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Wait Upon The Lord April 15-18, 2010 Herb East #169

LAST NAME Anonyuo Argabright Blackwell Bock Bonarrigo Brumbaugh Chase Coleman Davis Devlin Donohue Sr. Gibson Harbold Haslam Hershey Kilby Lichtfuss Lutz Majchrzak, Jr. Molock Rice Riley Seed Shipton Shumaker Smith Spencer Stershic Waddell Wark

FIRST NAME Chidi Steve Sterling Jeff Tim Lauren Skip John Gene Ed Tim Kenny Josh Gary Dean Phil Bob Mark George David Brent Rob Larry Neil Jim Everett Bill George Paul Jeff

CHURCH Dyvine Faith Fellowship Bel Air UM Southern Baptist @Severn Run Bel Air UM St. Andrews Christ UM Central Christian North Mountain Christian Centre UM Dyvine Faith Fellowship Dyvine Faith Fellowship Bel Air UM Covenant Life Missions Centre UM Grace UM / Freedom Community Mountain Christian Grace Lutheran Mt. Zion UM Mountain Christian Holy Family Dyvine Faith Fellowship Mountain Christian Mountain Christian Centre UM St. Joan of Arc Bel Air Church of the Nazarene New Covenant Community Mountain Christian St. Luke's UM Dyvine Faith Fellowship

SPONSOR Harrison Jones Whitlaw Gorrell Chaney III CUMC Group Griffin Packard Centre UM Cox Harrison Gorrell Garrett Centre UM Storms Hann Grace Lutheran Markoff / Dart Majchrzak Sr. Storms Chaney III Cox Diffenbaugh Centre UM Funk Epperley Spencer Majchrzak Sr. Waddell Spangler

Date list was completed - 03/20/2010


Microsoft Word - #169 Pilgrim List - Webpage-1.docx

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Microsoft Word - #169 Pilgrim List - Webpage-1.docx
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