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2010 Highlights

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Our Impact in 2010

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CaringBridge Mission:



To amplify the love, hope and compassion in the world, making each health journey easier.

Making Each Health Journey Easier

Enhancing the CaringBridge Experience

Dear Friends:

Making Each Health Journey Easier is a big commitment for CaringBridge. It means we are constantly driven by what's next ­ better serving patients, caregivers and their family and friends and reaching more of them. Implementing technology improvements to deliver the most stable infrastructure to support our anticipated growth. Providing tools to healthcare organizations and affiliate partners to further their advocacy of CaringBridge. Deepening donors' and volunteers' commitment of time and charitable gifts to the mission of CaringBridge. By focusing on these priorities in 2010, we enhanced the overall CaringBridge experience. Realizing Our Impact The CaringBridge Impact Survey completed in September confirmed we are Making Each Health Journey Easier, as 91% of patient respondents answered that question positively (see pg. 12 for additional results).The research numbers truly come alive through four families' stories in this annual report. They are a testimony to how CaringBridge brings people together when health matters most ­ whether someone is facing cancer such as Nicholas Tattersfield and Sarah Bach, or premature birth as the Anderson twins, or recovering from an accident like Ann Guidera.We are proud to provide free personal and private spaces for sharing health journeys. Helping More Families Stay Connected The research results have made us more determined in our outreach, knowing that so many more families need CaringBridge.We reevaluated the CaringBridge brand and beliefs, and created the CaringBridge Manifesto (see back cover), all of which bring greater clarity to our marketing. And speaking of marketing, we stepped up our efforts through social media and nonprofit outreach, and launched a companion website, which gives healthcare professionals news, tools and support for sharing CaringBridge. Increasing Accessibility and Shareability Site authors and guests gravitated to our optimized mobile site (, iPhone and Android smartphone applications, and text message notifications launched in 2010. Enhancements also let authors easily alert their social networks of journal updates. Technology People Can Count On Because of our commitment to reliability, CaringBridge had a 99.92% uptime record in 2010. We added tremendous capacity for growth in sites and sizes of those sites (more room for photos!) due to technology investments. It's now easier than ever for authors to create a site and receive reports on site visitors, guestbook entries and their extended support community.

Powered by a Grateful, Engaged Community Dedicating a charitable gift to our mission was part of more than 98,000 families' CaringBridge experience in 2010, for which we're deeply thankful. We also express our appreciation for the many volunteers who regularly help with research, outreach and mailings. We are committed to ensuring every gift ­ financial or time ­ is well stewarded. CaringBridge meets or exceeds the nonprofit organization standards set forth by the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance, Charities Review Council, Charity Navigator and the National Health Council. Doing More in 2011 In 2011, we will continue focusing on those priorities that drove 2010 improvements and consider our longer-term future: What else can we do? Can we provide more ways to amplify love, hope and compassion as we make each health journey easier? How else can we connect family and friends during a health journey? Our strategic planning process will explore new and creative approaches to fulfilling our mission through 2014. This year we will introduce additional mobile functionality and integration with other services, and a reliable care calendar for appointments and coordinating daily needs. We are thankful and humbled by your support and commit to preserve your trust through sound stewardship and high standards of accountability. We hope you'll consider extending your support of CaringBridge with a gift in 2011, or by considering an estate gift. We look forward to your continued partnership in Making Each Health Journey Easier.


SonaMehring Founder and CEO

MiloArkema 2010 Board Chair

BradleyBeard 2011 Board Chair



Guidera HealthChallenge:Brain Injury SiteCreationDate:10-9-2010 NumberofVisits:85,916 MessagesofSupport:3,580

dge CaringBri " ng fe-changi li

Powered by A grAteful, engAged community

CaringBridge is a community of grateful, engaged families and friends. This free service is made possible by the generosity of donors within the CaringBridge community.






amily Guidera F The

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has been for me." -Steve


Brain Injury Limits Her Communication Ability

While CaringBridge Expands His

A snowflake. That's how Steve Guidera sees his wife of 21 years. Gentle. Beautiful. Independent. That's also how a doctor described her: "Every brain-injury patient is like a snowflake," he said, "each one is different." That conversation arose following Ann Guidera's October 2, 2010, fall on the unforgiving concrete platform at the Trenton, New Jersey, train station. She was seeing their 17-year-old daughter Jenny off for a college visit at the time. Initially Ann was confused; within hours she lost consciousness. A CT scan revealed multiple head injuries including a skull fracture, subdural hematoma and bilateral frontal lobe contusions. Emergency neurosurgery relieved her elevated brain pressure by removing a portion of her skull. It would be two weeks until she regained consciousness. Facilitating Communication Steve soon began daily updates on Ann's exhaustive treatment and recovery on CaringBridge, revealing a seldomseen side of himself. "I never realized that I would spill my heart. I've surprised myself," he says."CaringBridge has been life-changing for me. It's been such a source of comfort." While Steve turned to CaringBridge, Ann initially communicated with eye movements and a "thumbs up." Her speaking abilities slowly returned, but Ann seldom initiated conversation. Text messaging became her preferred mode of communication with an occasional post on CaringBridge to greet her site visitors. After three months in the hospital and a rehabilitation facility, and hundreds of hours in physical, occupational and speech therapy, Ann went home following the first of the year with hundreds of people cheering her on. Worldwide Prayer Support The Guideras' network of relatives, friends, current and past coworkers, high school and college classmates, and faith communities stretch from Long Island to San Mateo, San Antonio and Taipei. Steve and their three daughters have been pleasantly surprised and uplifted by the shear population who know Ann and are praying for her. "We never imagined that she knew so many people," Steve says.

Fourteen-year-old Laura once quipped, "To tell you the truth, I always thought Mom had like three friends." An estimated 30 different churches are praying for Ann's recovery, including the Guideras' home church, St. Paul Lutheran Church in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Without CaringBridge none of these people would have known of Ann's accident and her ongoing progress. Even 18-year-old Katie Guidera, a freshman at Duke University, keeps close tabs on the journal updates when she's away. Steve continued his daily updates until Ann returned home, believing that people deserved to know how Ann was doing and to remind them to pray for her full recovery. A Generous Community The Guideras' grateful and engaged community is not only generous with its prayers and support, it is also one of the most active for tribute donations. Steve attributes this to people's understanding that CaringBridge is so valuable that it should be honored and sustained. "Some do it truly as a tribute to Ann, others are doing it to say thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this journey." Steve was unaware of CaringBridge previously, despite being an interventional cardiologist spending much time with patients, nurses and other medical personnel. Ann, an ophthalmologist and cornea specialist, may never recover to the point of performing surgery again, however, she's fiercely determined to restore as much of her life as possible. The Guideras' faith and the prayers of many cause them to believe a complete recovery is possible. "This journey has been a very spiritual experience," Steve says. "We've been so completely uplifted by the prayers. God's grace and the prayers of many have helped her to recover to where she is now. I'll forever be indebted to CaringBridge for giving me a chance to thank ­ even in some small way ­ the people who have prayed for Ann's recovery."

