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Volume XIII No. 5 Sept/Oct 2010

1255 S. Lake Ridge Ave. Decatur, IL 62521


Churches And *Missions:

Argenta *Great Commission

CBA's Annual Praise Fest

Held August 28th, 2010 At Forsyth Park Praise at 4 PM Free Meal at 6:00 PM

Hotdogs, chips, baked beans, Drinks & tableware provided.

Arthur *New Hope Atwood Boody Calvary Emmanuel Fellowship Findlay Forsyth Galilee Grace Fellowship Hammond Heyworth *Birchwood Lincoln Lovington Mt. Zion New Life Shiloh Sullivan Summit Avenue Tabernacle Tri-Valley

The Mission of Central Baptist Association is to encourage and facilitate cooperation, fellowship, and mutual care among our churches; and to assist our churches in the areas of church renewal, leadership development, and new work.

Tabernacle's Senior Singers

Heyworth's Trio

Jessie Davis

Sierra Hadley (3 yrs. Old)

Bonna Woodrum

Greg Braswell & Chris Granda duet

CBA's 60th Anniversary

Central Baptist Association celebrates 60 years of ministry as of August 10, 2010.

61st Annual Meeting

October 16th, 2010 2-7 PM

5 PM-Meal

Tri-Valley Baptist Church

8385 M 1900 E Rd, Bloomington, IL

Theme: "Building the Church, Battling the Conflict"

Nehemiah 4:17-18 Annual Sermon-Pastor Mike Arthur, Emmanuel Bible Study-Dr. Wes Feltner, Tabernacle

There should be a sign up sheet at your church for the meal. Please call the office with the number by October 12th. Please remind all messengers to attend.

By Guest columnist: Ron Woodrum Several years ago, while visiting the Henson-Robinson zoo in Springfield, Illinois, our son Justin was attracted to the beautiful peacock. As he approached this beautiful bird, it turned on him, an in an instant startled him with a scream that drove all around it away, holding their ears! How could such an awful, ugly, horrendous sound come from such a beautiful bird? That sound may just surpass the sound of "nails on a chalkboard" as the most annoying sound on the planet! Recently, while reading a book by G. Campbell Morgan, the famous expositor of yesteryear, friend to D.L. Moody, Charles Spurgeon, F.B. Meyer, and other evangelical giants of the faith, I came across a statement of Jesus' that was just about as startling as the "screech of a peacock." Morgan puts that statement in context as he writes, "His face being set toward Jerusalem on His final journey, the people got up from where they were waiting, and moved after Him. Luke tells us He turned, and facing the crowd of people that were eager to follow Him, loving to be with Him, wanting to hear anything He might have to say, most keen to see any work He might work, He uttered the terms of discipleship, the most searching and severe that ever fell from His lips...He told that listening crowd, attracted to Him, eager to follow Him, desiring in some way to be identified with Him, that it was impossible for any man to be His disciple unless that man should put His, (Jesus'), claims above the highest and holiest and best things of earthly life and relationships...He speaks of hating father, mother, wife, child, brother, sister, and even self. He is not saying that the necessity of discipleship is malice in

the heart against such. He is simply indicating ...if the hour should ever come when there is a conflict between loyalty to Him, and these high loves, then these high loves are to be trampled underfoot!" Morgan then adds, "when I read those words, I can't help but wonder, every time, am I a disciple of His at all?" Those startling words of Jesus are then followed by two parables about "counting the cost". A builder must first count the cost to see if he has resources enough to complete the project. The king contemplating war, must count both the quantity and quality of his own troops, compared to those of his opponent, to determine whether to engage in battle, or seek peace! Those words are usually interpreted to mean that Jesus wanted anyone to "count the cost" before choosing to follow Him. Morgan brings out a point here that I had never, in all my years of Bible study, had ever seen before. He said, "Jesus was not telling his disciples to count the cost. He never told men to count the cost. They were to follow Him at all costs!...if your hand offend you, cut if off. If your eye cause you to stumble, gouge it out! What did He mean? HE MEANT THAT HE, (JESUS), MUST COUNT THE COST. HE WAS THE BUILDER. HE WAS THE was as if He was saying, 'you are protesting in your heart against the severity of my terms. Do you not understand me? I want men and women, as my disciples who will stand by me until the building is done, and until the fight is won!' You see Jesus was about His Father's business. He came into the world for building His Church.

