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Diary Reveals Cat's Secret Life

"The Secret Diary of Adrian Cat" takes a humorous look at what cats do during the day when their owners aren't around. Posted: September 27, 2007 5 a.m. EDT

Many cat owners have always wondered what their furry, feline friend does during the day while they're away at work. Do they rule the house as if it were their own kingdom, or do they just lie by the window and sunbathe all day? Husband and wife authors Stuart and Linda Macfarlane have answered these questions in their book, "The Secret Diary of Adrian Cat." The book gives its readers a glimpse of what a cat's life is like when their owners are not around. Written in a diary format, the book uses humor to elaborate on the adventures that one cat faces and the obstacles he struggles to overcome. Adrian's diary includes stories about the neighborhood cat, Snowball, whom he falls in love with and the secret life of organized crime she attempts to draw him into. Adrian also has difficulty keeping his New Year's resolutions, especially his resolution not to be afraid of Killer, the evil cat who rules the lane. Macfarlane's inspiration for the diary format of "The Secret Diary of Adrian Cat" came from Sue Townsend, author of "The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole." "I have always been a great fan of Sue Townsend," Stuart Macfarlane says. "I loved the idea of a cat keeping a secret diary of all his adventures, worries and aspirations. We spent hours trying other names, but none were right -- Adrian was Adrian and refused to be called anything else." The authors of "The Secret Diary of Adrian Cat" have written other books including "The Little Book of Calm for Cats" and "Utterly Adorable Cats." Having cats of his own, Macfarlane says he enjoys writing about cats. "Linda and I have had fifteen books published over the past eight years but we like to return to cats from time to time as they are so much fun to write about," Stuart Macfarlane continues. "We have always had cats around the house. They are fascinating animals, each with its own unique personalities. I love their independence and how they come and go as they please." Macfarlane is also writing a children's novel, "Melissa Medusa," about an evil scientist who finds a way to alter the DNA of people and animals to turn them into mythical creatures. The MacFarlanes aren't ruling out continuing Adrian's story. "There are still lots of adventures left to tell," Stuart Macfarlane says. "So it is not impossible that there could be a follow-up book sometime in the future."


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