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Carter and Holmes Orchids

Blc. Neil McDade x George King (page 4) Cattleya dowiana (page 5) Phal. Newberry Perfection `Pink Giant' (page 13) Phal. mariae (page 13)

Pot. Goldernell `Southern Cross' (page 2)

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Autumn 2011

Blc. Carolina Orange D'or

7954 Blc. Malworth `Orchid Glade' FCC/ AOS x Blc. Carolina Orange D'or 'Lenette' AM/AOS. Showy clusters of well-shaped orange and gold blooms with heavy substance. (Winter) 2.5" pots, $12.00 & 3" pots, $16.00.

Blc. Kurt Studier Photograph shown courtesy of grower Yoshiki Uehara

Slc. Final Touch `Mendenhall'

7783 Blc. Kurt Studier. We are seeing wonderful results from this cross. Intense yellows with deep red lips and some with petal flares. Fragrant. (Summer-Fall) 2.5" pots, $12.00.

M6202 Slc. Final Touch `Mendenhall' AM/AOS. This compact plant has dark curly foliage and produces very flat apricot-peach blooms. *L* (Winter) Near Blooming Size 3" pots, $18.00.

7750 Slc. Newberry Ruby. These not quite miniature plants carry stems of cute red and yellow blooms. Some have spots, some have flares, most have the bold red lip. No two are alike! *L* (Summer-Various) Blooming Size 3" pots, $16.00.

Pot. Oconee Circle

8809 Pot. Oconee Circle. This is a remake of an extremely successful cross which produced an array of gorgeous burgundy, fuchsia, coral and scarlet blooms. Mature plants can bloom twice per year, but cool temperatures bring out the best coloring. (Winter-Various) 2.5" pots, $12.00.

8808 Blc. Jeremy Island x Slc. Circle of Life `Lone Jack'. Another cross for compact plants with intense coloring. We are expecting flowers similar to above, in fuchsia, coral, and salmon with gold throats a possibility. (Winter-Various) 2.5" pots, $12.00.

Slc. Newberry Ruby

Pot. Paxton Brooks

Lc. Newberry Firehouse

Blc. Waianae King `Orchidheights'

Blc. Waianae King `Kosaki'

8325 Lc. Newberry Firehouse `Radiance' x Pot. Paxton Brooks `Miami'. Expect vivid reds and oranges from this exciting hybrid. These should bloom on compact plants with very open and flat flowers, up to four per stem Paxton Brooks has been known to flower two or more times per year. (FallWinter) 2.5" pots, $12.00.

8898 Blc. Waianae King `Orchidheights' HCC/AOS x `Kosaki'. This new cross was made using our two favorites from the original grex. Large shimmering blooms in shades of orange and peach with lightly fringed lips. Fragrant. (Fall-Winter) We are offering here Bare-Root plants ready for potting, $9.00.

In this catalog you will see *L* in the descriptions for certain plants. This means they are suitable for artificial light culture or for growing on window sills, due to mature plant size and light requirements. 2

M8241 Blc. Fort Watson `Garnet' AM/OSSA. This clone produces large clusters of up to five radiant blooms early in the season. The heavily ruffled lip is a deep blood red and looks like velvet. Fragrant. (Summer) 2.5" pots, $16.00 and BareRoot Dug-ups $12.00. 8354 Pot. Shirley Jones (Lc. Lorraine Shirai `Raye' x Pot. Frank Gilmore `Mendenhall' AM/AOS). We offer here a remake of a very successful classic yellow hybrid. These clear yellow blooms have incredible substance and most will have rose-red lips. Fragrant. (Summer-Fall) 3" pots, $16.00.

Blc. Fort Watson `Garnet' Pot. Shirley Jones

As seen on the cover...

Blc. Goldernell `Southern Cross' HCC/AOS

M8981 Blc. Goldernell `Southern Cross' HCC/AOS. Our newest mericlone offering and cover plant also has a recent award from the American Orchid Society. The fragrant well-shaped sparkling peach colored blooms have gold markings on the heavily ruffled lips. The plants are good growers with slender dark green leaves and a strong stem habit. Get yours while they last! (Fall) 2.5" pots, $16.00.

7972 Blc. Hwa Yuan Moon (Blc. Waikiki Gold x L. briegeri). Compact semi-terete foliage carry arching stems of yellow starshaped blooms. Most will have slight red markings on the lip. *L* (Summer-Various) Blooming Size 3.5" pots, $18.00.

Blc. Hwa Yuan Moon

Lc. Mary Ellen Carter `Dixie Hummingbird'

Lc. Brierly's Ferry `Summer Spice'

M5596 Lc. Mary Ellen Carter `Dixie Hummingbird' HCC/AOS. Our top-selling customer favorite is back! The picture speaks for itself and even better is the strong fragrance. (Summer-Various) 2.5" pots, $16.00 and 3" pots, $18.00. M4653 Blc. Keowee `Mendenhall' AM/AOS. Easy to grow. A great selection for basket or mount culture. Yellow petals with trumpet shaped spotted lip. (Summer-Fall) 2.5" pots, $12.00. *Special Price*

M8051 Lc. Brierley's Ferry `Summer Spice'. The return of a sold-out classic! These remarkable yellow flowers have striking burgundy shading around the edge of the petals and a burgundy lip with gold veining. Fragrant. (Fall) 3" pots, $18.00. (Limit One).

M6200 Laelia Santa Barbara Sunset `Showtime' HCC/AOS. This clone is 3/4 anceps and 1/4 cinnabrina. Long, arching stems with vibrant sunset toned blooms. Makes gorgeous specimen plants when mature. Blc. Keowee `Mendenhall' Laelia Santa Barbara Sunset `Showtime' You must have this one! (Winter) 2.5" pots, $16.00. We generally estimate the time until flowering for standard cattleyas as the following: 2.5" pots - 2-3 years; 3" pots - 2 years; 3.5" pots - 1-2 years; 4" pots - Near Blooming Size - 12-18 months; 5" plus pots - Blooming Size - within 12 months. Miniature cattleyas are blooming size in 2.5" pots and compact cattleyas are blooming size in 3"-3.5" pots.


