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2009-10 Annual Report

love each other

This is my commandment:

This Year at cataldo we will focus on learning to:

Mission Statement Cataldo Catholic School's mission is to provide for the spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical growth of all students. The staff is dedicated to the vocation of providing a quality educational experience for all students. The school is an integral part of the ministry of the Catholic Church, in partnership with St. Augustine, Sacred Heart, and Our Lady of Lourdes parishes. As a community, parents, staff, and pastors collaborate to develop and implement a program that enables students to integrate Catholic faith and values throughout their lives.

We had the rare opportunity to begin our school year this year by attending the Bishop's Installation Mass. It was a unique experience for our Catholic school community to be able to participate in church in this way. However, the awesomeness of it was really in being able to scan the stadium and see it filled on all sides with Catholic school students. In these trying economic times it can be tempting to question the value of continuing to support Cataldo or Catholic education. But when one has the opportunity to bear witness to a stadium full of Catholic school children sharing in the faith, it can only serve to validate and affirm the value of our ministry at Cataldo. I, for one, am so extremely fortunate to serve in such a ministry and delight each day in seeing the children pour into the building with smiles on their faces. This past year much progress was made toward restoring Cataldo's future. As a result of the generosity of our community of donors and supporters, we were able to make great and positive strides financially and have been able to develop some very encouraging fiscal goals for the coming year. Additionally, we were able to expand the kindergarten spaces, construct a computer lab, and complete the installation for a security system. As we look forward I see a very positive future for Cataldo. This year marks a significant change for Cataldo as well as we move to restructure the governance of the school. As we move forward toward installing a Board of Directors and implementing its charters, I am excited to see the possibilities this will present for our school and community. I am looking forward to the experience of another grace-filled year and, on behalf of Cataldo students and staff, offer my profound gratitude for your continued commitment, generosity, and support. Yours in Christ, Stephanie Johnson, Principal Cataldo Catholic School

Schoolwide Learning Expectations

A Cataldo Catholic School Graduate Is: A Faith-Filled Person who is: Knowledgeable of Faith, Traditions, and Doctrine Committed to the Church Committed to the Service of Others Prayerful Compassionate Respectful Reflective Responsible Resilient Generous Open to Growth Dedicated to a Healthy Lifestyle A Diligent Learner who is: A Critical and Independent Thinker Knowledgeable in Sciences, Humanities and the Arts Collaborative A Lifelong Learner Self-Disciplined Confident Resourceful Creative Adaptable An Effective Communicator Proficient in the use of Technology An Intellectual Risk-Taker A Responsible Citizen who is: Moral A Good Steward Respectful of Diversity Committed to Social Justice Knowledgeable of Leadership Skills Globally Aware


love our school community

A New Look for Cataldo

Cataldo had the unique opportunity to work with Visual Communication Design seniors at Eastern Washington University this past year to create a new identity system for our school. The project included research into Cataldo and it's history as well as defining key demographic profiles of current Cataldo parents for future marketing/ recruiting purposes. Two student teams competed to come up with a creative solution for a new logo, identity standard and website design for us to implement as our own. We are proud to announce our new look via the Annual Report this year, and to launch our new website at the same time. Please check out www. and take a look at what is new at Cataldo. A big thank you to EWU professor Mindy Breen who taught the class, and to all of those students who worked so hard on developing the perfect look for Cataldo Catholic School. Also, endless thanks to Eric Galey whose marketing and design expertise we continuously draw on and he so graciously gives.