Saturday,January8,2011 10:21PM,CST10PM Thisexperienceisonewenever wantedandwouldnotwishfor anyotherfamily.Itisalsoone thathastaughtussomuchabout faith,loveandhope.Sharingithas beenablessing.Thankyoufor helpingAnnandourentirefamily.

Thursday,December23, 201010:54PM,CST8PM Anothergooddayforthe mostbeautifulsnowflakein Pennsylvania.Therapyisgoing wellandBIGNEWS!Wehave adischargedate! 5

Finding Steady Support on an Uncertain Journey

CaringBridge Saves Time and Emotional Energy Through it All


Two Early Gifts Playing the Wii with daddy. Hauling dirt with toy trucks. Camping with the family. For twin toddler boys Carter and Logan Anderson this is what life is all about. But their cheerful smiles came only after overcoming a long journey of seemingly endless complications after their premature birth. Born two weeks apart at 24 and 26 weeks and weighing between one and two pounds each, Carter and Logan had a long road ahead of them. Just one week after birth, each underwent a heart operation and suffered respiratory and other serious complications. While Logan had a bit of an easier ride, Carter came very close to death on a daily basis and miraculously pulled through every time. Treasuring the Good Moments For Bree Anderson, mother of the two boys, getting through the difficult times meant focusing on the here and now. "Moments are what get you through the tough times," Bree says. "If, at the end of the day, you have more good moments than bad, well then, it's been a good day. If this moment, right now, is not so hot...don't worry, it's not long before there is a better one." It's because of one moment that the Anderson family found a ray of hope in the storm. A few days after Carter's birth, a hospital staff member recommended CaringBridge to Bree and her husband Scott. Through that single recommendation, the Andersons found a way to receive the encouragement they so desperately needed. "Some days, when the weight of the world was on us, we would ask, `Did you see the message from so-and-so?' and that would almost always strike up a conversation about what was going on," Bree says. "We were able to really use CaringBridge as a support system."

From a Distance Carter was flown to Minneapolis Children's Hospital from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, on two occasions ­ once to have 70 percent of his small intestine removed and once as a precaution in case of emergency surgery was needed on the remaining portion of his small intestine. Faced with the news that the surgery would most likely be futile, but possibly Carter's only chance, Scott and Bree were forced to prepare for the worst ­ they planned his funeral overnight. Fortunately by morning, the X-rays had completely changed and the medicines were working ­ no surgery was needed. Scott and Bree took turns traveling to Minneapolis with Carter while the other stayed in Sioux Falls with Logan. Thanks to CaringBridge, they were easily able to update each other on the boys' progress, and often worked together to decide how best to word the sometimesdifficult health updates in their journal. Going Home As Carter and Logan began to improve and move toward a healthy weight, Bree and Scott looked forward to taking home their two bundles of joy for the first time. Logan was the first to arrive home in the small town of Minneota, Minnesota, with Carter following him two months later. Logan required oxygen, Carter lots of medications, and both were on heart monitors. That didn't matter to Bree and Scott because, finally, they were home.






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& Logan Anderson HealthChallenge: Premature Birth SiteCreationDate:1-24-2006 NumberofVisits:83,276 MessagesofSupport:1,261


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Monday,November24, 200610:31AM,CST Carterwasborn,at6:05, weighing1lb.5oz.The miraculousthingisthatLogan wasnotreadytobebornyet. Thedoctorswereableto stopBree'scontractionsand gethimstable.


Sunday,December10, 20067:48PM,CST Thankyoueveryone.The supportisunbelievable. Pleasekeepthinkingabout usandprayingforusaswe continuethisrollercoaster ride.Manymorepeaksand dropstocome.

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"We were e aringBridg C

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Saving time and emotional energy

CaringBridge is an easy-to-use service that saves time and emotional energy when communicating with family and friends during a significant health challenge.


Bringing PeoPle TogeTher When healTh MaTTers MosT

CaringBridge helps people overcome physical and emotional distances when being there is essential.




Tattersfield HealthChallenge: Hodgkins Lymphoma SiteCreationDate:7-7-2008 NumberofVisits:3,384 MessagesofSupport:227





ue as the gl ge w aringBrid together ." "C us hat kept er Tattersfield t -Pet

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Positivity Carries Tattersfields Through Cancer

CaringBridge Brought People Together For Health's Sake

The most intimidating health conditions often carry no symptoms. Nicholas Tattersfield was an athletic 10-year-old boy who showed no signs of illness when his mother Leslie spied a lump at the base of his neck. Within two weeks he was diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkins Lymphoma. His journey to overcome the condition literally spanned continents. When diagnosed in May 2008, the family lived in Mérida,Yucatán, Mexico, a municipality of about 1 million people west of Cancun. With quality healthcare lacking, his dad, Peter, quit his job as a factory manager and moved the family to Miami for Nicholas' cancer treatments and to be closer to Leslie's family. In August, Peter began a new job in Pennsylvania while Nicholas underwent three rounds of chemotherapy in Miami. Leslie and their three kids moved to Pennsylvania in September, with Nicholas resuming treatment in October, this time facing intense radiation. Sharing Responsibilities Leslie accompanied Nicholas to treatments and doctors appointments while Peter posted updates on CaringBridge to virtually bring together family and friends for support. "Keeping the site active with postings was great therapy for me and a way to stay involved when I was away," Peter says. By mid-December, the cancer had been eradicated from Nicholas' body. The March 23, 2009, entry in his CaringBridge journal declared him "100% cancer free." If he continues to remain clean through a three-year monitoring phase, he will officially be in remission. Positive Mental Attitude Nicholas and his family were carried through this journey by a positive mental attitude. Communicating with loved ones was paramount to sustaining it ­ and CaringBridge made it easy for the Tattersfields to get positive feedback. "CaringBridge was the glue that kept us together and kept our family and friends informed," Peter says, "without being a burden on our family. It would have been otherwise."