8838 Blc. Lester MacDonald (Lc. Ann Follis x B. digbyana). Large, waxy green and chartreuse blooms with deep magenta lips. We used our best parents in this new remake of a classic cross. Bloom segments are more star-shaped than the photo and the digbyana parent supplies an interesting fringed lip. Intense lemon-citrus fragrance. (Summer) We are offering beautiful Bare-Root plants that are ready to be potted, $9.00.

Lc. Ann Follis `Green TM#3'

Blc. George King `Southern Cross'

M7273 Blc George King `Southern Cross' AM/ AOS. This unusual cultivar came to us from a mutation of the peach colored `Serendipity' clone. Large well-shaped pale yellow blooms on sturdy stems. The ruffled lip is a delicate peach color. `Southern Cross' has also proven itself a valuable breeder. Fragrant. (Winter) 3.5" pots, 22.00.

Bc. Binosa `Kirk'

Prosthechea cochleata alba

M8056 Bc. Binosa `Kirk' AM/AOS. Our favorite cultivar from this grex. Compact plants with upright foliage and a very tidy growth habit. Blooms are glossy with bright green petals and a spotted spade-shaped lip. Great for beginners and also an excellent choice for basket or mount culture. (Summer) 2.5" pots, $16.00 and 3" pots, $18.00.

8740 Prosthechea cochleata alba. A very rare color form of a popular species. These plants have tear-drop shaped bulbs with thin leaves. Sequential stems appear in late summer and produce an ongoing show of blooms. Known as the `Cockle Shell' orchid for the cupped lip, this is a great choice for beginner and advanced growers alike. Near Blooming Size 2.5" pots, $16.00

Blc. Neil McDade `Lenette'

8854 Blc. Neil McDade `Lenette' x Blc. George King `Southern Cross' AM/AOS. This new cross has great potential for creamy yellow blooms with very full pastel lips. Peaches and con-color yellows also possible. Fragrant. (Winter-Spring) 2.5" pots, $12.00 and 3" pots, $16.00.

Pot. Mem. Shirley Moore `Newberry'

Blc. Chinese Bronze `E.G.'

Blc. Emily Simmons `Mendenhall'

M6493 Pot. Memoria Shirley Moore `Newberry'. This is one of our most requested compact growers. Blooms are apple green when they first open and turn gold with age. Blooms twice per year. (SummerVarious) 2.5" pots, $16.00.

8867 C. Mrs. Mahler `Mem. Fred Thompins' x Blc. Chinese Bronze `E.G.'. Expect a range of olive green and bronze blooms with very round form and some darker magenta spotting. Proving a vigorous grower. (Summer) 2.5" pots, $12.00.

8778 Blc. Emily Simmons `Mendenhall' x Blc. George King `Serendipity' AM/AOS. The first parent is one of our most fragrant large yellow cattleyas. Combined with the peach colored `Serendipity', we are expecting lovely yellows and peaches with intense fragrance. (Winter) 3" pots, $16.00


Two Very FragrantPastels

Iwanagara Apple Blossom `Mendenhall'


Pot. Clouds Creek `Heavenly Scent'

M7272 Iwanagara Apple Blossom `Mendenhall'. Upright stems of cream blooms with pink picotees. Mature plants can produce as many as a ten blooms per stem. Very Fragrant! Every collection needs this one. (Winter-Spring) We have Bare-Root plants ready for 2.5" pots, $12.00 and Blooming Size 3.5" pots, $22.00.

M6198 Pot. Clouds Creek `Heavenly Scent'. The most fragrant cattleya we have ever grown. Large cream blooms with delicate pink shading around the petals and lip. Flowers are long lasting with heavy substance. (Summer) We have two sizes to offer. 2.5" pots, $16.00 and 3.5" pots, $22.00.

Blc. Mem. Grant Eichler `Lenette'

Blc. Mem. Crispen Rosales `Pine Knot'

Lc. Bethune `Indigo'

M7189 Blc. Mem Grant Eichler `Lenette' HCC/AOS. A stunning clone which can have up to six 6" blooms per stem. Large growing plant. Fragrant. (Winter) 3.5" pots, $22.00.

M7830 Blc. Mem. Crispin Rosales `Pine Knot' AM/AOS. Glowing rosy lavender blooms with gold veins in throat. Up to five blooms per stem. Fragrant. (Fall-Winter) Blooming Size 4" pots, $27.00.

M6230 Lc. Bethune `Indigo' AM/AOS. Large velvety purple blooms. Received an 86 pt Award of Merit in 2008. Fragrant. (Summer) 2.5" pots, $16.00 and Blooming Size 4" pots, $27.00. (Limit One).

First Time Offering of New Cattleya Mericlones

Lc. Marcia Foster `Bob Sanker' Lc. Aloha Spirit `Lenette'

M8045 Lc. Marcia Foster `Bob Sanker' AM/AOS. This beautiful new clone received an amazing 89 pt. Award of Merit from the American Orchid Society in 2004. Large growing plant & will make specimens easily. The cream colored blooms are overlaid with a light lavender-pink blush on the petals. Fragrant. (Spring) 2.5" pots, $16.00 and 3" pots, $18.00.

M8553 Blc. Aloha Spirit `Lenette'. A new clone is from the cross of Mildred Rives x Donna Kimura and brings together the best of its parents. Large ruffled blooms with crisp white petals have the barest hint of pink near the center. The throat has yellow, almost green eyes and purple markings. Fragrant. (Winter) 3" pots, $18.00. (Limit One).


8384 Bc. Donna Kimura `Volcano Queen' AM/ AOS x C. percivaliana `Mendenhall-Summit 4N' AM/AOS. This new cross combines another of our favorite lavender-pink standards with the tetraploid percivaliana. Heavy lavender blooms should be very round with bright yellow in the throat and lip. Fragrant. (Fall-Winter) 2.5" pots, 12.00 & 3.5" pots, $18.00. 8421 Blc. Temple Bells `Shapely' HCC/AOS x C. percivaliana `Mendenhall-Summit 4N' AM/AOS. Here we offer more breeding for superb tetraploid lavenders. Blooms should be more ruffled than above and with lighter coloring. Fragrant. (Winter) 2.5" pots, $12.00.

