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Helpful Christian Resources For Freedom and Purity

Filtered Internet Service: AMERICAN FAMILY FILTER: -Internet Filter always up-to-date, fast, accurate, and secure. 1-3 PC's covered, pop-up killer, firewall for $49.95 US per year (for an additional $9.95 US per year you can have a tamper-proof history report of your internet activity sent to your choice of email addresses for accountability) -BsafeMail eliminates spam, kills junk & porn mail, protects against viruses, web based email for $19.95 US per year

Web Sites: The Web site of Pure Desire and Betrayed Heart's founding church: East Hill Church in Gresham, Oregon. There are now hundreds of Churches using the materials for these courses across the United States. So far only 3 Pure Desire Groups and 2 Betrayed Heart groups exist in Canada. All are located in Churches in Abbotsford B.C. Training is available from East Hill Church in Gresham, Oregon and this is strongly recommended for anyone being called to establish a Pure Desire or Betrayed Heart Group. The Web site of Douglas Weiss Ph.D., and his counselling ministry Heart to Heart. Doug Weiss' research and resources are used extensively in Pure Desire and Betrayed Heart Groups. All of Dr. Doug Weiss' books and videos can be ordered through this site.** America's largest, national, faith-based broadcasting and counselling organization. Founded by Steve Arterburn the co-author of the "EVERYMAN" book series. For more info call 1-800-NEW-LIFE "Pure Freedom" provides resources with radically unique approaches to specific issues that teen girls and/or guys face in the area of purity and holiness. This ministry, founded by Bob and Dannah Gresh, is about sexual purity and living a life submitted to the will of God in a quest to enjoy the blessings of His plan. Great youth events, books for teens, and ideas for parents and youth leaders. For young people and college age. "Every day, as you walk your campus and go to class, you pass reflections of who you once were without Christ: men and women who unknowingly buy into the same lies about love, sex, and relationships that once held you prisoner, and disabled you from being able to connect authentically with God and others. I believe that your generation is destined to lead a new revolution whose members reject the false messages of our sex-saturated media, music, and culture." Michael LeahyDirector. For young people and college age. "We admire those who have the strength to get their lives straightened out. We will put you in touch with someone who can help you throw the `toxic waste' of porn out of your life for good" Gene McConnell-Founder. Phone# (513) 931-1816 A small group curriculum for men dealing with lust and pornography. Appropriate for men of all ages. Protecting Children in Cyberspace. Clearly outlines: Internet Dangers, Parent's Safety Guide, Youth Safety Guide, Safety Tools, the Harms of Porn, Child Sexual Abuse, Report a Cybercrime, Public Policy Updates and more.

For Ministry Groups, Pastors, Counsellors

DVD Doug Weiss PhD, MINISTERING TO THE SEXUALLY ADDICTED IN THE CHURCH This is a must for churches moving into this ministry of the new millennium. The church has never in the history of it's inception been attacked as it is today in the area of sexuality. The Internet has skyrocketed the issue of sexual addiction in the church. Adultery and divorce are rampant in the body of Christ regardless of denomination. In this two-hour DVD, you are walked through the practical aspects of ministering to the sexual addict. The viewer will be equipped in understanding the spirit, soul and body aspects of sexual addiction, the six various types of sex addicts and the ins and outs of running a successful Freedom Group in your local church or ministry.** DVD Doug Weiss PhD, SEXUAL INTERCESSION: WINNING THE BATTLE OVER LUST This DVD-R is essential in undertaking the role of spiritual and practical intersession for individuals, churches, cities or nations. This tape challenges men to move from the prayer closet into the practical ministry of healing those in the body of Christ who are sexually trapped.** Doug Weiss PhD, E-MAIL RESEARCH SERVICE Receive in one mailing all the journal, book and

article quotes that you see in our weekly newsletter. Perfect for research papers, education, teaching aids, etc. The information is free. You are charged for the E-mail service only. The file is E-mailed within 24 hours of your order. Now with 25 annotated bibliographies. Go to and click on "Journal Articles"**