2010 - 2011 School Year

PASTORS Fr. Steven Dublinski Fr. Robert McNeese Fr. Mark Pautler ADMINISTRATION Stephanie Johnson, Principal Molly Hughes, Assistant Principal STAFF Barry Bean, Custodian Anita Condon, Development Director Susan Readel, Development Assistant Dan Hoogstad, Custodian Melissa Pelkie, Secretary Jennifer Vasconcellos, Bookkeeper FACULTY Lisa Bennett, 5th Grade Amanda Coulter, Preschool Michelle Daly, Learning Support/7th Grade Kelly Hamill, 3rd grade Pat Hardin, 1st Grade Todd Herold, 6th Grade Donavon Hodgson, Health& Fitness Molly Hughes, 7th Grade Sarah Lewis, 8th Grade Kelli Matheny, Preschool Margaret McCormick, Kindergarten Melissa Muzatko, 2nd Grade Ruth Nelson, Preschool Katie Nuss, Kindergarten Kristine Peugh, 3rd Grade Christie Kovarik, 4th Grade Sara Raske, 5th Grade Jenna Solberg, Music Janice Staeheli, Preschool Mark Thibodeau, 7th Grade Brynn Zener, 1st Grade INTERIM BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2010 Shelley Szambelan, Chair Sue Bloom Mary Cooper Wayne Leonard Joel Loiacono Jerry Schmidlkofer Ex Officio Members: Fr. Bob McNeese Fr. Mark Pautler Fr. Steven Dublinski Duane Schafer, Diocesan Superintendent HOME & SCHOOL ASSOCIATION Danielle Schilbe, Chairperson Wendy Brill, Vice Chairperson Janet Maucione, Secretary Jeff Christopher, Treasurer VOLUNTEER LEADERSHIP Activities Coordinator ­ Maree Waggener Annual Giving Campaign ­ John & Nanette Peterson Art Enrichment ­ Amy Shay Auction Co-Chairs ­ Lisa Reich, Anne Marie Misko Kennedy Catholic Schools Week ­ Lynda-Mary Labay Community Service Coordinator ­ Cindi Cote & Loreen McFaul Drama ­ Debbie Ceballos Fall/Spring Clean Up ­ Brian O'Rourk & Brian Turpen Hospitality ­ Debbie Battaglia Hot Lunch ­ Cindi Cote & Debbie Ceballos Lego League ­ Tim Lewis Library Coordinator ­ Janet Maucione Magazine Drive ­ Maree Waggener Math is Cool ­ Molly Schemmel Mentor Families ­ Chere McKeirnan Room Parent Coordinator ­ Betsy Frazier Photography ­ Eric Galey Scholastic Book Fair ­ Janet Maucione Science Fair ­ Tim Lewis Talent Show ­ Angela Simpson Uniform Exchange ­ Judy Phipps Volunteer Coordinator ­ Sarah McGinn


love animals

A Letter from Shelley Szambelan

Chair of Interim Board of Directors On behalf of the Interim Board of Directors, I'd like to thank our community for their continued support of Cataldo Catholic School. We are excited to be a part of a new beginning for our school ­ one that will set us apart and help us to be the best Catholic school in Spokane. As we have shared with the parents and school community over the last several months, there's a proposed change to the governance model at Cataldo. Our recently installed bishop is reviewing proposed documents to make Cataldo a separate legal entity under civil and canon law. The change would allow our pastors to have more time for their pastoral duties by leaving the business decisions to a Board of Directors. While Diocesan leadership has been actively involved in the process to create Cataldo as a separate entity, there has been a brief interval in receiving the formal approval from our new Bishop. The Pastors asked the interim Board to remain as a consultative body to the Pastors, who are still responsible for the governance of the school, until final approval is received. The Pastors do not anticipate a lengthy time period before receiving the formal approval. They have started soliciting letters of interest from parishioners who desire to sit on the Board of Directors, so that a permanent board may be selected expeditiously upon the Bishop's approval. I've had the privilege of working with some exceptional people who continue to give generously of their time and talent. We are grateful for Fr. Bob and Fr. Mark's ongoing input and presence at the interim Board. In addition, I would like to publicly thank: Sue Bloom, who is a parishioner at St. Augustine's, chairs the Catholic Charities Board of Directors, served on the Diocesan school board and her 3 children are Cataldo graduates. Joel Loiacono, who is a parishioner at Our Lady of Lourdes, and is the Executive Director of the local Alzheimer Association.