C. percivaliana `Mendenhall-Summit' 4N

Bc. Donna Kimura

Blc. Temple Bells

Lc. Ptarmigan Ridge `Mendenhall'

Bc. Mount Hood `Mary'

Blc. Myrtle Beach

M8072 Lc. Ptarmigan Ridge `Mendenhall'. One of our most dependable classic spring lavenders. Beautiful stems of blooms just in time for show season. (Winter-Spring) Fragrant. 2.5" pots, $16.00.

M7848 Bc. Mount Hood `Mary' AM/AOS. No other flower compares with this one! Huge 9" white blooms with an icy green throat. The purple marking only appears in warmer weather. Large grower. Fragrant. (WinterVarious) 2.5" pots, $16.00.

7791 Blc. Colonel David B. Brooker (Blc. Myrtle Beach x Blc. Lake Murray). Based on the parents we are looking forward to large dark blooms that are Very Fragrant. (Summer-Fall) Near Blooming Size 4" pots, $22.00.

Blc. Mem. George Spooner

Lc. Starting Point `Unique'

7729 Blc. Memoria George Spooner (Blc. Yonges Island x Blc. Lynn Spooner) We picture here our first plant to bloom from this hybrid. Rich dark purple coloring with velvety lips and perfect round form. We expect many more of the same quality. Fragrant. (Summer-Fall) 3.5" pots, $18.00.

Lc. Blackstocks `Fall Beauty'

M6199 Lc. Starting Point `Unique' AM/ AOS. Still our most popular semi-alba clone. The solid purple lip is a striking contrast for snowy white petals. An excellent breeding parent. Fragrant. (Fall) Young plants in 3" pots, $12.00. *Special Price*

8329 Lc. Blackstocks `Fall Beauty' x C. Horace `Maxima' AM/AOS. With this combination we are expecting very shapely blooms in shades of lavender, rose and fuchsia. Both parents have strong stem habit and are vigorous growers. (Fall-Winter) 2.5" pots, $12.00.


Bc. Angel Lace

C. Sea Breeze `Blue Ribbon'

C. percivaliana `Summit'

8716 Bc. Angel Lace (C. Little Angel x B. digbyana). A repeat of a sell-out hybrid. Light pink, lavender and blushed blooms with fringed lips. Flowers are waxy and long-lasting on vigorous growing plants. Fragrant. (Summer-Various) Very hearty 2.5" pots, $12.00.

M8048 C. Sea Breeze `Blue Ribbon' HCC/AOS. Our favorite new blue clone! This plant has everything: compact growing, large blooms and extremely fragrant. A beautiful plant that is a treat to grow as well as flower. (Spring) 2.5" pots, $16.00.

M3492 C. percivaliana `Summit' FCC/ AOS. One of the very best of this species. Known as the `Christmas Orchid', expect a show of stunning blooms in NovemberDecember. (Winter) We offer here two sizes. 2.5" pots, $16.00 and 3.5" pots, $22.00.

8478 C. Little Seagull (C. Landate x C. Brabantiae). We are looking forward to excellent `jungle spotted' blooms. Lavender or pink flowers with a heavy overlay of maroon & cranberry freckles. No two will be alike! Take care not to over water this one. Fragrant. (Summer) 2.5" pots, $12.00.

Encyclia papillosa- first bloom seedling Lc. Twilight Song

8413 Lc. Twilight Song . We used tetraploid alba forms of the parents in this hybrid but are expecting lovely pale pinks, lavenders and possibly some whites. All will have wonderful form on short compact stems. Mature plants will possibly bloom twice per year. (WinterSummer) Very nice 2.5" pots, $12.00.

Cattleya Brabantiae

8650 Encyclia papillosa. We originally offered this under the name Encyclia guatemalensis and after having flowered our first plants we discovered our mistake. All to flower have been similar to the photo. Anyone who purchased this earlier as a mislabeled plant has our apologies and full credit towards a future purchase. (Spring) Blooming Size plants in 2.5" pots, $12.00. 9058 Laelia praestans `Kokusai' x self. We have selfed a select form of this Brazilian species. Single blooms four inches across appear in on miniature plants only 4"-5" tall. Flowers are a sparkling lavender with plum colored lips. Keep cool in summer months. A collector species. (Summer-Fall) Near Blooming Size 2.5" pots, $18.00.

C. Snow Blind `Kenny'

C. walkeriana `Pendentive' 4N

8707 C. Snow Blind `Kenny' FCC/AOS x C. walkeriana `Pendentive' AM/AOS (4N). We are very excited to offer this new hybrid. Both parents have very heavy substance and sparkling texture. The `Kenny' parent was until recently considered a straight walkeriana and has been reclassified. This hybrid will be free flowering and when mature will grow best in baskets where they can be allowed to ramble. Do not over water. Extremely Fragrant. (Summer-Various) 2.5" pots, $18.00. (Limit One).

8832 Laelia crispa carnea x self. Hard to find color form of this special Brazilian species. Blooms are glistening white with barely there pink lip markings. Petal segments are rolled and slightly curly. Requires very bright light to bloom properly. A collector species. (Summer) 2.5" pots, $18.00.


Cattleya Seedlings & Clones-Reduced Prices

For a Limited time we are offering the following quality crosses & mericlones at a reduced price. These plants are well established in the given pot sizes, and are available at the listed prices. (All wholesale and orchid society discounts apply). Further descriptions can be found in recent catalogs or on our website. (Prices effective through October 31st and are for items on this page only.)

M5276 Slc. Final Touch `Hartford'. Compact with very ruffled, intense pink blooms. 2.5" pots, $12.00. M3772 Lc. Ahmad Sheiki `Mendenhall'. One of our largest and most impressive semi-albas. Fragrant. 2.5" pots, $12.00.