Multilingual Community Leslie's sister, a nurse in Miami, introduced the family to CaringBridge. The Spanish language capability made it the best medium to share Nicholas' journey, both for the Tattersfields and their friends in Mexico. Posts were mostly in English, however, Nicholas' guestbook is representative of the boy's bilingual supporters. "CaringBridge played such a pivotal role for our family because our family and friends are very global. Having the ability to establish one point of reference and receive the responses had a profound impact on us," Peter says. "It showed us how loved and supported Nicholas was." Emotional Support CaringBridge was an emotional buoy for Nicholas, as was his father, who claimed responsibility for keeping his son's spirits high. He made sure he felt supported, not victimized. To combat one of the toughest times ­ when Nicholas began losing his hair ­ Peter started the bald head club, which prompted 20 men from Mexico, Miami, Indiana and California to shave their heads in a show of solidarity. "It was the first time you could visibly see that Nicholas was sick," Peter says. "Until he started losing his hair, he looked like a normal 10-year-old boy. We showed him how insignificant hair is in life." The sports Nicholas loves ­ baseball and basketball ­ also provided an emotional boost. He met his favorite NBA player, Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs, on a respite trip that included a Minnesota Timberwolves game with his cousins. That's a moment Nicholas will long remember, however, it was his cancer experience that truly changed him. He opened his heart and mind to other children who were much sicker than he was during shared chemotherapy treatments. It gave Nicholas a new perspective on his own condition and life, in general. As the Tattersfields opened their hearts and lives with their CaringBridge community, so many more reciprocated while receiving their own fresh perspective on life.

Saturday,August16, 20081:44PM,EDT Thispastweekwas somewhatdifficult.Thisweek Iheardforthefirsttimefrom Nick'smouththequestions... Whyme?WhydoIhaveto getalltheseshots?WhydoI havetogetinthattube? WhydoIhavecancer?

Thursday,July17, 20089:51PM,EDT Theresponseweare receivingtohissitehas beenoverwhelming... Wehavereceivednotes fromallpathsofmylife. 9

Sarah Bach "Fights Like a Girl!" Against Cancer

CaringBridge Provides Private Space For Drawing Strength

"Is all this for me?" Sarah Bach asked her husband, Peter, as they drove down their suburban Portland street following a radiation treatment. "Sarah's Warriors" had adorned trees on the block with giant orange ribbons ­ Sarah's favorite color ­ to rally her in her fight against conjunctival melanoma, a mucosal cancer originally diagnosed and treated in 2005. What was thought to have been behind them, resurfaced in June 2010, when the cancer was found to have metastasized to her lungs and liver. Statistics indicate melanoma patients survive 9 to 12 months past diagnosis, however, Sarah is determined to defy statistics. "I'm not a statistic," she has said. "I don't care what the stats are, if there's one person [who responds to treatment and survives], I'll be that one person." Between June 2010 and January 2011, Sarah underwent radiation, two rounds of IL2 immunotherapy (to which only 15% respond), three Carbo/Taxol chemo treatments, a blood transfusion and gamma knife radiation for brain tumors found in December 2010. Determined to Fight Accompanying Sarah to every treatment has been her signature red boxing gloves, personalized with inspirational sayings in black permanent marker. An image in her CaringBridge photo album implores her to "Fight like a Girl!" Nearly 400 people wear orange silicone wristbands emblazoned with "Sarah's Warriors" and boxing gloves to show their support. It would be easy for Sarah, a stay-at-home mom in her early 40s, to resent cancer. Instead, she's been stoic, eager to continue living to the fullest. Frequent trips to Eugene to visit her family, shopping with friends, and hanging out with Peter, 4-year-old Simon, 7-year-old Ava, and 10-year-old Elliot help her maintain an appreciation for life ­ and give her so many reasons to "Fight Like a Girl!". Engaging Support The Bachs pledged not to go through this journey alone. "We knew we had a great community and we were going to share with them," Peter says. "We weren't going to hide."

Needing an outlet through which to share updates, Peter started a blog the night of the diagnosis but never published a single post. At a neighborhood party that night a friend told Peter, "Don't waste your time with the blog! You need CaringBridge." He went home, checked it out and signed up. "I knew this was the place," he says. "It had the templates and everything we needed. It's so easy." He deleted the blog. Tapping Into Others' Strength CaringBridge has connected the Bachs to their support network for prayers, meals, household chores and help with the kids.While difficult for Peter to post on occasion, it's also cathartic and allows the family to tap into others' strength when they have little. "To have to say things only once is so helpful," he says. "I don't want to leave everyone feeling like they're on the outside wondering how Sarah's doing. With CaringBridge, they can find out, focus their prayers, and chime in [on the guestbook] without interrupting." Sarah appreciates CaringBridge for bringing her closer to distant relatives, old friends and family in Eugene. "All of this support is very heartwarming, almost overwhelming," Sarah says. "I find it humbling ­ almost strange ­ how many people want to hear my story. I'm a pretty average mom, housewife." The orange ribbons lining her neighborhood have created an even greater awareness among her physical community, resulting in a local newspaper story and flowers from a complete stranger. The family was duly honored when the employees at Peter's family-owned business made a Christmas gift to CaringBridge in tribute to Sarah. The Bachs themselves have been donors as well. As for the orange ribbons outside her home? While she's uncomfortable with the attention, she secretly hopes the visual reminders of the love and support remain. She got her wish, at least initially, as the ribbons multiplied and Sarah's Warriors began attaching encouraging notes to strengthen her resolve to fight.






." a statistic "I'm not rah Bach -Sa

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Bach HealthChallenge: Conjunctival Melanoma SiteCreationDate:6-20-2010 NumberofVisits:19,072 MessagesofSupport:1,239

The Bach Fa mily

Tuesday,November23, 20107:43PM,PST HomefromtheDrtonight withGOODNEWS! FINALLY!!Sarahisresponding totheCarbo/Taxoltreatment. Hertumorsareshrinking!!!

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Providing Personal and Private sPaces

CaringBridge provides personal and private spaces to share the experience, allowing everyone to express their feelings and offer support.

Friday,October8,2010 7:34PM,PDT Itistheloveandsupportof allofyouandtheconnection wehavetoyouthatkeeps usfullofhopeandfeeling blessed. 11

2010 Financial Information

Statement of Financial Position for the Year Ended December 31, 2010

RevenueandOtherSupport Contributions DonatedServices SponsorIncome InterestIncome OtherIncome TotalRevenue $ $ $ $ $ $ 7,367,031 267,255 484,292 23,917 19,860 90.3% 3.3% 5.9% 0.3% 0.2%

Contributions Donated Services Sponsor Income Interest Income Other Income

8,162,355 100.0%

Expense ProgramServices Management&General Fundraising TotalExpense $ $ $ $ 5,172,161 949,384 304,875 80.5% 14.8% 4.7%

Contributions Donated Services Sponsor Income Interest Income Other Income Management & General Program Services

6,426,420 100.0%

NETASSETS-ENDOFYEAR$4,203,849 Independent auditors: LarsonAllen LLP


CaringBridge®isa501(c)(3)nonprofitwebservicethatconnectsfamilyandfriendsduringaserioushealthevent,careorrecovery. ToreviewthecompleteCaringBridgefinancialstatement,pleasesendyourrequestviae-mailto:[email protected]

CaringBridge Impact Study Findings

September 2010

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91% of pat

88% of patient

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ors and of auth nts 94% of patie 95% said that polled s e enable ingBridg sion Car pas love, com pe and ho

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respondents said that CaringBridge positively impacted their healing process

2010 Donors

CaringBridgeispoweredbyacommunityofgrateful,engagedfamiliesandfriends.Thisserviceismadepossiblebythegenerosityofdonors­ more than 98,000 of whom contributed more than $7.4 million to CaringBridge in 2010.A profound thank you to everyone whose philanthropicsupportofCaringBridgeamplifiesthelove,hopeandcompassionintheworld,makingeachhealthjourneyeasier.The2010 CaringBridgeannualreportrecognizesdonorsof$500ormore.

