students and to professionals who are developing outreach skills. It suggests ways to integrate HEADSS methodology into youthoriented social service settings, highlighting the need to recognize an interview subject's strengths as well as vulnerabilities. (13 minutes) © 1998 C

$79.95 · DVD OVF36956-KS · VHS OVF36956-A




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Mental Health Treatment

Shock Therapy: The Last Resort

Its proponents cite an efficacy rate better than any anti-depressive drug on the market; its detractors say it is an electrical lobotomy. This program offers a balanced look at electroconvulsive therapy, or ECT. While following the ongoing treatments of a 30year-old mother of two, the program provides interviews with people on both sides of the issue, such as Dr. Peter Breggin, a psychiatrist and outspoken critic of ECT, and Roland Kohloff, the New York Philharmonic's chief timpanist, who claims ECT saved both his life and his son's life. A Discovery Channel Production. (49 minutes) © 2001

$149.95 · DVD OVF30759-KS · VHS OVF30759-A

New! Meditation

What takes place in the brain and body during meditation? Can science shed any light on what is essentially a spiritual practice? This program pursues that possibility, examining the effects of meditation on the human mind, nervous system, and anatomy. Accompanied by physicist and science education expert Dr. Kathy Sykes, viewers meet practitioners and medical researchers who have developed theories and insights into meditation-related phenomena. Cardiologists and palliative caregivers who use meditation to treat angina, multiple sclerosis, and insomnia explain their findings. Renowned psychologist Paul Ekman provides commentary, while patients who use meditation to relieve clinical conditions recount their experiences. Produced by the Open University. (60 minutes) © 2008 C a

$169.95 · DVD OVF39576-K · VHS OVF39576-A


Bellevue: Inside Out

New York City's Bellevue Hospital has a renowned psychiatric emergency center that treats 7,000 men and women annually. This gritty program takes a daunting look at the daily operation of the center by focusing on a handful of people as they struggle with their illnesses. The entire experience is presented, from arrests of the criminally insane and admissions of new patients to long-term treatment and therapy groups. In addition to working with mental disorders, doctors and nurses also confront drug and alcohol addiction in an environment where 50 percent of their patients have substance abuse problems. An HBO Production. (77 minutes) © 2001

$169.95 · DVD OVF11870-KS


Navigate the Maze of the DSM-IV-TR!

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is the most widely used resource for psychologists and mental health professionals. Although its criteria and categorization system represents the prevailing opinion of American mental health specialists, sorting through its classifications can be an overwhelming task. An experienced guide makes a world of difference. These two programs provide expert guidance from Dr. Thomas Rochat, a licensed psychologist for 16 years and a nationally recognized instructor in DSM subject matter. Dr. Rochat has created these seminars for the specific purpose of eliminating confusion and uncertainty regarding the DSM distinctions--and enabling professionals to make practical, real-world applications. Each DVD program is structured to reproduce a one-day seminar and will facilitate both classroom-style and individual presentations. Print seminar guides are also included. Each program contains 6 hours on 2 discs. Not available for preview. © 2005

Recognizing the DSM-IV-TR: Personality Disorders

A nationally recognized instructor in DSM subject matter, Dr. Thomas Rochat provides comprehensive and authoritative diagnostic guidance throughout this 6-hour DVD seminar.

$149.95 · DVD OVF35596-K

Adult Psychiatric Diagnosis Using the DSM-IV-TR

Focusing on the special challenges associated with adult diagnosis, this 6-hour DVD seminar demonstrates Dr. Thomas Rochat's talent for making the DSM clear and accessible.

$149.95 · DVD OVF35597-K

Video Clip Online Not Available in Canada c Closed Captioned a Audio Description ® Films for the Humanities & Sciences · Call 800-257-5126 · Fax 800-329-6687


Special Topics

The End: Families Facing Death The Alice Project: Creative Arts Therapy in Action

At Concordia University's Centre for the Arts in Human Development, developmentally disabled participants work together to create great theater. This film documents the creation of the Centre's most ambitious production to date: a musical adaptation of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, complete with choreography and elaborate props and costumes, mounted on a fully operational proscenium stage. As the performers face the challenges of emoting, physical expression, line memorization, and confronting Carroll's themes of exclusion and alienation, their sense of accomplishment and the extraordinary benefits of the Centre's drama therapy program become clear. (46 minutes) © 2003 C