M6484 Blc. Lake Murray `Mendenhall' AM/AOS. Up to six huge velvety purple blooms per stem. Very Fragrant! 2.5" pots, $12.00. 8171 Lc. Debra Calvet (Lc. Carl Bornshine x Lc. Leora Hewlett). Large winter lavenders with deep purple flares. Fragrant. 2.5" pots, $9.00. 8387 Bc. Binosa (B. nodosa x C. bicolor). Vividly spotted lip with green petals. Easy growing. 2.5" pots, $9.00. 8759 Blc. Palolo Bronze `Newberry' x Blc. Chia Lin `Super Gold' FCC/ AOS. Rich red and bronzed-orange blooms in fall. 2.5" pots, $9.00. M7937 Lc. Eximia coerulea `Sea God'. Large trumpet shaped `blue' flowers. Very Fragrant. 2.5" pots, $12.00.






M8063 Blc. Walhalla `Frog Level'. Bifoliate with clusters of waxy orange spotted blooms. Fragrant. 2.5" pots, $12.00. 8412 Lc. Bethune `Mendenhall' AM/AOS x Slc. Mahalo Jack. Compact with bright fuchsia blooms. 2.5" pots, $9.00.


8322 Blc. Newberry Else Hall (Lc. Lou Gilmore x Blc. Lake Murray). Range of reds and deep purples. Fragrant. 2.5" pots, $9.00. 8142 Lc. Lake Wateree `Mendenhall' x Lc. Melody Fair `Mishima'. Quality semi-alba blooms with rich purple lips. Fragrant. 2.5" pots, $9.00. M9095 Blc. Star of Bethlehem `Saluda'. Deep lavender blooms in early fall. Very Fragrant. 3" pots, $12.00. 8423 Blc. Goldenzelle `Sandra' x Edisto' Mendenhall' AM/AOS. Rainbow cross for brightly colored blooms with wonderful shape and size. Fragrant. 2.5" pots, $9.00.








Stenocoryne vitellina

Anguloa clowesii

Cym. Swan Lake `Bayfront Park'

8008 Stenochoryne vitellina. A charming miniature species originating in Brazil. We have nicknamed this one `Little Golden Bells' and you can see why. Blooms are about half an inch across and a bright golden-orange on arching stems. Very easy to grow and free flowering. *L* (Various) Blooming Size 2.5' pots, $12.00.

8954 Anguloa clowesii. Known as the `Tulip Orchid'. This species is deciduous, dropping all its foliage late in winter and emerging with new growth in the late spring-early summer. Water sparingly when dormant and grow in cool-intermediate temperatures year round. Scented. (Spring) 2.5" pots, $12.00.

M7945 Cym. Swan Lake `Bayfront Park'. A delightful early season clone that is compact both in growth and flower habit. Can tolerate temperatures into the 90's and requires lows only in the 50's to spike and flower well. (Winter) Very hearty plants in 3.5" pots, $18.00.

Bulbo. coroliferum x Daisy Chain -first bloom seedling

Cym. Prettipink `Pretty Flor'

8462 Bulbo. coroliferum v. atropurpureum `Purple Passion' x Bulbo. Daisy Chain. A new cross that was made by Patti Wilson. Adorable miniature fans of pink and rose colored blooms on tiny growing plants. Grow in moderate light and temperatures and keep well watered year round. When they out grow their pots, move them into small baskets or onto tree fern mounts. *L* Near Blooming Size plants in 2.5" pots, $16.00. (Limit One). M9829 Sarcoglottis sceptrodes `Lime Galaxy'. One of the Painted Leaf Orchids. Plants have a rosette of dark green foliage with silvery green stripes and markings. Semi-terrestial and can become large specimens. Bloom stems of lime green flowers appear from the center of each growth. (Spring) Blooming Size 3.5" pots, $18.00. (Limit One).

M9104 Cym. Prettipink `Pretty Flor'. Another great selection for growers in warmer climates. Compact warmth tolerant plants with stems of candy pink blooms that have darker raspberry pink lip markings. Slightly darker veins show in the petals. (WinterSpring) Vigorous growing plants in 2.5" pots, $16.00. 9173 Stanhopea jennischiana x Coryanthes macrantha alba. New and interesting cross from hybridizer Gene Crocker. Pendant stems with bloom in shades of yellow and chartreuse with some darker markings. The first parent is shown at left and the second parent is the `Bucket Orchid'. These blooms will be unusual to say the least! Proving to be fast growers. Possibly Fragrant. (Summer) Very nice 2.5" pots, $12.00.

Stanhopea jenischiana Photo shown courtesy of Lourens Grobler


Brassia Rising Star `Orchidman'

Brassia caudata alba `JEM'

M7686 Brs. Rising Star `Orchid Man' HCC/AOS. An excellent clone for large stunning 15"+ blooms. Each stem can carry as many as thirteen blooms. Flowers are a light chartreuse-green with darker brown bars on the petals and freckles on the lip. One of our favorite `Spider Orchids'. (Summer) Blooming Size 3" pots, $18.00 & 4" pots, $22.00.

M5591 Brassia caudata alba `JEM' JC/AM/AOS. We offer here the hard to find yellow form of the compact growing species. These will grow fast and produce multiple stems with showers of blooms. We expect these to make excellent specimen plants when older. (Summer) Near Blooming Size 2.5" pots, $12.00. *Special Price*

Brassia Sunrise Glow `Phelp's Farm' Photo shown courtesy of grower Paul Phelps, Phelps Farm

M8563 Brassia Sunrise Glow `Phelps Farm' AM/AOS. Our first offering of this New Clone. Bloom stems hold a magnificent showing of huge 18" greenish-yellow blooms overlaid with darker chocolate brown markings on the petals. The lip is a lighter creamy green with lighter brown freckles. These will go fast! (Summer) Near Blooming Size 3" pots, $18.00. M7933 Shafferara Lunacy 'Mendenhall'. A combination of our famous Beallara Diana Dunn x Aspasia lunata. The result is a compact warmth tolerant clone with cute spotted blooms. Tolerates a range of temperatures and light levels. (Summer) We are offering Near Blooming Size plants in 2.5" pots, $12.00.*Special Price*

Tolumnia Popoki `Mitzi'

M5598 Tolumnia Popoki `Mitzi' AM/AOS. Miniature Dancing Lady orchid. Very red blooms on tiny growing plants. (Spring) Blooming Size 2.5" pots, $16.00.

Schafferara Lunacy `Mendenhall'

Oncidium Sharry Baby `Sweet Fragrance'

Please visit our website for the New season!