BridgeofHope Annual Gift of $20,000 and above EstateofBarbaraAnnHay Kim&PeteSegar SheriSobratoFund BridgeofNurturing Annual Gift of $10,000-19,999 TidesFoundation BridgeofHelping Annual Gift of $2,500-9,999 Anonymous(4) Milo&JentineArkema JaniceAune Bradley&GwendolynBeard BertschFamilyCharitable Foundation,Inc. BigYFoods,Inc. TheButzowFamilyFoundation CashmanCharitableGivingFund CRLDavidFoundation PippieDavis ValDiFebo GeorgeW.Dixon TimEisler EnglobalLand Jim&BarbEppel FisherHouseFoundation,Inc. FountainheadFoundation Google,Inc. DouglasM.Holcomb GregJordan Karsyn'sKrusaders GeorgeS.Kaufman Al-JoharaB.Khalid MoudiKhalid MerrickR.Kleeman TheKNWGroup,LLC LakeFamilyFoundation MichaelH.Lee Mazie&BrentLeftwich ChristianLevett TheLewisFamilyFoundation TheLynchFamilyFoundation SonaMehring MTVNetworks S.L.NusbaumRealtyCompany DanielE.Pierson AltonPowell TravisL.RabrenFoundation JohnJ.Roche RukavinaFamilyFoundation

BarbaraA.Saxton Carl&VernaSchmidtFoundation SilverLake Steven&FarrelStarker VonBriesen&Roper,S.C. Courtney&ShariWhite CharletonD.Younts RonZarcone BridgeofSharing Annual Gift of $1,000-2,499 Alan&BarbaraAbramson JordanAdler AECOMPlanning,Design &Development AegisTherapies BruceM.Alpert MichaelAltringer DavidH.Anderson Anonymous(28) DinaArnott CarolynBeckedorff BeckerTradingCompany Susan&StanBedows GavinB.Beekman IrwinBelkEducationalFoundation TheBellFamilyFund BeltwayParkBaptistChurch Robert&VinkaBerg BergrenFamilyFoundation oftheMinneapolisFoundation BlakeBertieCancerFoundation DebbieBixby MarkE.Blasch Darnell&LeslieBoehm Judith&SteveBoeser EvamariaBogner JaneM.Boss JohnBoudry Family&FriendsofErinBrass BradBrewer BridgewaterAssociates,LP WilliamM.Briggs,Jr. Cathy&NormBrown SueArmstrongBrown TheBrunettiFoundation CraigBuchmann TimothyA.Bunch WilmaL.Burris JasonJ.Cameron JimCapuano ShirleyC.CarisFamilyFoundation WilliamR.Carman ClintaCarmichael Barbara&FrancisCash,Jr.

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You Too Can Help Make Someone's Health Journey Easier

We all know someone in the midst of a health challenge. Cancer, accidents, premature birth and surgeries ­ either directly or indirectly ­ touch everyone at some point.You may have brought a meal to a family facing a significant health event, picked up the mail, mowed the lawn, or sent a card. But perhaps the best help you can provide is simply telling someone about CaringBridge. "Wait," you might say to yourself, "Doesn't everyone know about CaringBridge?" Unfortunately no. As a friend of CaringBridge, it might be hard to imagine that there are people who haven't heard of our service. But it's true. Every day we hear from hundreds of hurting families that say, "I wish I would have known about CaringBridge before this crisis." They didn't know about CaringBridge because no one told them. According to the CaringBridge Impact Survey, 72% of patients who responded said they set up a site at someone else's suggestion. That means you have the most influence on others' decisions to use CaringBridge. We'll continue to raise awareness of our free, private websites through our healthcare and affiliate partners, and aggressive outreach, however, we can't do it without individuals like you. Think of it, by recommending CaringBridge you're connecting people in need to love, compassion and hope from their support community.You could help the healing process while making their health journey so much easier. Will you become a CaringBridge supporter? Tell others today. Tell your neighbors. Tell people within your faith community. Tell your doctor. Tell the nurses you know. And while you're at it, join the other 150,000 people who "Like" CaringBridge on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel. When we post a message or a video you like, pass it along to others. You can also directly support the mission of CaringBridge with a financial gift.Your generosity ensures families receive the easy connection to loved ones they need. Please help us in Making Each Health Journey Easier ­ not for our sake but for your family and friends who need love, care and hope during a health challenge.


