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CASIO WK TUTORIAL VIDEO Need help with your new WK-1630 or WK-1800 that you just bought? Big retail chain stores are generally clueless about how to use these fabulous, but very complex, new instruments and can't help you with technical questions. Watch and learn from a Casio worldwide expert. Tim Gould presents 2.25 hours of useful, understandable nuts and bolts explanations of "how to" information backed up with musical examples to help you learn. This video, professionally produced in Great Britain by Technote International, Ltd. covers the features found in the WK family of Casio keyboards. The WK-1600/1630 and WK-1800 (with disk drive) are 76 key instruments and the CTK-711EX/811EX are the 61 key models. You'll learn a tremendous amount about "button pushing" by viewing this video on these fantastic, hot Casio keyboards. Contents include: · Standard MIDI file · Digital display and button features operation · Disk drive operation · Tone selection and · Mixer and effects usage editing · Rhythm and automatic accompaniments · Begins with a detailed explanation of all main features while showing results along the way · Demo tips, sound ideas and programming info to enable you to fully exploit its features Order: Casio Tutorial Video $29.95

PADDED KEYBOARD CASE (carry bag) GREAT PROTECTION For Your Sound Investment With A Carrying Case · Foam padding prevents accidental keyboard damage with our super-strong Nylon Cordura case · Handles and adjustable shoulder strap · Weather resistant · Heavy duty, 2-way zippers on 3 sides · Three large accessory compartments with zippers and snaps · A MUST HAVE ITEM FOR YOUR WK KEYBOARD! Order: Carry Bag Size #11 $55.00 CASIO "WK" EXTRA PADDED KEYBOARD CASE (carry bag) Extra well padded, rugged canvas duck carry bag with zippers on three sides. Cloth reinforced seams and edges make this case lightweight yet very protective for your WK keyboard. Includes two large zippered accessory compartments. Holds all WK models. Order: Casio WK Case $79.00

NO TIME TO DUST AND CLEAN YOUR KEYBOARD? KEYCOVERS provide an attractive R COVE - and most important - highly IC KEY STAT effective barrier against dirt, dust, Size ANTIsmoke film, accidental liquid and 16 food spills, and pet curiosity; the most common reasons for S EL keyboard failures. MOD WK · KEYCOVERS are made from FITS strong, pre-shrunk translucent vinyl sheeting. All seams and edges are stitched and reinforced with fabric binding for rugged durability. · Since they are clear, you can easily see if your keyboard's power switch has been left on by mistake, so you can conserve battery energy while your CASIO is "covered". · They'll protect at home, in studios, churches, boats, RV's, a gig, and on long-term engagements. · KEYCOVERS are cleanable with mild soap and water or vinyl cleaner. You'll eliminate a lot of dusting over the years when your keyboard is "covered" with a KEYCOVER. Order: Keycover Size 16, $22.00 (fits all WK models from 1600/1630/1800 series)


Our ultra comfortable, full cup over the ear, Jensen Stereo Headphones are an absolute necessity. These headphones virtually eliminate undesirable background distractions while playing. They produce clear crisp high frequencies, full defined middle range sound, and big, deep rich bass sounds. Listening to your instrument through them is like being "inside your keyboard's speakers." The best part is when you plug them in you will be the only person to hear what you are playing. They allow you to play in the same room as other people without disturbing them. For late night players, they allow you to play all night long without disrupting anyone. Self-adjusting head-

Sustain Pedals make your piano playing more realistic and "smooth" sounding.

SUSTAIN FOOT SWITCH Standard model with on-off switching function with springloaded silent non-click action. Plugs into the "Assignable Jack or Sustain Pedal Input" on hundreds of Casio models. Verify your keyboard has this connection jack BEFORE ordering. Order: Standard Sustain Footswitch $19.00 DELUXE SUSTAIN PEDAL Grand Piano-style Sustain Pedal has the looks, "real feel" and graduated action of a traditional piano pedal. Our most popular model. If you've played a real piano before, you will prefer this model sustain pedal. Order: Deluxe Sustain Pedal $34.00

KEYBOARD AUDIO CABLES--30 FEET LONG! Thirty foot long stereo audio cables connect your keyboard to component stereo, surround sound and/or big speaker TV systems for magnificent quality sound and increased volume. This cable connects to your Casio's headphone/audio output. · 30' STEREO 1/4" Male to Two Male RCA Plugs Order: Anniversary Cable $7.00

band · Extra long connecting cord · Gold plated 1/4" adaptor included. Usable with other electronic products, too.

Order: Professional Headphones $25.00

Z-STAND--Very Sturdy!

30' STEREO Dual Male 1/4" Plugs to Dual Male RCA Plugs For WK-1800 to connect to stereo equipment and tape recorders or computers. Order: Dual 1/4" to Dual RCA Cable $9.00

25 Foot Keyboard Cable--Mono 1/4" male phone plug to 1/4" male phone plug on each end. Connects many CASIO keyboard models to guitar amplifiers or P.A. systems. Order: 25 Foot MONO Keyboard Cable $12.00

New sleek, sturdy, strong, black steel stand for WK model CASIOs. Our new Z Stand bolts to the brass bolt holes on the bottom of your 76-note model keyboard. The Z Stand features classic modern styling and assembles easily with included fasteners. 28 inch fixed height, width adjusts from 20 inches to 31.5 inches. Our best stand. Because of its adjustable width, it can be used with smaller models, too. Order: Z-Stand $39.00

Casio X-Bench Lightweight bench with extra thick 2.5 inch foam padded seat cushion, designed for maximum comfort and durability. Capable of holding up to 250 pounds. · Adjustable heights allow for greater playing comfort. · (minor assembly required) Order: Casio X-Bench $29.00


See current models and our rock bottom discount prices online anytime at

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Rhythm Pattern Disks For Casio Disk Drive Keyboards

Just like your automated rhythm patterns on your instruments, these disks provide bass lines and pulsating chords to match the style you select. All disks have new rhythm patterns that are different than those built into your keyboard. Each floppy disk is packaged in a CD jewel case.

