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Choice Juicers Good Vibrations How healthy is your home? Reducing your Carbon Footprint

Easy guide to Natural Cleaning Which water is for you? Holistic Fitness Centre


Power up your day with the Powermill

The Power Mill is a high performance blender suitable for the health enthusiast or commercial environment.

Summer 09

Dear Customer Thank you for your interest in Vitality 4 Life. 15 years ago, our company's founder, Roger Akins began designing and distributing quality Living Juice extractors for the Australian market. During the early years, Vitality 4 Life developed the concept of living juice in association with such organisations as the Hippocrates Institute in Florida, USA. Since this time consumer awareness has developed significantly; a tiny alternative niche has now become mainstream. Vitality 4 Life has pioneered the introduction of coldpressed juice extractors to the Western World and now exports to UK, Europe, Canada, USA and NZ. We are encouraged that our Vitality 4 Life `Approved Product' range is regarded as the finest in the world. Our selection criteria remain simple; The product must offer the customer superior value and quality, deliver genuine health benefits and be made in a way that recognises the scarcity of our planets resources. During the past 15 years we have never forgotten why we started Vitality 4 Life and our belief in the healing power of living food, living juice, pure water, fresh air and sunshine. Additional information on our products is available on our website or free call 1800 802 924 Sincerest regards From the Vitality 4 Life team

3 Increase your fibre intake 3 Retain natural antioxidants in your diet 3 Cook a nutritious soup in minutes 3 Make true healthy baby foods

Whole foods give you life saving nutrients - naturally. Whole foods are not only the road to longevity and health, they are more delicious. The Power Mill Blender retains the living food properties of food, providing the whole nutritional value.

3 Fibre rich juices & smoothies 3 Soups with essential nutrients intact 3 Fast & nutritious home made ice cream 3 True health baby foods 3 Food Processor 3 Kneading

Superfood Smoothie List


1 apple & 1/2 lime, peeled 1 cup berries 1 banana, peeled 1 mango, peeled 1 cup papaya, peeled 1 cup melon, peeled 1 cup grapes


1/2 cup cucumber 2 stalks celery ½ head romaine lettuce 1 large /2 small tomatoes 1 cup spinach leaves 1 cup watercress ½ cup capsicum


1 tsp spirulina powder 1 tbs goji berries, powder or puree 1 tsp barley green powder 1 tsp bee pollen 1 tsp maca powder 1 tsp oil (flax seed, pumpkin seed, omega blend) 1 tbs LSA mix (linseed, sunflower, almond)

Inside this issue

4 The Right Choice 5 Supermarket Juice 6 Vibration Machines 8 How Healthy Is Your Home 10 Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 11 Eco Friendly Products 12 Which Water Is Right For You? 13 Easy Guide To Natural Cleaning 14 The Healthiest Place On Earth

©2008 Published by Vitality4Life ABN 68 090 555 641

1) Pick 1 or 2 ingredients from each column & place into the Powermill Blender Add 1 cup of ice, 1/4 cup natural yogurt & 1/2 cup soymilk, water or cold pressed juice.

2) Secure 2-part lid. 3) Select Variable #1 5) Turn machine ON & quickly increase speed to #10 then to HIGH. 6) Blend for 45 seconds, or until smooth.



What about Juice from the Supermarket?

Hugh Moran

Resident Naturopath at Vitality 4 Life

Processed bottled juice on supermarket shelves comes in all forms ­ plastic or glass bottles, canned, refrigerated cartons or vacuum packed and can last up to 2 years. The fruit processing industry uses powerful yet the same low speed extraction process as the cold press juicers to extract the maximum yield of juice from the fruit. Once cold pressed, fresh fruit juice is quickly pasteurised or heat treated at around 90°C. This heating process has been shown to destroy certain nutrients and changes the pH from alkaline to acid. Most antioxidants are heat sensitive and can reduce by 15% each time a juice is heated. By the time the juice is packed and sold in the supermarket or deli it may have been heated at 2 or 3 locations to get in the final bottle and the long term storage of pasteurised juice leads to a further breakdown of nutrients over time. If you look closely at the ingredients, you will see that a lot of juice companies use juice concentrates to save costs, but regardless of whether the juice is made from concentrate or not, the alkaline properties and naturally occurring nutrients are greatly diminished. These juice concentrates are often imported and typically involve hours of heating to remove the water, leaving little nutritional value behind.

