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Crossing Punch Candy Cane

D e s i G n b y M a r i ly n n e O s k a M p , Co u R T e s y o f e C s TA s y C R A f T s i n C .

Photocopy pattern #7 from Crossing Punch book. Place pattern on top of a 41/2 x 41/2-inch piece of red card stock. Turn crossing punch upside down and line up with one of the designs on pattern; punch down through pattern and card stock. Continue punching patterns until each design in square frame has been punched. Thread needle; tape end of thread to back of red card stock next to one of the punched designs. Wrap thread around pattern design on an angle as shown. Follow instructions in Crossing Punch book to continue wrapping thread around designs, completing threads angled one way and then the others going the other way. Note: When more thread is needed, tape

Source: Card, card stock, precut 3D sheet, stickers, punch and book from ecstasy Crafts inc.

leftover end to back of card stock and thread needle again. Center and adhere red square to card front. Press out layers for smaller candy cane design layers 1­4 as numbered on precut 3D sheet. Adhere layer one to center of red square; use foam squares to adhere layer two directly on top of layer one. Continue to use foam squares to attach layers three and four. Accent with glitter as desired. Let dry. Attach border stickers along edges of card front. Attach a Christmas saying sticker below dimensional image. l



5 x 5-inch white card Red card stock 3D precut stocking and Teddy bear sheet Gold sticker sheets: corners and borders, Christmas sayings Gold metallic thread Glitter Crossing Punch instruction/idea book Crossing square punch Large sewing needle Tape Adhesive foam squares Paper adhesive Copy machine

From CardMaker magazine November 2008, Vol 4, No. 6, Copyright © 2008 CardMaker magazine


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