NAME THAT TUNE! Listen and learn how good MIDI files can sound!

Now you can choose and listen to 45 second demos of more than 1,400 songs (and the selection is growing rapidly) played back through your computer's sound card as a Standard Midi File type 0. Still better, if your keyboard is already connected through MIDI to your computer, you will be able to listen to these song demonstrations played from your very own instrument . Your instrument will provide superior sound quality compared to most sound cards built into computers. These MIDI File songs are a tremendous teaching aid as you play along, experiment with different sounds, remove parts or just enjoy plain old listening. They are ideal for use with your Casio keyboard, with or without the Magic Lights features. Give `em a listen from our Internet site at You'll be glad you did and you'll learn more about the exciting world of MIDI music making. Each complete MIDI song file is available to purchase online as a download so you can obtain it immediately to make your own disk for use any time. A GREAT FUN PRODUCT FOR DISK DRIVE KEYBOARD OWNERS! EZ-Play Music Book/Disk Pack,1950s

Upgrade the music sound patterns, styles and rhythms in your keyboard with ten new patterns from each disk. Created by Technote International of the U.K. These are high quality musical styles patterns for your special musical tastes and needs. Use with CTK-731, CTK-811EX, WK-1800, AP-60/65 & MZ-2000 Casio keyboard models.

Rock and Pop

Standard 8 Beat 8 Beat Ballad 1 8 Beat Ballad 2 Standard 16 Beat 16 Beat Pop 50s Rock and Roll 70s Disco 80s Pop 90s Dance Soul

Dance Mix

Dance Pop 1 Dance Pop 2 Modern Soul Slow Soul Techno House Jungle Rap 90s Pop 1 90s Pop 2



Order: Dance Mix Music Pattern Disk $24.95 Big Band, Ballroom & Jazz

Organ Quickstep Foxtrot 1 Foxtrot 2 Standard Waltz Orchestral Waltz Big Band Slow Big Band Medium Big Band Fast Jazz Combo Modern Jazz

Order: Big Band, Ballroom, Jazz Order: Rock and Pop Music Pattern Disk: Music Pattern Disk: $24.95 $24.95 U.S. & European

Country Ballad Country Rock Rhythm & Blues Gospel Hollywood Polka Pop March Euro Disco Parisienne Waltz Pop Shuffle

Popular Latin

Organ Cha-Cha Big Band Cha-Cha Bossa Nova Rhumba Samba Mambo Calypso Salsa Lambada Paso Doble

From the 1950s. This is a Song Book consisting of 59 songs and a standard MIDI File Disk that plays 20 of these songs. The songs on the disk are played through two times each, first to match the music notation in the book and the second time with enhanced playing styles in the performance. For those instruments with built-in lyric reading capability, lyrics are shown in time with the music as it is played. The book and disk combination is a great way to learn as you listen to the music and follow along with the music book. You can also play right along with the sounds from this disk. LIST OF 20 SONGS ON THIS STANDARD MIDI FILE FLOPPY DISK: · All I have to do is Dream Bye Bye Love · All Shook Up · C'est Si Bon · Climb Ev'ry Mountain · Cry Me a River · Heartbreak Hotel · I Believe · Love Me Tender · Misty · Blue Velvet This disk is created by Technote International, Ltd. Order: EZ-Play Music Book/Disk Pack, 1950s $44.95 AUDIO CASSETTE LEARNING PLAYING STRING LINES ON KEYBOARDS--Orchestra Sounds Since electronic keyboards began emulating ensemble qualities of strings, every keyboardist has been searching for that "perfect" sound. Listen and unlock the secrets of effective string playing and phraseology. These secrets will demonstrate that the most convincing string sounds do not come from the keyboard's voices alone, but from the proper execution of easily learned techniques developed for you, your keyboard and your hands. "Sweeten" your arrangements with the techniques of arrangers, composers, and ensembles that make their music full, dynamic and complete. Use your string voices to the fullest. Booklet included and play-along section lets you play with your newly learned techniques. Intermediate level and above. Great for CTK & WK models. Order: String Lines T.O.M. Audio Cassette $6.00 KEYBOARD BASS PLAYING TECHNIQUES With the many bass sounds available to you on CASIO products, this cassette and booklet talks and explains musical concepts with exercises to improve your playing of bass lines for live performance, recording and sequencing. Includes: * Thinking like a bass player * Interval recognition and practice * Hours of practice exercises * Developing listening skills * Performing with your newly learned techniques to recorded tunes * Improving to professionalize your bass playing with tips and tricks Intermediate level and above. Ideal for group players, those who want to, and Fake Book users. Order: Bass Play T.O.M. Audio Casssette $6.00 "Save A Dollar!" Order: String Lines and Bass Play - Both Cassettes $11.00 Page 3

Order: U.S. & European Music Pattern Disk: $24.95 Organ Nostalgia/Only plays on MZ-2000

Swing Quickstep Waltz Shuffle March Bossa Nova Rhumba Samba Foxtrot Cha Cha

Order: Popular Latin Music Pattern Disk: $24.95 BACKGROUND RHYTHMS FOR SONGS Country Fever/only plays on MZ-2000

Jolene Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue Talking in Your Sleep Crazy Blanket On The Ground Banks' Of The Ohio Paper Roses Tennessee Waltz Annie's Song Everything Is Beautiful

Order: Organ Nostalgia Music Pattern Disk for MZ-2000 Model: $24.95

Order: Country Fever Music Pattern Disk for MZ-2000 Model: $24.95

We also stock the TUNE 1000 brand Keyboard Karaoke Standard MIDI File Song Disks. These disks have eight sound alike arrangements of famous artists' recordings, created for General MIDI instruments and/or computers with floppy disk drives and sound cards. See our complete selection with descriptions online at in the Casio store. These are Type 0 MIDI files which can be read to play and sound on Casio disk drive keyboards.

