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CN Locomotives Retired since last issue: GTW GP38 4997 on November 29th CN GMD1m 1413 on December 31st BCOL RS3 Slug 404 on January 2nd (Only one RS3 Slug left on CN) BCOL RS18CATS`s 604 and 610 on January 2nd CN HBU-4 519 on January 3rd (This is a Hump Slug built by GM) BCOL RS18CAT 607 on January 5th (Only three RS18CAT's left on CN) CN has sold GP9RM 7056 to (LSI) LOCOMOTIVE SPECIALIST in Waycross, Georgia and is moving under the initials LOSX. Here is a photo taken 01/04/08 of retired CN 7056 at Homewood Yard. In January, CN SW1200RSm 7301 and IC SW14 1502 were purchased by LARRY'S TRUCK ELECTRIC (LTEX). Here are recent photo's of both retired units taken at IC's Homewood Yard in Illinois.

Wrecked CN GP38-2W 4779 which was purchased by NRE, was moved from Calder yard in Edmonton to NRE Mount Vernon, IL in January an CN flat car number 667922. As well NRE has purchased CN GP9RM 7237 which was also in Edmonton.

Two corrections to last months issue: CN GP9RM 4000 and GTW GP9R 4613 moved to Social Circle, Georgia, not South Carolina. CN has sold SAR B30-7's 1012 and 1016 to the OHIO CENTRAL, and not to LARRYS TRUCK ELECTRIC as we had reported last month. CN C44-9W 2502 was recently repainted into the current paint scheme and was photographed westbound by Michael Berry on January 2nd at Dorval, Quebec. The trailing unit was IC lettered SD40-2 6254, also in CN paint . Then Brian Nicholson caught the same train just minutes later at Coteau, QC on the CN Kingston sub.

One of-a-kind unit on CN? We certainly hope so! Brian Nicholson confirmed in these two shots taken on January 2nd that CN GP38-2 4772 only has stripes on one side, after a very quick patch job following repairs to this locomotive. Last link is from 2005.

In early January, CN GP38-2 4725 was repainted in Winnipeg and CN GP40-2LW 9579 was repainted at the IC's Woodcrest Shop.

On September 29th, 2007, Ken Goslett photographed CN 120 eastbound departing Turcot West following a crew change as westbound CN 309 arrives with a double-stack for its crew change. In order to speed operations, CN now wisely changes crews on the mainline rather than taking the trains inside nearby Taschereau Yard, which just west of this location. The former intermodel yard at Turcot was abandoned and moved to Taschereau about eight years ago. Simon Bélanger reported seeing CN SD70M-2's 2288-2289 on their maiden run on the December 30th, 2007 on the 120 at West Junction (Joffre Yard, QC), enroute east to Halifax. Making good time they had passed through Belleville, Ontario earlier the same day. The pair arrived at Halifax Fairview yard on New Years Day. Brian Nicholson photographed CN 321 slowing down to make a setoff at Coteau, Quebec on a bitterly cold January 2nd one day after a big snowstorm, with CN SD70M-2 8807. Stephen Vallis sent us this fine shot of new CN SD70M-2 8849 which he caught heading eastbound through Kingston Ontario on January 21st. CN SD40-2W's 5339 and 5337 are the trailing units, and with both wearing CNNA (NAFTA) paint, the lash-up looks very esthetic!

Ron Visockis shot new CN SD70M-2 8826 and sister at Belleville, ON in December 2007.

Somebody goofed ... Freshly painted (and RETIRED) GTW GP38 4995 sits in the storage lines at Woodcrest January 2nd, 2008. (Photo by Ken Lonovitch)

In late December, Brendan Frisina confirmed to CRO that KATY SD70ACe (UP 1988) that had been heading to Toronto from the south several weeks back, eventually came off train M398 in Chicago ending up on NORFOLK SOUTHERN, and unfortunately never made it up to Toronto, Canada.. To date, not a single heritage unit has crossed the border into Canada. CN GMD1m 1423 was seen at the Brampton Intermodal Terminal (BIT) on December 25th. She was coupled working with the CN GP9RM 7270 and slug 280. Glen Mounk caught CN SD60F 5504 (CN train 437) at the wst end of the Fort Frances yard with dead GMD1m 1438 enroute to Winnipeg in December 2007. Leaving town very slowly, the single SD60F was hauling a train estimated to be about 7500 feet long.

NATIONAL RAILWAY EQUIPMENT's Gen Set 3GS21B NREX 2009 was seen on CN train on 346 in Saskatoon, SK trailing CN 2549 and CN 5534. In October and early November it had been testing on CP in Calgary, Alberta. Later in mid-November, NREX 3GS21B 2009 had been demonstrating at NOVACOR in Joffre, Alberta and was interchanged to CN on November 25th 2007. The unit moved to CN-Edmonton and CRO suspects the unit may have demonstrated at some local industries during the month of December. NREX 2009 moved on CN in late December to WISCONSIN CENTRAL, and is now on CP destined to a railroad or industry near Kansas City, MO. It's twin brother, NREX 3GS21B 2011 which was in primer grey at the time, demonstrated on CN last year (see December CRO). NREX 2011, was returned from CN in December 22nd 2007 to NRE in Dixmoor, Illinois and has been repainted into BURLINGTON NORTHERN SANTA FE colours as part of BNSF's order for 10 3GS21B's. (NREX 2009 on BNSF - Kansas City) (NREX 2011 testing on CN) (Example in BNSF livery)

On December 31st CN remote control GP9RM 7265 and booster 242 derailed near Sarnia, Ontario just west of Blackwell on the Strathroy Sub. Photo taken 12/31/07 by Steve Hostovsky. (Photo by Chris Gallow) On December 2nd, CN train Q11531-29 derailed on the Caramat Subdivision near Minatree in Northern Ontario. As of a result of this derailment, CN detoured train F11241-27 via CP through northern Ontario as train NCE-03 from Thunder Bay to St. Cloud/Reynolds. The train departed Thunder Bay on the evening of December 3 powered by CN SD751 5648, CN Dash 9-44CW 2684 and GTW SD40-3 5942 with 103 loads. This was the only re-route via the CPR as all other CN trains and VIA Rail's Canadian remained on the CN Northern Ontario mainline. On January 2nd, CN train Q10251-29 derailed along the Allanwater subdivision of the CN main line at approximately 0310hrs CST. The incident, which occurred near Staunton, ON, and this affected CN trains running between Toronto and Winnipeg. VIA RAIL`s westbound Canadian sat at Armstrong for 23 hours waiting for the line to be cleared. As of January 20th, CN began running their trains Q114 and Q115 between Calgary to Toronto over via Edmonton in anticipation of abandoning the Drumheller Sub between Calgary and Hanna, Alberta. The first day Q115 arrived in Edmonton at about 0100, just about 24 hours and the following dayit was down to about 12 hours late. It met Q114 at Clover Bar (East Edmonton) around 1300. The Camrose sub (Edmonton to Mirror, with no long passing sidings) is generally quiet, with A442-A445 being the normal trains, with scheduled meets. However when you mix in the bulk grain or sulfur trains, delays do occur such as when a few days after CN tried to run Q114, Q115, A442, A443, A444, S716 and G810 all within 6 hours of each other. As well, CN will retian the 20 miles on the west end of the Drumheller Sub in order to serve the large grain elevator at Lyalta. (Via Tim Stevens) In early January 2008, Michael Berry caught a CN train crossing the Lachine canal in StHenri, QC westbound with some VERY ice-encrusted power (the consist was CN 5717, CN 5250 & CN 5245)