$169.95 · DVD OVF37045-KS · VHS OVF37045-A

This program examines terminal illness through the darkly fascinating lens of family dynamics. The loved ones of five different hospice patients document their experiences, creating video diaries that are part case study, part family album. With intermittent views into the heavy responsibilities of hospice social workers--who must juggle clinical procedure, unpredictable group psychology, and their own conflicting emotions--The End clearly illustrates that the slow process of dying is never just one individual's journey, and that impending loss amplifies our deepest emotional connections. A provocative analysis of the end-of-life experience. An HBO Production. (85 minutes) © 2003

$169.95 · DVD OVF33915-KS


The Day I Died: The Mind, the Brain, and Near-Death Experiences

Recent studies of cardiac arrest survivors suggest that near-death experiences may occur at times when the brain has actually stopped functioning. Drawing conclusions from that research, The Day I Died dares to suggest that the mind is not dependent on the brain--and that NDEs may confirm it. "That the mind is located in the brain is just a hypothesis. It's never been proven," says cardiologist Pim van Lommel. Accounts of NDEs, shared by the people who experienced them, are analyzed by researchers and skeptics alike, providing a balanced look at a theory of mind that, at least in scientific circles, has previously been all but unthinkable. A viewable/printable viewer's guide is available online. Original BBCW broadcast title: The Day I Died. (60 minutes) © 2003

$169.95 · DVD OVF34425-KS · VHS OVF34425-A

Art Brut: Outsider Art, Outsider Artists

In its strictest sense, the term art brut refers to art created outside the boundaries of official culture and often focuses on the work of people who live in mental institutions. This program focuses on the art of Josef "Pepi" Hofer and several other artists with mental retardation and similar disabilities as it captures them in workshops and at a showing and award ceremony at The House of Art, Munich. Although not designated as art therapy, the effects of creating art are visibly therapeutic as these individuals explore issues of sexuality and other areas of human experience and imagination through depictions both complex and deceptively simple. (37 minutes) © 2006 C

$99.95 · DVD OVF37604-KS · VHS OVF37604-A



Creating a Good Death: Coping with Terminal Illness

For years, Laura Schmidt helped cancer patients come to terms with their mortality. She even had a degree in thanatology, the study of death and dying. Then, at the age of 51, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. This ABC News program follows Laura through her final months as she applies her knowledge and experience to her own case, squarely addressing end-of-life issues to create a good death that would leave herself and those caring for her at peace. Interviews conducted with her husband and others after Laura passed away provide additional insights into the end of life even as they add closure to the story of a caring person who had the courage to model the very behaviors she had instilled in so many others. (27 minutes) © 2004 C

$99.95 · DVD OVF33509-KS · VHS OVF33509-A

New! How Does Your Memory Work?

We often think of memory as a record of facts, but it is also a web of sensations and emotions--and a vehicle for traveling, so to speak, through time. This program explores the mechanisms of human recollection, presenting new case studies and medical findings that reveal the complexity of the brain's memory center. Harvard psychiatrist Dr. Randy Buckner explains his research into memory functions and Alzheimer's disease. Dr. Faraneh Vargha-Khadem of University College London discusses her work with a 30-year-old man who, due to hippocampal damage, has almost no memory capacity. And Dr. Alain Brunet of McGill University explains recent trials of propanolol as a treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. A BBC Production. (50 minutes) © 2008 C

$169.95 · DVD OVF39692-KS · VHS OVF39692-A



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Special Topics

Touched by Genius: A Neurological Look at Creativity

Nick van Bloss possesses astonishing musical talent. He is also afflicted with Tourette's Syndrome. As this program illustrates, the two are often linked, leading those born with the disorder to view it as both a curse and a gift. Nick's journey--taking him from the humiliating loss of his career as a concert pianist toward a more self-assured acceptance of his condition--is not only inspiring; it is also a highly informative look into the diagnosis, treatment, and day-to-day realities of Tourette's, Parkinson's, autism, schizophrenia, and other disorders. Among Nick's many notable interactions are those with autistic jazz composer Matt Savage and with neurologist Dr. Oliver Sacks, author of Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain and other books. Original BBCW broadcast title: Glad to Be Mad. (50 minutes) © 2007 C