September 24, 2010

Wayne Leonard, who is a Sacred Heart parishioner and is the Executive Director of Business Services for Mead School District. In addition to his experience as a school administrator, his daughters graduated from Cataldo. While they were here, he served on the Parent Advisory Council (PAC), now School Advisory Council (SAC). Mary Cooper, a St. Augustine's parishioner, who has been a teacher for over 13 years and is a Cataldo parent of two young boys. Jerry Schmidlkofer, who has dedicated an enormous amount of time and expertise to helping Cataldo over many years, particularly the last two. Jerry is a successful business owner whose children and several grandchildren graduated from Cataldo, including two current students. He's the lay member of St. Augustine's LLC, and has worked extensively with the school's finance committee. We are extremely grateful for his time, business acumen and dedication to Cataldo. The Board was also very fortunate to have the time and input of Dr. Duane Schafer, the Diocesan Superintendent and two attorney-advisors who donated an enormous amount of their professional services and time: Brian Gosline, whose 3 children have all attended and now graduated from Cataldo; and Tom McKeirnan, who has 4 children attending Cataldo. Rest assured that the change to a board-governance model will not dilute the faith component of Cataldo Catholic School. As designed, the Pastors will all be ex officio members of the Board and they will designate one of them to be a voting member. Also, the Bishop's designee on Catholic education (the Diocesan Superintendent) will be an ex officio member. In closing, we are excited to be a part of something special at Cataldo. We believe these changes will help make Cataldo the best Catholic school in Spokane. Thank you for your support in helping us achieve this goal.


love the poor and vulnerable

Living the Faith

Each school day Cataldo students work at making a connection with God. They pray to God at the start of the day, before classes and at the end of the day. Drawing closer to someone who loves each of them, who will never stop loving them. Every Thursday the Cataldo community gathers in the church in celebration of the Eucharist, making the connection, thanking God for so many blessings in life; families, school, teachers, friends, the varied abilities of each. All gifts and blessings from our loving God. In these weekly celebrations the students are actively involved. They work pin the planning and then as servers, musicians, readers and in bringing up the gifts. Our boys and girls, the youngest to the oldest are challenged to know Jesus, to follow him, to make a faith connection in the way they live. To put on the virtues of honesty, hard work, gratitude, to say thank you, to do the right thing, to be kind to one another, to listen to and obey their parents and teachers, to help at home and school,

to be sensitive to those who are hurting, who are having a bad day, to reach out beyond Cataldo and take care of those who need some taking care of, to be their helpers, their servants. Throughout the school year service to others is part of life at Cataldo. Making the faith connection. All of this comprises the spiritual development and growth of a Cataldo student. We believe that each student needs to grow spiritually. Why? Because the Spirit connects to who we are as humans, as persons, yes, even as young boys and girls. Making the faith-life connection is primary at Cataldo. Living the faith. Practicing the faith. This is primarily what we hope for our young people. For our part, it is a responsibility to be witnesses to the faith for our children by the way we live. Making a strong connection that speaks loudly, clearly authenticating I their lives the importance of a living faith. I invite you to come to the Thursday School Mass at 8:30 a.m. Perhaps even to try the 8:00 a.m. mass after dropping off your children. Together let us live and practice the faith. Starting young, practice becomes a habit. Over a lifetime living makes perfect. Peace and Blessings, Fr. Robert McNeese, St. Augustine Parish

Mrs. Kovarik's fourth grade students- Molly Condon, Grace Moloney, Nate Condon and Joe Raske- as they prepare the class donation of razors and shaving cream for a local shelter for 100 Ways, 100 Days.


Sixth grade students- Caroline Romano, Josie Barbe, Sophie West, Emma Curley and Isaiah Labay at the kick off for their canned food drive in conjunction with Second Harvest.

