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11-10-07 5:26 PM


At Cameron School, where everyone's respected, we believe in taking responsibility for our actions, being diligent in our learning, caring for each other, and having fun together.

Meeting Chairperson: Jane Ann Mintenko

Members of the PAC Executive Chairperson: Jane Ann Mintenko Vice Chairperson: Treasurer: Giovanna Irving Secretary: Kari Hoskin Social Coordinator: Sherry Finnegan/Mary Ann Parcells Emergency Preparedness: Vicki Dorval DPAC Liaison: Giovanna Irving Fundraising Coordinator: Wendy McKay

In Attendance: Giovanna, Jane Ann, MaryAnn, Kari, Ms. Perez, Ms. Woodside, Tamara, Camilo, Tongpil, Heather, Diego (total of 18, some didn't sign in)

1. Call to order 6:45 pm For more info on the Teacher's Strike please visit our website

2. Welcome & Introductions ­ About a dozen new parents came out to our first meeting! Page 1 of 4


11-10-07 5:26 PM

3. Adoption of Minutes ­ May 2011 M/C

4. Business arising from minutes *Coffee mornings ­ first one to be Thursday Oct 6th 9am. Just a meet and greet, see what parents want to discuss at the next meeting. Maybe alternate meetings or change day to Wednesday. *Fruit & Veggie program ­ looking for volunteers to help hand out bags. It's a good way to introduce new foods to the kids. Next delivery to be given out after the Terry Fox Run. *Emergency Bin ­ After our bin was broken into last year, Pricesmart/London Drugs/Walmart donated items. Most items were replaced but we need volunteer to look at the list and go through the bags in the classrooms. Hannah and Heather have volunteered to do this job (elections to take place in Jan)

5. Treasurer's Report Casino Account: $8405.51 Paid for phase 4 of the playground $7430.96 Received gaming funds from gov't $6760.00

General Account: $6404.68 Canada a thon $2127.97, Teachers lunch $26.06, Replace emergency supplies $158.02 Popsicles for sports day $45, Book dedications $124.71, busses for Belcarra $1000, Welcome back coffee $17, Welcome back BBQ made $115

Playground Account: $93.86 Payment for phase 4 of the playground $223.49 Proceeds from Pricesmart find the dragon festival $56.00

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11-10-07 5:26 PM

6. Fundraising Report *Grants ­ go through list and see which one's apply to us/fill out applications *Fundscrip gift cards ­ Official start Sept 20th, hopefully all goes well! *Chocolates ­ February, get sign-up sheet for parents to sell at Safeway/Pricemart *Carnival ­ need to get a committee together ASAP, teachers would like to pass on the torch to the PAC, need to talk with Ms.Mann ­ see what's involved. If we don't get help/volunteers from parents then we'll switch to A-thon

7. DPAC Report - Jo couldn't attend May's meeting and minutes haven't been posted yet. Parents: free parent educational evening with Dr. John Medina, best-selling author of "Brain Rules." October 20, 7-9 pm at the Michael J Fox Theatre. See website for more info.

8. School Planning Council (SPC) Report Tamara would like to join

9. Correspondence/Letters - none

10. Principal's Report *we have 362 kids enrolled!!! *thanks to all for coming out to the picnic lunch *Fruit & Veg postpone to have for Terry Fox Run, invitation to parents to join in *SPC members? Compliance/school goals *Job Action ­ see website *Professional Development/School plan , non-fiction 21st century learning *Multicultural dinner Oct 20th 530pm *Vancity will start deposits next month / Wednesday lunch hours Page 3 of 4


11-10-07 5:26 PM

11. New Business *Money for teachers (consumables) $1600 take out of acc't - M/C *volunteer list ­ to be sent home for parents to fill out *welcome back coffee went well, lots of parents came to mingle/get info *Welcome back BBQ ­ lots of volunteers helped out. Parents/teachers/kids great time had by all. Big thank you to Rita from Vancity for helping us with the cash sales! *Multicultural Dinner ­ it's a go for October 20th, start planning you potluck dish! ....looking for help organizing and volunteering at dinner. *Presentations/workshops ­ keep looking on the website for more info, some cancelled due to strike *Patrols ­ need to be organized by a parent, maybe just start off after school time. Need constable to come out and give guidelines to parents. Maybe order more signs from the city? *PAC executive positions available ­ elections to take place in January.

12. Meeting Dates for the year ­ January 18th

Monday November 28th

no December meeting


13. Next Meeting: Tuesday October 25th

14. Meeting Adjourned: 8:40pm

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PAC Minutes Sept 2011

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