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Canadian Roundtable/IDA/2008 Calgary

Canadian Roundtable

IDA Annual Conference, September 13, 2008, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

Canadian IDA Board Members

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Charles Gauthier, ED Downtown Vancouver ­ IDA Board Executive Terry Scadden, ED The Partnership, Saskatoon ­ IDA Board Member Jim Yanchula, Planner, City of Windsor ­ IDA Board Member Paul MacKinnon -- ED, Downtown Halifax Business Commission ­ IDA Board Member James Robinson, ED, Downtown Yonge, Toronto ­ IDA Board Member Peggy DuCharme, ED, Downtown Rideau, Ottawa ­ IDA International Ex-Officio Board Member

Attendees 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. Helen Nolan ­ 124 St. BRL Joe Holtz -- Atlanta Ave. Bus. Assoc Gloria Caldwell Hoeppnu -- West End BIZ, Winnipeg Jeff Palmer -- Centre Venture Dev. Corp. Janice Salomon -- Toronto Entertainment District BIA Kathy Drewitt -- Downtown Hamilton BIA Rose MacLachlan -- City of Windsor Tisha Polocko -- St. Catharine's Downtown Association Annette O'Shea -- Yaletown BIA Patti Brooks -- UpTown Waterloo BIA John Kiru -- Toronto Assoc. of BIAs Dawn Alan -- Downtown Charlottetown Inc. Deb Guthrie -- Uptown Tutland BIA Rick Morris -- Transportation, City of Calgary Karon Kosof ­ Kingsway Business Assoc. Peter Asimakos ­ Uptown Saint John Peter Vaisbord ­ City of Vancouver BIA Program Calvin Polet ­ Downtown Winnipeg BIZ Diane Kereluk ­ SPR Edmonton Bruce Cory ­ Broadway BID, Saskatoon Mike P? Ron Beahun, Downtown Kelowna Pierre Boudeault ­ Destination Centre-ville Andre Poulin ­ Destination Centre-ville Andrew Jakubeit ­ Downtown Penticton Assoc. Jennifer Moore ­ Salmon Arm DIA 1

Canadian Roundtable/IDA/2008 Calgary

33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51.

Shirley Lowe, Old Strathcona, Edmonton John Perrott ­ Downtown Kelowna Assoc. David Low ­ Victoria Crossing BRZ Karen Campbell ­ Brampton Downtown Dev. Corp. Dennis Jacobs ­ Momentum Strategic & Creative Glenn Miller --- Canadian Urban Institute Simon Quinn ­ Association of Town Centre Management Earl Hansen ­ Downtown Vernon Assoc. Patricia Barnes ­ Hastings North BIA Diana Cousins ­ Collingwood BIA, BC Ken Zahara ­ City of Edmonton Harry Finnigan, City of Winnipeg Randy Psheby Lo ­ Riversdale BID David Feehan, President, IDA Mark Boscariol ­ Downtown Windsor Mike Hill ­ City of Victoria Cynthia Nikitin ­ PPS Inc. Maggie Schofield -- CDA Kathie Scouter ­ Initiatives P.G.

Jim Yanchula, acted as moderator during the meeting introduced the panel and attendees in the room referenced Portland IDA Canadian Delegates meeting in 2006 since Portland, Canadian IDA members increasingly wanting more from IDA responding to Canadian issues discussed recent (emailed prior to Calgary meeting) survey results ­ summarized issues of concern: o downtown development o maintenance o partnerships o safety o advocacy o raise awareness on issues proposed three models for a Canadian national structure 1. IDA as is 2. secretariat proposal by Canadian Urban Institute 3. UK model


Canadian Roundtable/IDA/2008 Calgary

Glen Miller Jim Yanchula introduced Glen Miller of the Canadian Urban Institute (CUI) who briefed on the Secretariat model under the CUI not mutually exclusive GM briefed of CUI, largest database of Canadian cities independent, non-profit "think-tank", work in several languages, setting up regional secretariat services already offers secretariat services to other organizations well placed to offer practical advice to the Canadian IDA members with respect to what can be sustained financially and operationally gather data, best practices NEW regional strategic resource centre o creates major research o believe there is a lack of data available to decision makers ­ offer solution example of background resources of support ­ allows Canadian Downtowns a voice by piggyback on CUI services fee structure for various services Peggy DuCharme Jim Yanchula introduced Peggy DuCharme, founder of the Canadian Downtowns Network (CDN) PD briefed of the CDN that she developed in 1997 as an informal means for Canadian downtown interests to communicate with one another and exchange information and best practices. CDN is managed on a volunteer basis courtesy of the Downtown Rideau BIA in Ottawa. Has been dormant in the last couple of years due to PD's involvement with participation on development of the Ontario BIA Association (she is immediate Past-President), but now has volunteer resources reassigned to CDN to update the database and launching a no-frills website. The CDN is a vehicle to assist with the development of a more formalized Canadian downtown national voice/organization in the future. Simon Quinn, UK, Association of Town Centre Management Jim Yanchula introduced Simon, UK of Association of Town Centre Management (ATCM) represents 4 nations legislation, address influence of other nations set up a nations and regions approach regional form of secretariat amongst themselves ­ back to ATCM H/O (London) with ATCM member in attendance successful practice guides 3