The information on the properties of living juice was taken from Dr. Norman Walker's book Fresh Vegetable & Fruit Juices

RRP $20

The right Choice...

Australia's leading consumer authority has the living proof about living juice!

In October 2007, Choice tested the claim the coldpress-style machines' juice is more nutritious and that it'll stay fresh and tasty for up to 48 hours. They found that the manufacturers' claims are true... and Vitality 4 Life has the best juicers! Choice tested 12 leading brands of juicers and found the Oscar Vital Max 900 to be the best single gear juicer out of the 4 cold press juicers and 8 centrifugal juicers tested. The Hippocrates twin gear juicer was voted the best juicer in Australia with the maximum extraction of nutrients of any juicer. The gentle, slow-turning action of a cold press juicer produces a greater quantity of juice, which retains more vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients and fibre than high-speed centrifugal juicers which heat up the juice, allow air to enter and therefore cause damage to some of the perishable nutrients.

Less oxidation

Hugh Moran is a qualified Naturopath with 5 years clinical experience. His background is in the food and health food industries. Hugh comes from a family that was in the fruit processing industry for 32 years and he has also worked extensively as a health foods retailer. He has a life long passion for health and wellbeing and you can visit Hugh's blog for more great recipes and healthful tips

Choice... Health Claims Tested

NonCentrifugal Centrifugal Juicers Juicers

The apple juice from the centrifugal juicers separated & went brown a few minutes after juicing The Greenpower Hippocrates & the Oscar Vital Max scored the highest at 90% on performance The Greenpower Hippocrates' juice contained well over double the betacarotene & alpha-carotene of the juice from every other juicer in the test Although the cold pressed juicers did produce more juice, the Healthstart Compact scored the lowest for the juice produced because its carrot juice was a little grainy & it produced a lower quantity All the centrifugal juicers have large, bulky parts that are hard to fit into a domestic sink for cleaning The juice from the noncentrifugal juicers didn't separate, smelt fresh & looked palatable & green after 48 hours in the fridge

x x x

3 3 3

Make your own V8 Juice!

3-4 Tomatoes - a great alkalizer when consumed without sugars or starches! 2 Carrots - supports the immune system! ½ Beetroot - a great blood builder! 1 Stalk of Celery - to improve digestion! ½ Red Capsicum - good for skin, hair & nails! ¼ cup Cucumber (or 1 Lebanese cucumber) - a natural diuretic 2 Apples - to aid liver function improve taste! Pinch of Parsley - high in minerals including potassium!

More fibre

More nutritious

Greater quantity of juice



Easier cleaning

x x

3 3

Stays fresh for 48 hours



Move every joint, every way, every day

Good Vibrations are here...

Many people are astounded by the improvements to their physical and mental health from using the Vitality 600. For our aging population especially, the mere task of light exercise can be difficult, but with this machine they receive the same benefits and more. "The Vitality 600 has been independently tested to show improvements in circulation" More active customers use the various vibration platforms in our range as an alternative or enhancement to their personal fitness regime. Vibration platforms get your whole body vibrating with a host of benefits. Research suggests that vibration technology may assist in cellulite reduction, stimulate circulation and lymph drainage, improve flexibility, stimulate metabolism and weight loss, strengthen bone tissue, reduce body fat and more... Furthermore, vibration technology may increase the production of regenerative and repair hormones and increase the basal metabolic rate. All this results in more strength, more speed, more stamina, rapid recovery of muscles and tissue and most importantly, increased flexibility, mobility and coordination. The "more is better" principle does not apply to vibration training. You look and feel fitter, but you do not have to train as intensively. The added advantage is improved training quality and effectiveness, so you can shorten your sessions and recover faster. Feel the human touch.... Due to overwhelming demand from our customers, we at Vitality 4 Life have secured the `Good Vibrations" Massage Chair. Italian design puts this chair in a category of its own, you not only get a great massage but it compliments your home as well. It was imperative that when we made the final decision on distributing this Massage Chair, it had to comply with our strict quality standards. We now offer the best value massage chair for the Australian market. For more information on vibration technology and how to use our vibration platforms please visit General Manager Greg Maksimovic

Vitality 600

The Vitality 600 features an oscillating platform which may support skeletal realignment. You can do almost any exercise from a typical gym workout or yoga class to passively sitting on a chair and resting your feet. The Vitality 600 features 20 speed settings and a fat / body scan function to monitor your progress. This sturdy, ergonomic design includes an exercise chart and has a 3 year warranty.

