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2010 Forest Junction June Consignment Auction C.A. TESCH EQUIPMENT 9:00 AM CST Start Thurs, June 10th 920-989-4000

Sale to be held at the site of CA Tesch Equipment W2374 Hwy 10 Brillion, WI 54110 Located just west of the USH 10 & ST Hwy 32/57 intersection in Forest Junction, Wisconsin

Auction consists of entire & partial farm lines, as well as individual farmer, dealer & lender consignments. Lots of quality equipment, come & see! We will be accepting consignments until 5PM Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

9:00AM small & miscellaneous items 9:30AM selling machinery, including both complete farm lines

See Photos Online At Farm Line #1 Mrs. Frances Otte & the estate of the late James Otte. 9512 Harwood Rd. Kaukauna, WI 54130 NOTE: An outstanding line of farm equipment that was predominately purchased new by the Otte's. It is such a rare opportunity to find an older, small farm line that exemplifies such quality & outstanding care. Come & see, you will definitely be impressed. Per the request of the family, please call the auction company at (920) 989-4000 for all questions. MF 1130 w/factory cab, ONLY 1550 (1) owner actual hrs, 18.4x38 w/axle duals, DH, front weights, "An Unbelievable Find, Truly One of a Kind!"; McCormick Super W6TA, "Always stored inside but the motor set tight, All Original, Perfect for Restoration!" ; Gehl 135 grinder mixer, hyd drive, long unfolding auger, "Hardly Used, Absolutely Immaculate!"; Gehl 3250 baler w/chute, "Has Baled Less Than 1000 Total Bales, It's Near New!"; Gehl 600 forage chopper w/2RNarrow cornhead, hyd knife sharpener, 1000 rpm, "Never Seen a Hayhead!"; NI 325 2RNarrow cornpicker w/326 (8) roll husking bed, hyd tongue, "Low Acres & Fancy!"; H&S 220 manure spreader w/mech. diaper, "It's More Impressive Than a New One!"; Brillion CD93 9 shank soil saver w/4" twisted shovels, "Super Sharp!"; Brillion 24' springtooth cart harrow w/single buster bar leveler, "Excellent!"; Miller 4RNarrow danish tine corn cultivator, rolling shields, "Demo Quality!"; (2) Schoessow 20' multipurpose feeder wagons w/front dolly wheels, panel inserts; Brillion (3) shank 3pt V-ripper; Brillion 21' hyd. fold vibra shank field cultivator w/JD (3) bar coil tine harrow; Lindsay 22' spike harrow on cart; MF 880 4x16" semi mount toggle trip plow w/spring coulters; Gruett (2) cow cattle trailer w/lights, spare tire; Kewaunee 500 50' elevator w/pto drive, "Limited Use!"; Gruett 5' pull type greenchopper, "Great Shape!"; JD 495 4RNarrow cornplanter, dry fert. & insect.; (2) Huebner 16' SU wagons w/Huebner (8) ton gears, imp. tires; IH 56 forage blower; MF 36 hay rake; Killbros 300 gravity box w/(6) ton gear; Ficklin 185 gravity box w/ (6) ton gear; 200bu gravity box w/gear; Huebner 5x16 portable hay feeder w/poly floor; JD F135 4x14 3pt fully mounted plow; IH 311 3x14 fasthitch 2pt plow w/gauge wheel; Case 3x14 trailer plow, mech. lift; NI 825 greenchopper; JD 12' quack digger on rubber; Farmrite 200 gallon sprayer w/pto pump; Graham 9' 9 shank pull type chisel plow; Case 11' pull type rotary hoe; 16' flat rack w/ gear; (3) Cattle-Lik 90 poly lick tanks; (2) Mol-Mix LPS poly lick tanks; (1) steel lick tank; (1) Livestock water tank; 400 gallon front poly tank. Farm Line #2 Bernard A. Pieschek 4995 CT JJ Green Bay, WI 54311 ph (920) 362-8477 Reason: Mr. Pieschek has discontinued his farming operation