Canadian Roundtable/IDA/2008 Calgary

set up groups in Scottish Parliament to bring together members of parliament to be aware of issues run special interest workshops funded by those governments didn't have fund to finance full secretariat ­ run by volunteers instead done a lot of networting internationally as well look at exchange with other common wealth nations including Canada and Australia Jim Yanchula summarized discussion from aforementioned briefings Option 1 The CUI Secretariat -- proposal is available to attendees for further perusal ­ includes a list of services and costs Option 2 ATCM model ­ volunteer based, presumes people are going to step up to implement Option 3 IDA membership ­ what Canadian members get now, and how to improve benefit in the future Audience then offered the following comments/feedback Charles Gauthier, Downtown Vancouver what can we do with examples available? CDN model? other research bigger than that perhaps a mix & match approach Kathy Drewitt, Downtown Hamilton, Past Secretary, Ontario BIA Association any model must be driven by a board structure or similar that represents all provinces of Canada advocacy ­ immediate needs to advocacy roles at federal level ­ gave example of federal government's announcement (during conference) to cut cultural funding identify link and partnerships representatives and government by all regions of Canada Mark Boscariol, Downtown Windsor provincial ­ concerned about duplication need to learn best practices ­ how can we identify funding commonalities how we are funded separated by province ­ need to do research Glen Miller, CUI noted federal/provincial governments more influenced by Canadian examples, then IDA and others how do you translate UK IDA examples how to bring resources to smaller Canadian BIAs


Canadian Roundtable/IDA/2008 Calgary

Shirley Lowe, Old Strathcona, Edmonton love IDA ­ research trends set Americans apart not at the point regionally yet to support national organization provincial organizations include: Ontario, BC, Quebec, New Brunswick ­ need to use existing provincial organizations to support regions lacking a provincial organization would really like to add Canadian research to the IDA and UK models Peter Vaisbord ­ City of Vancouver BIA Program need advocacy and research at federal level he oversees 20 BIAs ­ only one of which is a downtown BIA, rest are smaller, main street retail need an organization that represents the needs of mainstreet ­ not just downtowns needs to be between IDA and Mainstreet program ­ to address Canadian smaller BIAs capacity building and networking someplace where to go to meet, to learn best practices ­ Canadian examples IDA can better stream Canadian interests attached to their conferences sessions ­ add a national Canadian conference/component ­ "Canadian Family" strong consensus to tag and work with CUI to provide secretariat service Dianna Cousins, Collingwood, BC outcome, prefer piggyback advocacy ­ BIAs example of economic engines BIA BC growth objectives of BIAs ­ like to see this more so across the country Simon Quinn, ATCM competitiveness of town centres funding from agency to support formation of towns/BIDs as economic engines assist with staging of formation of BIDSs ATCM national advisory services, regional services in-house knowledge regional government liked that it was grass roots driven ­ recognize it as economic driven Annette O'Shea, Yaletown BIA fortunate to attend LEEDS with Simon in UK last year be a paid funded secretariat matters to Canadian politicians that it is Canadian research able to respond on behalf of interests immediately responsive to partners or play with our local economic developers interests Ron Beahun, Downtown Kelowna EDAC (economic development association of Canada)


Canadian Roundtable/IDA/2008 Calgary

Peter Asimakos, Saint John, NB had 29 BIAs had co-op federal funding voice issue is the biggest issue and need to have a centralized body needs research and credibility what is the cost? Jim Yanchula, City of Windsor noted the federal government has formally accorded Quebec status as a "nation" in Canada Andre Poulin, Destination Centre-ville no funding from federal government in Quebec important to have a voice at international level James Robinson, Downtown Yonge, Toronto in vein of advocacy homelessness funding ending distributed/shared Downtown Yonge's homelessness research/paper with attendees John Kiru, Toronto Association of BIAs dependent upon BIAs to do the research strength of advocacy structure of stakeholder builds on stakeholder, i.e. board members, etc. Peggy DuCharme, Downtown Rideau BIA, Ottawa noted the importance of developing partnerships with other national organizations that could support advocacy and research interests and may be interested in cost-sharing on initiatives, such as the National Police Association, etc. further noted funding options could be shared by a proportionate provincial contribution across the country (large provinces more, small less) to finance the necessary budget or special funding requirement (i.e. research paper, etc.) and allow flexibility of provincial representatives to raise those funds within their province building on their existing source strengths and ability to build new partners to contribute ­ allows the cause to build new alliances while creating political awareness of cause and initiatives David Feehan, President, IDA noted three points 1. IDA is very supportive of agenda discussed, i.e. Canadian stream attached to IDA conference, etc 2. acknowledges noted gap by IDA to provide certain information of interest to Canadian members 3. Suggest a Canadian stream attached to IDA annual conference -- time of the essence 6

Canadian Roundtable/IDA/2008 Calgary

Harry Finnigan, City of Winnipeg worked in Pittsburg example need for this initiative compliments the IDA Canadian board members for bringing forward this discussion

Next Steps

Glen Miller large base to mobilize Quebec plays a different role how to support Quebec in a national context Quebec based strategy CUI raises $5 million a year no government funding self sustainability means no conflict CUI can help with building business plans Charles Gauthier thanked everyone for attending and contributing he will convene IDA Canadian board members encouraged attendees to contribute feedback CDN will be re-launched within the next few weeks to provide a vehicle by which to begin communicating to continue this initiative will include IDA Canadian stream/tracking at next year's IDA annual conference o will invite best practices from Canadian BIAs/cities to include in conference programming o input from IDA to session slots Jim Yanchula ­ Meeting Wrap Up, reminded attendees: 1. summarized next steps 2. reminded to sign-in attendance list 3. survey results available ­ will be posted on CDN website 4. draft CUI proposal is available 5. reminder to sign CDN registration form



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