Vitality 1200

This top of the range lineal style vibration platform is the ultimate home vibration machine. Precision engineered with 9 preset programs targeting specific parts of the body, the Vitality 1200 offers a complete personalised training solution. This Commercial unit boasts a Hz range from 20~60 making it suitable for beginners and rehabilitative through to advanced athletes. We have stock available now for your fitness centre, personal training studio, chiropractic, physiotherapy or weight loss clinic.

Good Vibes Massage Chair

For the ultimate home massage feel the human touch of a high tech massage and vibration system

The Good Vibrations Chair incorporates the benefits of vibration technology with an advanced robotic massage system designed to emulate bodywork techniques used by massage therapists and chiropractic professionals. Equipped with 5 preset programs, the Good Vibrations Chair incorporates a wide range of massage techniques with various levels of vibration at the touch of a button.

Vibro Disc


Exercise has never been safer and more fun than with the new oscillating Vibro Disc! This innovative new design allows you to incorporate a step platform workout while utilising all the benefits of Weight Bearing Vibration Technology! Remote control included plus a 20 minute workout.

"I can now close my fingers" I could not close my fingers into a fist on both hands, they were also very painful and had no strength, since I have been using the Vitality 600, I can now close my fingers with NO PAIN!!! I am delighted. I am happy for you to use this information to share with other clients. Regards, Gerardine Robinson 7

Relax your mind Refresh your body Soothe your soul


How Healthy is Your Home?

3 Step Oral Health Program Zalmandn Air Purifiers offer exceptional value and will remove pollutants and seasonal allergens such as pollens and from the home. Vitality 4 Life "Living Food Kitchen" Powermill Bender, Oscar 930Pro, VitalMax Juicer Excalibur Dehydrator, EasyGreen Sprouter Relax every day! With the Good Vibrations Massage Chair you will receive the care you need on a daily basis, so stress doesn't build up. Step 1: Hydrofloss Oral Irrigator Step 2: Sonic Toothbrush Step 3: PerioClear Natural Mouthwash

Vitality 4 Life range of quality fitness equipment Vibro Disc, EcoCycle Electric Bike, Vitality 600, Pilates Equipment, Yoga Swings. Jora Rotating Composters [email protected] far infrared sauna provides relaxation, pain & stress relief plus detoxification including heavy metals. The Aquasana Rhino `whole of house' water filter allows you to filter the water at "point of entry" enabling the removal of chlorine and synthetic chemicals. are a great accompaniment to any home garden, recycling your kitchen waste into rich, organic food for your vegetable, herb or flower garden.

Did you know the average Australian spends approximately 80% of their time indoors? Air pollution is thought to be a problem related to outdoor air, but the same pollutants can be found inside the home. Pollutants from different sources escape into the indoor air environment, creating a "chemical cocktail" in the home. Research suggests long periods of exposure to this type of toxic environment can contribute to a large range of health problems. Air pollution is a build up of dust particles, pet hair, seasonal allergens, building and furnishing materials,

cleaning products, perfumes, plastic packaging & carbon emissions. Diet related illnesses are on the increase all over the world due largely to the increase in the consumption of over-processed foods which are more readily available than ever before with clever marketing tricks deeming processed foods to be "healthy & packed full of goodness". "Your physical health is directly affected by your dental health." Don't underestimate the adverse effects of neglected gums and teeth on your overall wellbeing!

Chlorine and synthetic chemicals such as THMs and VOCs vaporize from tap water and are inhaled or absorbed through the skin, potentially causing adverse health effects. Stress is a normal part of life, however it's on the increase as we fit more responsibilities into each day. Research has shown that exercise can play an important role not only in weight control but also in reducing many other health problems such as heart disease and some forms of arthritis. As we become more aware of our impact on the environment, gardening becomes a great way to reconnect with nature and teach our children how to care for our planet.

