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NOVEMBER 18, 2012 Update: Two believers imprisoned in Iran released -- Two Christians arrested in a raid on a house church in Shiraz, Iran, in October have been released after posting bail amounting to about $25,000 USD each. Roxana Forughi and Bijan Haghighi -two of seven Christians who were arrested in the raid -- have been released while six more members of the house church remain imprisoned. Afshar Bahmani, one of two members of the house church arrested following the raid, was released after 24 hours due to her health. There has been an alarming upsurge in the harassment and persecution of Christians in Iran, particularly converts. About 300 Christians have reportedly been arrested and imprisoned in the country since 2010. Update: Pakistanis accused of blasphemy fight for freedom -- While Pakistani believer Younis Masih awaits word on his appeal against the death sentence he received for blasphemy, Pakistani teenager Rimsha Masih is scheduled to return to court to face blasphemy charges. Younis, a husband and father of four, has been imprisoned for the past seven years on a false charge of blasphemy. His family has been forced to flee their home, and Younis has been attacked by other inmates while in prison. His lawyer survived an apparent attempt on his life and has also been threatened. Rimsha, who has also been unjustly accused of blasphemy, will soon be returning to court in Islamabad, and her lawyers are pushing to have the case dismissed. Update: Believers at China's Shouwang Church remain steadfast -- Shouwang Church in China recently held its 45th outdoor worship service amidst the rain and snow while praising God's faithfulness this year. Church leaders report that while two believers were detained at a hotel and at least 18 more were taken from home or from locations near the service, all have now been released. It was three years ago, on November 1, that the church held its first service outside in the cold and snow. The government has been thwarting the efforts of the believers to rent a venue for worship ever since. "God reminded us of His grace through the rain and snow on this third anniversary of that day," wrote church representatives in a letter of praise and appreciation. "On that Sunday, God protected His church, and has been watching and guarding His church in the following battle. Although we are always blind to God's presence in this fierce battle because of our weakness, yet the Lord keeps reminding us through various ways that He is near and is with us." Christian girl kidnapped in Jordan -- A Christian girl in Jordan was kidnapped by Muslim extremists on October 15 and forced to convert to Islam. The girl is from the town of Fuheis, which is the only settlement in Jordan that is still predominantly Christian. About 60 per cent of its 20,000 residents are Greek Orthodox, and the rest are Muslim or Catholic. A VOM contact said Jordan's Prime Minister visited Fuheis to help defuse the situation since the town is calling for the return of the girl. He is asking residents to stop protesting and forget about the girl, but residents responded by asking the leader to leave their town. Kidnapping young Christian women and forcing them to convert to Islam is common in Egypt, but it hasn't been prevalent in Jordan.


Canaan Community Church

Mike and Renee Delorenzo ­ Kenya The Muhotas in Kenya Jonathan, Jodi, Jessica, Joshua, Joseph & Josiah Thars ­ Taiwan The Churo School The Sterns ­ Argentina via International Teams (stateside until 100% support) C&MA: Carolyn Thorson & Karen Fitch ­ Gabon; The Wendels ­ Central America; Westergrens ­ Spain; Cheryl P ­ North Africa; The Arndts ­ Russia; Brian W ­ Malaysia; The Iversons ­ Taiwan


Beryl J. Pierce, Major, Salvation Army (Kinzi Wass Pierce's mother-in-law) ­ Zambia Kirk & Janis Reynolds, Navigators (Kowalski) ­ Chicago Regional Ethnic Ministry Jon & Pam Sharp who are missionaries with Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE) and are hoping

to find funding to return to Chile. They were members in Indy for 32 years and are currently pastoring in Illinois. Vincent Mekubo pastor & teacher of orphans in the Kissi-Kingoris area. He is requesting prayers in these areas: Feeding Program for Orphan Children; to get copies of bibles for the church members; good health for his family.