Doug Weiss PhD, SEXUAL ANOREXIA: A NEW PARADIGM FOR HYPOSEXUAL DESIRE DISORDER (instant eJournal)-- Sexual Anorexia is a relatively new term to the field of sexual addiction. The sexual addict who actively withholds sexual, emotional and spiritual intimacy from their spouse or significant relationship while acting out with themselves or others has been an anomaly for sex addition treatment providers. This article gives a history of the hyposexual disorder as well as a broadening of the term sexual anorexia and offers clear diagnostic criteria of sexual anorexia for the sexual addiction treatment provider. Includes research.** DVD Doug Weiss PhD, SEXUAL ANOREXIA (DVD-R-R) This video explains the age-old question, "Why doesn't my partner want to be sexual with me?" These 90 minutes of up-to-date information on sexual, emotional and spiritual anorexia can open new insights for individuals or couples to begin a new life of intimacy. Doug Weiss PhD, THE PREVALENCE OF DEPRESSION IN MALE SEX ADDICTS RESIDING IN THE UNITED STATES (instant eJournal)-- This study evaluated the prevalence of depression among male sex addicts against the male general population. The hypothesis of male sex addicts having higher scores on the BDI was upheld. An exploratory hypothesis, that participants having received treatment for sexual addiction would have lower depression scores, was upheld. Includes research.** Doug Weiss PhD, BEYOND THE BEDROOM This is the first book to discuss the issues of adult children of sex addicts as well as provides a roadmap to recovery. You will also be exposed to research findings on the impact of being a child of a sexual addict.** Doug Weiss PhD, FULLY RESTORED The first of this series! Fully Restored is on forgiveness, which is extremely helpful for a recovering person.** MUSIC CD Doug Weiss PhD, SOMEBODY'S DAUGHTER This well produced music recovery CD is absolutely beneficial in the recovery process of sexual addiction. Various Artists.**

For Men:

Randy Alcorn, THE PURITY PRINCIPLE "Purity is always smart; Impurity is always stupid. Not sometimes. Not usually. Always." Biblical, practical, and concise. A one-stop handbook for individuals, families and churches. Multinomah Publishers 2003 Ted Roberts, PURE DESIRE how one man's triumph over his greatest struggle can help others break free. Regal Books from Gospel Light 1999 Doug Weiss PhD, THE FINAL FREEDOM: PIONEERING SEXUAL ADDICTION RECOVERY (book)-This book gives more current information than many professional counsellors have today. In addition to informing sex addicts and their partners about sex addiction, it gives hope for recovery. The information provided in this product would cost hundreds of dollars in counselling hours to receive. Many have attested to successful recovery from this information alone.** Doug Weiss PhD, 101 PRACTICAL EXERCISES FOR SEXUAL ADDICTION RECOVERY This workbook is a must for anyone who wants to start sexual addiction recovery. It offers step-by-step practical help for anyone in recovery who wants to further their recovery from sexual addiction.** CDs Doug Weiss PhD, THE FINAL FREEDOM: PIONEERING SEXUAL ADDICTION RECOVERY (CDs)-- This five-audio tape series will give you more current information than many professionals have. In addition to informing sexual addicts and their partners, it will give hope for recovery.** Doug Weiss PhD, 101 FREEDOM EXERCISES: CHRISTIAN GUIDE FOR SEX ADDICTION RECOVERY This is the best single resource for the Christian who desires to know what they need to do to get and stay free from sexual addiction. This book contains 101 exercises that have been proven to work. In this book you receive the best techniques that have been used to help thousands already obtain their freedom from sexual addiction.** Doug Weiss PhD, STEPS TO FREEDOM: A CHRISTIAN 12 STEP GUIDE This is a Christian approach to the Twelve Steps. This book will guide you through the 12 steps of recovery that have been helpful for many addicted people. This book is specifically written for the person desiring recovery from sexual addiction.** Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker, EVERYMAN"S BATTLE Everyman's Guide to winning the War on Sexual Temptation: One Victory at a Time. WaterBrook Press 2000 (In the top-10 of Christian Best-Selling Books) or call 1-800-NEW-LIFE Video Doug Weiss PhD, PASSION FOR PURITY Straightforward sex talk for Christian men, shattering common myths about male sexuality and male sexual addiction. This is a passion about men becoming pure.** CD Doug Weiss PhD, 6 TYPES OF SEX ADDICTS This CD will give you more information than most therapists have on sexual addiction. You will be able to finally know how you became a sexual addict and identify why you might still be relapsing. A must for every sex addict in recovery! CD Doug Weiss PhD, TREATMENT FOR THE 6 TYPES OF SEX ADDICTS This CD will take you to the next level in your recovery. Once you know the type of sex addict you are, Dr. Doug outlines the same treatment plan you would receive in an individual session. Joshua Harris, NOT EVEN A HINT guarding your heart against lust. Lust tells you lies, the truth sets you free. This is a book for men and women because lust is a human problem. God calls us to a high standard-not even a hint of sexual impurity. And He gives us everything we need to make it a reality. If you're ready for a practical, grace-centred plan for defeating lust and celebrating purity look here.

