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Course Rubric & Number: CJLE 1015 CIP Code: Course Title: Course Description: 43.0107 Defensive Tactics ­ Expandable Baton Training A study of the skill and knowledge needed to use the tactical baton including topics on the proper use of force, maintenance, strike zones, and documentation in the use of the baton. Meets requirements for TCLEOSE 330. Persons without a criminal history or arrests for violent crimes. Carl C. Chandler, Jr.



Office Phone Number: 254-772-0000 Email Address: [email protected]

Office Fax Number: 254-934-2084 Building & Office Room Number: Law Enforcement Educators Training Academy 789 FM 1637 Valley Mills, TX 76689

Department Chair: Carl C. Chandler, Jr. Approved by CIP Committee: Dr. Jerry Hutyra

Date: April 29, 2006 Date: May 3, 2006

Course Title

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Learning Outcomes: The student will learn all aspects of the "Use of Force" as it applies to the Texas Penal Code, Chapter 9, as well as learning the vital strike areas and non-strike areas. The student will learn to use the tactical baton as an implement of force, less than lethal in nature, prior to the use of the duty firearm in a confrontation That has become violent and aggressive and the officer/person believes they are in serious fear of bodily injury or death, but also believe the attacker can be Subdued through the proper use of the tactical baton in a disarming or take down measure. Resources: Tools & Materials Students Purchase

Quantity Item Description

1 1 1

Tactical baton Baton retaining holster (Sam Browne duty belt is acceptable) Mouth piece Jogging type clothing Jogging shoes or tennis shoes

TSTC Grading Policy: (Grades for all Continuing Education Courses are based upon a Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (U)) Instructor's Participation Policy: 100% Mandatory Students with Disabilities: If you have a documented disability that will impact your work in this class, please contact the Office of Deaf and Disabled Student Services (D/DSS) so that appropriate arrangements for your accommodations can be made. In accordance with the federal law, a student requesting accommodations must provide documentation of his/her disability to D/DSS. For information, visit D/DSS in the Fentress Center or call (254) 867-3600. Once you and a D/DSS representative have signed a Letter of Special Accommodations, take the accommodations letter to each class for which an accommodation has been determined. Meet individually with each class instructor to discuss accommodations letter. Have the instructor sign and keep a copy of the letter. Take the original letter, signed by the instructor, back to D/DSS so they are aware that the instructor has been officially informed of the need for accommodations.

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Course Schedule: Student Objectives

8-Hour Course Learning Activity:


Due Dates

Lecture: Three hours are spent in the classroom providing the student with hands on knowledge of the baton and its various functions and uses in a selfdefense measure. The history of the baton is discussed along with various types of striking instruments that have been used across the history of law enforcement. Laboratory: Five hours are spent on the mats in the martial arts dojo providing the student with hands on battle concepts with the tactical baton. The student will be taught the pyramid of power, strike points, non-strike points and effective measures, tactics and techniques of survival in a potentially deadly confrontation. The "Use of Force" continuum is discussed effectively disarm a violent person who is holding/brandishing a knife, club or weapon that would be considered deadly. Grading Scheme:

Activity Total Points

Lectures Lab/Mats Total Possible Points for Course

33 1/3 66 2/3 100%

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Course Policies: Students will sign a waiver that states that injuries or accidents are not the responsibility of T.S.T.C., Law Enforcement Educators or any instructors. Students must maintain control of themselves and execute skills and maneuvers as taught for safety purposes. It is always best in this course to bring your own personal mouth protection available at all sporting goods stores, wear comfortable and expendable clothing and comfortable jogging shoes, as this is an athletic type class, learning selfdefense. We understand that every student cannot accomplish every technique or maneuver that we teach, however we try to provide counter techniques that you can accomplish. We understand that students of all walks of life and ages need to have knowledge and abilities to overcome an unlawful attack against their body and their life.

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