See all of the additional Easy Play MIDI File Book/Disk packages from Technote, of England, on line, too.


Today, nearly all Casios have MIDI jacks for connecting keyboards to other keyboards or computers. Remember: Keyboards will need proper and appropriate cables in order to function as designed. The computer also needs MIDI software so that it can communicate with the keyboard in MIDI language. The products we show here have been used by thousands of multimedia enthusiasts in this complex, but exciting marriage between music, keyboards, computers and the internet.



MIDI Interface--Required if your computer has USB ports The UM-1S is a 1-in/1-out (16 channel) USB to MIDI interface. The UM-1S is the easiest way to connect your MIDI device directly to your computer. It draws power directly from the USB bus so no messy wall warts or extra cables are required. Also, since the UM-1S is USB, you can simply plug it in, let it install the driver and go -- No need to reboot. The UM-1S provides excellent response with simultaneous playback on multiple channels. * USB connection for easy plug and play installation * Use any length MIDI cable with female in and out connectors * Integrated USB cable * USB bus-powered, adaptor free * Low latency with FPT (Fast Processing Technology of MIDI transmission) · 1 input - 1 output USB to MIDI connectors · Female in and out MIDI connectors · USB cable attached · USB bus-powered, adapter-free · Includes CD-ROM with drivers for both Windows and Mac. · Requires MIDI cable of the appropriate length to connect this adapter to your keyboard Dual MIDI Cable--10 Foot Length Connect one MIDI keyboard to another with this tidy 10' dual cable. Order: Dual MIDI Cable $13.00 MIDI Cable Set--10 Foot Length A pair of 10 foot length molded end MIDI cables are shipped as a set (2 cables) so both MIDI In and MIDI Out connections are utilized. MIDI connectors are the same on both ends of each cable. Connect one MIDI keyboard to another. Order: MIDI Cable Set $12.00 MIDI GAME PORT CABLE--10 Foot Length MIDI/Game Port Cable connects the MIDI keyboard to the joystick port on PCs. Dual end connection on game port end allows you to reconnect the game port joystick cable, too. Use with any MIDI software for PCs. Ample 10' length. Order MIDI Game Port Cables $25.00 MIDI Info Kit Understand and learn about the complex and exciting world of making music using MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) with this kit. The MIDI kit includes a 96 page book, The MIDI Companion, which is chock full of illustrations, diagrams, charts, photos and very clear explanations of this technical information. This book is written by Jeffrey Rona, founder and past president of the MIDI Manufacturers Association which is the international consortium of MIDI hardware and software makers. This superbly authored book is complemented with a Talking Owner's Manual audio cassette "Guide to MIDI". Our cassette explains and teaches how and why MIDI evolved, why it is used, how it works, historical backgrounds of select electronic keyboards and reinforces the nuts and bolts understanding required to get started with MIDI music making. After learning from this information kit, you'll be prepared and familiar with MIDI codes and be ready to use the scanty MIDI information printed in CASIO's keyboard users manuals. Create your own MIDI system from a basic set up, to an outrageous combination of MIDI-based products. Order: MIDI Info Kit $19.00

System Requirements Windows · Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000 Professional/XP · Computer : Windows 98/Me/2000 Professional/XP compatible computer with a USB connector conforming to USB specifications Ver.1.1* Macintosh · MacOS 8.5 or later · Computer : Apple Macintosh Series having USB port as the standard application ORDER: USB to MIDI Interface: $49.00 (MIDI cables connecting this device to the keyboard sold separately--see below)

· · ·

· · · · ·

This CD ROM is full of fun and educational musical programs from VOYETRA, one of the leaders in music software; plus a sound card-- MIDI cable that allows you to connect the keyboard directly to your PC. The comprehensive MUSIC EXPLORER CD-ROM is especially created for CASIO keyboards. It contains: · 30 Keyboard Lessons - Learn basic music notation, theory and playing technique with this interactive training system. Learn more than 20 songs for beginners using two hands to play! · Music Write - Create your own songs and print out professional looking sheet music. Music Theory - Explore music theory in an exciting interactive environment. Songbook - Play and print songs included with the software - or import your own MIDI song files. Recording Station - Turn your multimedia PC into a desktop, 8-track recording studio. Compose original songs by playing instrument parts one at a time. Then record your voice or two-part harmonies. Also has a variety of songs you can instantly Minimum System Requirements: IBM PC compatible computer running Windows load and play. 3.1, 95 or 98 · 486DX2/66 MHz or MediaCheck - Test/troubleshoot your multimedia higher · 8 MB RAM · 6 MB hard disk space · 640 x 480, 256-color display computer. · Double-speed or faster CD-ROM Note Blaster - Reinforce your music reading skills drive · 16-bit Windows-compatible sound card · CASIO MIDI-compatible with this interactive music game. musical keyboard connected to your PC Jam Grid - Create music instantly - simply by clickwith 10' cable as shown above. Does NOT work with Windows 2000, ME, ing with your mouse. XP or Mac. Download standard MIDI files from the internet and use your keyboard as a playback "jukebox." Includes 10' computer MIDI Interface Cable. ORDER: MUSIC EXPLORER Multi-Media Kit $40.00 MIDI CONNECTION KIT--IDEAL FOR RECORDING ON YOUR COMPUTER

The new MIDI Connection Kit provides the easiest and most cost effective way to connect your MIDI keyboard to your computer. Contents include a ten foot sound card to MIDI cable and a CD-ROM featuring sequencing software as well as a comprehensive trouble shooting guide and a help guide. Everything you need to get started with making music on your home computer and MIDI keyboard. Using your browser, you can download MIDI files from the Internet, too. Works with a PC with a serial port running Windows 95/98/NT/ME2000 or XP. Requires Pentium PC or faster, hard disk with 30mb empty, 16mb RAM or more, Video: VGA or more, Sound: 16-bit, CD-ROM drive, Microsoft mouse or compatible. · SIX languages on CD: English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Italian. · MAGIX Music Studio · Audio Studio · Audio Tracks: 8 · Audio Effects (realtime): Echo, Delay, Reverb, EQ, Gater · Audio Editing (realtime): Resampling, Time stretching, Pitch shifting, Normalize, Backwards Invert, Fade In and Fade Out · Mixer Controls: Volume, Pan, Mute, Solo, Record enable, Patch, VU, Edit, Reverb, Chorus, Delay