Instant Fixes to Detox Your Home · · · ·

Open the windows daily, especially when using appliances Use natural body care & cleaning products When redecorating, use non-toxic paints and materials Indoor plants are natural air filters rotate them regularly as plants need time outside to flourish 9


Reducing your Carbon Footprint

A Carbon footprint refers to not just the carbon produced by a person. It also includes the carbon that's released by everything they might use in order to live their lives such as the energy consumed to manufacture, store and transport food & material possessions and then to dispose of it!

Vitality4Life Eco Friendly Products

Jora Rotating Composter

Composting has never been easier with this rotating, heat-generating, insulated composter. Enjoy seeing the transformation of your kitchen waste into nutritious compost; compost you can use to fertilise lawns, pot plants, vegetable gardens and flower beds. This Swedish designed quality home composting unit is manufactured to impeccably high standards. Available in 2 sizes, both units feature 2 insulated compartments and are self standing or can be mounted to the wall (brackets included). Convenient and simple to use - all year round. Capacity of kitchen waste daily Little Pig > 1.7 litres Big Pig > 4.3 litres

· · · · ·

Did You Know?

Buying locally produced food is great because: the goods usually aren't packaged or packaging is greatly reduced they didn't have to travel far they haven't been in long term storage they are less likely to decompose before they are consumed they are fresher & simpler which means healthier for you

3Composting is good for the planet

You can save 1,200 kg's of carbon dioxide per year by recycling just half of your kitchen waste. If you're not going to use your compost for growing veges, it's a great place to dispose of your dog poo, where it will decompose quickly instead of releasing carbon into the air. Alternatively, doggy droppings can be buried where food plants and sensitive natives will not be grown.

Ok, so there are some things you just won't give up... like shopping? We can reduce our carbon footprint by making sensible buying decisions which helps our wallet in the long run too!

· · · ·

Look for appliances that are energy efficient and repairable, rather than "throw away" items Choose furniture that is made from eco-friendly materials When buying gifts, look for things that will last or are biodegradable Say no to plastic bags by bringing your own shopping bag

Oscar Vital Max 900

Maximise the benefits of juicing and give your body optimum goodness. Unlock the key elements from the fibre in fruit and vegetable without destroying vital nutrients and living enzymes. The unique juice extracting methods which achieve Living Juice are available through the Oscar Vital Max. The cold pressed mortar & pestle action keeps the vital nutrients alive for 48 hours. The most advanced single gear juicer, Oscar Vital Max 900 features a patented 3 step auger crushing system and silicon seal around the juicing cone providing the maximum amount of pulp-free juice. The combined motor and gearbox of the Oscar Vital Max draws less power than similar models, while producing greater torque. Quality components and engineering methods have afforded the long 20 year warranty. Contains no toxic chemicals in the plastics, such as Bisphenol A.

3getting fit can reduce your

carbon footprint

As our lives get busier, we are on average 40% less active than previous generations. Increases in the distance travelled to and from work each day, after school activities may be fun for the kids, but the parents are often just scurrying from place to place. The computer age plays a part as well and as a result, we are facing an increase in health problems worldwide. Even just a brisk walk or bike ride to your local park or shops on a regular basis will increase your cardiovascular activity, help reduce your stress levels and improve your sense of wellbeing and it's good for the planet too!

3Local fresh foods are good for

you & the planet

Transporting food for thousands of kilometers leaves an enormous carbon footprint behind. So, local food is the way to go. Buying locally produced fresh foods are not only good for the planet, but for your health as well. If you're lucky enough to have a local supply, then do the planet and your health a favour. You will probably find some industrious locals in your area making delicious chutneys, jams, muesli's and dips. They'll be fresher and the packaging will be less for sure!

Ecocycle Electric Bike

If you are looking for a clean and environmentally responsible way to get around, look no further than the Ecocycle! For urban travel and country lanes, the Ecocycle electric bike will get you around with ease. The Ecocycle works like an ordinary pedal bike yet has the added advantage of an electric motor which cuts in when you need it ­ with zero emissions. Features a foldable frame and a rechargeable lithium battery which will provide a full day's riding.



Which water is right for you?