Because there was opposition to Him, and His Church, that building must involve battling as well! Jesus told His disciples that there was no neutrality for any of his disciples. He said, "if you do not gather with me, you scatter!"(Luke 11:23). No sidelines with Him. No fence straddling with Him. He also said, "I came not to bring peace, but a sword," (Matt. 10:34). Those who would be welcomed to be His disciples, were only those who would pick up the "trowel and sword". Charles Haddon Spurgeon used to print a magazine called "the Sword and the Trowel". He picked the idea up from the Book of Nehemiah. As Nehemiah led the people of God into the Holy work of rebuilding the city of God, their building turned to battling. The only way they successfully accomplished their mission was to pursue the work with the trowel in one hand, and the sword in the other. Alexander Whyte says, "King David built the Temple for God every night in his dreams". I don't know if that is true or not. But Jesus had a dream and a mission. It was to build His Church, against which the gates of hell would not prevail. Really if you stand back and take the full look, God has always been in the building business from the Garden of Eden, to the New Jerusalem. Satan has always been opposing that work. Jesus' mission has been handed to us today. He invites us to join Him in this Holy work. Yonder lies the tools-"the trowel and the sword". Don't pick them up, or try them out for size, intend to build til complete, and fight to the finish.

Coming Events

Free Pastoral Retreat

The Early Bird VBS Clinic will be at the Baptist Building from 8:30 am ­ Noon, on Saturday, October 30th. At the Clinic you will get to hear the VBS songs for 2011, preview the worship rally DVD, and look through sample curriculum for both the Big Apple Adventure & Beach Blast. You will also have an opportunity to sample some of the VBS snacks (for The Big Apple Adventure) while getting decorating ideas for your own VBS. It will be a very fun, informative and fast 3 hours. There is no charge for this event.

Rekindling the Call

October 1-2, 2010

5 pm Friday through 3 pm Saturday

Camp Warren Retreat Center, Decatur Dress is casual. Spouse is welcome, but no childcare is provided. You will have the opportunity to worship, pray and reflect on how God has uniquely crafted you. You will experience God's affirmation, calling and crafting afresh.

Don't Forget! October is

Pastor Appreciation Month

Show your appreciation!

LifeWay's National Youth Worker's Conference is Sept. 13-15

In Nashville. If you are interested, please contact Grant Medford's office. Seating is limited. Tickets for this event at $75 ($50 off the current price for a 3-day event) plus lodging and meals. Travel will be covered by IBSA. Call now! 2010 Youth Encounter December 28 & 29, 2010 at Prairie Capital Convention Center, Springfield, IL. Artists: Hawk Nelson, 1000 Generations, and Flame. Information packets will be mailed out in September.

To register for event by emailing Sylvan Knobloch at [email protected] the following information:

"I want to register for the "Rekindling the Call Retreat." Include your name, address, church membership, association, phone numbers (including cell) and e-mail address. By registering you are stating that you will attend ALL activities of the retreat and you will not come late or leave early.


Sat., September 25th, 2010

10:30 AM-?

Emmanuel Southern Baptist Church 1255 S. Lake Ridge Ave., Decatur

Free Event

Kingdom Ministries Inflatable's

Fun for the Entire Family

Some of the Bands: Compromise, Eyes On Him, Faith Action, Spirit Road & Realign.

Streator Retreat

October 25-27, 2010

1:30 PM, Mon.--Noon, Wed.

Cost: $75 Streator Experience 2010 "Galatians" Dr. Brian Vickers, Teacher

From Southern Baptist Seminary

1-Mike Wilder (Birchwood) -Sharron Jones (Lovington) 3-Bill Tankersley (Argenta) 5-Vickie Marshall (Mt. Zion) 9-Bill Henderson (Hammond) 10-Dale Granda (Emmanuel) 23-Bethany Andrews (Grace Fellowship) -Linda Allen (Great Commission) 16-Adam & Crystal Powers (Forsyth) 21-Tom & Pauline Miller (Trinity) 24-Loretta Tankersley (Argenta) -Julie Andrews (Grace Fellowship) 29-Levi Vieth (Tabernacle)

Contact Dr. Odis Weaver for Details: [email protected]

2-Jared Vieth (Tabernacle) 8-Crystal Powers (Forsyth) -Diane Peterson (Heyworth) -Chris Granda (9th Ann. at CBA) 10-Lois Henderson (Hammond) 14-Joanni Minott (Argenta) 22-Sharon Arthur (Emmanuel)

Pastor's Lunch & Prayer Meetings

Every Monday at 12 Noon at the CBA office,

Emmanuel Baptist Church

1255 S. Lake Ridge Ave, Decatur

Bring a lunch and your prayer requests.