Joseph Zika's CN - MacMillan Yard Report: Not really much doing at the CN Toronto shop in January in terms of interesting and unusual Motive Power. Mostly a sea of CN Orange , Black and White. However on January 4th, GTW GP38-2 6227 was a nice surprise idling at the shop, (this was originally DT&I 227). On January 10th, I saw CN SD75I 5681 and CN C44-9W 2646 posing in some rare winter sunlight, with 2646 having a smashed windshield on the conductors side, and a mix and match of access doors behind the cab. That same day, I shot CN SD60F 5500. You could say she's having a bit of a identity crisis, as her original as delivered number 9900, is starting to show through on both ends of the unit. She had been at the Toronto shop for at least a week or so, by the time I finally got some decent sunlight to photograph her. Also on the 10th, I found IC C40-8W 2463 on the east side of the shop basking in the sun. This is a

former LOCOMOTIVE MANAGEMENT SERVICES unit that operated on both CN/CR in a GELMS split lease contract. It was part of the group of units that CN eventually acquired the lease on when the mighty CONRAIL was split up between NS and CSX a few years ago. CN quickly assigned this group to the IC when it was merged under the CN umbrella. On January 13th I found CN SD50F 5439 with a similar double set of numbers on the rear end as on the 5500 above, except she retains her original 5400 series number, with no identity crisis on her conscience! Last but not least, IC GP40R 3108 with some nonfactory lettering on her cab side. She didn't fare too well as she died somewhere on the Halton sub while on CN 383. It wasn't to be 383's day, as 383's leader CN 2414 also died on the Dundas sub climbing the Copetown Hill just slightly delaying 145, the Road Railer train which was behind them. In mid-January F40M-2F`s CDAC 458 and 461 (This is the correct term for those ex-AMTRAK F40PH-2`s modified for freight service according to Mr. Earl Roberts -ed), moved from HUDSON BAY RAILWAY in The Pas, Manitoba to the IOWA NORTHERN in Waterloo, Iowa. CDAC 461 departed The Pas Jan 11th 2008 and arrived Waterloo, IA on Jan 16th 2008. CDAC 458 departed The Pas Jan 5th 2008 and arrived Hawthorne Illinois on Jan 14th, then mysteriously the trail went cold and CDAC 458 turned up at Mac Yard here in Toronto. It finally left Toronto's Mac yard Jan 17th and arrived at Markham, Illinois on Jan 18th 2008 at 1300. KCS 1868 a Railpower GG20B was at the shops on January 12th. Shipper and Consignee is RailPower Technologies and she originated from Jackson, MS and is destined to CADRAIL in Montreal, QC. I was going to bore everybody with a whole bunch of SD40-2 and GP9RM shot's, but there being so many, I decided to do something different. The artistic or scenery shots instead incorporating multiple objects. We'll start with a simple pair of SD 40-2W's, CN 5339 in the now defunct CN North America paint scheme and a very worn CN 5284 behind her in probably her original factory coat of stripes, the lighting was perfect so I couldn't resist. On the Dark side of the shop, ie: the East side was a whole mess of units including a GMD1u CN 1423 heading to London trailing 434's consist, as well as CN SD75I 5724, SD40-2W 5326 trailing IC SD40-2 6110 and a pure set of three CNGP9RM's 4022 trailing the 7076 and 7017, starting to see the odd three unit consists on the 500 series road switchers around Mac yard lately. Last, but not least, kind of a Urban Industrial shot of CN SD75I 5636 and DASH 8-40CM 2435 hustling a eastbound stack train thru Snider West on the Halton sub just getting ready to crossover Jane St. With the slightly over cast sky, the cold temperatures and the heat distortion of the exhaust against all the hydro towers, it gives it a kind of surreal feel to it.

On January 25th a bit of Sunshine this past week brought a bit of colour to the shops motive power wise. First off, the one that got away, AARX 303 a Mittal Steel SW 1500 traveling from Wierton, WV to Industrial Rail Services in Moncton New Brunswick. M 30831 26 managed to sneak her out of town on me, They were pulling out to make the double, by the time i got around them, they had pulled way past the "A" building, It wasn't until after i sat down and took the transfer, That Dave asked if i saw her, I didn't even know she was on there, Dave said the road number was missing but she did have the Mittal name on the side, at last check at 2200 she was in Edmunston Sunday night, Guess i lost those few precious minutes looking for her at the shops, Oh well ! Jan 25th had NREX 5623 in town, a Ex CP Rail SD 402 looking like a bit of a parts source, as she was missing her bell and a few fans, Stack was

capped as well, all in all, she wasn't too badly canabalized, Waybill showed her moving from NRE Alco in Capreol to NRE in Riverdale, IL via Stanley Ohio as she was on 383 on the 26th. IC SD40-2 6251 was still at the shop awaiting attention, and I managed to get a shot of her on the 25th in the sunshine along with NREX 5623 and CN 4701. On the 27th we had GT GP38-2 4909 and GT GP9R 4616 which arrived off on 382 from Detroit Saturday night. Both were shown on the journal dead in tow, but they were anything but that, helping to haul 382 across frozen Southwestern Ontario last night!

Much thanks Joe! ­ Will

CN Vignettes: Donald Haskel took this photo of a GRAND TRUNK GP9 Torpedo Geep and passenger train in Sherbrooke, QC, in January 1964. Another Don Haskel shot of CNR RS18 3655 leading a freight with two CN geeps and another RS18 passing through the station at Dorval, Quebec in July 1965. The CN noodle was only five years old. On February 5th, 1966, another CN Freight approaches the canal bridge at St. Ambroise Street in St. Henri, QC in this Roger Lalonde photo.