There are many different types of water filtration available to consumers nowadays which raises the question, how do you know which water is right for you? `Standard' Water Filters come in two types; pitchers & carafe-style filters and carbon block & granular carbon filters. In recent years, pitchers & carafe-style filters have emerged as lowcost alternatives to tap water and bottled water and although they do offer a slightly improved alternative to tap water, they have very limited effectiveness and a low capacity. Carbon Block and Granular Carbon Filters are the most common styles of countertop and under-the-sink systems (point of use). Granular carbon filters and carbon block systems use the same process of contaminant removal, adsorption, by which the contaminant bonds chemically or physically to the surface of the filter medium. Activated carbon is recognized by the U.S. EPA as the best available technology for filtering VOCs and THMs, but for best performance it is essential that a multi stage process be used to filter out a wider range of contaminants. benefits, however, their respective uses could not be more different... · Alkaline ionised water is used for drinking and demonstrates strong antioxidant effects on the body. · Acidic ionised water is used externally and can kill many types of bacteria including E.coli. Naturopaths use and recommend ionised water to help propel the body into an alkaline state as it's believed that many life threatening illnesses within the body can only survive in an acidic environment. This theory is supported by the fact that the areas where people live the longest, most disease free lives are the areas that have the most alkaline water; water with the highest mineral content. Distilled Water combines steam distillation and coconut shell carbon filtration, resulting in the removal of all fluoride and 99.8% of impurities from the water. A water distiller is essentially a `mother nature' machine producing `newborn' water; that is pure, organic water that's brand new, replicating the water found in raw fruits & vegetables. Due to the newness of the distilled water particle, it has the inherent ability to act like a magnet. As it travels through the body, it attaches to and draws out toxins, passing them out through the body, assisting in the detoxification process.

The Easy Guide to Natural Cleaning

Household cleaning with natural alternatives is a way to clean your home safely ­ producing less waste and reducing the need for harmful chemicals.

All these ingredients can be bought inexpensively from your local supermarket. CARPET CLEANER Sprinkle bicarbonate of soda on carpet before vacuuming to deodorise. It's also a great stain remover. Just brush up and vacuum when dry. WOODEN FLOORS Add some Methylated Spirits and a few drops of eucalyptus oil to a bucket of warm water for mopping. This mixture helps prevent fleas. AIR FRESHENER Add a few drops of your favourite essential oils to a spray water bottle. Antibacterial Essential Oils such as Eucalytus, Lavender and Tea Tree Oil add freshness to toilet bowls.

Vitality 4 Life offers a wide range of quality water filtration products to suit individual needs...

The Aquasana System is a multi-media block filter which features all the benefits of activated carbon with several added advantages. A blended media is extruded or compressed into a solid form with a sub-micron pore structure to filter out sediment and cysts like Cryptosporidium and Giardia. This configuration prevents water from channelling around the filter media.

The ion exchange removes contaminants such as lead that carbon will not remove. It is this additional stage that provides higher quality water, and also enhances pH by adding potassium ions to the water. In addition to being a carbon and ion-exchange filter, it is also a mechanical filter down to .5 microns. Ionised Water Ionised Water is electronically enhanced water that has been run over positive and negative electrodes to become ionised. Both alkaline & acid waters have extraordinary properties and

Dr Norman Walker

Was a great advocate of distilled water and a living testament of his beliefs. Dr Walker considered distilled water to be ideal for anyone undertaking a detoxifying or a raw food diet: "Distilled water has the inherent ability to work much like a magnet. It can pick up rejected and discarded minerals and then with the assistance of the blood and lymphatic stream, transport them to the kidneys for elimination from the system. Inorganic minerals rejected by the cells and tissues of the body can, if not evacuated, cause arterial obstructions and even more serious damage. These are minerals which must be removed and which Distilled Water is able to collect."