Love each other during advent

Our School embarks upon a new year with joy and hope. There is the joy of welcoming our returning students from last year and our new members of the Cataldo family; there is the hope that all our children will continue to grow in wisdom, age and grace. Our Diocese has welcomed its new Bishop, the Most Rev. Blase Cupich. We pray that under his guidance, our Catholic community will be renewed in zeal for the Gospel, and that we will catch the fire of the Spirit, making Cataldo an outstanding Catholic school where faith and knowledge come together. Our School's governance structure is also in the midst of growth and transformation. Parents and other men and women of our member parishes will take on the responsibility of a Board of Directors for Cataldo. Through the wisdom, experience and faith of this Board, we pray that Cataldo will flourish in its mission: "to provide for the spiritual, intellectual, social and physical growth of all students." Father Mark Pautler Pastor, Sacred Heart Parish

Thank you to our 2010 Auction Sponsors:

Charlie's Angels VIP Level: K&N Electric, St. Augustine's, Children's Choice Pediatric Dentistry, John & Nanette Peterson Studio 54 VIP Level: Hennessey Funeral Homes, Wheatland Bank, Richard Witter, DDS, Brian & Wendy Brill, Brent & Sharon Bradley, Tim & Terri Lewis, Mike & Kerrianne Thronson, and Kevin & Jennifer West.


Perform over 1,305 hours of Community Service a year for those in our community who are in need Participate in Daily Prayer and Scripture Readings Prepare and participate in weekly Masses at St. Augustine as lectors, singers, musicians, and servers Participate in Grade Level Retreats

Community Service with 7th Graders Spelling Bee Champions

Diane Wells who is their coach, Sarah Means, Caroline Romano and Chelsea Thronson. (L to R)Rachel Feldmeier, Oona Harrington and Christian Green at the East Central Community Center.


love our catechists: priests, nuns, religion teachers


Catholic Community Service Award for Cataldo students' work with CAPA Cataldo was awarded the maximum allowed extension to their National Accreditation Cataldo had three out of the top ten academically ranked students who entered Gonzaga Prep in Fall 2010. Cataldo Summer Care program served over 40 children between June and August Math is Cool Will Gottsch, 5th Grade placed 2nd at Regionals Ella McKeirnan, 5th Grade placed 8th at State Fifth Grade team, 3rd place at Regional and State levels. Spelling Bee Spokane Regional Champions6th Graders Caroline Romano, Sarah Means & Chelsea Thronson, coached by former Cataldo teacher Diane Wells Baseball MVP Jackson Lewis, Third Grade First Place Individual Champion, 3rd/4th Grade Girls- Katie Thronson First Place Individual Champion, 5th/6th Grade Girls- Chelsea Thronson Third Place Cross Country Champions7th/8th Grade Boys First Place for Basketball, 7th Grade Boys Second Place Basketball, 7th Grade Girls Second Place Basketball, 8th Grade Girls Third Place Baseball, 7th & 8th Grade Third Place Softball, 7th & 8th Grade Katie Thronson, Fourth Grade- Second Place in 1,500m at National Track and Field Championships Chelsea Thronson, Sixth Grade- Auditioned for and won a place for summer intensive training with the Boston Ballet Isabell Simpson, 2nd Grade, took first place in a downhill ski competition at Mt. Spokane Piper Herold, 2nd Grade, won 5 trophies with her dance team

Cataldo Catholic Schools - 8th Grade Class of 2009-10

Back Row: Anthony Gosline, Angela Boulet, Emily Romasko, Austin Schott, Brock Bayley, Sophie Anton, Marie Pariseau. Third Row: Mrs. Sarah Lewis, John Stone, Maloney Foster, Joe Gottsch, Ellen Reuter, Dylan Sullivan, Quinn Klaue, Sang Yoon Back. Second Row: Frankie Piccolo, Casey Mills, Kayla Leland, Bailey Ryan, Jackie Bertagnolli, Josh Andrade, Jessica Albinson Mr. Todd Herold. Front Row: Jasmine Albinson, Julie Barbe, Mackenzie Simpson, Shellie Osenga, Madeline McGinn, Caitlin Scarpelli.