CN and VIA Budd's galore in CN's Spadina Yard Toronto in this July 1978 photo by David Brook. CN Big M`s 2023, 2021 and 2008 coast eastward in the yard at Truro, Nova Scotia after bringing in train late in the afternoon of September 14, 1981. Arnold Mooney`s photo was taken from the overhead walk-bridge. Arnold Mooney took this interesting photo March 15, 1978 from the Botanical Gardens, Bayview Jct., Ontario. It shows a Niagara Falls-bound CN freight powered by SW1200RS's switchers 1324, 1242, 1254 and 7033 ... Hardly big-time railroading! The SW1200 #7033 was renumbered to 7733 in 1985, and eventually was sold to RELCO. All the others in the photo are now retired. The tracks in foreground go to the CN Dundas Sub.

It's May 1995 on the CN Mont-Royal Sub, MP 3.7 at Mont-Royal Station, and after over 70 years of service, sadly the end is only days away for these famous Box Cab electrics. The engines were built by English Electric and Beyer Peacock for the NATIONAL HARBOURS BOARD RAILWAY (Port of Montreal), who traded them to CN for some steam engines! The lead Z-4-a is 6716 built in 1924 and trailing is 6723 built in 1926. (Photo by John Sesonske) Note the spoked wheels!


CP Locomotives Retired since last issue: CP SD40-2 5587 was retired in December, but the exact date is unknown. Here is a nice shot of CP 5587 (retired above), leading a CP freight at a location you may recognize near Scranton, PA! New CP ES44AC's 8862-8872 were all delivered on January 19-20th. They are all in the 2010 Olympic paint scheme. CP intends to have 18 units of this order (numbered 88608877), sporting this promotional paint scheme, with the option remaining for the other locomotives up to 8899. These units are similar to the previous orders of the 8700­8859 series. The following are the specific differences compared to the previous order:

· · · ·

· · ·



The first 18 locomotives (CP 8860-8877) will have the 2010 Olympic logo and livery same as on units CP 8858 & 8859. The locomotives have the new Dynamic Brake status reporting system (as mandated by the Federal Railroad Administration). A separate DB Status screen (4606-0) shows more detailed information on all equipped units in the consist by road number. DB status reporting also operates in Locotrol distributed power operation. Each remote unit will display the number of equipped units and the total tractive or braking effort on the remote operation screen. The locomotives have provision for Electronically Controlled Pneumatic Brake (ECP). CPR plans to equip at least one coal train in 2008 with EPC brake equipment. The conductor's and engineer's seats have improved dual seat back adjusters and have a limit as to how far back the seat can be lowered. The control of the horn is interlocked with the position of the Generator Field switch. The GF switch must be ON to operate the horn. This was done to prevent accidental operation of the horn when entering and leaving the control stand. All other ES44AC units equipped with the AAR control stand will be modified with this feature. The gauges at the former engine start station have been eliminated as the gauge information is displayed on the SDIS screen. The spare Multiple Unit jumper cable is now stored in the air compressor compartment at the rear of the locomotive, engineer's side. There are two dummy receptacles that must be used to safely house the jumper inside this compartment.

On January 19th CP train #427 had CP 8853 and 9727 and brand new Olympic painted ES44AC`s 8863, 8864, 8865, 8866, 8867 and 8862 arriving in Canada on the Niagara Peninsula and heading to Welland, Ontario. Then on January 20th at Smithville, Ontario the second train with new power in tow; CP train #427 was lead by CP 5833, 5776 and 5688 with ES44AC`s 8868, 8869, 8870, 8871 and 8872 fresh from the GE plant in Erie. Pennsylvania. (Both photos by Arnold Mooney) th) (January 19 th (January 20 )

Then on January 27th Cor van Steenis caught CP 8868 and 8869 on a westbound intermodal at the west yard leads of Alyth Yard in Calgary.

In late January, CP was receiving 50 GCFX SD40u`s from CONNELL LEASING. They are numbered 3053-3102 inclusive, and the ones arriving so far are painted in either light grey with blue stripes, or the familiar green and silver livery that was used by FIRST UNION (FURX Locomotives).

These were all rebuilt by ALSTOM in Montreal in 2000-2001. They were built from SD40`s from CN, GTW, CP, BN, SP, NREX, and HLCX: and six SD40-2`s from CP. These units will be assigned to Moose Jaw and are being inspected at Binghamton, NY, Montreal, QC, Winnipeg, MB and Thief River Falls, MN. Richard Young photographed some of his coworkers at the St-Luc Shop looking over some of this new power on January 23.

Here is Marc's shot of GCFX SD40u 3084 while operating on CN last year.

In early January, CP was still leasing a total of 49 locomotives from NATIONAL RAILWAY EQUIPMENT. However due to failures, by late January many of the following units were no longer on lease, and have been returned to the lessor. These will now be replaced by the newer GCFX SD40u`s mentioned above. In early January, the complete list of the 49 NREX locomotive models leased to CP was: NREX SD40-2's 783, 4279, 4294, 4297, 4403, 4404, 4406, 5417, 5431, 5581, 5760, 5777, 5823, 6300, 6301, 6309, 7356, 7360, 7364, 7368, 7370, 7374, 7880, 9903, 9926, and 9931. NREX SD40T-2's 8250, 8822, and 8865. NREX SD45-2's 6451, 6475, 6481, 6497, 6498, 6503. NREX SD45T-2's 6876, 9273, 9294, and 9402. NREX SD50's 5062, 5067, 5071, 5078, 5081, 5082, 5087,5462, 5468, 8685, 8695. CP ES44AC 8814 wrecked at Bow Island, Alberta last April was photographed by Cor van Steenis at Alyth Yard in Calgary on January 17th on an eight-wheel heavy duty flat car for furtherance to a GE repair shop. Its trucks are on the adjacent bulkhead flatcar to the right. At press time, (January 27th) it was still in Calgary, Alberta.

On January 21st, 2008, CP 2nd 220-20 derailed 17 cars (mid-train) at mile 28.5 Nipigon Sub almost 100 miles east of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Apparently this train was short, but heavy, with 57 loads and 7 empties. At least two of the derailed cars slid-down the embankment and went right into the icy waters of Lake Superior with loads of lumber. The area around the derailment is very rugged & spectacular with steep rock cuts, rock slide detector fences, many twists and turns, and a 35 MPH speed limit. This 2nd 220 of the 20th was handling excess Toronto traffic ex-Winnipeg and showed the following details ex-Thunder Bay with three units: CP 9139, CP 5952, CP 5991. Two work trains (from either side) and the Thunder Bay auxiliary train wee dispatched to the scene Thunder Bay Auxiliary train ("AUX22"): CP AC4400CW 9683, CP SD9043MAC 9116, CP 403389, CP 421304, MILW 960096, CP 313818, CP 303634, CP 403103, CP 418410, CP 418451, CP 424694, CP 424905, CP 413948,