and pursued other career interests. '84 Case 2294 MFWD w/6474 hrs, 20.8x38R & 16.9x28, powershift trans, DH, front weights, "Clean & Honest!"; 20.8x38 slide rail duals; JD 4030 "open station", quad range, 18.4x34, DH; MF 1085 w/factory cab, 18.4x34, DH; CIH 8430 4x4 round baler w/elec monitor, bale ramps; CIH 8360 12' hydra swing haybine; NH 256 dolly wheel hay rake; JD 336 baler w/chute; CIH 600 forage blower; Gehl 7200 greenchopper; Gehl 1060 forage chopper w/1210 7' hayhead, auto-max, walking tandems, hyd tongue; Gehl TR3038 2R belted cornhead; (3) Gruett 590 16' SU wagons w/Gruett 10T single axle gears; Ford 152 5x18 SAR semi mount plow, gauge wheel, spring coulters; Kewaunee 1010 20' hyd flat fold disk; Knowles 25' springtooth cart harrow; McFarlane 24' spike drag on cart; Dearborn 12' 3pt cultivator. TRACTORS: '83 IH 5288 MFWD w/factory centerline 4WD, 5000 hrs, new 20.8x38R & 18.4x26, triple hyds, dual speed pto, "New Paint, Very Sharp!"; '82 IH 5088 w/3800 hrs, 18.4x42 w/duals, DH, dual speed pto, "Excellent!"; IH 1566 w/5500 hrs, CAH, 20.8x38; IH 986 w/5200 hrs, CAH, 18.4x38; IH 756 fender, gas w/GB loader, 3pt, DH, WF, 15.5x38; IH 706 gas, WF, SH; IH 3388 2+2, "Not Running, Mechanics Special"; '76 JD 4630 w/5200 hrs, CAH, powershift, DH, 20.8x38 & 14Lx16.1; '77 JD 4430 w/ 4700 hrs, quad range, CAH, 18.4x38; JD 4030 "open station fender", 3600 hrs, quad range, DH; JD 3020 diesel, WF; JD 2950 "open station fender" w/new 18.4x34, hi-lo, DH; JD 2550 MFWD w/245 QA loader, joystick, 6000 hrs; JD 2630 w/JD 148 loader, diesel, 16.9x28; JD 2630 diesel utility w/fold down rops, 18.4x30; JD 2240 utility w/4530 hrs, rops, hi-lo, 16.9x28; Case 2590 w/4025 hrs, 20.8x38, front weights; Case 1370 w/3300 hrs, CAH, 18.4x38, front & rear weights; Case 1194 diesel utility w/Case 54L QA loader, ONLY 1180 actual hrs; Leon 12' front mount silage blade, fits Case 4WD 70 thru 94 series; AC 8070 2WD w/4000 hrs, powershift, 20.8x38 & 14Lx16.1, front weights; AC D14 w/WF, "restored"; AC C w/Woods belly mount mower, new rubber; Ford 4610 w/Ford ind. loader, rops, 3679 hrs; Ford 4000 diesel utility, late model-plastic grill; Ford 6000 Commander, diesel, WF, "Collector Quality!"; White 2-180 w/6200 hrs, CAH, 20.8x38; White 2-105 w/3953 hrs, CAH, 18.4x38, front weights; MF 285 diesel "fender" w/3400 hrs, DH, new 18.4x34; MF 135 diesel utility w/3200 hrs, power steering, 3pt; '84 JD 4450 2WD quad range, 3700 hrs, 18.4x38 w/axle duals; '80 JD 4440 quad w/6800 hrs, CAH, 18.4x38; '80 JD 4440 powershift, CAH, 20.8x38 w/clamp on duals; Construction Equipment, Skidsteers, "New" Trailer/Items: JD 300 diesel tractor/loader/backhoe w/joystick controls, shuttle transmission; International 100C dozer/loader w/ (4) in (1) bucket, powershift, recent engine O/H; FNH 785 diesel skidsteer, (2) speed, aux hyds; FNH LX 565 diesel skidsteer; FNH L250 w/1600 hrs, (2) buckets; Case 1816B gas skidsteer; Clark LP forklift; "New" Load Max 102"x25' 14,000# gooseneck trailer; New 10' & 12' 3pt HD box blades; New 8' 3pt blade; (2) New 3pt broadcast seeders; New front mount bale spear; Combines and Platforms, Cornpickers: '80 JD 6620 combine w/2900 hrs, hydro, 23.1x26, chopper, "Very Clean!"; '78 JD 4400 diesel w/ 13' rigid head, ONLY 1541 actual hrs, A/C, rotary screen, 18.4x26, spreader, "Excellent!"; JD 215 15' flexhead; JD 444 4RWide cornhead; '83 IH 1460 axial flow w/2477 hrs, elec hyds, 28Lx26, "Needs Repairs!"; IH 82 pull