love our friends

Statement of school activities: INCOME:

Tuition Parish Subsidies Fundraising (net) Capital Campaign School Activities Magazine Drive Pre-school Cataldo Care School Lunch Program Scrip (net) Other TOTAL $1,008,916 107,508 157,364 53,276 54,568 46,617 93,866 32,803 24,823 11,331 471 $1,591,548


Salaries and Benefits Plant Operations Non-Instructional Instructional Pre-school School Activities Development Technology Magazine Drive Bad Debt School Lunch Program Cataldo Care Other TOTAL $1,112,719 140,438 111,898 97,327 80,875 43,931 39,187 17,435 21,710 23,126 18,780 15,423 9,462 $1,732,316

Tuition 63.4% Parish Subsidies 6.8% Fundraising (net) 9.9% Capital Campaign 3.3% School Activities 3.4% Magazine Drive 2.9% Pre-school 5.9% CC, SLP, Scrip, Other 4.4%

Surplus (Unrestricted and Restricted Funds):$140,767

Salaries and Benefits 64% Plant Operations 8.1% Non-Instructional 6.5% Instructional 5.6% Pre-school 4.7% School Activities 2.5% Development 2.3% Tech, Mag. Drive, Bad Debt, SLP, CC, Other 6.1%

Enrolments By Grade for 2009-10

PreK Kindergarten First Grade Second Grade Third Grade 39 40 28 35 36 Fourth Grade Fifth Grade Sixth Grade Seventh Grade Eighth Grade 33 33 31 23 27


Love each other during lent

words from our Finance Chair: Mike Thronson

Income from tuition and fundraising exclusive of Capital Campaign contributions remained stable during the past year and are budgeted to grow approximately 8% during this school year. In addition, expense controls resulted in approximately $90,000 in cost savings to the school. In the next school year we expect to return to a surplus budget and continue reducing our long term debt obligations. Finally, we are setting aside money each month during this school year to pay our operating expense next July and August when the school experiences its most significant cash flow imbalance. The school is well on the path to sustained financial prosperity.

Help Cataldo Catholic School Continue our Mission

There are a variety of ways that you can contribute to Cataldo: Annual Giving Campaign Contribution Memorial Gift Include Cataldo in your Estate Planning Contribute to a Cataldo Scholarship Program Endowment Contribution Did you know? The benefits of an endowment are: · Produces income for the school on an annual basis · Allows people to give to the school in a way that will serve children and families who are with us today and in years to come · Provides additional resources to: Keep tuition affordable Increase spending on the classroom instruction, resources and materials Insulate us for difficult financial years Increase the financial stability of the school For more information on ways that you can contribute to Cataldo Catholic School please contact us at 624-8759, or visit the website at

Cataldo's Annual Auction

The Cataldo Auction was held on April 23, 2010 at the Northern Quest Resort and Casino. The theme this year was "Catch the Fever...Cataldo Fever" and we had a great time with 70's theme dress, music and a very special dance put on by our very own Village People (see picture). The Auction was a ton of fun, and a huge thank you goes to auction chairs Sue Hare, Angela Witter and Nadine Woodward. $79,000 was raised for Cataldo, including $17,000 towards a Scholarship fund. Cataldo's 20th Annual Auction will be held March 12th at the Davenport Hotel, so be sure to mark your calendars- this is one night you will not want to miss!