CP 404682, CP 424690, CP 411736, CP 434712. Nipigon Sub work train ex-Thunder Bay ("WNI-22"): CP SD40-2 5793, CP SD9043MAC 9121, CP 456029, CP 457202, CP 456107, CP 456267, CP 457200, CP 456127, CP 456244, CP 457163, CP 457281, CP 456298, CP 404623. The second Nipigon Sub work train ("2-WNI-22" or "WHB-22"?) had CP SD40-2 5765 running solo and CP 434402, CP 421404, CP 421323, CP 418999, CP 457076, CP 455193, CP 457078, CP 457047, CP 457003, CP 456283, CP 457009, CP 457143, CP 457014, CP 457134, CP 456316, CP 456269. The line was shutdown to traffic for three days and re-opened in the early evening, Jan. 24th. A few detours went both up on the CN 'northline' and also South through the United States via Noyes-Minneapolis-Chicago. [Craig Konopsky] On January 4th, Marc Chouinard, his son and I visited St-Luc Yard and saw a variety of interesting motive power including freights from QUEBEC-GATINEAU and MONTREAL MAINE & ATLANTIC and square ended CP GP9u 8201. We also caught a CP freight with MM&A (ex-AMTRAK) F40PH-2 245 and chop nosed CDAC F40M-2F 457 leaving Montreal enroute to AMERICAN MOTIVE POWER in Danville, NY. They have been interchanged to NORFOLK SOUTHERN in Buffalo, who handed them off to GENESEE & WYOMING to destination. Click on this link for the full St-Luc report:

One of the few remaining STL&H painted locomotives, GP9u 8245 was also in Montreal's StLuc Yard on January 4th.

Corrections to last month's CRO (via Bruce Chapman): On the page before the motive power summary, regarding the units still lettered STL&H: 1502 is actually a GP7u, not a GP9u. Regarding the CP Holiday Trains...the US one actually re-entered the USA at Detroit and not Buffalo. The US train actually terminated at Moose Jaw, SK, and never went to Alberta. Xmas AC4400CW 9815 suffered a frozen main reservoir west of Swift Current, Saskatchewan and had to be rescued by two SD40-2's to Alyth Yard. (Bruce Chapman) Bob Heathorn captured trains in the aftermath of the unprecedented third snow storm in one month in the east, With about 12 inches and minus 31C windchill on January 1st he ventured to the station at Smiths Falls to get these shots.

By popular demand ... here is Garry Knapp's exquisite December 2007 Christmas Card-like photo of CP Train 251 passing the D&H Westport Station behind red and blue diesels in a sea of white on December 27, 2007 at 22:52.

In 2007 CP announced they intended to build their new Montreal Intermodal facility at SOULANGES INDUSTRIES, in Les Cedres Quebec, but there is still no activity on this initiative. On January 12, few pieces of equipment stored, including UPY GG20B 2004, (RAILPOWER) RPRX GG20B's 2401, 2403, 2404, 2405 and VIRGINA EXPRESS commuter cars including V221 and three others. V226 is currently at CAD undergoing major work (See our CRO Special Report on CADRAIL).


(William Baird Jr's memories of CP passenger in Montreal) Here are a fine group of photos that arrived via Robert O'Shaughnessy a little past our deadline, but deserve to be part of our Glen Yard story. The first photos are a little before my time ... CPR 4-6-4 Hudson 2816 hauls a long commuter train through the labyrinth of double-slip switches entering into Windsor Station in 1959. Note the 800-series commuter coach up front, which remained in daily Montreal comuter service from the 1950's up until 2004 and wore several different liveries!

A CPR 4-6-4 Royal Hudson, standard Hudson and a Pacific are lined up south of the coal tower at Glen yard in what appears to be the 1950's. As well CPR 4-6-4 Hudson 2816 which was used in commuter service in the late 50's, has just been coaled at Glen Yard with other some CPR steam engines.

Looking good, two of the four Morrison/Knudsen upgraded D&H PA's are moving from the sanding chute under the watchful gaze of the Glen's coal tower in May 1976.

A CPR E8 with the train from Quebec City is pulling out of Montreal West Station to negotiate the crossover to the south track and is now heading east to Westmount Station and finally Windsor Station in this fine circa 1975 photo from Ron Visockis` collection.

D&H PA #18 leads the New York bound train past the Interlocking tower and POM bakeries westbound into Westmount Station. The photographer is standing near the throat of Glen Yard, and the consist includes a baggage, lounge car, NYC sleeper and a D&H coach. The signal bridges and mainlines remain today, but the yard trackage is now gone.

One crazy CP lash-up! This image from Ron Visockis collection (from an unknown photographer) shows CP train #55 a Cornwall local, forwarding Glen Yard commuter power to Dorion (or Rigaud) in the early 1970's. With the cab-units reversed for the return to Montreal, all three engines, an RS23, FPA2 and an FP7A are facing backwards with a brakeman on the 8023's foot board. A bee-hive of activity at Windsor Station's train shed circa-mid 1970's including the New York and Vancouver trains sharing the platform. You can see the drum head on the now dome equipped D&H "Adirondack" and a CP RAIL E8 leading the "Atlantic Limited" which had also arrived. Sadly, the end was near for the train shed at Windsor Station.

A single Budd car (possibly the train from Farnham), has just deposited some passengers at Westmount Station's inbound platform, and is completing the short run to Windsor Station in full throttle! This picture really brings back memories. By the 1970's CP's disinterest in the passenger business was beginning to show, as weeds for the first time were allowed to flourish in the yard. This location was where I spent much of my childhood.

My sister Sallie Baird and I would play around that orange shack to the left and run through the subway tunnel under the tracks, one entrance just forward of the passengers in this view. Visible on the Station wall is the black and white Arrivals Board with still a good number of trains per day. That yellow painted steel barrier on the right side of the photo was just the right hieght for a kid to sit and watch Alco switchers shunt the passenger cars in the yard.

Photographed from my favourite spot described above, a Budd leaves the Glen to pick up passengers at Windsor Station. The RDC shops are in the background.

Also photographed from my favourite spot above, D&H PA #17 has just looped around the Glen after arriving at Windsor Station less than hour ago, and is about to move forward by the coal tower to the shop area and hopefully will get good wash! The Glen's major storage yard next to Rue St-Jacques is in the background.

By the 1970's heavy weight cars were no longer in regular service and the ones in this photo were mostly likely CP business cars in their reserved, western most part of the Glen. By this time some of the Tuscan red cars had received the new image silver paint scheme with Tuscan red trim, which was just a few years prior to CP RAIL Action Red. The twin CP mainline to Montreal West to the right is crossing the bridge over Decarie Blvd. and is still in daily use today by AMT.

A great circa-1970 shot of the approach to Windsor Station taken from around Guy Street shows the Train shed at Windsor Station and CP's Chateau Champlain Hotel. The small yard at the left was still in service for work train cars. Today, this maze of tracks mark the location of the Lucien L'Allier (AKA Lu-La) AMT Station with the tower in the background almost at the entrance to the Montreal Canadiens' Bell Center.