type combine; Gleaner E w/grain platform & 2RW cornhead; Gleaner F series 438 4RWide cornhead; (2) NI 323 1 row cornpickers, "Both Like New!"; Self Propelled & Pull Type Discbines/Haybines: FNH 2550 w/2300 series 18' platform w/1822 hrs, (2) speed; Hesston 8550S 15' self propelled discbine w/1928 cutterhead/2694 engine hrs; Hesston 8550S 15' self propelled discbine w/2689 cutterhead/3635 engine hrs; Hesston 8400 14' self propelled haybine w/3600 hrs, (2) speed; MacDon 7000 14' self propelled haybine, CAH, diesel; MF 775 12' self propelled haybine, gas; FNH 1432 12'6" hydra-swing discbine, "Used (3) seasons, Like New!"; FNH 116 14' hydra-swing haybine; Hesston 1160 14' hydra-swing haybine; Fiat NH 499 12' hydra-swing, "Low Acres!"; CIH 8309 9' discbine; Gehl 2345 9' discbine; JD 920 9' moco discbine w/impellers; Gehl 2360 10' discbine; CIH SMX 91 9' haybine, "Hardly Used!"; FNH 489 9' haybine, "Mint Condition!"; Hesston 1160 12' hydra-swing haybine; JD 1219 9' haybine; Forage Choppers, Crop Blowers, Flail Choppers: FNH FP 240 chopper w/2.9 hayhead, metal alert III, walking tandems, "Excellent!"; Fiat NH 900 chopper w/990W hayhead, elec controls; FNH 824 2R cornhead; JD 3950 chopper w/7' green hayhead, hyd tongue, "Late Model, Green Spout!"; Gehl 1085 chopper w/KP; Gehl 330 3RNarrow cornhead; JD 640B 14' hayhead off JD 6000 self propelled; IH 781 chopper w/hayhead; IH 2R adjustable cornhead; MillerPro 1060 forage blower, "Like New!"; FNH 60 forage blower; (2) CIH 600 forage blowers; Badger BN 2060 forage blower; FNH 40 1000 rpm forage blower; Gehl 99 hi-throw; JD 2RNarrow cornhead-fits JD 3800; FNH 38 flail chopper; NH 38 flail chopper; Gehl 7200 flail chopper; Self Unloading Forage Wagons: 98 H&S HD 7+4 18' SU wagon w/H&S 614 14T tandem gear, steel under carriage, 14Lx16.1; MillerPro 5300 18' rear unload SU wagon w/tandem gear; MillerPro 5200 18' rear unload SU wagon w/tandem gear; MillerPro 5100 18' SU wagon w/Miller 12T tandem gear; MillerPro 5100 18' SU wagon w/Knowles 12T gear; MillerPro 4100 18' SU wagon w/Knowles 15T gear, 14Lx16.1, steel uprights; Gruetts 690 18' variable speed unload w/Gruetts 12T tandem gear; Gruetts 690 16' RH variable speed w/Gruetts 10T gear; (2) MillerPro 4100 18' SU wagons w/12T tandem gears; Round and Square Balers: JD 566 5x6 w/bale ejection, "Low Bale Count!"; Vermeer 605XL 5x6 w/accu-bale plus, net wrap, "Loaded!"; (2) JD 435 4x6 w/converging wheels, bale ejection; JD 430 4x6 w/converging wheels; JD 410 4x5 baler, "Extremely Nice!"; Hesston 540 4x4 w/converging wheels, monitor; Gehl 1475 4x5 w/converging wheels, deluxe monitor; JD 338 baler w/40 ejector; JD 328 baler w/40 ejector, "Super Sharp!"; (4) JD 336 balers w/30 ejectors; NH 273 baler w/chute, "A Beauty!"; Gehl 1310 4x4 fixed chamber round baler; IH 2400 round baler; Rakes and Tedders: Vermeer R-23 hyd drive bi-fold rake, "Like New!"; H&S 8' hay tedder, "Demo!"; Pequea 710 7' hay tedder; MillerPro 1100 rotary rake w/walking tandems; Deutz 1.50 rotary rake, pull type; FNH 258 rake w/dolly wheel; NH 55 rake; Row Crop Cultivators, Rotary Hoes and Sprayers: Brillion 16RNarrow hyd fold danish tine w/guidance system; MillerPro 12RN min till hyd fold w/slide shields; CIH 183 12RN danish tine w/rolling shields, "Sharp!"; JD 825 12RN hyd fold w/ C shanks; JD 85 8RN hyd fold C shanks; Kinze 1500 6RN no-till corn cult; Brillion 6RN min-till w/dual stabilizers; JD 825 6RN w/C shanks, rolling shields; Yetter 