2010 Donors (Continued)

EugeneA.Hayes PamelaJ.Hayes Mr.&Mrs.ShaunM.Hayes YorkHayes JohnH.Hays TheHeadFoundation Dr.WilliamF.Heath,Jr. KathrynC.Helmus RobertHenderson DavidG.Hendricks DouglasC.Hepper AgustinHerran TheMeaghanC.Herrity CharitableFoundation WilliamHewitt SherrillHigh ShawnHill TheHirschFamilyCharitableFund MonicaM.Ho MargaretB.Hoelscher SharonHoese HeatherHolbrook GeorgeW.Holden DavidHollander LynetteHolmes NormaMoretzHorvitz RendyJ.Howle SharonJ.Huggett JerryHughes SteveHughes SherryL.&JoeD.Humphrey,Jr. EthelmaeHumphreys NancyW.Hutcherson GayleIde AntoniaL.Ihry JohnIngle IngramMicroPhilanthropicCommittee JaredT.Isaacman OrtonP.Jackson,Jr. JenniferJacobson PaulJennings DeWonnaJenson RuthJervis Robert&JuliaJessupCharitableFund Tom&LouJewell ChristopherJohnson CliftonE.Johnson DonaldA.Johnson JamesN.Johnson KevinH.Johnson MichaelJohnson GinnyJohnston Cindy&RickJones TrishJones LindaRobertsonJordan MargaretJordan RonaldM.Jorgenson PaulD.Joseph Leo&PhyllisKahn MikeKammerer LindaN.Kapnick TinaKarapetian CharlesE.Kaufman NancyKearney Dr.&Mrs.JeremyKees SterlingH.Kenan MollieKendall ArdythD.Kennedy LindaI.Kennedy MichaelP.Kercheval MichaelC.Killion Norman&LanaKimoto GeorgeJackKing,Sr. UnaKistner DebbieKlein SusanK.Klein ThelmaKlein DavidJ.Klingerman DawnKnight DeborahKnighton ChristopherKnott DavidKoepp Robert&LuannKoop CarolynS.Kopca TheKravetz&MeyersFamilies AmyM.Kreutzen Ranjit&KerstinKripalani RandallKubik JoyceLacerte LagniappeFoundation TomLahey NancyJ.Lamb JohnLamberti Rev.KirkLarkin PatriciaLarsen Mr.&Mrs.EricLaster SheilaLau ThomasJ.Lavagetto LeahR.Lawton LeClaireManufacturingCompany Lars&MarenLeafblad GregoryJ.Leder BrittanyLee JonathanLee LehighRailway LeJeuneFamilyFoundation MarkS.Lerner JohnF.Leviness JudithLewis AmyLifson KerynM.Limmer JoanneK.Lindsay KarenK.Lindsey ShawnLipscomb ClaudiaLivraga Dr.SusanLloyd ChrisLoeffler Mr.&Mrs.AndrewLogan Ray&KathiLopes KristyLoPresti Dr.DuncanLorimer WendyE.Louis ChereeLove CandaceJ.Lovett LozerneSusquehannaRailway Mike&SandyLuker AndreaA.Lunsford KevinLydon MichaelJ.Macholan RobertMacNaught JohnMaguire RobertMalick MichaelMallick SeanP.Malone JackieMann HughS.Mannering GwennMarelo MarineConstruction DredgingPileDriving LeeMarkquart Mr.&Mrs.RobertR.Marmor JimMars VirginiaC.Mars JeanneMartin SarahMartin MaryE.Mathews NaomiMatsumura Maurices FrankTimMcAleer RandallMcCallum DougMcCaskey&Family GordonE.McClintock BrianP.McCloskey Dr.MichaelD.McCord MariMcCullough SheriMcDaniel KevinMcGinnis PatrickJ.McGintyIII KarenL.McIntyre MarthaS.McIntyre PatrickJ.McKee PattyMcKeever KittyMcKinsey DennisMcMahon Ernest&MarjorieMeadows ToddR.Meister MaryJaneMelgaard JeanMencias Meng-HannanConstruction SusanR.Menz Mercer MeridianSouthernRailway PattiA.Merriner KrisMeyer MilgardWindows&Doors AimeeMiller DebraMillwood JohnM.Mims EdwardP.Miner JimmyM.Mizuhata WilliamMoates,Jr. RonMoeller Charles&VictoriaMogilevsky BarbaraMoholland BrettA.Monello John&RamonaMooney AlMoore JessicaMoore LucyS.&JeffreyMoore RobertB.Moore MaryAnneMoorhead EleanorMorgan RobertE.Morin TodMorita Jim,Jack&JasonMorman DonMorris JacquelineMorrison WilliamB.Morrow DanielL.Moses TheMosserGroup MountMoriahBaptistChurch VacationBibleSchool MaryP.Mozingo KathleenM.Muldoon AliciaMullen ThomasM.Mullinix MunicipalPump&Control JamesC.Munsell MurphyMemorial LoraMurphy KellyMyers FrancisNajafi AnandNallathambi Gregory&JillNathe SherylNeilsen JaniceB.Nelsen CarolNelson MarcD.Nemeth MelindaNesler GraceNichols CindyNicholson CharlesE.Niemier BillNolan MarceloNovaco Jay&JenniferA.Novak RichardNovak O.B.L.G.A&O.B.C.C. WilliamO'Brien,M.D. BonnieO'Connor DarcyO'Connor Mr.&Mrs.OttoC.OdendahlIII PatrickS.O'Flynn DaleOkuno OrthopedicAssociatesofRochester,PC David&MarkaOtoski GregOvik OwegoHarfordRailway ThomasPalmer PennyJ.ThompsonParchen MargueriteC.Park ParkerHannifinCorporation FinanceDepartment Mr.&Mrs.TedParlas KristenL.Patterson KatherinePayne KathleenPellegrinoFund Sami&BillPelton LucyPemberton ChrisE.Pernock,Jr. BrendaPhillips DeborahPhillips RobertG.Phillips BlaineA.Phipps KevinT.Picucci DaniettaPignetti CherylPilipuf DominicPiro BarbaraL.Polhemus Jerry&JudyPolson MikaAoyama&AlexPolyak PolysiusCorporation ClarissaPorter AndreaPortera Stanley&GailPosey DanPoston PottstownRumbleVolleyballTournament MortonM.Poznak PreferredFinancial Mr.&Mrs.GaryL.Price JoAnnH.Price JohnPrice SusanL.Proaps JennyPrynch JoannaPrzytulski KevinPulley Arlene&BobPurdum


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In-Kind Support

Weareprofoundlygratefultoourdonorswhoprovidedin-kindgiftsin2010.In-kind,orprobono,donorshelpedCaringBridgeserve morefamiliesbyprovidingessentialequipment,technologyandservicesatnocosttoCaringBridge.Theirgenerousgiftstotaledmore than$250,000invalueandprovidedmeaningfulcontributionsandsignificantcost-savingstoCaringBridge.The2010CaringBridge annualreportrecognizesdonorsofin-kinddonationsvaluedat$2,500ormore.

Annual Gift of $75,000 and above Google,Inc. Annual Gift of $50,000-74,999 Faegre&Benson,LLP RightNowTechnologies Annual Gift of $10,000-24,999 PhilipD.Hotchkiss Annual Gift of $2,500-9,999 ipHouse NinaHaleConsulting


Planning for a Legacy of Love

Michele and John Belisle Invest in the Future of CaringBridge

Michele and John Belisle are like many CaringBridge families ­ they've visited sites to follow many family, friends and acquaintances' health journeys, post guestbook messages and make tribute donations on occasion. They've been moved by the significant role CaringBridge plays for so many families and the organization's quality leaders. The Belisles have contributed annually to CaringBridge for several years. When updating their estate plan a few years ago, the 40-something couple considered how to extend their impact beyond their lives with a planned gift to CaringBridge. "The return on investment of a gift to CaringBridge is phenomenal," John says. "The service benefits so many people in a profound way."

Giving is a family value for the Belisles, and one they've taught their two daughters, Ashley, 18, and Claire, 15, from an early age. They also wanted to name organizations they trust will exist in perpetuity. Michele says, "We wanted to give somewhere that will sustain because, hopefully, our gift won't be realized for many years. I trust that CaringBridge will be there." Part of this trust stems from the couple's confidence in the organization's leadership. In the end, it's the basic premise on which CaringBridge was founded that drove the Belisles' decision: "I trust CaringBridge to provide an amazing, important service to people in their time of need," she says.