M5753 Onc. Sharry Baby `Sweet Fragrance' AM/AOS. The famous `Chocolate Orchid'. Tall branched sprays with miniature burgundy and cream colored blooms. Fragrance is a very sweet blend of vanilla and milk chocolate. Heavenly! Adult plants are free flowering throughout the year. (Summer-Various) Blooming Size plants in 3.5" pots, $15.00. *Special Price*


Many of the orchids included in the following collections have been featured in our recent catalogs and all are healthy, vigorous plants. Collections labeled "NBS" are Near Blooming Size and should flower in season within 18 months and those labeled "BS" are Blooming Size and should in season within 12 months. Our packing and shipping charge of $17.00 applies to orders with collections, as does our free shipping offer for orders with ten or more plants. We include bonus plants with collections of five or more plants, but no further discounts (orchid society and wholesale) apply. (Please note the photos below are only a sampling of the type of plants you may receive with these collections.)

Discounted Collections

Blooming Size Mini & Compact Catt Collection

Mini catts are 8"-10" or less when mature and start blooming in 2.5" pots. Compact catts are 15" or less when mature and start blooming in 3" to 3.5" pots. Both are great for windowsills and under lights! Our growers will select an assortment that includes plants of both types from our benches. 9751/30- Three plants - $36.00 (BS) 9751/60- Six Plants - $60.00 (BS)

Mini & Compact Assorted Collection

Perfect for beginners and for anyone growing under lights or on windowsills. An assortment of miniature and compact blooming size orchids in 2.5", 3" and 3.5" pots including cattleyas, paphiopedilums and phalaenopsis. 9756/30- Three plants - $45.00 (BS) 9756/60- Six plants - $75.00 (BS)

Too Big for Their Britches

Our best selling cattleya collection is back. We will select assorted crosses in overgrown 2.5"-3" pots ready for larger pots. A great way to add to a collection! (Most should flower in 2-3 years) 9836/05- Five plants - $45.00 9836/10- Ten plants - $90.00 9836/20- Twenty plants - $180.00

Teenager Cattleya Collection

Our growers will select an assortment of near blooming size catts in 4" pots: ( To bloom within 18 months) 9749/50- Five plants - $90.00 (NBS)

Phalaenopsis Collections

We will choose blooming size plants of of assorted colors and crosses. Great for windowsills and under artificial lights! 9753/10- Five plants in 3" pots-$45.00 9752/50- Five plants in 4" pots-$60.00

Adult Cattleya Collection

Our growers will select an assortment of blooming size catts in 5"- 6" pots: (To bloom within 12 months) 9748/30- Three plants - $90.00 (BS)

Growers Choice Paphiopedilum Collection

In the pot size of your choice, we will select healthy, vigorous plants of various types and colors. Many are from recent catalogs. 9747/35- Five plants in 3.5" pots for $95.00 (BS/NBS) 9747/25- Five plants in 2.5" pots for $60.00.


Paph. delenatii Paph. sukhakulii album

Paph. purpuratum

9018 Paph. delenatii. Beautiful pale pink blooms with darker `inflated' pouches. Foliage has striking dark green variegation. Also, one of the few fragrant ladyslippers, with a faint rose scent. *L* (Winter-Spring) Near Blooming Size 2.5" pots, $16.00.

8454 Paph. sukhakulii album x sukhakulii album `Mendenhall' AM/AOS. We used two select forms to make this grex. A rare color form of a popular species. Blooms are an icy green with darker green veins. All are true albas with light green variegated foliage. *L* (Spring) Near Blooming Size 2.5" pots, $16.00 (Limit One).

8931-8936 Paph. purpuratum. A great choice for beginners that is very compact and easy to flower. Blooms have wine colored petals with a striped funnel-shaped dorsal. Dependable bloomers. *L* (Winter) Blooming Size 2.5' pots, $16.00.

Paph. Pinocchio

Paph. javanicum x argus-first bloom seedling Paph. rothschildianum

7576 Paph. Pinocchio. Our most popular ladyslipper without exception. This easy to grow hybrid produces sequential stems which produce one flower after another for months if not years at a time. *L* (Spring-Various) Near Blooming Size 2.5" pots, $16.00 & Blooming Size 3.5" pots, $27.00.

8942 Paph. rothschildianum `Raye' x `Chester Hills' AM/AOS. Known as the "king of ladyslippers". Large growing plants will produce stately stems of richly colored blooms. While they do take several years to reach maturity, the show of blooms is well worth the wait! Requires brighter light than most slippers when mature. (Spring) 2.5" pots, $16.00.

8939 Paph. javanicum x argus. Our first to flower have had tall (15") elegant stems carrying single blooms like that shown above. This is a new primary cross that is showing the best of both parents. *L* (Winter-Spring) Blooming Size 2.5" pots, $16.00.

For years Carter and Holmes has produced a wonderful variety of tropical ferns and other houseplants which make great companion plants for our orchids. Year round we have benches full of interesting and gorgeous Maidenhair ferns, Birdsnest ferns, Footed ferns, Spike Mosses, Hardy ferns and more. Visit our website under `Houseplants' for a complete list of what is available. Our ferns also work very well as background filler in Orchid Society shows and exhibits.


Dtps. Newberry Perfection `Pink Giant'

Phal. Newberry Bouquet `Blushing Bride'

Phal. Plum Rose x Timothy Christopher-seedling

M9106 Dtps. Newberry Perfection `Pink Giant'. For years we have worked to produce a large, well-shaped pink-lavender with porcelain smooth coloring and this is it! Long arching stems appear in late season. *L* (Late Spring) Blooming Size 3" pots, $15.00.

M9721 Phal. Newberry Bouquet `Blushing 8816 Dtps. Plum Rose `Happy Valentine' Bride'. This clone is back for an encore per- x Phal. Timothy Christopher `Bedford'

formance. Showers of blushed pink blooms with raspberry pink lips on branched stems. Plants are compact with silvery green foliage. *L* (Spring) Blooming Size 3" pots, $15.00.

Charming light pinks, some with darker veining. Semi-compact plants with floriferous stems. *L* (Spring) Recently Established Blooming Size 3" pots, $10.00.