Church Library Conference Sept. 25th, 2010

First Baptist Church, Maryville, IL

8:30 AM-Registration Cost: $20 (lunch included) 9 AM-Guest Arthur: Ace Collins 10 AM-Break: Book Swap-Bring your gently used books to swap. 10:30 AM-Breakout Session One Administration: Focusing on budget, the circulation desk and general planning/time management Computerizing Your Library, Part 1: Choosing Software Book Repair 11:45 AM-Lunch-Bring your budgetstretching ideas to share. We will have a box lunch w/ deli sandwich, chips & cookie. 12:45 PM Breakout Session Two Promotion Planning Computerizing Your Library, Part II Planning & Implementing Weeding the Collection 2 PM-Break: Book Swap (gather up your unclaimed books) 2:15 PM-Guest Speaker: Sue Berthelot, LifeWay Church Library Ministry Specialist on Copyright Done Right.

Hoofprints for Christ sponsoring: Wild Horse Ministries'


"Horse Whisperer"

Saturday, September 18th

At Tabernacle Baptist Church 650 N Wyckles Rd., Decatur Watch Paul Daily break & ride an untrained horse! Free Will donations accepted at entrance. Limited seating-so bring lawn chairs.

11am-1 pm-Wild Horse Ministries 12:30-2 pm-Silent Auction 10am-3pm-Food Stand Open 1-2 pm-Cake Walk 1:30-3pm-Gospel Music, puppets, stage and instrumental music For more information: (217) 454-0558 or (217) 433-7892




3:30 PM-Closing

Register by emailing [email protected] or call Debbie at (217) 391-3126 by Sept. 17th.

School's Back in session! Happy Labor Day Weekend!! Drive Safely!

New Life Pregnancy Center's

Annual Banquet for Life

September 28th, 2010 at 6:30 PM

Decatur Conference Center

Special Guest: Abby Johnson

Former Director of clinic that performed abortions in Bryan, TX. Hear her story! NEW: Reserved Seating. Call NLPC: 872-5556 for tickets

$271.70 Arthur $727.54 Atwood $400.00 Birchwood $0.00 Boody $55.80 Calvary $51.10 Emmanuel $251.27 Fellowship $193.00 Findlay $23.00 Grace Fellowship $0.00 Great Commission $0.00 Forsyth $660.21 Galilee $181.05 Hammond $120.72 Heyworth $131.23 Lincoln $410.38 Lovington $265.72 Mt. Zion $200.00 Shiloh $0.00 Sullivan $523.00 Summit Avenue $352.27 Tabernacle $2,305.98 Tri Valley $178.70 Trinity $180.00 Subtotal Contributions - $7,482.67



$120.57 $221.65 $400.00 $0.00 $68.92 $128.58 $251.55 $266.00 $26.00 $184.00 $0.00 $758.95 $208.68 $150.03 $130.55 $0.00 $299.53 $200.00 $0.00 $550.00 $306.25 $2,423.04 $190.25 $0.00 $6,884.55

$7,935.12 $6,777.89 $1,157.23

$153.05 $224.72 $500.00 $0.00 $82.42 $0.00 $344.17 $241.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $1,065.03 $196.48 $184.80 $163.65 $0.00 $330.78 $200.00 $0.00 $600.00 $343.69 $2,777.00 $224.45 $0.00 $7,631.24

$11,631.96 $9,363.61 $2,268.35

$545.32 $1,173.91 $1,300.00 $0.00 $207.14 $179.68 $846.99 $700.00 $49.00 $184.00 $0.00 $2,484.19 $586.21 $455.55 $425.43 $410.38 $896.03 $600.00 $0.00 $1,673.00 $1,002.21 $7,506.02 $593.40 $180.00 $21,998.46

