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In canyon country

Canyon Country Model T Club

3545 Kiltie Loop Flagstaff, AZ 86001

March 2011

T time with the president

I'd like to begin by giving a great big "Thank You" to all the gals in our club who make every get-together so tasty with their contributions of food and good cheer. You make the club so happy!! The Chance family had another sad loss in February Dave's mom Rose passed away on February 2nd. We all extend our sincere sympathies and condolences to Dave and his entire family. On a brighter note, (newly elected board member) Russ Furstnow attended his first MTFCI board meeting last month, and he suggested to that group that they consider the Phoenix area for their 2012 Annual Membership Meeting in January. They thought it over, and this week the MTFCI Board approved having our club, CCMTC, host the gathering. (Russ is a helluva salesman!) We've arranged for it to be held in Mesa at the Phoenix Marriott Mesa Hotel and Conference Center on January 2021, 2012. I welcome any and all ideas for making this event a memorable one for MTFCI, a club which rarely ventures west of the Mississippi River. Karen and I are hosting our club's next tour March 11 & 12 in Phoenix. A copy of the descriptive flyer is in this newsletter, so dust off your T and join us for a fun time! We look forward to seeing you!! Meanwhile, stay warm....

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: www.canyoncountrymodelt


Harold Crutcher President Dick Erfert President-Elect Marilyn Petersen Sec./Treas. Kathy Furstnow Tour Chairperson _________

Canyon Country Model T Club is affiliated with

Model T Ford Club of America


Model T Ford Club International


T-Time with members

We are happy to welcome the following new members to our club:

Thomas Carlson 5250 N. Highway 89, #15 Flagstaff, AZ 86004 (928) 522-2228 John and Babe McReynolds P.O. Box 375 Camp Verde, AZ 86322 (928) 821-0205 1919 Speedster

1926 Roadster Pickup

[email protected]

.....and we are happy to welcome back these CCMTC members:

David and Judy Ward 7013 N. 23rd Street Phoenix, AZ 85020 (602) 944-7379 1913 Touring

[email protected]

Members John and Montana Renkema are working hard to enable "Comet", their 1921 touring, to join them on the March tour in Phoenix. Comet now has a new counter-balanced Scat crank, and John has balanced and aligned the engine and transmission. We'll enjoy seeing Comet back in our Model T line-up.

T-Time march birthdays

Happy Birthday to you!!!

March 4 March 5 Jim Ellis Gary Hays

Ford family factoids

by Harold Crutcher

Even as a youth, Henry Ford was fascinated by all things mechanical. At the age of 11 he was taking apart watches. On the way to church one Sunday, a friend bet him he couldn't fix his timepiece. Henry took it home, took the watch apart, cleaned it and put it back together again. It worked fine. He won his bet, but he missed church. The other children in the Ford family treated their brother's obsession with ridicule. When they got new toys, especially those with wind-up mechanisms, they wouldn't let Henry touch them because they knew he'd want to take them apart. A neighbor said, "Every clock in the Ford home shuddered when it saw him coming."

From The Fords by Peter Collier and David Horowitz


Can you think of a better location for an important January meeting than the Phoenix area??? No?? (Marilyn suggested Maui, but was overruled). That is why the 2012 MTFCI annual membership meeting has been scheduled at the Marriott Mesa Hotel and Conference Center. We will have more information available at the meeting at Crutchers' home following the pizza dinner on March 11, so bring along your ideas and suggestions on how we can make this an extra-special fun event.

T-Time fabulous fun, tours and events

Dates in red represent CCMTC sponsored or affiliated events. Dates in black represent other special events in which you might be interested.

March 11-12 Phoenix tour and meeting. RSVP to Crutchers at 480.991.9166. See additional information below. 1 Chickasha, OK Swap Meet. Arizona Flywheelers 27th Annual Show, Cottonwood. Call Steve Fiedler at 928.284.1579 for more information. Kartchner Caverns tour. RSVP to Renkemas at 602.292.6592. See additional information below. 2 Bakersfield Swap Meet. Highway cleanup. RSVP to Gary Selig at 928.522.9257. Route 66 Fun Run. Call Russ at 928.526.1343 for information. Flagstaff meeting and joint day tour with SCMTC. RSVP to Furstnows at 928.526.1343. See additional information below. 3 Reservation tour. RSVP to Erferts at 928.526.5683. MTFCA tour in Pincher Creek, Alberta. Les Schubert, Tour Coordinator. Tour website: MTFCI 55th annual tour in Rochester, MN. Steve Boyd, Tour Chair. Website: Santa Fe, NM. Contact Konwisers at 480.223.2742 for more information. Ashurst Lake campout. RSVP to Furstnows at 928.526.1343.