This photo shows how Windsor Station looked after the closure of the train shed and new askew track realignment. The PA's were about to be reassigned to MBTA commuter service in Boston, and the NY train duties would soon fall to AMTRAK, and the Rohr Turbo Train.

CP Vignettes: One of my favourite shots this month has to be this Marc Simpson Photo from Winnipeg, Manitoba taken in June 1968. It shows brand new CPR SD40 5557 and CPR Robot Car #1 in a very classy (ERIE-LACKAWANNA inspired) CPR paint scheme. These were used mostly with the mid train helpers on coal trains from the mines in southeastern BC to Roberts Bank, BC, and were tested at the electronic lab in Calgary's Ogden shops before being dispatched out west Over the last few months, we received mail from CRO readers seeking information on CP`s robot cars. Now Wilco van Shoonhoven has provided us this great resource for the CP-BNBC RAIL Robot Cars through this website link, which includes photos of each type used, and their

historic data.

Ron Visokis clicked the CPR Vaudreuil turn almost 34 years ago. It shows a very short train (one RS18 loco, a boxcar & a caboose) with all three sporting very tired-looking CPR Script livery. It was taken from the CN Dorval Station with a zoom lens.

My father, William Baird Sr. who passed away in August 2006, would have loved Neil Compton`s great shot taken from Montreal`s Westminster Street Bridge in 1968. It shows a NEW YORK CENTRAL cigar band liveried F7A and U25B bringing a very short train from Massina, NY (via Valleyfield & Beauharnois, QC) into CP's St-Luc Yard. A nice bay window caboose in NYC Jade Green paint brings up the markers the tail end.

Here is Ted Ellis' image of a CP RAIL FP7A and SW1200RS in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario on Aug. 11, 1974. The yard engine, 8171, had been recently repainted into the then new "MultiMark" scheme, and the FP7A 4063 was part of 911's power.

In August 1969, a CPR eastbound splits the forest at Lake Louise, Alberta behind a pair of new GMDD-built SD40s (5534 and 5520) assisted a Fairbanks Morse-built CPB16-4 4454 , and GP9 8670. (Photo by S. M. Reeves)

This great GMDD line up was photographed at the Ogden Shop in Calgary on April 24th , 1978 (Arnold Mooney). In February, 1979, David Brook captured this line up at Toronto's Agincourt Yard with an SD40-2 5958, RSD 17 8921, a TH&B GP9, RS18 8763, an SD40, and an M636.

At a passing siding near Stoney Creek Bridge, British Columbia in January 1965, the CANADIAN meets CP FP7A 4028 in the snow. Photo by Ron Visockis

This is a neat shot taken in downtown Calgary, Alberta, in September 1975 with CP FP7A 4072 and GP9 8521, the power for the westbound Canadian that day, seen getting checked out before the Train Wash and the trip west. I loved it when (Roudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer like), a lowly Geep got the call to assist CP's Canadian!

CP C424 4230 is the leader on a southbound that is about to set off some cars at the diminutive yard across from the Station at Parry Sound, Ontario. Afternoon shots here were a bit of a pain due to the sun angle and the usual collection of employee/visitor or passenger autos left here. (That's Arnold`s old Cougar). Photo by Arnold Mooney on October 13, 1975. With 32 highway trailers on board, CP's westbound Montreal-Milton "Xpressway" Train #121 kicks up light snow as it departs from Smiths Falls, Ont. on January 25, 2001 and approaches Mile 1.43 of the Belleville subdivision. For a brief period of time in early 2001, CP assigned a half-dozen "Red Barns" to these trains, and on this occasion SD40-2F`s 9020 and 9009 are doing the honors. Photo by Bill Sanderson

CP's Lachine, Quebec IMS intermodal terminal is bridged by Fairway Street in the Lachine, industrial Park, where these photos were taken back in 2005.

Eric Aucoin has modeled the grey NREX SD40-2 9402 which is currently operating on CP. It is a former COTTON BELT SD45T-2 that has had its long hood removed modified with a shorter SD40-2 hood leaving the large empty area in the rear. The photos were taken on the HO Scale CANADA CENTRAL club in Montreal and in operation as a trailing unit on Will Baird`s CP freight which is crossing the Stoney Creek Bridge.


At press time, several new GO TRANSIT MP40PH-3C locomotives including MPEX 603 and 604 were enroute from MPI in Boise, Idaho via UP to Kingsgate, BC and then on CP to GO TRANSIT in Toronto. BOISE LOCOMOTIVE Co is a subsidiary of rail products manufacturer MOTIVE POWER INDUSTRIES Inc. Here are three of Bryan Passifiume's photos of two of the GO TRANSIT locos were captured in Transit near Crowsnest Pass, on the border of BC and Alberta with a fine looking lash up! As of January 25th, MPEX (GO) 603 and 604 were rolling eat through Saskatchewan and MPEX (GO) 605 had just at Crowsnest, BC on an eastbound CP freight. GO MP40PH-3C 601 is also expected to follow.. Last year 601 was shipped up to Toronto as a completed shell for photo-op's at GO and then returned to MPI to be finished. The final delivery routing is usually via CP from West Toronto on the CanPa Sub to GO TRANSIT.

Daniel Dellunto sent this fine shot of GO TRANSIT MP40PH-3C 602 in Toronto on January 15th, 2008 The special train (consisting of GO cab car 227 and coaches 2535, 2646, 2644, 2617, 2645 and MP40PH-3C GO 602) was at Union Station January 15th 2008 for a special announcement and photo-op with the Premier of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty, where he announced GO transit was getting 27 new locomotives, (which us railfans have known to be #600-626 for some time)! It was press-only as they had the platforms closed off and guarded by security. (Photo and news via Dan Dellunto)

Due to the extreme cold weather and some locomotives acting badly in mid-January, AMT had another tough week and had to provide backup units several times. Commuter trains with dual engines are almost a daily appearance nowadays. An extra AMT GP9RM was used on the Rigaud and an extra F59PHI was available for the Delson train as well in MidJanuary. There are a few units with defective HEP including F59PHI 1323 & 1328, and some with only the HEP working 1324 & 1329. As well, F59PHI 1320 is still out of service, and now at AMERICAN MOTIVE POWER, in New York for repairs. VIA F40PH-2 6401 has returned to the AMT and is certainly needed. (it has been seen in Toronto in December).

