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2010 Chipper & Grinder Guide


Bandit Industries provides the equipment necessary to produce low-cost wood fibre and agricultural residues for the growing bioenergy market. Its complete line of biomass chippers and high-capacity horizontal grinders transforms unused biomaterial into a valuable, marketable product. Users can produce dimensional chips for wood-fired boiler systems, a uniform sawdust-like product for use in pellet operations, and can even convert agricultural residues such as grass and straw into valuable biomass feedstocks. Bandit offers six drum-style whole-tree chippers and four Beast Recyclers., [email protected], 800-952-0178

doing something special for our annual guide to portable/mobile chippers and grinders this year. To make the equipment more accessible to our readers, we provide a short list of specs for each manufacturer to give an idea of what's available in technology and capacity to suit a user's needs. All information has been supplied by the manufacturers and assembled by Canadian Biomass into one easy-to-read reference guide. Contact the manufacturer or local dealer for more information. ­ Compiled by Melissa Damota


The Beast of low-cost, high-capacity grinders.

Model Engine (hp) Infeed opening (inches) Configuration options Model Engine (hp) Infeed opening (inches) Configuration options 2090 250­325 26 x 24.5 2290 250­365 30 x 26.25 DRUM-STYLE 2590 3090 365­440 535­630 30 x 26.25 30 x 30 Trailer, track 3680 400­800 60 x 35


3590 700 48 x 30 3590XL 700­1200 48 x 36 1850 250­325 20.5 x 18

DISC-STYLE 1900 535 or 540 23 x 19.5 Trailer, track

2400 700 29 x 24

1680 160­275 52 x 24

2680 365­440 60 x 24 Trailer


3680T 630­800 60 x 35 Track

4680 875­1200 60 x 45


4680T 875­1200 60 x 45


The Bruks 805 forwarder-mounted chipper with self-contained chip bin enables offroad chipping and transportation of the chips back to a roadside trailer. The chip bin raises and dumps into any chip trailer. With high-capacity chipping of logging residue and whole logs, this machine is highly flexible and mobile. It mounts on any brand of forwarder and has computerized control systems and load-sensing hydraulics., [email protected], 770-849-0100 ext. 132

Model Engine (hp) Infeed opening (inches) Configuration options 805.2 STC 450 33.5 x28.5 Forwarder-mounted


1300 RT 700 47.5 x 35.5 Trailer, truck-mounted

The 805 forwarder-mounted chipper is fuel efficient and easily mobile.


Made to grind and regrind, Duratech's industrial grinders can handle biomass materials from stumps and logs to slash, pallets, and green waste. Turn your waste into useable cogeneration fuel in no time with help from a powerful Cat engine featured in each grinder. Duratech affordable grinders are built to tackle heavy-duty jobs and come available with a pintle hitch, fifth wheel, or on tracks.

Model Engine (hp) Infeed opening at flare


2009 325 9 feet, 6.4 inches diam. Pintle hitch, 5th wheel, 5th wheel w/goose neck hitch, track

3010 475 or 540 10 feet diam. Pintle hitch, 5th wheel, track

Configuration options

These industrial grinders handle a range of biomaterials.




Diamond Z offers a broad range of new and used tub grinders, horizontal grinders, and metal recycling equipment designed to suit any industrial application. Diamond Z grinders are powered by Cat engines. From high-volume composting to disaster cleanup and from land clearing to stockpile tire disposal and solid waste reduction and recycling, Diamond Z provides performance for the job., [email protected], 800-949-2383 or 208-585-2929

Model Engine (hp) Infeed opening (inches)


DZH4000 700­765 54.5 x 48 Trailer, track, track with transport

DZH6000 875­1050 64 x 50

DZH7000 1050­1200 68 x 54 Trailer, track with transport DZ1352B 875 13 Self-loader

Configuration options

Trailer, track with transport DZ1136B 440 11 DZ1248B 700 12 Track

The 1200-hp DZH7000 tackles large-scale projects.