$27,050.36 $23,748.98 $3,301.38

$1,225.21 $2,343.96 $3,284.50 $0.00 $697.12 $489.56 $2,482.43 $1,960.00 $213.00 $2,114.00 $53.77 $7,544.24 $1,893.23 $1,367.94 $1,051.76 $1,341.00 $2,589.27 $1,800.00 $0.00 $4,978.00 $2,956.28 $22,142.24 $1,779.22 $180.00 $64,486.73

$80,178.04 $71,631.06 $8,546.98

$7,483.28 $7,607.48 -$124.20

CBA Summer Camp Reports

CBA Children's Camp, His Amazing Race, ministered to 33 children from six churches for 2 1/2 days, July 19-21. Monday evening they had their first "Pit Stop" (Worship Service) and Dave & Kim Senseney led the music and worship time with skits and upbeat songs. Camp pastor Adam Powers brought the message and 6 children came forward to accept Jesus. In spite of the storms Monday and Tuesday, the children adapted well and got to enjoy the camp facilities including the slide and swimming. Tuesday night's service saw 2 additional children make professions of faith. God provided staff who were willing to go above and beyond; treating camp as a ministry! Everyone did their part and then some, and we never heard any complaints. A HUGE Thank You to all of the workers! God truly blessed!-Submitted by

Stella Eads & Lynette Wilson, CBA Children's Camp Directors

CBA Youth Camp, HEROES, ministered to 31 Youth from ten churches for 3 1/2 days, July 21-24. The goal was to have students leave camp with an understanding of how to be a hero. They were challenged to "tell their story." The realization for two of the youth that they didn't have a "story" to tell, brought them to come to know Jesus as Savior. Six other students rededicated or made other decisions. The second phase was teaching them to use the flip version of "Steps to Peace with God" from Billy Graham. Pastor Mike Arthur did an incredible job sharing the truth of God's word and challenged the students to be salt in their communities. A huge "Thank You" to all the staff who made the Camp possible. We're looking forward to 2011's Camp!-Submitted by Youth Camp Director, Greg Braswell

I'd like to say what a pleasure it has been working for and with Dr. Lanny Faulkner for the last 9 years as the Ministry Assistant. It's funny that when I started someone told me that "Lanny is hard to work for." I've yet to discover why. Lanny has my utmost respect as a man of God. He is a man of integrity in his business and personal life. And he always shows a sincere concern for his fellow pastors. He showed immense patience as I was learning the "ropes." I will always consider it a great privilege to say that he has become my friend. I can only hope that God will see fit to bring another man of his character to the CBA as the DOM. Sincerely, Christine Granda

Exciting Morning with Carrie Burns

WMU and CBA sponsored the June 12th meeting, "Morning with Carrie Burns" hosted by Forsyth Baptist Church. The members provided an excellent time of worship and a delicious lunch. Carrie gave a wonderful presentation of God and His love for Israel and the world. It was exciting to hear of the way God is ministering through Carrie to show a Jewish rabbi living in Champaign the way that Jesus of Nazareth is working in her life. She has a special love for Israel and is an excellent example of being a true servant of God in allowing God to use her as a vessel to minister to His people.


Sept. 11-at Tabernacle with Barb Siegerman, who's on furlough from Africa. Dec. 11 at Summit Ave. with Sandy Wisdom-Martin from IBSA Mission Ministries. Correction: Sandy WisdomMartin is moving to TX, so she will not be the speaker for the Dec. 11th meeting. Watch for more information.

5,960 Thanks! Sixteen years, three months, and twenty-four days. It looks as long on paper as it sounds! Five thousand ninehundred and sixty days. By the grace of God, and your longsuffering, I have served as your Associational Missionary twice as long as I have ever stayed at any other job or place of ministry in my sixty years. I enjoyed eight great years in the United States Air force and served for seven years at First Southern Baptist Church in Waukegan, Illinois. As the Lord allows, and I live and remain as Pastor-Teacher at First Baptist of Atwood long enough to see the fulfillment of our, "2020 Vision" I will still have only been there a total of fourteen years! Sixteen years, three months, and twenty-four days is a long time and

I am thankful to God and to you for almost every day! There have been a few difficult times to be sure, but, the vast majority of my time spent in serving Jesus by serving you has been a joy. I am thankful that the Lord is allowing me to move to a field where I can still maintain my friendships and also have the opportunity to continue personally and financially supporting our beloved Association. I am profoundly grateful for your very generous financial support you have provided to me and my family over these years and for you forgiving my many mistakes. God Bless You All. I have given notice, and as of Sept. 30th I will no longer be the CBA Associational Missionary. Please pray for the Lord's guidance in the coming months of transition.