Geoff Doane clicked CN SD70M-2 8817 pulling VIA train 15 out of Halifax on January 4th, 2008 with VIA F40PH-2`s 6400 & 6405 with frozen air lines along the 2 VIA locos and the baggage car: Pierre Fournier photographed VIA (Loto-Quebec) F40PH-2 6414 hauling a Renaissance set on December 20th, 2007 VIA P42DC 909 damaged in December in a collision at Pincourt, Quebec with a POM bread truck, is now back in service and has had it's plow replaced. Also evident is the missing HEP receptacles on the engineers side of the locomotive. Here are Terry Brennan`s photo's of VIA 909 on train #45, taken in Toronto on January 7th. /albums/g199/viahogger/SSPX0226.jpg

Close up of the pilot and plow:

Daniel Dellunto`s photo of VIA 909 backing out of Toronto Union Station the next day after finishing her run and GO 553 is about to head down the fly under. In the foreground are the west slip switches and ladder tracks for the train shed.

VIA F40PH-2 6434 is now sporting the experimental 3rd headlight, similar to 6420 done earlier. Here is an artists conception of the proposed VIA RAIL LRC coach paint scheme. It appears to be similar to the Renaissance paint scheme with the top of the car in a dark green color, the bottom in a dark grey color with light grey band and the VIA 1 logo at the vestibule end of the car. VIA club 3451 is earmarked as the prototype to be painted first. (Terry Brennan)

Gary Knapp photographed this terrific view of VIA #14 crossing above the upper falls of Riviere-Du-Loup, Quebec was shot back on June 15, 2006 complete with "one of a kind" CBC Anniversary unit VIA 6403. Here are a few pictures of VIA coach 3248 at the VIA Toronto Maintenance Center by Matt Soknacki shot on Boxing Day, and some fine shots of TMC on December 29th 2007 by Edward Brain as well.

Observation Lounge "Banff Park": The three LRC stored locomotives: An ex-VIA RDC: Terry Muirhead photographed VIA P42DC 903 at GO Willowbrook on December 29th, possibly for some wheel truing work. Doug Conrad reported that VIA Train #15's F40PH-2 6424 derailed while being looped at the container pier in Halifax, Nova Scotia due to heavy ice in the flangeway. The locomotive received only minor damage to the front truck, but a wheel set had to be replaced on site using a mobile crane.

Here is a shot of VIA F40PH-2 6450 being dismantled at VIA MMC on September 25th, 2005,

If you are a fan of the VIA RAIL F40PH-2's, please forward all reports about any VIA F40 "OS" to: mailto:[email protected]?Subject=VIA_OS As well you may track the status of VIA F40 units on Marc Chouinards 's webpage:

Two VIA Canadian consists in January 2008: The eastbound Canadian arriving in Toronto January 6th: VIA F40PH-2`s 6426, 6404, Baggage 8609, Coaches 8118, 8106, 8104, Skyline domes 8511, 8517, Diner Palliser, Sleepers Blair Manor, Christie Manor, Amherst Manor, and Strathcona Park. The westbound Canadian leaving Toronto January 8th: VIA F40PH-2`s 6453, 6449, Baggage 8613, Coaches 8103, 8119, Skyline dome 8503, Diner Emerald, Sleepers Rogers Manor, Sherwood Manor, Grant Manor, Yoho Park and dead heading on the rear was 3248, a blue fleet VIA Rail coach now dedicated to trains 291/290 which operate in the north between The Pas and Putawanga (Thanks to Robert Lubinski and Terry Muirhead). Early VIA vignettes: "Full Steam Ahead" could have been the cry as this l-o-n-g passenger train (VIA#75) throttled west out of Burlington West, Ontario station in the late afternoon of August 21, 1983. Power pulling the blue fleet cars was VIA FP9A 6529, FPB4 6865 and F9B 6635. The VIA train, which runs daily along the Oakville Sub Lakeshore line from Union Station in Toronto, is seen at Mile 32 where the Halton sub Mile 49.5 connects to the Oakville Sub in the foreground. (Photo and text by Arnold Mooney)

The (MLW powered) VIA "Canadian" is a few miles west of Montreal with 12 passenger cars of various livereies and is hauled by two CP MLW-built RS10's, with 8559 at the point. Ron Visockis says: "I remember well when I took that picture I was not too happy ... I was expecting to see F-units!" The train is leaving Ile Perrot, QC on it's was to Ottawa, ON going through Rigaud QC. Date Sept 16 1979. Interestingly while often on the "The Atlantic Limitited", the CP M&O Subdivision was really the only place in Canada to see RS10's on the "The Canadian"


Update to our CADRAIL Special Report last month: We have now clarified the UNION PACIFIC six-axle Gen Sets UPY 896 and 897 are being constructed at CADRAIL-Lachine, Quebec from the RPRX SD40-2 frames of UP 4298 which is UPY 896, and UPB 4265 which is now UPY 897. To date UP has ordered a total of four GenSet RP20CD's. (Thanks to Bruce Mercer, Jody Moore and Eric Aucoin)

Here is a shot of UP RPRX SD40-2B 4298 prior to cutting the hood off the frame and the remains of 239.

According to RAILPOWER, the locomotive marked RPGP 0009 at CADRAIL is new Railpower RP20BD demonstrator RPRX 5407. The frame is from a Union Pacific GP9B that was rebuilt as a slug by the SANTA FE. The frame was sighted at CAD last year carrying the number RPRX 1700. More infos to come next month.

CAD will be assembling for EMD, a repowered GP9 (ex-CP GP9u 1637) with a new 8-710 diesel engine and microprocessor controls. When complete it is supposed to test on CP.

KCS GG20B 1868 arrived at CADRAIL in late January,coming up from Jackson, MS for repairs. Eric Aucoin visited CADRAIL (CANADA ALLIED DIESEL) in October and November 2007. and here are the locomotives he photographed around the facility. CAD RS23 2001, wreck damaged ex-CN GP9RM 7249, fire damaged VIA P42DC 917, the remains of ex-UP SD40-2 4298 (its frame used in the RP20CD GenSet project, GECX GE C32-8 899, GE Emission Testing Unit, UPY GG20B`s 2305, 2307, 2308, exCP CAD RS18u 1825, CN ES44DC 2249, exMEC U18B 407, repaired CN DASH 8-40CM 2434, and CN Distributed Braking Car 15210. (All photos by Eric Aucoin)

Eric also visited ANDREW MERRILLEES - DOMINION BRIDGE yard and who sell new rail for track, crane and structural applications and repair locomotives. They are located very close to CADRAIL in Lachine, Quebec and he photographed the following small engines. BB565 EX MIRAMICHI 711 NEE CN 1376 BB566 EX CN 1363 BB567 EX CAD 1993 EX CP 1211 NEE CP 8127

Michael Lussier photographed several ex-MM&A nee-BAR 16xx-17xx series 42ft. pulpwood bulkhead, flatcars about to be scrapped at l'ancienne Griffint in St-Hyacinthe, QC.