DZ1460B 875 14 DZ1463B 1050 14 Track, twin engine DZT8000 875 14 Track with transport E6000B 875­1050 11 SWG1600 1200­1650 16 Trailer

Model Engine (hp) Infeed opening (feet, inner top diam.) Configuration options


Self-loader, tracked selfloader, twin engine


Doppstadt offers a complete range of shredding, grinding, chipping equipment, and trommel screens for wood biomass and waste processing. Its AK grinders, powered by Mercedes Benz diesel motors, process any kind of woody biomass from tree stumps, green waste, and slash to railway ties and demolition debris. Its DW shredders have slow-speed, high-torque, heavy-duty design rotors with hydraulic release for built-in protection against unshreddable contaminants. Doppstadt is a one-stop solution for biomass and recycling operations. Voghel (eastern Canada) and Groundworx (western Canada) are the Canadian distributors for Doppstadt., [email protected], 514-990-6636, 888-222-2670, 780-887-7123 The 525-hp AK530 grinder makes short work of slash.

Model Engine (hp) AK230 200 Width 58 Diam. 36 Trailer DW2060 205 Length 79 Diam. 23.5 Roll-off, track AK430 425 Width 69 Diam. 43 Trailer, track DW2560 390 Length 98.5 Diam. 23.5


Cutting mill size (inches) Configuration options Model Engine (hp) Cutting mill size (inches) Configuration options

AK530 525 Width 69 Diam. 43 5th wheel

AK630 610 Width 69 Diam. 43 5th wheel DW3060SA 430 Length 123.5 Diam. 23.5 5th wheel

DH608 490 Width 32 Diam. 40 Trailer with revolving super-structure DW3060 430 Length 123.5 Diam. 23.5 Trailer, 5th wheel, track


DH910 612 Width 40 Diam. 51 Trailer, track


DW3080K 475 Length 123.5 Diam. 31.5 Track

Tandem trailer, track


For more than 30 years, Rawlings Waste Wood Recovery Systems has manufactured and marketed several series of portable and stationary wood grinders. It offers these machines in electric or diesel on stationary, portable, and skid-mounted systems. Both vertical and horizontal models are available in various sizes to produce your desired finished requirements. Rawlings is dedicated to advancing this technology and providing excellent support to their customers.

Model 472 HZX 800­ 1000 48 x 72 460 HZX 800­ 1000 48 x 60


Engine (hp) Infeed opening (in) Configuration

448 HZX 800­ 1000 48 x 48

436 HZX 400­ 1000 48 x 36

360 HZX 400­ 800 36 x 60

348 HZX 400­ 800 36 x 48

Trailer or stationary

Numerous options supply a range of project requirements.





Morbark manufactures equipment for a variety of applications involving wood and organic materials, including forestry, sawmill, tree care, and recycling. The product line runs from hand-fed chippers to self-feeding whole-tree chippers, tub and horizontal grinders, debarkers, sawmill equipment, and attachments to get the job done. The equipment is available in towable versions, track, or electric powered. Morbark's extensive line of equipment is known for uniform predictable quality, tailored to meet the customers' needs for many years., 800-831-0042 The 4600XL decimates slash.

Chiparvestor 23 Up to 875 23 Trailer 2600 250­260 20 x 57


30 Up to 1050 30 Trailer 3800 500­700 59.75 x 38 30/36A 325­600 30 x 33 Trailer 4600XL 800­1050 60 x 46 Track, trailer

Model Engine (hp) Infeed opening (inches) Configuration options Model Engine (hp) Infeed opening (inches) Configuration options

22 Up to 1050 22 Trailer

Whole-tree chipper 40/36 600­700 40 x 24 Track, trailer 6600 860­1200 66 x 50

50/48B 700­1050 Track, trailer 7600B 860­1200 76 x 65



Peterson Pacific continues to produce high-production chippers, horizontal grinders, and blower trucks. For 2010, Peterson is introducing the new 4300 drum chipper. It's designed for biomass producers who have wide variety of feed material from logs up to 26 inches in diameter to brush and small feedstock. Powered by a Cat C18, the 4300 is available in three power ratings: 630, 700, and 765 hp.

Model Engine (hp) Infeed opening (inches) Configuration options Model Engine (hp) Infeed opening (inches) Configuration options 4300 630­765 26 x 40.5


5900 765 23 Trailer 2710C 475­580 60 x 32 Track

5000H 950­1200 23

The new 4300 drum chipper handles logs up to 26 inches in diameter.