- ---


- -

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many nefits so ce be "The servi profound way." lisle people in a -John Be


- --

---------- -

"Legacy Bridge of Love" Planned Gifts

TheLegacyBridgeofLoveSocietyisarecognitionprogram forfriendsofCaringBridgewhohavedesignatedthe organizationasabeneficiaryintheirestateplanwitha plannedgift.Aplannedgiftensuresthatfamiliescanrelyon CaringBridgeforsupportandcompassionfarintothefuture. WhatIsPlannedGiving? Plannedgivingisawaytomakecharitablegiftsnowor afteryourlifetimewhileenjoyingfinancialbenefitsfor yourself.Unlikecashdonations,plannedgiftsaretypically madefromassetsinyourestateratherthandisposable income,andoftencometofruitionuponyourdeath.Not justforthewealthy,plannedgiftsofanysizecanmakea significantdifference. Themostcommonplannedgiftisabequestinyourwill orlivingtrust. Howtojoin: BecomeamemberbydesignatingCaringBridgeasabeneficiary ofyourplannedgift.CaringBridgeinvitesyoutobecomea memberoftheLegacyBridgeofLoveSocietythisyear.We canassistyouindeterminingwhattoconsiderinyourplan.

s include: Other planned gift

iftannuity ·Acharitableg ust ableremaindertr ·Acharit trust ad ·Acharitablele und Anendowmentf sets · nas ·Retirementpla licies surancepo ·Lifein e erestinyourhom ·Aremainderint sofgifts,youcan Withthesetype l ltaxandfinancia receivesubstantia eamemberof m benefits,andbeco fLoveSociety. cyBridgeo theLega

P devel leasecont opme actDe [email protected] ve Major Dono caringbrid lopmenta t rOffic g erat e.orgorca (651) l 789-3 lour 384.

LegacyBridgeofLove Planned Gifts * received Anonymous EstateofKathrynAmann* EstateofBernadetteBaker-Clemas&Family* John&MicheleBelisle EstateofJohnJ.Bernardi* Bruce&MaryDeinken EstateofDonnaHannon* EstateofBarbaraAnnHay* EstateofGeorgeneKadrmas* EstateofDorothyJ.Kosobud* SonaMehring EstateofPauletteSeiler* EstateofRichardSteinman* JoAnnHardegger&DarrinSwanson EstateofMonteSweet* EstateofDaleAnnWolf*






Healthcare Partners

CaringBridgeisproudtopartnerwiththesehospitalsandnonprofitorganizations.Together,weensurethatfamiliesfacingasignificant healthchallengecanrelyonCaringBridgetoeasetheburdenofcommunicationandgainstrengthfromtheircommunities.Thankyouto ourpartnersforhelpingustospreadthewordandmakeeachhealthjourneyaneasierone.

AbingtonHealthSystem AbingtonMemorialHospital LansdaleHospital AgnesianHealthcare AkronGeneralMedicalCenter AlacareHomeHealth&Hospice AlegentHealth AllinaHealthSystem AbbottNorthwesternHospital UnitedHospital AllinaHomeCare-Hospice&PalliativeCare AltruHealthSystem AultmanHospital Avera BaptistHealth BayhealthMedicalCenter BaylorHealthCareSystem BaylorMedicalCenteratCarrollton BaylorAllSaintsMedicalCenteratFortWorth BaylorInstituteforRehabilitation BaylorMedicalCenteratWaxahachie BaylorMedicalCenteratGarland BaylorRegionalMedicalCenteratPlano BaylorUniversityMedicalCenteratDallas THEHEARTHOSPITALBaylorPlano BaylorMedicalCenteratIrving OurChildren'sHouse BaylorRegionalMedicalCenteratGrapevine BenefisHealthSystem BismarckCancerCenter BotsfordHospital BrighamandWomen'sHospital BronsonMethodistHospital CampbellCountyMemorialHospital CapitalHealth CarilionClinic CarleFoundationHospital CarolinasHealthCareSystem LevineChildren'sHospital CarolinasRehabilitationHospital Children'sHospital&ClinicsofMN Children'sHospitalofWisconsin Children'sMedicalCenterofDallas Children'sMedicalCenterofDayton Children'sNationalMedicalCenter CitrusValleyHealthPartners ClarianHealth RileyHospitalforChildren IndianaUniversityHospital MethodistHospital ClevelandClinic SouthPointeHospital,aClevelandClinicHospital FairviewHospital,aClevelandClinicHospital CommunityMedicalCenter CookChildren'sMedicalCenter CoxHealth CyberKnifeCentersofMiamiandPalmBeach DanaFarber/BrighamandWomen'sCancer Center DoctorsHospital e+CancerCare CommunityCancerCareNorthFlorida RockyMountainOncologyCenter CancerCareCenterofThornton CommunityCancerCenter ofNorthFlorida­LakeCity PETImaging EvercareHospice&PalliativeCare FairviewHealthSystems FairviewRidgesHospital FairviewSouthdaleHospital UniversityofMinnesotaAmplatz Children'sHospital Abington Lansdale FondduLac Akron Birmingham Omaha Minneapolis St.Paul St.Paul GrandForks Canton Yankton Montgomery Dover Carrollton FortWorth Dallas Waxahachie Garland Plano Dallas Plano Irving Dallas Grapevine GreatFalls Bismarck FarmingtonHills Boston Kalamazoo Gillette Trenton Roanoke Urbana Charlotte Charlotte St.Paul&Mpls Milwaukee Dallas Dayton Washington WestCovina Indianapolis Indianapolis Indianapolis WarrensvilleHeights Cleveland Missoula FortWorth Springfield Miami Milford Augusta Gainesville Casper Thornton LakeCity Nashville Minneapolis Burnsville Edina Minneapolis PA PA WI OH AL NE MN MN MN ND OH SD AL DE TX TX TX TX TX TX TX TX TX TX TX MT ND MI MA MI WY NJ VA IL NC NC MN WI TX OH DC CA IN IN IN OH OH MT TX MO FL MA GA FL WY CO FL TN MN MN MN MN UniversityofMinnesotaMedicalCenter,Fairview FHNMemorialHospital GastonMemorialHospital GenesysHealthSystem GeorgetownUniversityHospital GilletteChildren'sSpecialtyHealthcare GoodShepherdMedicalCenter GundersenLutheranHealthSystem HallmarkHealthSystem HamiltonHealthCareSystem HarborviewMedicalCenter HCACapitalDivision ParklandMedicalCenter Lewis-GaleMedicalCenter PortsmouthRegionalHospital HeartlandRegionalMedicalCenter HennepinCountyMedicalCenter HopeHealthcareServices InnovisHealth KadlecRegionalMedicalCenter KalispellRegionalMedicalCenter KetteringHealthNetwork MarthaJeffersonHospital MartinMemorialHealthSystems MaryFreeBedRehabilitationHospital MaryWashingtonHospital MemorialHealthCareSystem MemorialHealthSystem MemorialHospitalforChildren MemorialHospitalCentral MemorialHospitalNorth MemorialHealthSystem MemorialHealthUniversityMedicalCenter MemorialMedicalCenter MercyHospital MercyMedicalCenter-DesMoines MethodistHospital MethodistMedicalCenter MosesConeHealthSystem Nemours/AlfredI.duPontHospitalforChildren NorthMemorialMedicalCenter NortheastRehabilitationHealthNetwork NortonHealthcare KosairChildren'sHospital NortonSuburbanHospital NortonAudubonHospital NortonBrownsboroHospital NortonHospital NovantHealth ForsythMedicalCenter PresbyterianHospital OchsnerHealthSystem ParkviewHealth PhoebePutneyMemorialHospital PresbyterianHealthcareServices ProHealthCare ProMedicaHealthSystem BayParkCommunityHospital FostoriaCommunityHospital BixbyMedicalCenter DefianceRegionalMedicalCenter FlowerHospital HerrickMedicalCenter ToledoChildren'sHospital ToledoHospital ProMedicaHospice TheGoerlichCenter RadyChildren'sHospital RapidCityRegionalHospital RegionalWestMedicalCenter RegionsHospital RexHealthcare RiverwoodHealthcareCenter Minneapolis Freeport Gastonia GrandBlanc Washington St.Paul Longview LaCrosse Melrose Dalton Seattle Derry Salem Portsmouth SaintJoseph Minneapolis FortMyers Fargo Richland Kalispell Miamisburg Charlottesville Stuart GrandRapids Fredericksburg Chattanooga ColoradoSprings ColoradoSprings ColoradoSprings SouthBend Savannah Springfield Miami DesMoines St.LouisPark Peoria Greensboro Wilmington Robbinsdale Salem Louisville Louisville Louisville Louisville Louisville Winston-Salem Charlotte NewOrleans FortWayne Albany Albuquerque Waukesha Oregon Fostoria Adrian Defiance Sylvania Tecumseh Toledo Toledo Sylvania Sylvania SanDiego RapidCity Scottsbluff St.Paul Raleigh Aitkin MN IL NC MI DC MN TX WI MA GA WA NH VA NH MO MN FL ND WA MT OH VA FL MI VA TN CO CO CO IN GA IL FL IA MN IL NC DE MN NH KY KY KY KY KY NC NC LA IN GA NM WI OH OH MI OH OH MI OH OH OH OH CA SD NE MN NC MN