SUFACE & CERAMIC CLEANER Use bicarbonate of soda on a damp cloth to clean benchtops, sinks and your refrigerator or freezer surfaces. Store in a flour shaker to keep it dry. Make a paste from borax & water or lemon juice with a few drops of tea tree LAUNDRY A mixture of pure soap, lemon juice & oil for cleaning non-septic toilet bowls, tiles & washing soda removes stains and softens water so you need less detergent. baths. WINDOW CLEANER Add half a cup of vinegar to a litre of warm water. Wash the window first with warm soapy water if especially dirty. Use crumpled newspaper moistened with vinegar to get a beautiful sheen. For mirrors, apply eucalyptus oil with a wad of newspaper to prevent fogging. PEST CONTROL Borax can be used to control pests such as ants and cockroaches. Diluted Eucalytus Oil wiped on surfaces prevents spiders making webs. Hydrated lime sprinkled on the garden changes the pH so fleas can't breed!




Mullumbimby - the healthiest place on earth

"Our invitation to you"

"The most fundamental action a person can take that will dramatically increase their vitality is to increase the amount of Living Food and Pure Water they consume." Roger Akins, Founder Vitality 4 Life.

Late in 2007, Vitality 4 Life purchased the old ANZ Bank building in Mullumbimby, NSW. This was the realization of a 15 year dream. We have created a holistic fitness centre with a fully equipped yoga & pilates studio. We are now offering detox & healing packages at our Wellness Centre. We are so grateful to the support of our customers over the years, we feel like many are like family although we've never met. Come and visit our new center in Mullumbimby, if you let us know you will be visiting, we can organise a free CardioScan Assessment and a complimentary day pass to our gym.

a word from the centre manager

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and welcome you to Vitality 4 Life in Mullumbimby. My name is Max Schlueter and I have been involved in the health & fitness industry for over 8 years conducting one on one training, group sessions, workshops, classes and managing various health care facilities and programs. At Vitality 4 Life, our mission is to promote healthy living and natural healing through the power of living juice, living food, pure water, natural detox methods and holistic movement. I believe in the holistic principles in the context of the body, mind and spirit! I am passionate to help people make positive changes to their lives and to reveal unknown potential of strength, willpower and health. If you would like to learn more about our centre in Mullumbimby, please visit the website: w w w. v i t a l i t y 4 l i fe . ne t

How Healthy is your HEART?

Cardiovascular prevention is the best recipe for a long and healthy life

"the sensitivity of the program to the client is the door through which incredible healing can take place."

Embark on a 7 day lifestyle change to relax your mind, refresh your body & renew your spirit in Bali

Cardioscan is a new revolutionary approach to cardiologic prevention. Regular heart checks will give you an accurate assessment of your blood pressure, stress and fitness level. The CardioScan assessment will assist your personal trainer to ensure you get the best results from your individualized training program ­ everytime! Vitality 4 Life's Health Resort in Ubud, Bali offers a wellness retreat with raw food, living juice, yoga, colonics, massage and detoxifying beauty treatments.

"move every joint every way everyday at the vitality 4 life In Bali, you will have the opportunity to experience the Vitality 4 Life `Healthy Home' range of products in a tranquil and supportive environment. holistic fitness centre."

You can taste the quality of living juice and try juicing for yourself with a Vitality 4 Life juicer. You will be able to experiment with the vibration platforms to assist your individual fitness régime and spend some time each day in the far infrared sauna, perhaps after your massage or colonic. For more information please visit the website w w w. b a l i y o g a re t re a t . c o m

There are 4 keys to increase your overall well-being...


3 Increase raw foods & fresh juices 3 Eliminate toxins from your body 3 Drink plenty of pure water 3 Exercise the body and nurture the soul


Oscar 930 Pro The Fastest Cold Press Juicer

This innovative new design from Oscar is rapidly becoming the #1 choice for juice bars, restaurants and the serious home enthusiast. Minimal pulp waste, maximum nutritional extraction and so fast.

3 3 3 3

More yield than ever before More than just a juicer Easy to clean & use Compact design

The dispenser style Oscar 930 Pro is the ultimate healthy drink machine. Makes drinks from soaked nuts, beans, pulses & rice. Suitable for juicing wheatgrass, fruits, vegetables including leafy greens. Quiet operation & quality construction ­ guaranteed

3 Step

Oral Health Program

Step 1: Hydrofloss Oral Irrigator + PerioScript Solution Step 2: Sonic Toothbrush Step 3: PerioClear Natural Mouthwash For teething, mouth ulcers and gingivitis apply PerioComfort Antibacterial Soothing Gel.


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