PANAMA CANAL RAILWAY ­ KCS SD40-2's 653 and 663 arrived in St-Luc yard from the MM&A Derby Shops after their rebuild on December 6th. They were to to leave Canada for Houston, Texas for furtherance to Panama, and finally left Montreal on CP train 235 on January 12th. Bob Heathorn caught the two primer painted units that morning westbound at Smiths Falls, Ontario enroute to Union Pacific in Chicago. (Photo by Bob Heathorn and Bill Sanderson).

IPSCO STEEL ­ Regina, Saskatchewan (Complete report by Roman Litarchuk) On December 26th, I visited IPSCO (photos:, along with Wheat City Metals, two metal scrappers based out of Regina. Aerial map: Unlike MANDAK of Selkirk, MB, IPSCO's operations are spread out in "city blocks", hence allowing one to see nearly everything from "the inside", while being on public property. To truly

cover the place, I'd need a spinning camera mounted on top of my hat ­ simply too much treasure in every direction. Lots of non-RR items too, from a parking lot of early 80's Chryslers, to a line of 20 tractors of 1930's? heritage, all waiting to be turned into cans. Locomotives seen on the property: IPSCO SW1200 #10 ex-Cuyahoga 1209, switching the facility with another engine. IPSCO S-3 #7 ex-CP 6531, stored ­ still in CP paint and patched. IPSCO S-2 #1 formerly owned by the US military and numbered 7114, now stored with stored with #481 in the number boards. IPSCO NW2 #5, ex- BN 493, stored, still in full BN paint. CP 3101 NORTHERN (4-8-4) on static display, along with a passenger car and caboose GCCX 830xx bathtub gondolas with "5xx" numbers in chalk are used for internal revenue service, i.e. scrap duty. RLGN 39527 (ex-CN 39527) ­ now "490", ballast hopper, was spotted in this service as well. CN 390145 now "310", and other LEFC/CNA open hoppers, formerly used in scrap duty, were around, partially scrapped.


(By Don McQueen)

Summary of EMCC deliveries during December 2007: During December, only 11 units were shipped from London: The final pair of 20 CN SD70M-2's (8848 and 8849) were delivered to the company. Nine more BNSF SD70ACe units (Order 20066862 for 200 units ­ BNSF 9130 to 9329), were delivered during the month. These were 9130-9132, 9136, 9139-9143, and it is now believed the two reported in November (9137 & 9138) were delvered directly to BNSF. Four more Euro Cargo Rail (ECR) units with ivory-white bodies, yellow ends with blue and red ECR livery have been seen around the plant. They are for the joint company created by English Welsh & Scottish Railway (EWS) and new owner Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB) for operation in France (order 20068864). The first three of nine G26MC-2 export units for PJKA (Indonesia - Perusahaan Jawatan Kereta Api) under order 20068821 for road numbers CC202.40 to CC202.48 have been seen in dark blue and deep orange paint at the plant.


Five MONTREAL MAINE & ATLANTIC B39-8s have left the property and as of January 28th were at CP's Agincourt Yard, Toronto. A trace report reveals their numbers and destinations: MMA 8522 235-25 CHICAGO IL MMA 8536 235-25 CHICAGO IL MMA 8539 235-25 DANSVILLE NY MMA 8548 235-25 DANSVILLE NY MMA 8560 235-25 DANSVILLE NY

NEW BRUNSWICK EAST COAST, which has been losing a lot of freight business due to the large number of plant closings in the area, has five of their SD40's for sale. All of their C424's in storage, and a large number of their RS18u's stored. In fact, some of the C424's and RS18u's have only been parts sources since CP sold them to NBEC after their retirements in the 1990's. Here is the NBEC locomotive roster with photos:

Ex-CP Baggage Car 404943 moved westbound from Revelstoke to Vancouver to New Westminster, BC and the SRY Railway. This car and former CN GP9RM 7059 are now owned by VIRX for their Vancouver Island Rail Tours tourist train operation, on the former E&N Railway tracks on Vancouver Island. WPIX GMD1m 1105 which is in gray primer paint, has been leased to the CASCO (Canada Starch Plant) in Cardinal, Ontario. It was retired from CN in 1997, and sold to the Taylor Group. (Via Bob Baker) The ATHABASKA NORTHERN RAILWAY roster posted last month in CRO was a little shy on the number of Geeps operating on the railway. The current ANY roster is as follows: ANY GP9RM's 4005, 4006, 4008, 4009, 4010, ANY SD40 5232 NREX SD40-2's 5607, 5644, 5665. Retired units currently on hand: GP9RM 4004, GP9u 1754, (which was to be numbered ANY 4007) are now both stored unserviceable. and have begun to be cannibalized to keep the remainder of the CANDO Geep fleet running. The ANY's GP40-2LW's (9529, 9593 and 9624) were sold to PROGRESS RAIL in 2006, and have since been resold to ABERDEEN CAROLINA & WESTERN (Thanks to Jon Snook and Earl Roberts for the updates). RAILAMERICA announced on December 4th that it would make Stellarton, Nova Scotia the logistical base for its operations in Canada. RailAmerica vice-president David Rohal said in a news release that Stellarton would be one of five transportation logistics centers the shortline operator will make throughout North America. The Stellarton center will support the Cape Breton & Central Nova Scotia Railway, which operates between Sydney and Truro, as well as the Goderich-Exeter Railway based out of Stratford, Ontario, Hamilton's Southern Ontario Railway and North Bay, Ontario's Ottawa Valley Railway. The facility will employ four transportation logistics specialists that will oversee customer service and operational support functions; a senior logistics specialist who is responsible for car hire, ordering and fleet management and a revenue specialist who is responsible for switching, hauling, loading and billing. Other similar facilities are planned for Oregon, Kansas, Michigan and Florida, with also a revenue protection center being prepared for Vermont. Bruce Mercer is attempting to track down a locomotive last seen in Montreal in 2006: Does anyone know whatever happened to CANAC EMD-built switcher numbered CANX 1519? It is a former GRAND TRUNK WESTERN SW1200 that was last seen by someone at St. Laurent during Nov 2006. No trace records have been found for it leaving Montreal after that date, unless of course it was sold and left under a different name/number. Back in 2005 it was leased to Interquisa, a Montreal company on Notre Dame Street. Shortline vignette:

Back in June 2000, Brian Switzer photographed ONTARIO SOUTHLAND RS18's 181 and 183 doing what Alco's are famous for as they head along the Speed River in Guelph, Ontario.


The CRHA is continuing in the restoration of former CP RAIL RDC-4 Budd Car 9250 (Ex-CP 90) at the CRHA / EXPORAIL site in St-Constant, QC. Photos by Charles De Jean.

For all of the latest news from the historical and preservation groups and railway museums in Canada, we invite you to visit the CRO MUSEUMS LIST on our website:

If you feel your preservation website should be included here, please let us know.