March 17-18 March 18-20

April 8-10

April 15-16 April 23 April 29-May 1 May 7

May 28-29 June 27 ­ July 1

July 18-22

August 12-14

September 9-11

September 14-17

Travel to Astoria OR for Bi-Centennial. Call Renkemas at 602.292.6592 for more information about joining them. MTFCA Covered Bridge Tour in Indiana. Hershey PA swap meet Flagstaff Wupatki Tour. RSVP to Marilyn Petersen at 928.526.9662. Highway cleanup. RSVP to Gary Selig at 928.522.9257. President's tour and meeting. RSVP to Crutchers at 480.991.9166. MTFCI Annual Membership Meeting in Phoenix, hosted by CCMTC.

September 24-27 October 5-8 October 22

November 5 November 19

January 20-21

1 March 11-12 Phoenix Tour

2 April 9-10 Kartchner Caverns Tour Saturday, April 9 Tour Bisbee and Tombstone in the Model T's Sunday, April 10 Tour the "Big Room" Cavern at 9:45 a.m. Call 520.586.2283 for "Big Room" reservations, $22.95/person. Length ½ mile, time 1½ hours. Accommodations: Motels in Benson:


Desert Rose Inn, 866.943.4970 Super 8, 520.586.1530 Best Western Plus Quail Hollow Inn, 800.780.7234 Kartchner Caverns State Campground, $25/night, register online at

3 May 7 Flagstaff meeting and joint tour with Sun Country Model T Club Meet at Russ and Kathy's home at 11 a.m. for the meeting. Join the Sun Country Model T Club members at 1:30 p.m. for a short tour of Flagstaff. Snacks will follow at Furstnows' home. Join SCMTC for a 5 p.m. cookout at Martins' motorhome at Black Bart's RV Park. E-mail Martins at [email protected] for information and registration forms if you are interested in attending the SCMTC Speedster Run to be held on Sunday, May 8.

T-Time technical tips

By Russ Furstnow Restoration of Model T Top Sockets: Model T top sockets are generally one of the last items restored on an open car. Original top sockets are usually very rusty and bent and required a considerable amount of work to restore them to perfection. The steps to restore any tops sockets are: 1. Straighten and align the socket. Reinforce and weld any cracks. Tops sockets are under considerable stress from wind and the elements, and it imperative the sockets are as structurally sound as they can be. Tops that are of the "one man top" variety should be disassembled as the straightening takes place. Rivets will need to be ground off and reinstalled as the top assembly is put back together. 2. Clean the socket. Bead blasting is the best way to go because the socket can be cleaned inside and out. If bead blasting is not an option, use a wire brush, by attempt to clean the inside of the socket as well as possible. 3. Make the curved wood, reinforcing strip that goes on the corner of each bow. This strip can be made using 1/8th inch strips of yellow pine 1 ¼" wide. Take the 1/8th strips and bend them to match the arch of the bow. Use the curved portion of the socket as a guide. Place waterproof glue on one side of each strip and laminate the strips together. Insure the wood strips go at least 4" into the socket for strength. Allow the glue to dry overnight, or place the socket/wood strip into the oven and bake the glue. Once dry, remove the wood strip and sand and fit the wood strip to the socket. This strip will be held in place using the tabs on the socket and a rivet that will go through the wood and the metal. The laminated strips are extremely strong and durable. 4. Fill the socket with fiberglass resin. The resin will provide additional strength to the socket. A metal dowel (can be a straightened coat hanger) can be inserted into the resin after the resin has been poured into the socket to add more strength. Place tape over any opening so the resin does not ooze out. Insure the socket IS NOT overfilled with resin. Once the metal strip and the resin have been placed in the socket, the wood strip can be installed as the resin dries. This will bond the resin to the bent wood strip. 5. Sand any area where the resin has protruded. Re-rivet the bows as required, prime the sockets and install the wood bows. The wood bow must be riveted to the socket. Paint the bows and sockets with high gloss black paint. 6. Following this procedure will insure a strong and straight top. Good Luck.



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