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Rainbow Spelling Happy Feet Kids' Club Running Game

1. Each child has 6 crayons in a bin or bag: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. 2. They also have a clipboard across the with a numbered rainbow spelling worksheet with color names and word categories: animals, food, toys, activity word, names, and things. 3. Teacher yells a color and holds up a sign with a word. Kids take that color crayon, run across the field and write that word on their clipboard worksheet or they can write another word in that category. Example: Teacher yells, "RED. Dog." Kids take a red crayon, run to their clipboard and write, "Dog," or they write another animal. 4. Play continues until the children have a rainbow of words on their worksheet. 5. When the worksheet is complete, the children decorate a banner with words and phrases about the Rainbow Spelling game. 6. Finish with a lap of the field or a hike. Teacher calls: 1. RED, dog 2. ORANGE, carrot 3. YELLOW, ball 4. GREEN, run 5. BLUE, Jack or Jill 6. PURPLE, house



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