Phal. Rocky Branch -first bloom seedlings

Phal. Sogo Twinkle x Sogo Vivien- seedling

8449 Phalaenopsis Rocky Branch (Phal. Misty Green x Macassar). The picture shows a group of our first to flower from this remake. Waxy cream colored blooms with varying shades of darker pink-purple markings and some have yellow or green shading on the petals. *L* (Spring) Nice Blooming Size plants in 3" pots, $10.00.

8163 Phal. Sogo Twinkle `Stars' HCC/AOS x Sogo Vivien `Sweetheart' AM/AOS. We absolutely love this little teacup type hybrid. Extremely compact plants will have showers of purple and white blooms on branched stems. Perfect for small growing areas. *L* (Spring) Blooming Size 3" pots, $10.00.

Phal. Baldan's Kaleidoscope `Golden Treasure'

Phal. mariae

M9708 Phal. Baldan's Kaleidoscope `Golden Treasure' AM/AOS. Vibrant displays of orange striped blooms on multiple branched stems. We know we will sell out of this world famous clone. *L* (Spring) Blooming size 3" pots, $15.00.

9828 Phalaenopsis mariae. A species native to Borneo and the Philippines. Evergreen stems of waxy blooms have bright fuchsia barring and a matching lip. Plants are compact with glossy, bright green foliage. Grown best in low light and moderate temperatures. *L* (Spring-Various) 2.5" pots, $15.00. (Limit One).

Doritis pulcherrima- seedling

8899 Doritis pulcherrima. We combined two alba forms for this grex and are seeing a range of very nice light pinks, some with yellow lips like the photo. *L* (Summer) Blooming Size 3" pots, $10.00.


Orchid Growing Supplies

We are pleased to list a selection of orchid supplies for the hobby grower. These are products we use at our nursery and we recommend them to you without hesitation. If you require items or sizes not listed, we will be happy to check availability and phone with pricing or you may visit our Website. Prices listed do not include shipping. Heavy or bulky supplies may be shipped separately from orchid orders to reduce shipping costs and avoid damage to plants. In this case, we charge our customers actual shipping cost for supplies. See order form for more details.

Please be careful with all fertilizers, insecticides and other chemicals. Keep them away from children and follow package instructions.


Fish Fertilizer Pint Quart Dyna-Gro 3-12-6 8 fl oz Pint Dyna-Gro Orchid Pro 7-8-6 8 fl oz Dyna-Gro Pro-Tekt 0-0-3 8 fl oz Quart Dyna-Gro K-L-N 8 fl oz $ 8.95 $12.95 $ 7.95 $12.95 $ 8.25 $ 7.95 $17.50 $12.95 $ 7.95 $14.95 $ 7.95 $14.95 $ 7.95 $14.95 $ 7.95 $14.95 $ 5.95 $17.00


Sterile Single-edge Razor Blades [email protected] Snip `N Twist Plastic Tie (250 foot spool) Light Intensity Meter Labels - white 4" stick-in type 4" Tie-on type 6-7/8" Propagators $ 9.95 $ 9.50 $29.95 $ 0.10 $ 0.15 $ 0.35

Sticky Strips (yellow) covered with adhesive goo to trap destructive insects. (No chemicals!) 5 for $3.95

Grow-More 20-10-20 (Urea free)1.25 lb 3 lbs Grow-More 20-20-20 1.25 lb 3 lbs Grow-More 30-10-10 1 lb 43 oz Grow-More 6-30-30 (Bloom) 1.25 lb 3 lbs CAL-MAG (15-5-15) 1.25 lb 5 lbs


Bayer "Advanced Garden" Rose & Flowers Insect Killer for mealy bugs, scale and other insects. Ready to use spray bottle 24 oz $10.00 Deadline Slug Bait Quart $16.95 Safer's Insecticidal Soap 32 oz $12.00 Dyna-Gro pure Neem Oil 8 oz $12.00 Fertilome Red Spider Mite Spray 24 oz $10.00 Dithane M45 Fungicide 6 oz $14.00 Copper Soap Fungicide 32 oz $12.00 Keiki Gro Plus 15 ml $27.95 Physan 20 Disinfectant/Fungicide 8 oz Pint Gallon 1 oz 2 oz 4 oz Pint $ 5.95 $ 8.95 $49.95 $ 5.95 $ 7.95 $12.95 $42.95

Nutricote (10-10-17) Time Release Fertilizer 1.25 lb $5.95


HT-101 HT-102 HT-103 HT-104 HT-105 HT-106 13½" x 10½" 26" x 10½" 29½" x 13½" 38½" x 6½" 26¼" x 6½" 26" x 19½" $15.95 $27.50 $36.95 $29.95 $18.50 $39.95


Fogg-It Nozzles $ 8.50 Please specify: Superfine, Fine, Low or Heavy Volume Water Breaker Plastic Water Breaker Plastic Shut-Off Valve small large plastic $ 6.95 $ 7.95 $ 7.95

Superthrive Vitamins/Hormones



( W x H)


$0.25 $0.30 $0.35 $0.45 $0.45 $0.45 $0.50 $0.55 $1.75 $1.00 $2.00 $2.50 Pot Hangers (single) Pot Hangers (double) 6" Mini 6"Standard 18" 24" $0.60 $0.80 $1.75 $1.85 $0.25

2½"x 2½" 2½"x 3¼" 3" x 2 ¾" 3½"x 3 ¼" 4"x 3 ¾" 4"x 3 ½" 5"x 3 ¾" 6"x 4 ½" 8"x 6 ¼" 6"x 3 ¾" 8"x 4" 10"x 5"

Square Square Round Standard Round Standard Square Round Standard Round Azalea Round Azalea Round Azalea Bulb Pan Bulb Pan Bulb Pan

Rhizome (Pot) Clips Specify size 3", 4", 5" & 6" 18" 24" Metal Stakes with Eye 14" 24" Phalaenopsis Stakes 8" (Metal w/open loop at top) 12" 18" 24" "S" Hooks 6" 12" 18" 4-Way Wire Hangers 20" (for Cedar Baskets) 30" 40" CEDAR BASKETS (Hangers purchased separately) Square $2.50 $3.50 $5.00 $6.50 Green Bamboo Stakes