4044 6RN danish tine w/rolling shields; Miller 6RN w/28% set up; (2) Miller 4R danish tine; Fred Cain 4R danish tine; (2) JD 400 15' 3pt rotary hoes, "Both Excellent!"; Hardi HC950M 950 gallon w/ 60' hyd fold boom, foamers, elec controls, flush/rinse system, "All the Right Options!"; Hardi 550 Nav "Big Wheel" sprayer, elec controls, foamers; Bestway 500 gallon tandem axle sprayer w/ deluxe "Raven" controls, foamers, flush system; Ag Chem 500 gallon w/foamers, elec controls; More Tillage Tools: Krause 4991 30' hyd fold "rock flex" disk; Bushhog 1445 20' hyd fold disk, dual wheel transport, single wheels on wings; Amco J42 20' hyd fold, rock flex; Miller 25' springtooth cart harrow; Kewaunee 1010 21' hyd fold disk; Knowles 24' springtooth cart harrow; Glencoe 300 series 24' hyd flatfold field cultivator w/(3) bar coil tine harrow; Hiniker 22' hyd flat fold field cultivator w/ (3) bar coil tine harrow; Brillion 30' hyd fold danish tine field cultivator; Case "soil controller" 9 shank soil saver; Brillion 14' pull type cultipacker; CIH 7500 5x SAR vari-width plow w/spring coulters; JD 2810 5x SAR vari-width plow; IH 370 10' disk; White 598 4x SAR vari-width plow; Brillion 8' cultipacker; Graham 12' (12) shank chisel plow; Glencoe 13' digger; JD 12' disk; 12' pull drag; Brillion 4' cultipacker; Other Equipment: JD 8300 13' 23x7" double disk "soybean special" grain drill, front grass seed; Hesston 2.5 bale processor; Patz 380 portable TMR; Gehl 8335 portable TMR; Deutz Allis 385 6RN cornplanter w/dry cert; Killbros 385 gravity box w/JD 1065 gear; Better Built 26' manure pump/agitator, "Hardly Used!"; Bushhog 2615 legend series 15' batwing rotary mower; Better Built 1500 gallon manure tanker; Little Giant 50' elevator w/elec motor; Little Giant 40' elevator w/elec motor; Kewaunee 500 50' bale elevator, pto drive; Smalley 32' bale elevator; Chilton 12T tandem running gear; JD 1075 12T single axle gear; new 18' flatrack w/Kasten 12T tandem gear; 20' steel bale hauler on 12T tandem gear; (3) 16' flatracks w/gears; Schuette 2 cow cattle trailer; VanDale manure pump; Gruett 7' 3pt snow blower; Case 7' 3pt blade; Incline grain auger w/hopper bottom; Porta electric pto power unit; Miscellaneous Items:Skidsteer rock bucket, set of saddle tanks, (2) JD 30 hyd bale ejectors; (2) NH 54 bale throwers; Huebner 31' conveyor w/plastic chain; Hyd RWA for JD 4400 combine; (2) Beef Booster corn steer feeders; J-Star feed cart; poly dome milk buggy; JD QA pallet forks; JD 7200 planter parts; JD fert disk assemblies; Berg barn cleaner unit; (2) 48" wall mount fans; (2) portable barn fans; platform scale; 24.5x32 duals; (3) bard fans; welding table, misc tires. Terms: Cash. Checks will only be accepted when presented with a valid drivers license or state issued ID. Number system is used. Not responsible for accidents. All items sell as is, where is. Any announcements sale day take precedence over all matter of print. If you desire credit, contact your lender prior to sale. Wisconsin sales tax applies to all purchases unless farmer or dealer exempt. Sale conducted by: Forest Junction Consignment Auction; Chuck Tesch, Brillion, WI phone (920) 989-4000 WI reg auctioneer #494 Sales Force: Jerry Wilkinson, WI reg auctioneer #30; Perry Wilkinson WI reg auctioneer #31; Roger Kaufmann, WI reg auctioneer #2082. Ringman: Jed Lafferty. Clerk: Lori Tesch.



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