Math is Cool 5th Grade Team:

Erin O'Rourk, Ella McKeirnan, Ben Schemmel, and Will Gottsch.


love our Parents

This year we would like to introduce a very special circle of giving. The following donors are being honored for the exceptional generosity and support that they have given to Cataldo Catholic School over the years. Father Joseph Cataldo Circle For Exceptional Lifetime Giving Randy & Carol Cote Don Herak John & Lori Moloney Jerry & Sandy Schmidlkofer Jim & Marita Theisen Tim & Jackie Welsh We wish to take this opportunity to thank the donors mentioned below for their gracious gifts in support of our mission at Cataldo. We are dependent on these gifts as they directly benefit each student by helping us to provide a quality, faith based education. We are so proud of our wonderful, generous community and are truly appreciative of their support. This annual report reflects monetary and in kind gifts received from July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010. Steward- $10,000 Mike & Kathleen McFarland Andy & Stephanie Robideaux Lowell & Kathleen Ruen GUardian $2,500-$9,999 Thomas Bassler Noah & Theresa Cooper Joe & Angie Gamon Brian & Sue Gosline Susan Horton Don & Catherine Lucas Joe & Marguerite Michels Mike & Muffy Murphy Rev. Mark Pautler St. Augustine Parish Seattle Foundation

Keith & Janie Slater John Stone Suzanne Stone Jim & Marita Theisen Kevin & Jennifer West Rick & Angela Witter Benefactor$1,000-$2,499 Richard Baldasty & Trudy Tatham John & Quy Barrier David & Mary Beechinor Barbe Boeing Brent & Sharon Bradley Philip & Judy Curtis Kurt & Regeena Fine Andrew & Carmella Garabedian Joseph & Margaret Harrington Troy & Stephanie Johnson Anna Kestell Tim & Terri Lewis Thomas & Chere McKeirnan Dave & Heidi Murphy David & Carol Osenga John & Jean Peterson Derek & Judy Phipps John & Grace Romano Mark & Victoria Russell Jeffrey & Paula Schack Janet Schmidlkofer Robert & Janis Simpson Tim & Michelle Szambelan Brian & Lisa Turpen Myrtle Woldson Sponsor - $500-$999 Michael & Linda Andrade Jon & Helen Andrus Antelope Mountain Resort Dan & Mary Ellen Anton Greg & Lori Arpin Leroy & Irene Byrd Farmin Rothrock Parrott Insurance Randy & Carol Grava Joanna Greaney Robert Hanson Richard & Molly Hughes Ken & Marie Kapstafer KDL Inc. Jim & Mary Ann King Anson & Alix Lee Edward & Eve Pariseau Rev. Mark Pautler

John & Jackie Peterson Michael & Jemima Scarpelli Steve & Tresa Schmautz Robert & Colleen Sestero Noreen Sivertson William & Kim Storms Todd & Christine Weaver Contributor $100-$499 Mary Ann Agnew Albertsons Sally Alston Michael Anderson John & Suzanne Bartleson Phil & Lorraine Battaglia Steve Berg Chris & Calista Bernardi John & Elizabeth Bertagnolli John & Mia Bertagnolli Andrew & Katherine Tuttle Boulet Scott & Leah Brockway Brian & Wendy Ebach Brill Rob & Julie Burnett Ron & Terri Caferro Philip J. & Bridget Carstens Jr. Roger & Kathleen Chase Alfred & Marilyn Christoffersen Jeff & Jennifer Christopher Stefanie Collins John & Carolu Condon Sharon Condon Ted & Tina Condon Dave & Cindi Cote Mary Cary Coughlin Matthew & Camille DeMarco James & Rita Dimond Beate Christoph & Steven Dodroe Allen & Shelley Dykes Todd & Kay Edmonds Energeticx LLC Chris & Katherine Fairborn Helen Feldmeier Michael & Kathryn Foster Harry & Martha Freshler Hrair & Hilda Garabedian James & Dodie Gerding Gerald Gibbons Mike & Lupe Gilmartin Flora Gosline John & Diane Gottsch Mel & Debbie Haberman Greg Hagen


