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April 2nd, 2002 5:00pm Hurley Building

Present: Wayne Houseman Leo Trickey Dick Calabrese Chuck Elwell Larry Fox George Barden Kevin Olvany Kari Umphrey Mary Green Doug Mack Steve Cowley Ellen Polimeni Bruce Gilman Sarah Allen

Necessarily absent: Sam Casella , Mark Adams, Jim SanAngelo, Dan Marshall and Richard


The meeting was called to order by Co-chair Fox at 5:01pm at the Hurley Building. Cochair Fox congratulated Mayor Polimeni on her appointment to president of the New York Conference of Mayors. All agreed. Co-chair Fox asked for a motion to approve the minutes. Supervisor Houseman made one very minor correction. Mayor Polimeni made the motion to approve the amended minutes, seconded by Councilperson Pendleton. Carried. Co-chair Fox asked if the public would like to make any comments. No comments were made. Kevin Olvany reviewed the progress report on implementing actions within the Canandaigua Lake Watershed Management Plan. Kevin stated that this was an initial inventory of where we are. Next steps based on this inventory is to analyze the priority of all projects based on new information. New types of projects and ideas that were not part of the original plan need to be considered if they can have a positive impact on water quality and fit within existing budget thresholds. Kevin stated he will work with various implementers to review the priority of projects and report back to the Council. Kevin asked Watershed Council members to call with any questions about the progress report. Supervisor Houseman reviewed the bills for approval. He stated that there are two additions to the bills. Marcus Whitman School District has asked the Watershed Council to partner on purchasing a Groundwater Model. Kevin would have access to the model on an as needed basis if he were to be presenting at other school districts or groups. Wayne stated that this would have to be a new line item in the budget with a transfer of $300 from the recreational signs to the new line item. Mayor Polimeni made the motion to partner with Marcus Whitman on purchasing the Groundwater model, seconded by Councilperson Pendleton. Carried. The second addition is the hiring of a summer intern to take on a variety of tasks. Kevin Olvany reviewed a list of proposed taskes to include work on the landcover grant, field reconnaisance, digitizing, stream discharge measurements, mailings, and database work. Kevin also handed out Todd McDonnell's resume and reviewed his experiences. Supervisor Hous eman stated that there is already a budget line item of $3,000. Mayor Polimeni made the motion to hire Todd McDonnell for the summer, seconded by Councilperson Pendleton. Carried.

Supervisor Houseman reviewed the bills for approval. Mayor Polimeni made the motion to approve the bills, seconded by Supervisor Calabrese. Carried. Supervisor Houseman reviewed the current budget of the Watershed Council. He recommended that we move $90,000 into a savings account through the City of Canandaigua. He stated that we have a solid budgetary surplus established and can easily move that money from the savings account back into the checking account if needed. Supervisor Calabrese made the motion to move $90,000 from the checking account to the savings account, seconded by Councilman Mack. Carried. Kari Umphrey from Cornell Cooperative Extension updated the Council on the collaborative well water testing workshop with the Soil and Water Conservation District. Kari stated that there was good turnout from each of the municipalities. She also stated that 40% of the test results came back with positive coliform indicating potential pollution concerns. Supervisor Calabrese asked about potential duplication of effort between the agencies. Kari stated that it was a cooperative arrangement combining to separate programs into one. Kevin Olvany provided a quick update on the Marina/Boat launch signs. Kevin showed the sign to the Watershed Council and stated that he has given each of the marinas a sign to put up. They all stated they would. Kevin also stated that he would put in a sign at the south end boat launch and will get the Office of Parks and Recreation to put in two signs at the north end. Ten signs were made and more can be ordered if needed. Voss signs made the signs because of their previous work and they also came in as low bidder. Kevin Olvany reviewed the progress on the Forestry Local Law. Kevin stated there would be a scoping session for the SEQR process at the South Bristol Town Hall on June 24th at 7pm. The scoping session will outline the overall SEQR review and will ask for public comments on the proposed law. Kevin stated that he could come down to individual Town Boards and present the proposed law. Councilman Mack stated that Kevin should attend the next Middlesex Town Board meeting. Kevin reviewed the lawn care survey that will be mailed out later this month. It will be paid for through a matching state grant. Approximately 1,000 homes will be surveyed. The survey will be random and selected off residential property tax roles. Using GIS technology, residential landowners within 100 feet of a stream, all of the city of Canandaigua and shoreline owners will be selected due to their increased level of potential impact. Councilman Fox asked if there would be self addressed stamped envelopes with the survey. Kevin asked if the Council wanted to use that method which should increase the return rate. The Council agreed. Supervisor Houseman made the motion to approve mailing the survey with a self addressed stamped envelope, seconded by Trustee Cowley. Carried. Kevin Olvany reviewed the possibility of working with the Agricultural Committee to cost share stream buffering demonstration projects in priority subwatersheds. Kevin highlighted one potential project in the Deep Run subwatershed where a landowner has expressed interest in putting buffers and/or possibly a wetland system. Upstream of the

landowner is site that was documented as a hotspot for nutrients and sediments in the Deep Run stressed stream report by Brockport. Councilman Fox asked if there were grants that could help pay for this program. Kevin stated that he thought there was and will continue investigating. Bruce Gilman provided an update on the sampling program and foam research for the summer. He detailed sampling strategies for the summer to better understand the occurrence of foam on the lake. Kevin Olvany handed out copies of a Direct Drainage report put together by Dr. Makarewicz from SUNY Brockport. The report is based on two sampling runs in six rivulets along the northeast and southwest portions of the lake. Kevin stated that he has sampled the northeast streams an additional four times along with many other Direct Drainage sites on both the east and west sides. This report will help add to the knowledge of impacts from direct drainages. Kevin Olvany reviewed the International Watershed Conference that occurred in May. Watershed practitioners from Bolivia, Ecuador, Kenya, Philippines, Indonesia, Honduras and the U.S. visited several of the Finger Lakes and learned about the different watershed protection programs going on. About 30 international practitioners attended the week long conference. Kevin stated that the conference toured Canandaigua Lake for a day and learned about our program here. Supervisors Houseman, Casella and Calabrese along with Judge Montcrieff and Councilman Trickey sat on a panel and provided comments and answered questions about our program. Conference attendees commented that they thought our program was the most impressive and inclusive of the Finger Lakes programs. They stated the main reason was the true leadership at the municipal level as the main difference from the other watershed programs. Supervisor Houseman stated that it was a valuable experience for him as well. Co-chair Fox asked for a motion to adjourn. It was stated that this was going to be Steve Cowley's last meeting on the Watershed Council because he is not running for reelection. Steve was thanked for his years of service. Motion to adjourn till August 6th , 2002 by Mayor Polimeni, seconded by Trustee Cowley. Carried.

Next Meeting August 6th, 2002 5pm Hurley Building



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