4700B 700­765 60 x 37 Trailer

2700C 475­580 60 x 32 Trailer


4710B 700­765 60 x 37 Track

5710C 950­1050 60 x 40 Track

6700B 950­1200 66 x 50 Trailer

4710B 700­765 60 x 37 Track

5710C 950­1050 60 x 40 Track

6700B 950­1200 66 x 50 Trailer


Vermeer Canada offers a large variety of brush chippers, horizontal grinders, and tub grinders for demanding jobs. Vermeer provides powerful options, including Cummins, Cat, and John Deere engines. New progressive products and attachments are available for the product line, such as Vermeer's new Fuel Chip Attachment for the HG6000 grinder. This attachment converts the machine from grinding to chipping in a short time. Visit Vermeer's website to find its nearest Canadian location.

TG5000 440 12.25 feet diam.

Model Engine (hp) Infeed opening Configuration options Model Engine (hp) Infeed opening (inches) Configuration options Model Engine (hp) Infeed opening (inches) Configuration options


TG7000 1000 13 feet diam. Trailer

TG9000 1000 13.6 feet diam.

The HG8000 with track is Vermeer's latest addition.

BC600XL 27 6x6

BC1000XL 49 or 85 12 x 17 Trailer HG365E 250 24 Trailer

BC1200XL 110 13 x 17


BC1400TX 122 15 x 20 Trailer, track

BC1500 125 15 x 20

BC1800XL 115/125 or 140/170 13 x 17 Trailer HG6000E 300 electric 32 Trailer

BC2100XL 215/250 20 x 24

HG200 85 12.5


HG4000TX 440 25.75

HG6000 630 34 x 60 Trailer, track

HG8000 1050 50 x 72 Trailer, track





Rayco's new line of compact horizontal grinders and 8-inch capacity chippers creates affordable solutions for your wood waste needs. The RH1754 grinder and RC814 chipper are easy to tow and manoeuvre while saving on fuel consumption. The RH174 is designed to grind pallets, brush, green waste, lumber scraps, and construction debris. It is easily moved behind a one-ton truck or self-propelled on small job sites that are inaccessible to larger machines. The RC814 is equipped with VersaFeed automatic feed control, hydraulic down pressure, and feed wheel lift, with diesel engine., 800-392-2686

Model Engine (hp) Infeed opening (inches) Configuration options


RH1754 140 17 x 54 Track

RC814 44 8 x 14 2-inch ball hitch


The RH1754 grinds with a 140-hp diesel engine.


Rotochopper horizontal grinders are the "perfect in one pass" solution for producing biomass fuel from forestry slash, whole trees, slab wood, and other wood fibre resources. Rotochopper's distinctive grinding rotors deliver finished products with less downtime, lower chipper knife wear, and better efficiency than typical grinder teeth. The system can produce a half-inch or smaller end material that packs densely into trailers in a single pass., [email protected], 320-548-3586

B-66 765 66 x 32 Trailer, track, track & transport dolly-mounted

Model Engine (hp) Infeed opening (inches) Configuration options


MC-266 475 - 540 66 x 18 Trailer, track

The MC-266 is designed to minimize downtime and knife wear.


Universal Refiner's Hypocyclonic Action Waste Grinder (H.A.W.G.) is simple, durable, and fast. It shreds waste using a unique pan and disc system and will grind almost anything to a finished product in one pass. The R-MAG portable wood waste grinders can grind lawn clippings, leaves, land clearing waste, construction/demolition waste, logging slash, stumps, railroad ties, and storm waste. The simple design and construction makes them nearly indestructible, resulting in a long running life., [email protected], 800-277-8068

Model Engine (hp) Infeed opening (inches) Configuration options



R-MAG 82 600 Width 40 Diam. 45 Trailer

R-MAG 92 650 Width 45 Diam. 55

R-MAG 109 700 Width 54 Diam. 65

275 or 350 8.5 feet diam.


Heavy-duty model 460 is designed for high-production biomass producers. The unit is designed with a straight-in opening that allows whole trees and large tops to be processed with ease. It is equipped with a 50-inch diameter by 60-inch wide cutting drum., [email protected], 989-588-4295

Model Engine (hp) Infeed opening (inches) Configuration options


460 630­1125 32 x 60 Track, 5th wheel, loader/cab

High-production biomass from the Woodsman.







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