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GrandQuilter 18.8


The PFAFF® GrandQuilter 18.8TM

Enhanced Support

The Inspira Imperial Quilt Frame by Grace Co. combines the great concepts of earlier models with exciting new features to enhance your quilting experience. The Imperial Frame is QBOTTM compatible and works with a variety of accessories. You will enjoy the frame's full-featured carriage as it enhances your control and ease-of-movement along the track. The Imperial Frame, with its 2" Professional Series Rails and including the Fabri-FastTM system is perfect for your PFAFF® GrandQuilter 18.8TM.

The Inspira Imperial Quilt Frame by Grace Co.

Height-Adjustable Legs

Long, Lasting Results

18 Inch Arm

Quilt even the bulkiest projects with room to spare! With an 18-inch wide space between the needle and arm of the machine, and 8 inches of height, the PFAFF® GrandQuilter 18.8TM easily handles large or bulky projects. It lets you stitch larger quilt patterns without having to roll fabric as often, too. Automatic Stitch Regulator Achieve uniform stitch results throughout, even as you change quilting speed or direction. Your PFAFF® GrandQuilter 18.8TM ensures uniform quality from the very first stitch to the last.

Quilting Foot

You're in control of this versatile quilting foot, which holds the fabric in place while the needle completes the stitch. Adjust it up or down to accommodate the thickest batting or fabric, and use it right next to rulers and templates for total stitch accuracy.

Adjust the height of your fabric surface in one-inch increments, from 36" to 42" for optimum quilting comfort.

Sturdy Frame Design

Enjoy amazing frame stability with an all-new angled leg design.

Large Diameter Professional Series Rails

The Imperial Frame's rails are a generous 2" in diameter and won't sag or bow, and the sturdy take-up rail is 1.5" to preserve your work area.

Large Bobbin Capacity

Quilt longer between bobbin changes with the extra large capacity bobbin. Includes built-in bobbin winder.

Radial Ratchets

Advancing your quilt is simple with the smooth ratchet system. Conveniently engage your ratchets from either side of the frame.

Ergonomic Handles

Adjustable, ergonomic handles move up and down for maximum comfort while quilting. You decide when the machine stops in the needle Rubber handle grips feel great. up or needle down position. Minimize bent or broken needles; maximize free movement of the machine.

Auto Needle Position

Rigid-Contact Wheel/Track Design

You'll maintain smooth carriage motion and eliminate flex with the Imperial Frame's multi-bearing wheel and track design.

Streamlined Assembly Process

Set up your frame faster with new, simplified assembly and the step-by-step instructional DVD, included.

Hands-free quilting

Professional Quilting Right at Home

QBOTTM is Quilting Based On Technology. Automatic hands-free movement creates perfect designs, impossible to stitch by hand. Professional caliber quilting is yours! Unfinished quilting projects? The QBOTTM by Inspira will help you complete all your projects in a fraction of the time.

Printed in the U.S.A. PFAFF, GrandQuilter and GrandQuilter 18.8 are exclusive trademarks of VSM Group AB or its licensors. QBOTTM is a trademark of LiTen Up Technologies Inc. ©2008 VSM Sewing Inc. All rights reserved. All statements valid at time of printing.

QBOTTM by Inspira

Expand your creative potential

· Your imagination will guide you · Photograph your quilt and import the image into QBOTTM Vision · Use step-by-step Software Wizards · View designs with the filmstrip · Effortlessly fashion a quilt border · Rotate or reflect a basic shape to create a more intricate design · Adjust a free-motion motif of a recorded QBOTTM design · Watch as your original quilt design comes to life QBOTTM Software by Inspira


· 9 resizable designs selected for the QBOTTM · Multiple variations for all designs · Printable templates for planning and alignment · Designs with * are provided as shown and rotated

PLUS 32 design templates ! PLUS quilting project !

Resize, Rotate, and Combine our QBOTTM designs...


* *


002 Block and Border Collection 1





003 create your own , unique quilting plan!


· 9 resizable designs Project BLOCK AND BORDER COLLECTION 1 selected for the QBOTTM · All designs providedIncluded in multiple lengths Designs by Keryn Emmerson for templates for accurate row alignment · Printable GOLDEN · Design rows nest evenly over entire project THREADS









PLUS 9 design templates ! PLUS quilting project !

Resize, Rotate, and Combine our QBOTTM designs...

Edge to Edge Collection 1


7 393033 051266

TTM the QBO cted for igns sele ations nment zable des · 12 resi nal on-point vari ning and alig rotated plan wn and · 9 additio templates for d as sho le · Printab with * are provide · Designs

te, Resize, Rota


GOLDEN S THREAD create your own , unique patterns!






Designs by Keryn Emmerson for

Project Included

lates ! design temp ect ! PLUS 21 ing proj ns... TTM desig PLUS quilt our QBO

bine and Com







Block Collec tion 1


patterns! , unique e your own creat


by Kery Designs

for n Emmerson


7 393033 051273t Projec




7 39303

3 05124


Create even more with Quilting Design Collections



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