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Homophones Word List

ad/add aloud/allowed alter/altar ate/eight beat/beet blue/blew break/brake buy/by/bye cell/sell cent/scent/sent deer/dear flour/flower flu/flew for/four great/grate groan/grown hair/hare hall/haul hear/here heard/herd hour/our in/inn its/it's knew/new knight/night knot/not know/no lead/led made/maid meat/meet one/won or/ore/oar pale/pail pare/pair plane/plain prince/prints rain/reign/rein read/red read/reed right/write rode/rowed/road rose/rows sail/sale sea/see seam/seem sew/so/sow some/sum son/sun stair/stare tale/tail tea/tee there/they're/their to, too, two toe/tow wail/whale waist/waste wait/weight weak/week weather/whether we'll/wheel which/witch who's/whose your/you're

*Please note that this is only a small collection of homophones. There are many more! This list was meant for beginners. Other lists are available on the Internet.


Microsoft Word - Homophones word list

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Microsoft Word - Homophones word list