Atwood, FBC-has recently received several new members by baptisms & by Statement.

By God's grace and the sacrificial giving of His people they've paid off their mortgage two years early in July. They're having a three day celebration & calling it, "Thanksgiving in September" on Sept. 17-19 to commemorate this great blessing. They've purchased the home on the North side of the church property, which will be torn down in September for an additional parking lot. Their Fall revival was held with Pat Pajak and Les, Chris, and Brent Snyder, August 22 to 25; and, they will begin their 13th year of AWANA this September. They've unanimously called Dr. Lanny Faulkner as their full-time pastor. As of Sept. 1st Bro. Lanny has tendered his resignation from the Central Baptist Association. Boody-On August 20, at 7 PM, "Blue Moon" was in concert for their 3rd Friday night Sing. They will be in revival Sept 13, 14, 15, 16 and then will host 3rd Friday sing on the 17th Emmanuel-is hosting the HAVOC Fest again this year on the church grounds, Sept. 25th starting at 10:30 AM with local bands, smash the piano, chicken wing contest, and inflatables for the whole family to enjoy. A Revival is scheduled for Fri., Sept. 29th-Sun., Oct. 2nd with Mack Mills, Rogers, AR; and his wife Cherry, will be leading a Ladies Conference on Sept. 30th, Oct. 1st & 2nd at 10:30Noon. Fellowship, Shelbyville-Bro. Gary Bauerle, as interim, did a magnificent job preparing the congregation for the arrival of their new pastor and they will be forever grateful. Pastor Chase Smith immediately began an outreach program with the food pantry and it has been emptied and refilled several times. They've had one person saved and she and her husband have joined Fellowship as

members. They've begun having Wednesday evening meals as an outreach before Bible Study. Attendance for Sunday morning worship has almost doubled. A welcome reception is planned for Pastor Chase and his family on Saturday, Sept. 18, from 2-4 the church. All associational churches are invited to come down and help us welcome Pastor Chase to Shelbyville and Central Association. Forsyth Baptist-had a very successful VBS with a total enrollment of 127 and an average attendance of 94. There were 10 Decisions to accept Christ. Revival services are planned for September 12-15 with Dr. Stan Coffey. October 3rd will be their Celebration Sundaywith a baptism in the morning service & a new member welcome at the evening service. Their Annual Church Wiener Roast will be Saturday Oct. 9th. Galilee-had a great VBS. They are starting a Women's Bible Study on Monday nights at the Church. The JOY Club (Just Older Youth) will have charge of the morning worship services on September 12th. Tabernacle-has a new staff person. Brandt Waggoner has accepted the call to join the staff as Associate Pastor of Discipleship & Administration. A Blood Drive was held August 9th. They had a great VBS with an average attendance of 272 for the week. The Adult SS Kickoff was Aug. 28th for all adult teachers, and the Support Groups resume Aug. 25th. Tri-Valley-The "Chosen Ones" from Manchester, IL will be in concert Oct. 8th, at 7:30 p.m. A love offering will be taken. Check out a sample of their music at: Tri-Valley is honored to be hosting the 61st Annual Associational meeting on Oct. 16th. We'll be celebrating CBA's 60th Anniversary. A Summer Cook-out will follow the Worship service on Sun., Aug. 29th. Brother Will Long, one of our soldiers, accepted Christ and was baptized on Aug.1st.

September 2010

6th-LABOR DAY-Office Closed 12th-19th-State Missions Emphasis-Illinois Missions Off. 15th-Reports from ALL Teams & Committees due 21st-Associational Leadership Meeting at Office 22nd-See You At the Pole 28th at 6:30 PM-NLPC Annual Banquet for Life at Decatur Conf. Center


1st & 2nd-"Rekindle the Call" Retreat at Camp Warren 11th-Columbus Day 16th 2-7 PM-CBA Annual Meeting @ Tri-Valley, Bloomington 25th-27th-Streator Retreat for Winter Bible Study 30th-8:30 AM-Noon-VBS Early-bird [email protected] IBSA, Spgfld.


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