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What is a Caravan mover?

A caravan mover, sometimes called a motor mover, is a system consisting of two or four electric motors driving rollers that can be engaged with the caravan tyres in order to move the caravan forward, backwards, turn and even rotate on its axis, all at the touch of a button. The motors are powered by your caravan leisure battery and are engaged when you need to manoeuvre the caravan and disengaged when you are towing.

Moving your caravan can be as easy as this

How can I choose the right mover?

At Caravan Movers Online we have taken the hard work out of selecting the right mover for your caravan. You will find models from Purpleline, Truma, Reich, PowrTouch and Grove all compared side by side. Visit and pick from the best caravan movers around. [email protected] Tel: 0845 4636175

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0845 46 36 175

Reich RK Mover and Move Control single & twin · Inboard motors protected from spray · Outstanding quality engineering · Wide range to suit all pockets

Grove Move Control Jumbo and Jumbo Twin · Inboard motors protected from spray · Quality manufacturing by Reich · Superb value for money

Purpleline Enduro, Enduro2 and Quattro. · Competitively priced · Cross actuation standard on all models · Two and Four wheel drive models

Nationwide Fitting Service

Caravan Movers Online can offer you the convenience of delivering and fitting your new motor mover at your own home. Most installations take between two to four hours to fit, and on completion we carry out a comprehensive test and give you a full demonstration of the product to get you started. If you have any questions about any of the products we supply or about our installation service please call us on 0845 46 36 175.

[email protected]

Powrtouch Single, Heavy Duty and All Wheel Drive · Optional electric actuation on all models · 5 Year Guarantee standard · Powerful Four Wheel Drive model available

Truma Mover S, SE, TE and the Original Mover · Electric actuation on SE and TE · Optional 5 Year Guarantee · Quality finish


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