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Embassy of Canada in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Thank you for your interest in Canada. Please read the following carefully before submitting your application. Before submitting your application, please read the Applying for a Work Permit outside Canada guide (IMM 5487) and the Live-In Caregiver Program page on our website. You may also visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada general website at to obtain all the information you and your employer need to know before applying. Properly completing the application and providing the complete documentation requested is the responsibility of the applicant. By doing so, the applicant increases his chances of receiving a favourable decision in respect to our processing time. Please complete and attach this checklist with your application. All documents not in English or French must be accompanied by a certified English or French translation. Any documents not in English or French must be accompanied by a certified translation. Do not finalise travel plans unless you have received your visa from the Embassy. You must provide copies of all documents submitted, along with originals. Please feel free to provide any other additional documentation that will justify and support the purpose of your travelling to Canada. You must submit the following: Completed and signed application forms: Application for a Work Permit Made Outside of Canada Form (IMM 1295), dated and signed. Supplementary Form. Additional Form for Live-In Caregivers. Additional Information to be Completed by Employer in Canada. Photos and Contact Information: You must staple 3 passport-sized photos taken within the last six months of each person included in the application, with name and date of birth written on the back. Men must not wear any head covering. Please ensure you include a mobile, telephone, fax number and e-mail address on the application so we can contact you if necessary. Fee payment: Ensure that you have paid the correct fee. Valid Passport or travel document: You must include your original passport or travel document and a copy of the photo page (biodata page) with the application. Alternatively, if you cannot leave your passport during the processing period, you must submit a photocopy of all pages in your passport, including blanks. You should renew your passport before you apply, if required, so that a permit can be issued for your entire period of work in Canada. You may also submit the previous passport you have used in order to show your previous travel history. Evidence of your status in Saudi Arabia: If you are not a Saudi citizen, you must provide proof of your present immigration status in Saudi Arabia as well as a copy of your exit and re-entry visa. Birth and Marriage Certificates: Please provide copies of your birth certificate, marriage certificate or divorce certificate (if applicable).

LCP August 2010 Visa Section, P.O. Box 94321, Riyadh 11693, KSA. Fax: +966-1- 488-9657 Internet: E-mail : [email protected]

College Diplomas or Degrees: Please provide your educational qualifications, diplomas, degrees and transcripts. These should be translated in English or in French. Employment Letter and Reference Letter(s): Employment letter of your current job stating position, duties, salary, length of service, and dates of contract. Reference letters from previous jobs stating position, duties, salary, length of service, and dates of contract. Resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV): specifying details and duration of your complete education/training history, as well as details and duration of your past 10 years' work experience/positions held. Proof of Validated Job Offer in Canada: A copy of a detailed contact between the applicant and the prospective employer in Canada. Available Employment Contract Template: . The job offer confirmation letter which is the Labour Market Opinion (LMO) issued by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC). Your employer should provide you with this document. Police Clearance: Original Police Clearance Certificate from each country in which you have lived for six months or longer since reaching the age of 18. A Police Certificate request letter for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be sent to you with medical forms after receiving your application. CAQ "Certificat d'Acceptation du Québec": If you intend to work in the province of Quebec, you must submit the CAQ issued by the Quebec Immigration Service. Your employer will obtain this document for you. Letter explaining how you found your employer in Canada.

LCP August 2010

Visa Section, P.O. Box 94321, Riyadh 11693, KSA. Fax: +966-1- 488-9657 Internet: E-mail : [email protected]


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