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Seattle Children's Hospital and CaringBridge: Serving Families of Diverse Locations and Backgrounds

AtSeattleChildren'sHospital,providingfamily-centered careincludesofferingprogramsandsupportthathelp reducethestressforbothpatientsandtheirfamilies. Familymembersoftengravitatetothehospital'sFamily ResourceCenterforatoothbrushorshampoo,directions torestaurants,orforweightierrequestssuchaslocatinga cancersupportgrouporresearchingachild'scondition. "PatientfamilieswhocometotheFamilyResource Centerrangeinemotionfromthemostconcerned they'vebeenthisweek,tothemostterrifiedthey've beenintheirlifebecauseofwhatisgoingonintheir child'slife,"saysMatthewBullen,aFamilyResource Centerprogramcoordinator.Oftentimestheycometo thecentershell-shockedfromaminutes-olddiagnosis. "Ourjobistoassesstheirneedsanddecidewhether wecanfillthoseneedsorpointthemtoaresource thatcan." TheFamilyResourceCenteractivelypromotes CaringBridgeinthoseinitialconversations."Wetryto recommendCaringBridgeinthefirstfewdaysfortime managementreasons,"Bullensays."Itcanbeanemotional challengeforparentstorepeatthesamestoryagainand again,particularlywhenthey'repressedfortimeandwant tospendasmuchtimeaspossiblewiththeirchild." AsthepediatricreferralcenterforWashington,Alaska, MontanaandIdaho,the250-bedhospitaltreatsadiverse population.Withareferralnetworkthatspansoceans, mountainrangesandpartsofCanada,thehospitaloften servespatientsandfamiliesfarremovedfromtheirsupport networks.CaringBridgehelpsthosefamiliesspanphysical distancestoreceivethesupporttheydesperatelyneed. BecauseCaringBridgeisfree,easytouseandavailablein Spanish,theFamilyResourceCenterknowsmostfamilies canuseit.FamiliescanusetheCenter'scomputers,digital cameras,cardreaders,andUSBdrivesforfree,which makesupdatingaCaringBridgesitemorecost-andtimeeffectivethanphoneore-mail. "Wedon'twantittobeanaddedstressforparentstokeep familyandfriendsupdated,sowereferthemtoCaringBridge ­it'ssuchausefultool,"Bullensays."Thetwo-way communicationissoimportantforboththepatientsand theirfamiliesaswellasthosewhoreadtheupdates."


Affiliate Partners

Thankstoagrowingnumberofcompassionatepartners,CaringBridgenowconnectsmorepatientsandfamiliesthaneverbefore.We areproudtopartnerwiththesenearly90nonprofitorganizationsandareexpandingournetworkevenmoretoincludeothertypesof organizationssuchasinsuranceprovidersandadditionalcorporate-causeinitiatives.Together,wecanmakeeachhealthjourneyeasier.

Nonprofit­Health 4thAngelMentoringProgram- TheScottHamiltonCARESInitiative Alex'sLemonadeStandFoundation Alpha-1Association ALSAssociation-GreaterPhiladelphiaChapter AmericanCancerSociety AmericanChildhoodCancerOrganization AmericanLiverFoundation AmericanVeteranswithBrainInjuries AplasticAnemiaandMDSInternationalFoundation AssociationofGastrointestinalMotilityDisorders BMTInfoNet BrainInjuryAssociationofAmerica BrainInjuryAssociationofMinnesota BreastCancerNetworkofStrength CancerFamilyNetworkofMontana CancerHopeNetwork CancerSupportCommunityofGreaterSt.Louis (FormerlyTheWellnessCommunity) CaseyCaresFoundation Children'sBrainTumorFoundation Children'sCancerAssociation Children'sWishFoundationofCanada ChildServe CircleofCare ColonCancerAlliance CureSearchForChildren'sCancer DKMSAmericas Faith'sLodge FisherHouseFoundation GeorgiaCancerFoundation GiftofLifeFamilyHouse GiftofLifeTransplantHouse Gilda'sClubNewYorkCity Graham'sFoundation HopeforTwo-PregnantwithCancer HydrocephalusAssociation ImermanAngels InjuredMarineSemperFiFund LungCancerAlliance LupusFoundationofAmerica,Inc. LupusFoundationofMinnesota Lymphangiomatosis&Gorham'sDiseaseAlliance Medica MelanomaInternationalFoundation MeningitisFoundationofAmerica MinnesotaStrokeAssociation MothersAgainstBrainInjury MyastheniaGravisFoundationofAmerica,Inc NationalBrainTumorSociety NationalChildren'sCancerSociety NationalMarrowDonorProgram NationalMultipleSclerosisSociety NationalNiemann-PickDiseaseFoundation NationalSpinalCordInjuryAssociation NeurofibromatosisInc.California OsteogenesisImperfectaFoundation