4"x 3 ½" 5"x 3 ¾" 6"x 5" 8"x 5 ¾" Round Standard Round Azalea Round Azalea Round Azalea $0.45 $0.70 $0.90 $1.40

$0.15 $0.25 $0.55 $0.65 $0.50 $0.60 $0.70 $0.80 $0.35 $0.45 $0.55 $0.90 $0.95 $1.25


Carter & Holmes Orchid Mixes - (Specify the type mix you need or the type & size of orchids being repotted.) Available in three container sizes. *We have new descriptions & prices, please read carefully before ordering.*

Fine Bark Mix- Made using 1/8"-1/4" fir bark. We use for seedlings in compots, trays or 2.5"-3" pots. Medium Bark Mix- Made using 5/16" fir bark and cypress. We use for most orchids in 3.5"-6" pots. Coarse Bark Mix- Made using 1/4"-3/4" fir bark & cypress. We use this for cattleyas and cymbidiums in 6"+ pots. Peat Mix- We use this mix for most Phalaenopsis up to 6" pots. Also recommended for Jewel Orchids and young Cymbidiums. 1/4 cubic foot $ 6.50 1 cubic foot $15.00 2 cubic feet $25.00 California Douglas Fir Bark - 3 cu ft bag $25.00 Specify grade - Medium (5/16" bark) or Fine Grade (1/8-1/4" bark) -Coarse Grade currently unavailable Charcoal (Medium or Fine grade) ¼ cu ft Chilean Sphagnum Coco Husk Fiber 150 grams 1 kilogram 1/4 cu ft $ 6.95 $ 4.95 $22.95 $5.95

4" 6" 8" 10"

Octagonal N/A $5.00 $6.00 $8.50

BLACK PLASTIC MESH BASKETS Polyethylene plastic and UV Resistant Can be used as a pot or hanging basket 4" x 3 ¾" Octagonal 6" x 4 ¼" Octagonal 8" x 5 ¾" Octagonal $2.50 $3.00 $3.50

CORK SLABS - Approximate sizes

(Great for mounting orchids) 3" x 5" $ 2.50 5" x 6" $ 4.50 6" x 12" $ 7.50


Pots 4" X 3½" $4.50 6" X 4" $6.50 Slabs Totems 6x4" $3.00 1½x1½x18"$5.00 6x6" $3.50 2x2x24" $5.50 8x8" $4.00 2x2x30" $6.00


Carter and Holmes Orchids

P O Box 668 Newberry, SC 29108-0668 Telephone (803) 276-0579 Orders (800) 873-7086 Fax (803) 276-0588



Is this a business address: Ship To: (If different) Business Name: Name: Address:



Bill To: Name: Address:

(This address must match credit card)

Telephone (


) Telephone # ( )

* NOTE: It is very important that we have a current telephone # in Payment by ___ Check or Money Order _ Mastercard _ Visa _ American Express _ Discover Card Number___________________________ Expiration Date__________________________ Quantity Cross #

Supply orders may be shipped separately to reduce freight charges. To avoid damage to plants shipments should be made to an address where someone will be available to accept delivery. case we need to contact you while processing/shipping your order.



Price Each


May we substitute with equal or greater value if an item is sold out?

Sub-Total $

For Orders including Supplies: $2.50 Packing

___ Yes

___ No

May we substitute pot size if requested pot size is sold out?

Shipping for Most Orders (see next page for details) Retail orders with 9 or fewer plants: $17.00 shipping Retail orders with 10 or more plants: Free Shipping

___ Yes

___ No

Your patronage is appreciated. If we can be of service regarding any of your orchid interests or concerns, please do not hesitate to write or call.

Total Remitted $ Please be advised that supply orders or plant orders with bulk supply items will be charged our actual cost of shipping

Please refer to the back of this page for more information about our shipping policies and charges.

General Terms:

All offerings are subject to availability and all prices are subject to change without notice. Each catalog, listing, order form, or other announcement of company policy supercedes all prior or undated announcements of company policy. All orders are filled in the sequence in which payment arrives. We accept checks, money orders, Pay Pal or approved credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER OR AMERICAN EXPRESS). Weather permitting, and unless requested otherwise, we generally ship domestic orchid orders within two weeks or less of receipt of the order. We sometimes offer orchids or supplies for sale with limited quantities on hand. For that reason, and because we cannot always accurately predict the demand for some items, we may have to limit the quantities of those items available to customers with or without prior notice. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Our charges for packing and shipping domestic, retail orchid orders for plants listed in our catalogs and on our website:

We generally charge $17.00 to pack and ship these orders if they include fewer than ten plants. If they include ten or more plants, we generally pack and ship them for free! Customers in Puerto Rico see above. Exceptions include orders from California, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Guam, Hawaii, the U.S. Virgin Islands and orders with AOS Coupons. We pack these orders for free and ship them for our actual cost of shipping.

Our charges for packing and shipping orchid society orders, wholesale orders, other orders with discounts (other than AOS Coupons) and any orders for plants not listed in our catalogs and on our website:

We generally charge 5% of the plant total or discounted plant total for packing plus our actual cost of shipping for these orders.

Bonus plants:

We generally enclose one free bonus plant (our selection) for every five plants ordered by retail customers and by orchid societies. If any of the five plants ordered are dug-up, bare-root plants, then the bonus plant may also be a dug-up, bare-root plant. Likewise, if any of the plants ordered are houseplants, then the free bonus plant may also be a houseplant. These bonus plants are "grower's choice" and may not be the same types or the same sizes as the plants ordered.

Supply orders:

Small supply items are generally be enclosed with orchid orders unless doing so might damage the plants or make the order significantly more expensive to ship. Otherwise, supply items are generally packed and shipped separately by ground delivery services. Either way, we charge $2.50 per box for packing supply orders. In addition, when we ship supplies separately from plants, we charge our actual cost of shipping. We can estimate packing and shipping charges if requested. In that case, if our actual cost is significantly less than the estimated charges, we refund or credit to customers' accounts any amount in excess of the packing charge plus our actual cost of shipping. Likewise, if our actual cost is more than the estimated charges, we confirm with customers by telephone or email before shipping.