$169.95 · DVD OVF37592-KS · VHS OVF37592-A

New! Taking on Tourette:

Families Reveal Their Personal Struggles

Secluded in upstate New York, a facility known as Camp Tic-a-Palooza welcomes young people with Tourette Syndrome. This ABC News program profiles several camp attendees, focusing on the challenges, triumphs, and emotional impact of living with TS. Ten-year-old Sid's symptoms include frequently sticking out his middle finger. Amanda displays a menagerie of vocal tics, often hissing, barking, or roaring at others. More troubling are 13-year-old Isabella's selfinjurious tics, which obscure her sweet spirit and creativity. With perspective from family members and video diaries, the program also includes commentary from Dr. Jonathan Mink, Co-Chair of the TSA Scientific Advisory Board, and Dr. Jerome Bubrick, Clinical Instructor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the NYU School of Medicine. (41 minutes) © 2008 C

$169.95 · DVD OVF40015-KS · VHS OVF40015-A


Now Available! To Catch a Liar: Alternatives to the Polygraph

Highlighting cutting-edge science, this program explores recent advances in lie detection technology--such as thermal imaging of facial blood flow and MRI scanning that analyzes memory, inhibition, and emotion centers in the brain. Featured experts include Dr. Andrew Ryan of the U.S. Department of Defense Polygraph Institute and Dr. Mark George of the University of South Carolina Center for Advanced Imaging Research. (27 minutes) © 2006 C

$99.95 · DVD OVF39704-KS · VHS OVF39704-A

Inside Dyslexia

New! The Underground World

of Commercial Sex

This ABC News program featuring Diane Sawyer made contact with prostitutes--impoverished street hookers, high-end escorts, legal working women in the trade--and the johns who pay them to learn firsthand how this underground world, hidden in plain sight, functions. Topics include the expansion of escort services and massage parlors onto the Internet, legalized prostitution in Nevada at the deluxe Moonlight Bunny Ranch, and society's tendency to target prostitutes for arrest more frequently than their customers. The relationship between drug addiction and prostitution, codependency between prostitutes and pimps, and life-threatening dangers faced by prostitutes are also considered. Some content may be objectionable. Broadcast date: March 21, 2008. Original ABC News broadcast title: Prostitution in America. (83 minutes) © 2008 C

$179.95 · DVD OVF40014-KS · VHS OVF40014-A

Often viewed as a weakness, dyslexia actually means that a person processes information differently, and many with the disorder have learned to see it as a strength. This program illustrates the challenges faced by Amanda, Carmen, and Gio--three young people living with dyslexia--through personal interviews with them and those close to them. Viewers are guided into their unique and often overlooked world, made clear through eye-opening scenes at school and home. Produced by filmmakers who are themselves dyslexic, the film serves as a tool for educating others about dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia, and for identifying a common vocabulary that can bridge the gap between those with and without learning disabilities. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. (58 minutes) © 2007 C

best seller!

"Informative, moving, inspiring!" --Kristine Baxter, Head, The Churchill School and Center

$169.95 · DVD OVF38731-KS · VHS OVF38731-A


Video Clip Online Not Available in Canada c Closed Captioned Films for the Humanities & Sciences® · Call 800-257-5126 · Fax 800-329-6687




Mental Health

DVD, VHS & Digital Video Catalog · Spring 2009

Now Available! Braindamadj'd

Take II: A Case Study in Recovery

Comatose after a car accident, Paul Nadler defied medical prognoses that he would never walk or talk again. This award-winning program illustrates his recovery from severe brain trauma and his return to a highly physical and creative lifestyle. Using the innovative visual approach Nadler developed as a tele-vision director, the film allows the artist to explain his frustrations and goals in his own unique manner while interweaving the commentary of friends, family, neurologists, and therapists. Nadler's ongoing difficulties with concentration, short-term memory, impulse control, and slurred speech are contrasted with his dogged insistence on snowboarding, rock climbing, video production, and stage acting. Contains harsh language. (51 minutes) © 2006 C

2007 Peabody Award Winner 2006 Media Award Winner, Ontario Brain Injury Association

$169.95 · DVD OVF39547-KS · VHS OVF39547-A





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