· Diverse: Drag & Drop for WAV-Files, AVI-Video-Integration, Direct-X Plugin compatibility

CONTENTS: · MIDI Game Port Cable · Sequencer software on CD-ROM · Hard Disk recording capability · 128 MIDI tracks * Audio-video · Troubleshooting guide · Outstanding extensive tutorial guide · Help File ORDER: MIDI Connection Kit $45.00

Order online or via fax anytime. Phone your order in Monday through Friday 8am-5pm Pacific Hours 800-492-9999

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More Hard-To-Find Casio Keyboard Accessories!

AC ADAPTORS--ELIMINATE THE NEED FOR BATTERIES Designed specifically for Casio Keyboards. To determine which model is needed by your keyboard, look at the back of your instrument--the required voltage is imprinted right near the plug for the adaptor. UL Approved for safety. Pays for itself quickly with today's cost of batteries Order: AC-1 Adaptor (7.5v) $8.00 AC-5 Adaptor (9v) $14.00 AC-12 Adaptor (12v) $21.00 Double XX STAND Lightweight, portable fast locking mechanism for multiple height adjustments. Quick assembly, no extra tools required. Folds up for easy storage Order: Double XX Stand $33.00 Jr XT-STAND WITH LARGER WIDE-SPREAD BASE FOR STABILITY Strong steel construction adjusts in height for your comfort for sit-down or stand-up playing. Accommodates all 49 and 61 note keyboards. Fully assembled, ready to use, black color. Our most popular type of stand. Order: Jr XT-Stand $31.00

AC ADAPTOR EXTENSION CABLE Eliminate the need for electrical extension cords. Adaptors have cords 6' - 7' in length--If your keyboard will be placed farther away from the closest electrical outlet, add our AC Adaptor Extender Cable to your order. Only fits on the adaptors shown above. Order: AC Adaptor Extension Cable $4.00

MUSIC STORAGE BENCH This music storage piano bench has a thickly padded vinyl seat for maximum comfort. It is a quality furniture product designed and built to last a lifetime. Heavy duty hardware is used throughout its metal frame construction. Legs are scratch resistant powder coated steel for appearance and strength. Flat black finish matches all metal and plastic keyboard stands. Large book storage area under fold-up hinged seat top. Order: Music Storage Bench $99.00

VOLUME CONTROL PEDAL FOR MZ-2000 Foot control for the sound level of selected CASIO keyboards. Check your keyboard connections for a volume pedal jack. Works only with Casio models with the connection jack. Order: Volume Control Pedal $35.00


Medium Size (13.5" X 22.5" top). Large Size (14" X 30" top) Wood-grained finish music storage bench with hinged lid and padded seat. Brown/cherry color. Order: Medium Bench $99.00 (Matches AP-21/22, AP-60/65) Order: Large Polished Mahogany Wood Bench $119.00 Order: Large Polished Ebony Wood Bench $119.00

CHORD FINGERING CHARTS (24" Wide) Show You Fingering for 142 Chords!


To hold your music for many CASIO 49 and 61 full-size key models. To determine fit, measure the distance between the two holes located on the back of your CASIO keyboard. Wire music racks have a 17" spread where inserted in the support holes. Note: We do NOT stock the plastic replacement music holders like you may have received with your keyboard.

Order: Wire Music Rack $12.00 PRIVACY HEADPHONES Practice privately with stereo headphones · Lightweight and comfortable · Fits all CASIO Keyboards, large and small · 46" cord · Adaptor included to fit mini or 1/4" · Works with other electronic products. Order: Privacy Headphones with Adaptor $7.00 30' Audio Cable connects your keyboard to a stereo system for really big sound and increased volume. Fill the room with sound with your Casio Keyboard. Stereo 1/8" Mini to Two Male RCA's . Mini to 1/4" Stereo Adaptor Included. Fits most Casios. Order: Mini to RCA 30' Cable with adaptor $6.00 Sized to rest on your keyboard's music holder, these chord guides show you where to place your fingers to create chords with your left hand when using the "fingered" mode. CASIO's keyboard electronics will recognize and respond to these exact chord positions to sound correct for the chords you want. A great aid for playing sheet music with chord symbols. They show 12 chord types for all different key signatures - 142 chords in all. Printed on heavy card stock. 24" wide - Easy To See! Order: CASIO Chord Fingering Charts $2.99

Female 1/8" to 1/4" Male Stereo Adaptor Converts connection size from small (mini) to large (1/4" phone plug). Use with headphones or audio cable above Order: Mini to 1/4" Stereo Adaptor $2.00


Every beginner in heavy card stock and are over 32" long! Keystrips fit on 49, 61, 73, 76, and 88 note Casio keyboards. Order: Keystrips Set (Includes both KeyStrip #1 & KeyStrip #2) $3.99

sical yardstick, they fit board notes. KeyStrips are printed on

Read notes and play better! Order: KS & CC both for $6.00 (Keystrips and Chord Charts--from above right)