Guaranteed safe delivery: We guarantee safe delivery of orchid orders within the contiguous United States if we are allowed to choose the shipping method, if we are allowed to withhold shipment until weather conditions are conducive to safe delivery, and if we are allowed to ship to a business address or to an address where someone will be available to sign a delivery receipt. We pack orchids in bud or in bloom carefully, but we do not guarantee that buds or blooms will not be damaged in shipment for reasons beyond our control. Damaged shipments: We take great care in packing your order. If damage is evident upon receipt of an order, please keep all packaging material and plants and please report the damage to us immediately. We may request that you return the damaged items. Retail volume discounts, wholesale discounts and orchid society discounts: We offer volume discounts to retail customers for orchid purchases of $100 or more at our nursery in Newberry. Please inquire for details. We offer wholesale discounts to customers who resell plants. Kindly forward a copy of your business license or other documentation that you resell plants with any such request. We offer orchid societies a discount of 25% plus bonus plants for every five plants ordered in orchid orders of $200 or more. We welcome society group orders as well as orders for society auctions, raffles, and sales. Please do not ask us to package plants separately. These discounts (and AOS Coupons) are not applicable for supplies, collections, or otherwise discounted plants. (We do not generally honor more than one discount per order.) Discounts do not apply to packing and shipping charges. We invite orchid societies to schedule group visits to our nursery. We will provide lunch and extend open house type discounts of 10% for supplies and 15% to 25% for plants for groups of twelve or more orchid society members who schedule visits on Saturdays. Each year we are happy to contribute $50 gift certificates to societies in exchange for copies of their current rosters for the purpose of adding them to our mailing list. (We do not share our mailing list or information about our customers.) These gift certificates are meant to be used only for orchid purchases at our regular prices, and not for purchases with society discounts, wholesale discounts, or AOS Coupons or for packing and shipping charges. Catalog requests: Catalog requests from anywhere with a United States Postal Service Zip code should send $2.00 for each catalog request. Catalog requests from Canada and Mexico should send $2.50 for each catalog requested. Catalog requests from all other countries should send $7.50 for each catalog request.

International and Overseas Shipments

It is the policy of Carter and Holmes Orchids to require payment in U.S. Dollars before releasing any foreign or overseas order for shipment. A proforma invoice will be sent upon request and plants reserved for 30 days, unless other arrangements are made prior. Your local authorities can advise you as to your current import requirements. If an import permit is required, we will need a copy. In most cases, we must provide a Phytosanitary Certificate and CITES documentation with your order. Not all hybrids and species we sell can be exported under our current CITES paperwork. We will need to confirm availability before shipping. We must bare root plants that we ship to Canada and overseas including Hawaii. To our customers in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam: Only Phytosanitary Certificates are required for shipments. We charge a processing fee of $7.50 for Phytosanitary Certificates alone. Hawaiian customers must have an import permit issued by the State of Hawaii. Please allow time for your orders to be inspected before shipment. Most orders to these places will ship Priority Mail. Canadian Shipments will be charged $135.00 for both Phytosanitary Certificates and CITES documentation. Please allow time for your orders to be inspected before shipment. Canadian shipments will be sent by express services. Overseas Shipments will be charged $135.00 for both Phytosanitary Certificates and CITES documentation. Please allow time for your orders to be inspected before shipment. Overseas shipments will generally be sent by Global Express Mail. Customers in Canada, Europe and Africa may save on fees and freight costs by utilizing our local representatives in Canada, England and South Africa that are listed below.

We are listing sources for our plants in Europe, Canada and Africa. These companies will supply Carter and Holmes plants from their stock or will book orders for future delivery (local pricing at their option). This will give our customers an option to reduce paperwork, customs, and shipping costs by having their orders combined with others and shipped to the nursery for distribution to the customer. Doug and Terry Kennedy of Orchids in our Tropics have agreed to represent Carter and Holmes in Canada. You may order through Doug and Terry at: Orchids in our Tropics 15 Wilmac Court Gormley, Ontario L0H 1G0 Canada Telephone and Fax 905-727-3319 e-mail [email protected] Web Site Laurence Hobbs Orchids, Bailiffs Cottage Nurseries, Hophurst Lane, Crawley Down, West Sussex RH10 4LN England - Telephone 01342-715142 Fax 01342-712183 e-mail: [email protected] Outeniqua Orchid Nursery (former Stellenkloof Orchids) Maitland Road, Blanco, George, RSA (P.O. Box 802, George, RSA 6530) Telephone (044) 870 0178 Fax (044) 870 8915 e-mail: [email protected]

CARTER AND HOLMES ORCHIDS Post Office Box 668 629 Mendenhall Road Newberry, South Carolina 29108

(800) 873-7086 order * (803) 276-0579 (803) 276-0588 fax Visit our Nursery: Monday-Saturday, 9am-5pm.


Thursday- Saturday, August 25, 26 & 27 Let us know you are coming and we will provide lunch. All plants and supplies will be discounted. Supplies will be discounted 10%, Lotus Pottery discounted 15% and plants will be discounted 15% to 25%, based on the total purchase. We will have many other items marked at even lower discounts. After the sale, there will be a drawing from the list of RSVP's for a $100 Carter and Holmes Gift Certificate.

Fall Open House and Sale

Holiday Kick-Off Sale-One Day only!

Saturday, November 19th. We will have a wonderful selection of budded and blooming plants, decorative containers and lush tropical foliage, all at special sale prices. Great choices to decorate your home or office for the holidays or to give as gifts to family & friends.

COME TO SEE US! We welcome visitors to the nursery during our business hours year round. There are always interesting things to see. Coming from the North or the South on Interstate 26, take exit #76. Turn toward Newberry on Highway 219 (Main Street) and continue through town until you pass the town square and the Opera House on your right. Turn left at the light in front of the Hampton Inn onto Nance Street (Highway 395). Continue between 3 and 3 1/2 miles and turn right on Mendenhall Road. We are 1/2 mile on your right. (DO NOT use GPS, Mapquest or Google directions!)



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