Christian & Missionary Alliance

Jason and Joy Jordan, Ethan, Laurel & Erik -- Russia

Ethan and Laurel attend an international English-speaking Christian school called Hinkson Christian Academy. Ethan's first grade class is taught by Mrs. Afanasenko, a Russian who taught previously in Russian schools. She is a very experienced teacher and loves her students. Ethan's class has 10 students: 3 American, 2 Korean, 4 Russian, 1 African-Russian. Ethan has enjoyed his classes very much and is doing well in all subjects. Laurel's kindergarten class is taught by Miss Macomber, an American who came to Russia for the first time in August 2012. She taught in the U.S. for a short time before making the transition to Hinkson. Laurel's class has 7 students: 2 American, 1 Korean, 4 Russian. Laurel looked forward to going to school for so long. She loves being a "big" kindergartner, carrying her Hello Kitty backpack and socializing with everyone she meets. Please be in prayer for these kids to continue making good friendships, learning all their subjects well, maintaining and furthering their English in a multi-lingual environment, and to grow in the Lord. The students attend a chapel service once per week and memorize a Bible verse every week. At home we are studying Genesis right now. It is amazing how well our kids are retaining the stories and really going in depth in each passage. Erik is 1 year and 10 months old now. He is growing in every way, and seems to be doing well managing English and Russian. He is speaking a few words now, but seems to understand a lot of what is said to him. His nanny, Viola, is a Russian Christian lady from southern Russia. Fall Retreat The Russia Field meets together twice a year to refresh, pray together, discuss ministries and strategies, elect officers, and just hang out together. These events (Fall Retreat and Field Forum) really make us like a big family. All the kids refer to the adults as "Uncle" and "Aunt". We are known as Uncle Jason and Aunt Joy. Next week, we will be together for Fall Retreat. A team is coming from the U.S. to serve our field by helping with worship, preaching, VBS, and childcare. We are still raising financial support to purchase a vehicle. Moscow winters are upon us--and they are much easier to bear with a vehicle. Would you consider partnering with us in this way? "Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right." Ephesians 6:1 How You Can Pray For Us Pray for the entire Russia Field of international workers while at Fall Retreat: to connect with the Lord, with each other, and be renewed in our passion and vision for the Lord's work in Russia Pray for the team of workers coming from the U.S. to serve at Retreat Pray for Ethan and Laurel at Hinkson: to learn their subjects, make good friendships, and grow in the Lord Pray for Viola (Erik's nanny) to be consistently healthy and available to take care of Erik, enabling us to do language study Pray for our continued progress in our language study Pray for God to give us vision, direction, and passion for specific ministry in Moscow Pray that people in Moscow will see the True Light and be reconciled to God in Christ


SPOTLIGHT FAMILIES FOR WEEK NOVEMBER 18 ­ NOVEMBER 24, 2012 Pray for one another...... Mike, Sharon, David & Eric Black Jeff & Judy Blaydes Darrel, Teresa, Drew, Craig & Chad Brouhard Recent Visitors: Christina & Zeyphy Tallman PRAISES