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WHAT IS A TALKING OWNER'S MANUAL? A Talking Owner's ManualTM is a proven learning system of spoken product instructions on audio cassette for CASIO keyboards. It is a recorded explanation of how to operate and use the electronic functions and features found on a CASIO keyboard. As you listen to a T.O.M., it explains step-by-step the layout, control groups, color codings, connections, care and safety, usable accessories, and what the knobs, buttons, switches, sliders and displays can do on the keyboard. Since it is nearly impossible to describe sound combinations in a printed book, the demonstrations and explanations are supported by musical examples with sounds to make learning to operate your keyboard easier than printed manuals. Our audio instructions are created for those who dislike wading through printed manuals, can't read small printing, lack the time or patience to understand the operational steps described in print. A Talking Owner's Manual will save you hours of time and frustration as you learn to use your keyboard. You'll successfully operate the buttons, controls and hundreds of combinations to get the most sound, functions, music and fun from the model you own after a couple of listenings. T.O.M.s are educationally produced by a world-renown CASIO expert product specialist using examples of the sounds from the specific CASIO keyboard models. Instructions are paced to make learning to operate your keyboard step-by-step a rewarding experience. Listening to these spoken instructions is like having an expert teacher look over your shoulder and explain how to get the most out of the exciting features designed into your keyboard. Each cassette is produced for a specific model unless very similar models are combined on one tape. Our simplified T.O.M. Product instructions are thorough, easy to understand ... and very affordable! Over 500,000 Talking Owner's Manuals cassettes and videos have been purchased for use with CASIO products. INTRODUCING...PLAY RIGHT NOW! Two Videos with Printed Instructional Aids. Learn using any Casio keyboard.

Filmed using three different CASIO CTK models. Created for beginners

This two video set features Tom Piggott with solid hands-on teaching and learning to play instruction for 2.5 hours! Filmed on CASIO CTK-series keyboards and presented by the master musician and TV celebrity co-host demonstrator on the Home Shopping Network. Video #1 gets you started playing ... beginning with warm-up finger aerobics using only the black keys, and playing simple songs including: Auld Lang Zyne and Amazing Grace! As you continue to learn and progress, you'll understand basic chords, using the white keys and be guided through an introduction to theory and reading music and symbols using the included KeyStrip Set. Sounds of chords used in popular music and CASIO's rhythms are also covered as well as choosing tones. Video 2 shows an overview of CASIO keyboard functions and effectively using 18 different sounds. Other features such as splits, layers, recording memory features, and introduction to MIDI round out this fabulous video instruction series so that you'll be enthused, have fun, and Play Right Now! No matter what model keyboard you own, the teaching from this video will improve your playing.

Order: Play Right Now! (Includes two Videos) $29.95 BONUS! Both Keystrips and Chord Charts as seen on page four are included with purchase!

PLAY ELECTRONIC KEYBOARD TODAY, Featuring Ed Alstrom as your Instructor Filmed on the Casio CTK-651 Keyboard and includes song booklet. Playing Casio's powerful instruments can provide you with a lifetime of musical enjoyment. This video, featuring expert product specialist, Ed Alstrom, will have you playing music today!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

RAP-1, RAPMAN SA-9/SA-11/SA-21 Combined SA-35/SA-38 SK-60 CA-100/CA-110 CT-400/MA-220 Combined CT-636 CT-638 CT-647/CT-648/PRO-100 CT-657 CT-670 CT-680 CT-700/PRO-200 CT-770/PRO-300 CTK-450 CTK-451 CTK-480/CTK-485

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

CTK-520L CTK-515 CTK-500/CTK-510 CTK-501/CTK-518 CTK-511/CTK-519 CTK-531/533 CTK-530/CTK-540 CTK-541/551/558 CTK-550 CTK-601 CTK-611 CTK-620L CTK-630 CTK-631 CTK-650 CTK-651 CTK-750

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

KT-80 or KT-90G CPS-7 CPS-80/CPS-85 CTK-50 CTK-80 CTK-100/110 CTK-150 CTK-330 CTK-401/CTK-411 CTK-431 LK-30/33/35 WK-1200 WK-1250 WK-1300 WK-1350 WK-1500

The following topics are indexed on screen, making the music elements, features and songs easy to locate for review: * Getting Started * Basic Features * Fill-ins * Play Music Now * Sharps and Flats * Rhythm Section * Additional Keyboard Features Explained * MIDI Applications (computer hookup) and so much more!\ Order: Casio Electronic Keyboard Video $14.95 GUITAR TODAY! Video with 56 page workbook Play your first song in just a day! Learn to play in the style you choose - acoustic, electric, you name it - in only 30 days! At any gathering of good friends, the person with the guitar becomes the center of attention. We all know how much fun that can be. GUITAR TODAY! is a two-hour video and 56-page practice workbook which takes you through 10 lessons and four dozen separate exercises, one lesson at a time...on your schedule. Learn: * Basic Strumming Patterns * All The Basic Chords * Accompaniment Techniques * Tuning the Guitar You'll learn to read sheet music, broaden your artistry to fit your favorite style: folk, jazz, classical, rock, or just plain old sing-along, and you'll be the life of the party! Order: GUITAR TODAY! Video $19.95 BORN TO SING! Video Created by the Vocal Power Institute Ten Easy Lessons is all it takes to guide the beginner and the advanced student through the basic principles of singing. These easy-to-follow lessons will help eliminate your weaknesses and develop your strengths while optimizing vocal tone and helping you gain greater vocal control. Learn breathing and posture and progress from singing in the shower to singing on stage! Order: BORN TO SING! Video $29.95

ONLY THE LISTED MODELS ARE AVAILABLE. IF IT'S NOT LISTED, WE DON'T HAVE IT! Order: T.O.M. Model (fill in your model #) $8.00 (free shipping on these cassettes) Video Talking Owner's Manuals CTK-530 / CTK-540 and CTK-630 Video Talking Owner's Manual All three models' features and functions are thoroughly explained and demonstrated to teach you what all the buttons will do. 90 minutes. Order: CTK-530/CTK-540/CTK-630 Video $15.00 CTK-501/511/518/519 Video Talking Owner's Manual All of these models have the same electronic functions. Learn about all the keyboards' features and how to use them. 90 minutes. Order: CTK-501/511/518/519 Video $15.00 CTK-711EX and CTK-811EX Video From Technote 2 1/4 hours of solid technical teaching on these hi-tech models. Thorough explanations with demos. Order: CTK-711EX/CTK-811EX Video $29.95 Extra, Extra! Learn All About It! Video 90-minute Video Instructional Course filmed on the CTK-500/510 models-- includes Keystrips. Helpful with all 400 and 500 series CASIO keyboards. Order: Extra, Extra Video close-out price, just $5.00