Via Don's Froth: Photos of ALASKA RAILROAD SD70MAC's AAR 4327 and 4328 being loaded onto a barge in Seattle. Scroll down to the last post on this first page in RRF:

Arnold Mooney's photo shows Amtrak E9A's 425 and 409 arriving at Fort Erie, Ontario with their train about to enter the International Bridge for the USA on September 3, 1978. Today there is nothing left but the track in this photo, the trains and station long gone.

On December 4th, 2005, Gary Knapp photographed NEW ENGLAND CENTRAL GP38's on train 324 departing Italy Yard in St. Albans, VT., into the first mile of it's overnight journey south to White River Jct. Plumes of GE U-Boat exhaust in Brady, Nebraska with a trio of attractive UNION PACIFIC U30C`s (2928, 2916, 2902), charging westbound on September 14, 1978. Photo by Arnold Mooney. The Bridge Line serving New England and Canada (My little piece of heaven)! A very colourful consist of D&H 7317, MEC 232, B&M 340 and D&H 5010 seen on this southbound D&H freight approaching Bainbridge, NY. On the right can be seen the old LK (Larkins) Cabin.. The date of the photo March 21, 1985.(Arnold Mooney)

At Unadilla, New York on May 3rd, 1981 D&H GP39-2's 7612, 7602, 7607 and 7601 on a southbound grind to a halt at a red signal just north of the village for a meet with a northbound D&H train. Note the old call-box, as well as the old iron mile post marker on the east side. This location today on CP is all signal track now; so meets here ended long ago. (Photo by Arnold Mooney)

D&H U33C 760 at Binghamton, NY with a hi-nosed N&W GE and a D&H PA1 in 1975.


William, In answer to the inquiry about the CP 4-6-0 453 on display in Utica, NY. The 453 is owned by the owners of K&K Hobby which is George Korrie and his brother. The location has quite a bit of history to it, now operated by the Susquehanna, the track was once part of the NYC West Shore RR and located between the interlocking plant with the DL&W to the east and to the west a interlocking plant with the NYO&W. The railroad was four tracks wide with the two center tracks for freight and the outer tracks were equipped with a third rail electric operation for an interurban electric railway between Utica and Syracuse. Al Gorney Utica, NY

Mr. Baird, I am the founder and owner of We were delighted to see that one of your members directed you to our NH railroad film clip from 1942 (A Great Railroad at work - Part 1). Thank you for including that on your recent update on your site. This is to point out that parts 2 and 3 are also there, and that there are several other similar films from the same era produced by other lines (NYCRR, Southern Pacific, Rock Island, etc.). The films are summarized for convenience at Also included on that page are some video and still-image productions created by our members and users. We'd like your users to know that we'd thrill to see any photo/video creations that any of them might like to contribute. Also, with your permission, I'd like to include a link to your site on Stephen Drew


The Canadian Railway Club is organizing its 100th Annual Dinner on Friday February 1st at Hilton Bonaventure Hotel in Montreal. For information: (514) 636-4269 or email: [email protected]

Will, Would it be possible to announce the Railway Symposium & Exposition? The twelfth Annual Railway Symposium will take place on Tuesday April 22nd and Wednesday April 23rd 2008, at Hotel PLAZA-Québec in Québec City (District of Ste. Foy/Sillery). The two topics will be:

Environment - Safety/Security. Both subjects are presently vital for railways and Regional railways and this is why a number of speakers will address various aspects of this issue; a panel will follow on Wednesday afternoon (we hope...) and we hope that it will yield a practical plan of action. Thanks, Louis-François Garceau, Le Groupe TRAQ - email: [email protected]

Dear Mr. Chouinard, My name is Fredrick, I'm a mechanical engineering student at ETS and i have been a train nut since the age of three, when my father got me hooked into model railroading. I grew up close the Sorel Sub (where I took some of my first railroading pictures) and have spent many hours researching and modeling the CNR in this area as well as around Montreal in the 1950's. I stumbled upon your site while looking for pictures and information about the Sorel Sub. What I really found interesting was the pictures you took of CP's track evaluation train on the M&O line.

What is amusing about those pictures is that I was inside that train when you took them! Actually, I was one of the lucky students that got an internship with CP to operate and maintain theTEC trains all summer, all across Canada. What an experience! I boarded consist (Track Geometry Train) 64 in Sudbury in May, we tested the OVR and ONR, then tested all of southern Ontario (Toronto, Windsor, Niagara Falls,...), we then came to Montreal and tested all of Quebec for a couple of weeks (this is when we went up the M&O, along with the QGRY, MM&A, StL&A,...). After that, we (the students) got transferred to consist 63 which was waiting for us in Moose Jaw. the rest of the summer was spent testing Western Canada (where we saw the Spiral Tunnels, the Connaught and MacDonnald tunnels, and Stoney Creek Bridge) and the Prairies. Our very last two weeks onboard the train was a race back home, as we ran through Ontario again, and arrived late on the last Friday night in St-Luc yard before getting off the train for good. Of course I had to visit EVERY railway museum and hobby shop across Canada along the way! All in all, it was a wonderful summer (with lots of pictures), and I'm hoping to get another internship this year in the railroading industry. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful railway pictures and info! Fredrick Adlhock, Sorel, QC

Hi Will, That British A1 Pacific steam engine is being built from scratch and is not being restored. Check out for the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust, which is doing the work at Doncaster. The Peppercorn-class locomotive, which is described as 95.5% complete as of now, is supposed to be ready to roll in September. They're into the final fundraising - they only need a little under 50,000 pounds to finish. David Garon, Toronto.

The last word:

Argentina runaway:

THANK YOU: Eric Aucoin, Guilio Capuano, Bruce Chapman, Marc Chouinard, Geoff Doane, Brendan Frisina, John Godfrey, GR17f, Steve Hostovsky, Raymond. L. Kennedy, Craig Konopski, Ken Lanovitch, Roman Litarchuk, Don McQueen's "Froth", Bruce Mercer, Jody Moore, Arnold Mooney, Terry Muirhead, Brian Nicholson, Jason Noe, Robert O'Shaughnessy, Bryan Passifiume, Donna Peters, Earl Roberts, Tim Stevens, Samuel Thibodeau, Ed van Pelt, Wilco van Shoonhoven, Cor van Steenis, Stephen Vallis, Ron Visockis, Richard Young, Joe Zika, Branchline, BLHS, Tempo Jr, WCRA, the Canadian Trackside Guide, and others. GOT AN OBSERVATION? New issues of CRO in English and in French are posted each month on our website. News stories pertaining to Canadian railways, photos, comments, favourite links, and questions are always welcome. Please e-mail photos, newsworthy sightings and railway stories to [email protected] and if used, will be placed in the newsletter. Please indicate if you wish your name to be withheld. Please inform us of email address change, or to cancel the announcement mailings. If your own website pertains to Canadian Rail, contact us...

William H. Baird [email protected]



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