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


Teresa Brouhard is at St Vincent's having daily plasmapherisis and her platelets are increasing. She has a preliminary diagnosis of TTP, a blood disorder but is hoping to come home Monday. Claudia Wooden will have her 3rd chemo on Friday 11/23. Mickey Roberts' daughter, Becky Crafton, is recovering at home but having adverse emotional side affects from her medications. Sue Neier had her chemo port installed and will have her first chemo 11/29. Jack & Bea Jones daughter, Teresa, has some health issues & is waiting for test results. Bob Hansen an HL resident is in an induced coma following a fall. Brenda Davidson's nephew's wife Angel (35) had a stroke. Cindy Ware's grandson, Parker (10 weeks old), is doing well and has started daily chest "thumping" to relieve mucus buildup due to Cystic Fibrosis. Jim Thorn needs guidance for a career change & job search. He is appealing denial for disability. Cindy Ware is on her "on" week. Pray for her hands & feet. Health concerns: Patti Raley; Greg Arney; Pastor Buddy Goss, New Winchester Baptist, (diabetes & heart problems), his wife, Phyllis; her nephew, Joey ­ severe burns; Tracey Holtane's grandfather, Elmer Schraub; Carmen Sims parents, Chuck & Carolyn Frund; Dave Wooden; Mike & Delva Tearman, Shelley Thorn's parents; Ernie Davidson. Dealing with pain: Jim Thorn; Teresa Brouhard; Susan Deyo; Bob Mitchem; Becky Crafton & Mike Black. PRAY FOR OUR COUNTRY: Pray for the east coast and those affected by Hurricane Sandy & the latest storm. Pray for or president and leaders as scripture dictates. MILITARY PERSONNEL Rob Skillern--Iraq Christopher Barger (Ron's grandson) ­Iraq Robbie Skillern--Afghanistan Andrew Schwarz ­ airborne/ranger school (Gruner) Sam Houser Carlos Kline, USMC (Raley's grandson) Afghanistan Patrick Robertson ­ SC Robbie Carmichael (friend of Andersons) Todd (friend of Mike Anderson) Daniel Wass, Barksdale AFB, Louisiana Jared Holtane ­ Iraq COLLEGE STUDENTS Ashley Arney Ashley Collins Sarah Christ (Thompson) Jaclyn Davidson Rahab Muhota Virginia Muhota Jonathon Redman CANCER CONCERNS Flaters' friend, Kathie Matt Scott (Keith Redman's cousin) Brian Holtane's Aunt Pat (breast) Jim Wynn (former ALPHA participant) Judy McEachern, Kathy Thompson's sister Martha Davidson Barbara (caregiver for Kathy T's mom) Jesse Pittman (Susan Deyo) Tami (Katie Thompson Reed) Bob Stern (missionary) leukemia Sue Neier (breast, bladder) Job Losses: Jim Thorn, Bonnie Gibbs Kathy Lane (breast cancer) (Holtane) Pam Foley (Kathy T's cousin) ovarian Cindy Ware George Pallas (Lisby's son-in-law) leukemia Cheryl Roth (Rich's sister-in-law) Sandy Collins (Gibbs) Vicki Kendall's step dad, Larry, leukemia Bob Srstka (Brenda Anderson's uncle) Wilma Grimes, Bonnie Flater's mom Claudia Wooden (endometrial cancer)


(NOVEMBER 18, 2012) Pray for God's direction for the life of Canaan Community Church. Pray that we might be faithful stewards in all that we do. Pray for protection of this body of believers against the onslaught of spiritual warfare. Pray for our church family as we each seek God's direction in our giving. Pray for the ministries of Canaan: Food Pantry, Saturday movies, the Blanket Ministry, Mats for the Homeless. Pray for ALPHA participants: (this week is on healing) Chris & Sarah Schubert (hosting) Rick & Pam Miller Cindy Ware Donna McGinley Ron & Carol Kowalski ­ Facilitating and Food preparation, etc. Pastor Kevin, Kathy & Katie Steve Anderson & family Drew Christy ­ still improving Rich, Sarah (Thompson), Hannah & Sophey Pam and her siblings Strube/Storkman/Reeves families Pastor Kevin's Mom Thelma Lisby

Pray for Pastor Kevin's mom and ask God to bless her in the days she has and to water the seeds of faith that were planted during Pastor's visit with her and his sisters. Pray for Kathy's mom who has Alzheimer's and her care giver, Barb. Extra prayers for Pastor Kevin and Kathy's daughter, Sarah and family. Pray that Sarah will continue to have the strength and fortitude she needs as she deals with a new job, school and being a single mom. Pray for the Brouhards. They have been under a lot of stress within their family and with Teresa's health problems and the recent losses in the family.


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