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THE MOST THOROUGH ADULT SELF-LEARNING KIT Our Adult Learning Kit For Beginners Includes... · One Method Book · One Supplemental Songbook · Two KeyStrips · One CASIO Chord Fingering chart for playing left hand chords · Two Compact Discs recorded on CASIO keyboards · One EZ-Play Branson Songbook with 19 favorites Our Self-instruction Kit provides the musical learning tools and knowledge to prepare you to play songs from the vast selection of EZ-Play songbooks available for CASIO keyboards. The Method Book covers fundamentals of music notation and 31 songs to learn in progressive lessons. · The Supplemental Songbook allows you to practice your new knowledge with 72 simple melodies and songs. The books are 9" x 12" size. · Two Compact Discs perform all melodies and songs twice, with and without melodies, so you'll learn faster as you perform along with the recordings, with the lessons and examples in the Method Book and Supplement. · KeyStrip 1 shows and explains ALL your keyboard's note names and where to use the auto-accompaniment section. · KeyStrip 2 shows all the note names and where they correspond in printed music notation. Over 32" long. · The Chord Chart shows 142 chord positions for your left hand for use with the "fingered mode" on CASIO keyboards. The charts are 24" wide and very easy to see with large print. · The EZ-Play Branson Songbook contains 19 timeless favorites for you to play, including: Moon River, Blue Velvet, Gentle On My Mind, Bubbles In The Wine, Yesterday, When I Was Young, and more. A Powerful Self-Instruction Program to teach you to play from EZ-Play Songbooks! Order: The Adult Learning Kit $40.00 Booklet and musical CD. BOOK THREE now available for the ADULT LEARNING KIT SHOWN ABOVE Order: Book Three Adult Learning Kit $13.95 Order: 10 Easy Lessons for Young Beginners $19.95 QUICK START KEYBOARD KIT One kit does it all! Everything the beginner needs to play right away! Includes the hits of the superstars: Phil Collins, Steve Winwood, Whitney Houston, Glenn Frey, Fleetwood Mac and others. Contains over 140 easy-to-play songs, lightweight headphones, ABC Key Stickers, Exploring Automatic Features and the Quick-Start instruction cassette tape. Works with all sizes of electronic keyboards. Order: Quick Start Keyboard Kit $24.95 PADDED KEYBOARD CASES (carry bags) PROTECTION For Your Sound Investment With A Carrying Case· Foam padding prevents accidental keyboard damage with our super-strong Nylon Cordura case · Handles and adjustable shoulder strap · Weather resistant · Heavy duty, 2-way zippers on 3 sides · Three large accessory compartments with zippers and snaps. (INSIDE DIMENSIONS IN INCHES) Case #5 (35.5x12.75x5) ............... $44.00 Case #6 (37x15x6.5) .................... $49.00 Case #9 (42.5x16.5x5.25) ............ $54.00 Case #11 ..................................... $55.00 Case #13 (39x16.75x6.25) ........... $55.00 Case #14 (49.25x17.75x7.5) ........ $59.00 Order: Carry bag number as listed Fits most 49 key models Fits Magic Lights & 61 Key models Fits WK-1630 & WK-1800 Fits larger 61 note size Fits MZ-2000 DISNEY BOOK SET. PLUS A HUGE BOOK OF SONGS KIDS LOVE TO SING AND PLAY Mickey Mouse and his friends will take your child on a musical adventure of learning to play the electronic keyboard. Includes 4 books, two Fun-Damentals books and two keyboard instruction books. This course uses "big note" notation surrounded by illustrations of Disney characters. Songs include: · The Siamese Cat Song S GE S · The Ballad of Davey Crockett R A EAR · The Aristocats FO 4 Y · Supercalifragilistic 6-1 · London Bridge · This Old Man · many, many more. Use with large and small keyboards. 6" x 9" Size Books and includes Keyboard Stickers to place on the keys for fast music reading. The BIG BOOK OF CHILDREN'S SONGS has 87 EZ-Play, large note notation, timeless favorites children love to sing and play. Included are: He's Got The Whole World In His Hands, Be Kind To Your Web-footed Friends, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and over 80 more! This book is 9" x 12" size. For ages 6 and up. Order: Disney Book Set $27.00 LEARN TO PLAY KEYBOARD FROM THIS COMPACT DISC AND BOOKLET For Young Beginners Designed to introduce the younger student to the basics of electronic keyboard playing, this amazing CD provides an extensive repertoire of well-known children's songs, carefully graded into easy-to-follow, lesson-by-lesson format suitable for all types of electronic keyboards. Beginners will learn how to read music and basic terms such as bar lines, repeat signs, lead-in notes, 4/4 and 3/4 time and using quarter, half and whole notes. A must for all young beginners.

BEGINNER KEYBOARD METHOD BOOK 1 WITH COMPACT DISC In 72 pages, this graded lesson-by-lesson book teaches basics of music reading, counting, and how to play 40 well-known beginner's songs. Keyboard stickers are included and the musical compact disc plays all lesson exercises contained in the book. For all age categories, 9"X12" book size. Order: Beginner Keyboard Book/CD $14.95

LEARN TO PLAY KEYBOARD FROM THIS COMPACT DISC AND BOOKLET Adult Version Get the guidance of an experienced teacher with 10 Easy Lessons for Keyboard! Perfect for those students with no prior knowledge of music or playing the keyboard, this powerful CD will show you: · How to play over 25 songs using a two octave range. · Major, minor and seventh chords · 12 bar blues and turnaround progressions. Also featured is a chord chart with over 50 different chords! After completing the lessons you will have a solid understanding of the keyboard and be ready for further study in specific styles of playing, e.g. rock, blues, etc. All keyboard players should know the information contained in this CD. Booklet and musical CD Order: 10 Easy Lessons--Learn to Play Keyboard Adult Version $19.95

If you have questions about which size fits your Casio, call us weekdays at 800-492-9999

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E-Z Play Books--For Beginner Level Players

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These books are easy to read with right hand (melody notation) chord symbols and lyrics. E-Z Play Books use the minimum number of sharps and flats.