Jill Ham Earl & Jean Hanley Patricia Harkins David & Janie Hays Roland & Rosa Hewett Mike & Anne Marie Hogan Karen Hohman Irene Hoorigan Creigh & Jan House Wayne & Lorie Janosky Michael & Margaret Kane Scott & Anne-Marie Misko Kennedy David & Wendy Klaue Allen & Maureen Kohler Nick & Christie Kovarik Neil & Brigid Krause Robert & Anita Lamp Gilbert & Jeanette Lawson Michael & Stephanie Lynch Manito Cannon Neighborhood Council Bob & Jennifer Maxwell Jerry & Chris McGinn Sean & Jayne McLaughlin Denny & Jan McMonigle Jody Cramsie & Mike Mickey Ed & Lyn Mills Rudy & Betty Mockel Jr. Leo Moore Terry & Ruth Nelson Shawn & Ann Marie ByrdNichols Brian & Therese O'Rourk Naydene Oechsner Walter & Imelda Patterson Rick & Melissa Pelkie John & Nanette Peterson Michael & Marilyn Phalen Michael & Carmen Piccolo Michael & Betty Pontarolo Ted & Ursula Potter James & Marilyn Prince Martha Raske Richard & Gisela Ray Michael & Susan Readel Lori St. Marie & Luigi Reillo Jeffrey & Domonique Reynolds John Riley Jessie Rosauer Kevin & Sunny Schafer Chris & Danielle Schilbe Keith & Leilani Scribner Rodney & Natalia Seefeldt

For it is his commandment: love each other

Nadine Woodward & Bruce Felt Christopher & Betsy Frazier Ralph & Theresa Gamon Carl & Jen Troiano Garabedian Michael & Norma Gavin GoodSearch Michael & Stephanie Gross John & Stacey Harcus Betty Himmelsbach Jerry & Susan Henderson Lorraine Hermann Ed & Jerri Holz Dan & Mary Hughes Don & Charmaine Kolb Mary Alice Kubiak Dan & Marilyn Kuhlmann Rick & Marie Lambert Roger & Dianne Lee Frances Lenoue Rob & Sarah Lewis Supporter ­ Up to $99, Gift of Prayer, Tim & Terri Lewis Erik & Amanda Coulter Loney and Gift In Kind Keith & Cynthia MacGeagh Greg & Kelly Balmforth Pat & Janine Maggart Barry & Annette Barfield Tony & Janet Maucione Angela Barnes Greg & Loreen McFaul Gloria Bassler Shane & Sarah McGinn John & Peggy Beaudry David & Heidi Meany Garth & Joanne Benham Adele Meister Roger & Jeanine Bothof Etter & Pat Milla Dave & Theresa Briggs Robert & Cheryl-Anne Millsap James & Emma Lou Brophy Glen & Marianne Misko Paul & Dana Burns Scott & Helen Moberly Elizabeth Cavanagh Andres & Elida Montemayor Victor & Debbie Ceballos Northwest Industrial Services Martin & Karen Christian Jovan & Shae Obando Patrick & Gail Close Virginia Parisi Larry & Anita Condon Andrew & Susanne Phillips Scott & Mary Cooper John & Marni Pilcher Tom & Diane Baker Daugherty Len & Heidi Preston Tasia Davenport Nick & Lori Pupo Lucia Delzell Thomas & Betty Purkett Frank & Marianne DeMarco Mark & Victoria Russell David & Gail DeRoshia Richard C. & Rose Russell Evelyn Nevers Dewenter Thomas & Molly Shine Colleen Dodroe David & Lisa Simpson Dorothy Dolan Lisette Carter & Timothy Durkin Sally Simpson Chuck & Jan Sims Norma Dykes Keith & Janie Slater Thomas & Jenny Elliott Christopher & Pamela Theisen Dean & Ann Emanuels Dick & Carolyn Treloar Russell Esposito Brian & Lisa Turpen Sean & Laura Fawcett Ron & Lauren Turpen Dean & Kelly Feldmeier Robert & Elizabeth Sestero Bill & Julia Shelby Greg & Lisa Shortell Brian & Angela Simpson Leonard & Antonia St. Marie Janice Staeheli Michael & Kerrianne Thronson Eric & Stephanie Thun Valley Dermatology Sharon Vega Melissa Wessman Patrick & Carol West Paul & Cathy Wetherholt Bruce & Jennifer Willham Robert & Dorothy Williams George & Margaret Witter Tammy Yackel Cory & Lynn Yost