City Cleveland Wynnewood Miami Ambler Atlanta Kensington NewYork Pace Rockville Bedford HighlandPark Vienna Minneapolis Chicago Bozeman Chester St.Louis Baltimore NewYork Portland Pickering Johnston Wilton Washington Bethesda NewYork Danbury Rockville Atlanta Philadelphia Rochester NewYork Perrysburg Amherst SanFrancisco Chicago CampPendleton Washington Washington Bloomington BocaRaton Minnetonka Glenmoore ElMirage Minneapolis St.Johns NewYork Watertown St.Louis Minneapolis Denver FortAtkinson MontgomeryVillage Vacaville Gaithersburg


PancreaticCancerActionNetwork PartnershipforParents PatientAdvocateFoundation RallyFoundation ReinInSarcomaFoundation RonaldMcDonaldHouseCharities ofMetroSt.Louis RonaldMcDonaldHouseCharities ofNorthernNevada RonaldMcDonaldHouseCharities ofSouthernArizona RonaldMcDonaldHouseCharities ofUpperMidwest RonaldMcDonaldHouseCharitiesofWichita RonaldMcDonaldHouseofMobile RonaldMcDonaldHouseofNewYork TheLAMFoundation TheLustgartenFoundation TuberousSclerosisAlliance UlmanCancerFundforYoungAdults WellSpouseAssociation WiggleYourToes WoundedWarriorProject Nonprofit­FaithBased AmericanHolisticMedicalAssociation EFCA-EvangelicalFreeChurchofAmerica HealthMinistriesAssociation,Inc. InternationalParishNurseResourceCenter KingsWayChristianMinistries,Inc. KansasParishNurseMinistry MountCalvaryLutheranChurch NACBA-NationalAssociation ofChurchBusinessAdministrators NationalEpiscopalHealthMinistries NormandaleCenterforHealing&Wholeness NorthwestParishNurseMinistries Psalm23Ministry RuralParishNurseResourceNetwork SaintPaul'sBaptistChurch WooddaleChurch Corporate Amgen-Breakaway From Cancer

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CaringBridge is Making Connecting Even Easier

AtCaringBridge,wewanttobeintegratedintopeople'spreferredwaysof sharingandreceivinginformationsowecanbestconnectandsupportpeople duringtheirtimesofneed.Oureffortsandinvestmentsin2010helpedenable newplatformsforconnecting,including: Mobile: · Allthenecessaryfunctionalitytostayconnectedonthego­iPhoneand­forusewithanysmartphone · Textnotificationsofjournalupdateswithaccesstomobilesite FacebookConnect: · AuthorscankeeptheirFacebooknetworkup-to-datewithwallposts · Becausesiteauthors'andvisitors'communitiesvaryfromoneplatform totheother,CaringBridgeintegrateswithFacebookwithasingle/shared sign-on,allowingpeopletomovebackandforthbetweenFacebookand CaringBridgewithease CreateaSiteforSomeoneElse: · NowfriendsandfamilymemberswhohaveexperiencedCaringBridge cangobeyondjusttellingalovedonefacingaserioushealthchallenge aboutCaringBridge · Friendscaneasilystartasiteandtransferittoalovedone­givingthem thegiftofaCaringBridgesite · Thepatientortheircaregiverwillhavefullcontroltocustomizeand publishthesite · Thesitecreatorcancanstayonasaco-authortoprovideevenmorehelp

An Expanding Partnership: The American Liver Foundation and CaringBridge

Likemanyhealth-relatedorganizations,theAmerican LiverFoundationbelievesinthevalueCaringBridge bringstoindividualsaffectedbycriticalconditionssuch asliverdisease.Thetwoorganizationshavehadan expandingpartnershipsince2009,inpartbecauseboth strivetomakethehealthjourneysofpeoplewithliver diseaseeasier. TheLiverFoundationfacilitates,advocatesandpromotes education,supportandresearchfortheprevention, treatmentandcureofliverdisease.CaringBridgeisone ofthewaystheFoundationprovidessupport.Inaddition toapresenceonthefoundation'swebsite,CaringBridge alsoappearsregularlyintheLiverFoundation'smagazine andispromotedthroughitshelpline. TheAmericanLiverFoundationselectivelychooses itspartnersbecauseitknowsthosepartnerscan reflectuponthefoundation."We'reverycarefulwith whowealignwith,"saysDiannRohde,vicepresident ofcommunications."CaringBridgehasanimpeccable reputationinthepatientandmedicalcommunity;it providestheutmostinconfidentially;andtheservice platformisreliableandeasyforauthorsandvisitors.At atimeofcrisis,thelastthing[people]needistoreada manualtogetthisthingtowork." ThewayinwhichCaringBridgeallowspeopletoextend thewaytheycommunicate­inaconfidentialmanner­ ispartofitsvalue,accordingtoRohde."Peopleshould becomfortablesharingasopenlyontheirsitesas theywouldbeiftheyweresittingacrossthetablefrom afriend,"shesays."Thiswouldn'thappenifupdateswere scouredbyInternetsearchengines." WiththeconfidentialnatureofCaringBridgeandthe service'sprivacysettings,usersdon'thavetoworry abouttheinformationorphotostheyshare. ThebottomlineisthattheAmericanLiverFoundation endorsesCaringBridgebecauseitallowspeopleto confidentiallysharecriticalinformationwithpeoplewho care,andmoreimportantly,thatindividualsandfamilies receivesupportinreturn.


THE CaringBridge MAnIFESTo

"You have cancer." "Dad was hit by a car." "Something's wrong with Sarah's pregnancy." These words can stop time. Steal your breath. Break your heart. Sharing the news with loved ones may be one of the hardest things you ever have to do. We believe in saving you time and energy. Repeating the story is exhausting and can drain everything out of you. At a time like this, communication is one of the few things you can control; it should be done your way, with your words, on your time. We believe in the power of community. Your community. That support can come from more than just your inner circle. That love has no boundaries or time zones and closeness at a time like this is essential. Neighbors, colleagues, members of your faith community want to cheer you on. We believe that this experience deserves a personal and private space for everyone to express their feelings. That the Internet can foster authentic connections. That love, prayers, and words of encouragement are the foundation of hope. Journaling is therapy. Healing begins inside. We believe that a service this meaningful should be available for free. That the families who use it will power it. That the spirit of generosity lives. That you will want to be a part of giving this gift to the next family in need. We believe that the legacy of one tiny baby can inspire hope for millions. That compassion is contagious. That surrounding one family with love can amplify the love in the world. A health crisis is hard, for everyone who cares. But together we can make the health journey easier. This is my story. My family and friends. Our bridge to hope. Our story. WE are CaringBridge.

CaringBridge 1715YankeeDoodleRoad Suite301 Eagan,MN55121

651.452.7940(main) 651.681.7115(fax)


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