Pocket Music Dictionary .......................$5.00 Songs of 1900-1910 ...........................$10.95 The Best Songs Ever ...........................$18.95 Songs of 1910-1920 ...........................$10.95 One For My Lady ................................$14.95 Songs of the 1920s .............................$12.95 Best of Broadway ...............................$17.95 Songs of the 1930s .............................$12.95 Nostalgia Collection ...........................$14.95 Songs of the 1940s .............................$12.95 Songs of WWII ....................................$14.95 Songs of the 1950s .............................$13.95 Best of Billy Joel ...................................$9.95 Songs of the 1960s .............................$13.95 Duke Ellington.......................................$8.95 Songs of the 1970s .............................$12.95 Best Country Songs Ever .....................$17.95 Songs of the 1980s .............................$14.95 Branson Song Book...............................$8.95 Songs of the 1990s .............................$12.95 Best of Patsy Cline.................................$9.95 More Songs of the 1920s ...................$12.95 Motown's Greatest Hits ......................$12.95 More Songs of the 1930s ...................$12.95 Amazing Grace...................................$12.95 More Songs of the 1940s ...................$12.95 Elvis Songs of Inspiration .....................$9.95 More Songs of the 1950s ...................$12.95 Best Christmas Songs Ever ..................$17.95 More Songs of the 1960s ...................$12.95 Children's Christmas Songs...................$7.95 More Songs of the 1970s ...................$12.95 The Lion King ......................................$12.95 More Songs of the 1980s ...................$12.95 Pocahontas .........................................$12.95 More Songs of the 1990s ...................$12.95 Big Book of Children's Songs ..............$12.95 Still More Songs of the 1930s ............$12.95 Best of Barry Manilow ...........................$9.95 Still More Songs of the 1940s ............$12.95 Jumbo Songbook ..............................$19.95 Still More Songs of the 1950s ............$12.95 Best Big Band Songs Ever ...................$15.95 Still More Songs of the 1960s ............$12.95 Phantom of the Opera........................$14.95 Still More Songs of the 1970s ............$12.95 Songs of the 1890s .............................$10.95 Still More Songs of the 1980s ............$12.95

Medium to difficult music notation for intermediate to advanced players. Includes Right Hand Melodies,Lyrics and Chord Symbols. Order:

How to Play From a Fake Book ................. Ultimate Colossal Fake Book (Over 1200 Songs) Disney Favorites Fake Book (Over 300 Songs) Ultimate Pop-Rock Fake Book (More than 500 Songs) Country's Best Fake Book (518 Pages, Over 700 Songs) The Beatles Fake Book (200 Hit Songs) .... Elvis Fake Book (Over 200 Favorites) ........ Rhythm & Blues Fake Book (More Than 250 Songs) Ultimate Broadway Fake Book (650 Favorites) Ultimate Jazz Fake Book (Over 625 Songs) Irving Berlin Fake Book (Nearly 170 Songs) Classical Fake Book (Over 600 Titles) ....... Gospel's Best Fake Book (320 Pages, Over 500 Songs) Ultimate Christmas Fake Book (147 Holiday Favorites) Movie Fake Book (275 Greatest Themes) . Television Fake Book (150 Themes from TV) $10.95 $50.00 $20.00 $40.00 $40.00 $27.00 $20.00 $25.00 $40.00 $40.00 $20.00 $25.00 $25.00 $20.00 $30.00 $17.00

Fake Books--For Advanced Players

Contemporary Christian Fake Book (More than 400 Songs) $25.00

There are over 11,000 song titles in the books we carry. See the list of every song in every book online at: Choose from an additional 300 products shown on our web site that are not included in this catalog due to space limitations.

Thank you, from Keyboards Today

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ANTI-STATIC KEYBOARD COVERS KEYCOVERS provide an attractive - and most important - highly effective barrier against dirt, dust, smoke film, accidental liquid and food spills, and pet curiosity; the most common reasons for keyboard failures. · KEYCOVERS are made from strong, preshrunk translucent vinyl sheeting. All seams and edges are stitched and reinforced with fabric binding for rugged durability. · Since they are clear, you can easily see if your keyboard's power switch has been left on by mistake, so you can conserve battery energy while your CASIO is "covered". · They'll protect at home, in studios, churches, boats, RV's, a gig, and on long-term engagements. · KEYCOVERS are cleanable with mild soap and water or vinyl cleaner. you'll eliminate a lot of dusting over the years when your keyboard is "covered" with KEYCOVERS. Order: KC-13 $15.50 fits most 49-note size instruments such as CTK-130 Order: KC-14 $18.00 fits most 61-note 400/500/600 series and Magic Lights Models Order: KC-15 $19.50 fits older 61-key models with Pitch Bend Controllers Order: KC-16 $22.00 fits all WK models from 1600/1800 series Order: KC-17 $23.50 For certain Casio digital pianos Order: KC-18 $25.00 For certain Casio digital pianos


A separate portable disk drive playback only unit that connects to MIDI keyboards using the supplied MIDI cable and comes complete with a power supply. This unit plays back (does not record!) type "0" Standard MIDI files on any brand of MIDI keyboard. If used with a Casio keyboard with the built in three step teaching program and/or Magic Lights, MIDI files operate the teaching systems. Add new music to your keyboard experiences with this MIDI File Player. Allows the user to play along with the prerecorded MIDI File Software. Visit to see the Casio selection of MIDI files which can be used with either a computer or this disk drive player.