Douglas & Patti Simpson Ward LaDonna Wasson Mark & Candy Weaver Bea Weinand Kevin & Jennifer West West Coast Paper Robert & Lucinda Whaley Pat & Margaret White Tyson & Vera Weise William E. & Elaine Schoen Wightman Andrew Worlock Peggy Young

In Honor of the Conti Family Patrick & Carol West In Honor of Sophie & Maddie West Pat & Margaret White In Honor of Nicholas & Ryan Roozekrans Peggy Young In Honor of Melanie Mikkelson

In Memory of Garth & Joanne Benham In Memory of Dan Brown Mary Cary Coughlan In Memory of William & Adele Kelley IN HONOR OF Tasia Davenport Mary Ann Agnew In Honor of Jake & Jenna Simpson In Memory of William Davenport John & Suzanne Bartleson Lucia Delzell In Honor of Kyra Sharrett In Memory of Jordonna Craven Roger & Jeanine Bothof Evelyn Nevers Dewenter In Honor of Ryan Ham In Memory of Mr. & Scott & Leah Brockway Mrs. John R. Nevers In Honor of all Teachers Helen Feldmeier Leroy & Irene Byrd In Memory of Bill Feldmeier In Honor of Hannah & Delaney Joanna Greaney Byrd-Nichols In Memory of Mr. M. Greaney Harry & Martha Freshler John & Stacy Harcus In Honor of Brett & Barrett In Memory of Sarah Manning Freshler Pearson Hrair & Hilda Garabedian Gilbert & Jeanette Lawson In Honor of Marion & Sam In Memory of Adam & Garabedian Elizabeth Lawson Flora Gosline Frances Lenoue In Honor of Anthony Gosline In Memory of Randy & Carol Grava Dr. Philip Lenoue Sr. In Honor of Lynn Keyes Matt & Marnie McCoy Earl & Jean Hanley In Memory of Marge & In Honor of Sarah & James Turpen Dick O'Neill Robert Hanson John & Nanette Peterson In Honor of David & Steven Hanson In Memory of Ann Krempasky Patricia Harkins Derek & Judy Phipps In Honor of Scot & Isabell Simpson In Memory of Don Phillips & Lorraine Hermann Graham Phipps In Honor of Jackson Bulger Robert & Janis Simpson Roger & Dianne Lee In Memory of Gary Harkins In Honor of Wyatt Lee Noreen Sivertson Marjorie McFaul In Memory of Jim & In Honor of the McFaul and Charlette Sullivan Hession Families Chris & Pamela Theisen Leo Moore In Memory of John Condon In Honor of Liza & Jim & Marita Theisen Meghan Christopher In Memory of John Condon Martha Raske Robert & Lucinda Whaley In Honor of my Grandchildren In Memory of Rick Hayden Richard & Gisela Ray Peggy Young In Honor of Caitlin & Noah Schilbe In Memory of Mallie Haynes Steve & Tresa Schmautz


Cataldo Catholic School

455 West 18th Avenue Spokane, WA 99203

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Spokane, WA Permit No.213

Cataldo Community 2010-2011 Dates to Remember: Jan. 30-Feb. 5 February 24&25 March 17 March 12 April 2-10 National Catholic Schools Week Open House Grandparents Mass Auction at the Davenport Spring Break

Cataldo Catholic School Phone: 624-8759


May 7 May 8 May 13 May 10

St. Augustine First Communion Our Lady of Lourdes First Communion Sacred Heart First Communion Eighth Grade Graduation


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