Our company was the first company using an Internet web site to promote Casio keyboards and accessories. We offer the largest selection of related products for use with Casio keyboards in the USA. We are Casio keyboards specialists. Questions??? Call us weekdays regarding the products in this catalog at 800-492-9999 We are open weekdays 8-5 Pacific Time.

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Keyboards Today, CASIO Keyboards and Accessory Catalog 2002-2003

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Featuring The largest accessory selection in the U.S.A. for self-learning, teaching, understanding, playing and maximum performance with CASIO keyboards. For hobbyists and pros! eMail: [email protected]


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connects to Casio MIDI keyboards to play standard MIDI files.




Our 14th year specializing in CASIO keyboards and related products!


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AD-LIB Musician In the CTK-500, the feature adjusts the entire keyboard so that any key you play matches the auto- accompaniment or "Jukebox" song being played. The entire keyboard consists of only correct notes! Arpeggio Has a series of preset 4-note arpeggios. Auto-Accompaniment System in which you can generate complete backgrounds with drums, bass, and chord parts with the left hand, while you play melodies and solos with right hand. 3 different systems are available: Casio Chord, Fingered Chord, and Full Range Chord (only on certain models). Auto-Harmonize Feature which adds chord notes of the auto-accompaniment to each note you play in the melody with your right hand. Break Beat Manually activated (rather than automatic) patterns which can be stopped instantly or retriggered anytime to create new or interesting patterns. Casio Chord Simplified auto-accompaniment system for the novice player. Ability to play chords not required. Chord Memory Memorizes a background pattern for you to play over, consisting of a sequence of left-hand auto-chord (Casio Chord or Fingered Chord). Echo A voice enhancing effect which provides a close echo of your voice as you sing. This gives a more professional sound, and obscures some mistakes and tuning problems for poor singers. Effects, Reverb or Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Sound enhancement device that adds spacious, large room effect to sounds and rhythms. ELA "Expert Logic Accompaniment" in the CTK-500, a new intelligent auto-accompaniment system that makes real-time decisions about the chords being played, and how they relate to each other. It creates a more musically logical and satisfying background. Fingered Chord Auto-accompaniment system for the more advanced player; actual chord formations are played and complete bass/chord/drum background pattern is generated. Free Session Automatic moving chord progression 4, 8, or 12 bars, so you have both hands free for soloing. Full-Range Chord Auto-accompaniment system that allows either the triggering of chords or the playing of the melody across the entire keyboard, depending on whether you play a chord or single note melody. General MIDI International standard layout for keyboard tones and other parameters, which ensures that all MIDI keyboards, modules and software from all manufacturers will be functionally compatible, and offers somewhat greater ease of use. Some CASIO units do not follow the General MIDI scheme, but are fully functional in most MIDI applications nonetheless. Most of the larger Casios are of the General MIDI design. Graphic Equalizer Expanded tone control, often 3, 5 or 7 sections. Gives you more control over the sound than a conventional bass/treble control. Karaoke Cassette machine with microphone for sing-along. The correct pronunciation is "kahdah-oh-kay." In Japanese, it literally means "empty orchestra." Layer Allows you to stack two sounds together across the entire range of the keyboard, so both will sound on each key. LCD Liquid Crystal Display, a screen which gives an informative and attractive readout of keyboard functions. Display is often backlit, meaning there is a lighted screen. Magi-Comp Has chord progressions that change according to your phrasing of the melody. Magical Light Keyboard with illuminating keys, to guide your fingers to the correct note. Magical Presets In the "Music Designer Series" keyboards, a section that offers numerous interactive and fun ways to play along with automatic functions, such as: Free Session, Break Beat, Magi-Comp, Shadow Drum, Tone Cycle and Arpeggio. Melody Off Allows you to switch off the melody part of a preset song so you can play or sing the melody part over the preset accompaniment. Memory (song) Songs with multiple instrumental parts can be recorded directly into the keyboard. MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface -- language by which keyboards, other MIDI instruments, and computers can universally communicate. Minus-One The deletion of the melody lead so that user can manually play melody only, backed by full accompaniment Mixer A function that provides 16-channel control over volume, tone, panning, effects, tuning, and expression. Offers the versatility of a stand-alone mixer built right into the keyboard. Modesty Panel Piece of wood included with Digital Piano stands, to cover the back part of the unit. Multi-Timbral Defined as a MIDI instrument can reproduce more than one sound at a time when driven by a multi-channel MIDI sequence. Multi-Track Memory Songs with multiple instrumental parts can be recorded directly into the keyboard. One-Touch Preset Press this button after you select a rhythm style, and it will set the rhythm to the proper tempo and provide an appropriate melody sound automatically. PCM "Pulse Code Modulation" - Digital recordings of real instruments or percussion sound sources. Polyphonic The number of notes that can be played simultaneously. Real-Time Memory The instrument records exactly what is played, in real time. Registration Memory Allows you to configure your keyboard with a particular sound, rhythm, volume setting, effect and other associated parameters, and store all the settings for easy recall at the press of a single button. These are custom One-Touch Presets. Sampling The digital recording of a sound, which can later be triggered by a keyboard or other device. Sequencer Feature, computer program, or stand-alone device that allows you to record MIDI note data and edit it. Shadow Drum Triggers a percussion sound with each note, forming a pattern as you play. Split Allows you to divide the keyboard into two sections with a different sound in each. Point at which the keyboard divides is often assignable. Standard MIDI File Note data that can be played on any MIDI keyboard. It is accessed by the keyboard either from a computer-based sequencer or, in the case of keyboards that have a floppy disk drive built in, directly from a disk. These files are generally in General MIDI format, but can be modified in your sequencer to play in non-GM keyboards as

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Our 14 th year specializing in CASIO keyboards and related products!

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