For Wives:

Diane Roberts, BETRAYED HEART Course Manual (You get a copy at the "Healing of A Betrayed Heart Course" at Northview) and Leader's Guide. Available from or Video Douglas Weiss Ph.D. NOW THAT I KNOW, WHAT SHOULD I DO? 90-minute video answers the 10 most frequently asked questions for partners of sex addicts. How did he get this way? Why am I not to blame? How can I trust him again? Should I Stay? How can I tell if he is getting better? Is there hope? What can I do?** Doug Weiss Ph.D. PARTNERS: HEALING FROM HIS ADDICTION This book is the latest research findings relating to the affects on partners of sex addicts. Riveting statistics are combined with personal stories of partners in recovery. This book offers the readers hope along with a plan for recovery. Any woman who is a partner of a sex addict will find this book a necessity for her journey toward healing.** Douglas Weiss Ph.D. PARTNER'S RECOVERY GUIDE: 100 EMPOWERING EXERCISES Practical exercises to work through your feelings, issues and decisions you will be faced with in your recovery as a partner of a sex addict.** Doug Weiss Ph.D. BEYOND LOVE: 12 STEP RECOVERY GUIDE FOR PARTNERS This is an interactive workbook that allows the partners of sex addicts to gain insight and strength through working the Twelve Steps. This book can be used for individual purposes or used as a group step study workbook.**


Workbook. This audio series deals with partner issues of an addict. This is a religious focus and gives biblical answers to boundaries, tough love and how to love an addict effectively the way God does.** Fred and Brenda Stoeker, EVERY HEART RESTORED Godly guidance and wisdom for wives (Seminars, Book, Workbook): Coping with the Betrayal, Boundaries in Marriage, the Nature of Sexual Addiction, Handling Your Husband's Disclosure, Grieving the Losses You've Faced, Rebuilding Trust in the Marriage. WaterBrook Press 2004 or call 1-800-NEW-LIFE Laurie Hall, AN AFFAIR OF THE MIND One woman's battle to salvage her family from the Devastation of Pornography. Probably the first book written about Sexual Addiction. (Warning: Some find this book to be discouraging). Focus on the Family Publishing 1996 Stormie Omartian, THE POWER OF A PRAYING WIFE worrying about your marriage changes nothing. Praying about it can change everything. Harvest House Publishing 1997 A Study Guide is available for this book. Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend, BOUNDARIES: When to Say Yes, When to Say No to Take Control of Your Life. Having clear boundaries is essential to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. A boundary is a personal "property line" that marks out those things for which we are responsible (clearly separating that from that which we are not responsible) Zondervan Publishing Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend, BOUNDARIES FACE TO FACE: How to Have that Difficult Conversation You've Been Avoiding. Successful people confront well. They know that setting healthy boundaries improves relationships. Here Cloud and Townsend take the principles from their best-selling book "Boundaries" and apply them to a variety of the most common difficult situations and relationships. Zondervan Publishing

For Teens and College Age:

VIDEO SET Doug Weiss PhD, SEXUAL INTEGRITY PROGRAM This is an incredibly complete sexual program for teens and young adults. The package includes 5 videos and workbook. The ten hours of training are on such topics as Going for Gold Sex, Sexual Expression, Your Sexual Guard and Sexual Agreement among many others.** Doug Weiss PhD, SUCCESSFULLY SINGLE These two hours of faith-based approach to singleness can help a single person navigate through dating, sex and money.** Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker, EVERY YOUNG MAN'S BATTLE Geared specifically for teen boys. Contains strategies for Victory in the Real World of Sexual Temptation. WaterBrook Press 2002 (Also in the Top-10 of Best-Selling Christian Books) Video Douglas Weiss Ph.D., GOOD ENOUGH TO WAIT A powerful purity message for Teens with insight into how to get the most out of sex by following God's design.** Rick James, FLESH Learn to develop an unbreakable habit of purity in a pornographic world. Includes: Small Group Studies, Articles, Devotional Guide and Bible Study Leader's Guide. WSN Press (To Order Contact: New Life Resources 1-800-827-2788 or Lowell Seashore, LUST FREE LIVING Designed as a curriculum for Christian men's small group study. This material has proven successful for ages 15 and up. It can also easily be used for individual study. The Coaching Guide for group leaders--includes honest and hard-hitting video segments to be shown before each lesson. These video clips, featuring men who are fighting and winning this battle, raise the bar on honesty in your small group. (See to order) Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend, BOUNDARIES IN DATING Written by the authors of the best selling book "Boundaries", "Boundaries in Dating" will help you set and maintain healthy boundaries that will help you grow in freedom, honesty, and self-control. Zondervan 2000 Video Lisa Bevere, PURITY'S POWER a four-part video series for Teen Girls and Single Women. Topics include "How far is too far?", "Packaging is Power", "Restoring the Dream", and "Purity's Promise" A guide to help women understand how their relationship with God affects the sexual aspect of their lives. Using Scripture, Lisa explains how femininity empowers women to live in freedom (Available from John Bevere Ministries ) Lisa Bevere, KISSED THE GIRLS AND MADE THEM CRY Geared specifically for Teen Girls, detailing why women lose when they give in and how to restore dignity, honour, and strength to women bringing them into the ultimate relationship of intimacy--a relationship with God. Thomas Nelson Publishing (Available from John Bevere Ministries and Focus on the Family) Dannah Gresh, AND THE BRIDE WORE WHITE: SEVEN SECRETS TO SEXUAL PURITY For Teen Girls and Single Women. Explores what it means to set high standards and how to stick to them. Moody Press (Available from and Focus on the Family) Dannah Gresh, SECRET KEEPER: THE DELICATE POWER OF MODESTY For Teen Girls. Discover the power of showing less to gain more. Moody Press (Available from and Focus on the Family)

For Women:

EBook Doug Weiss PhD, SHE HAS A SECRET: UNDERSTANDING FEMALE SEXUAL ADDICTION Only available as an EBook! Twenty-four recovering female sex addicts share their stories of addiction, consequences and their recovery. This book is the most current book in the field of sex addiction for women and is packed with new statistics to further our understanding of female sexual addiction. This is a must read for any woman struggling in this addiction as well as for professionals in this field.** Doug Weiss PhD, SECRET SOLUTIONS WORKBOOK: OVER 100 WAYS TO END THE SECRET This is a practical recovery exercise workbook written specifically for female sex addicts. Many of these techniques have been successful to help other female sex addicts. This is the most solution-oriented and practical workbook for female sexual addiction to date.** Shannon Ethridge, EVERY WOMAN'S BATTLE The only way you as a woman can survive the intense struggle for sexual integrity is by guarding not just your body, but your mind and heart as well. Waterbrook Publishing 2003

For Healing and Recovering from an Extramarital Affair:

Bob and Audrey Meisner, Marriage Under Cover Find hope and rescue through the biblical principle of covering to protect your marriage and your family. Rob and Audrey's future seemed secure and their prospects bright-until adultery threatened to bring it all crashing down. Against all conventional "wisdom" and human expectations, their marriage not only survived, but also came to thrive in the midst of a culture that is increasingly hostile to traditional family values. Anne Bercht, My Husband's Affair Became the Best Thing that Ever Happened to Me! (Book) Dedicated to helping others survive marriage affairs, infidelity, adultery, and betrayal, My Husband's Affair is an inspiring true story of one family's courage and recovery after a devastating affair. Anne and Brian Bercht provide entertaining and informative keynote speeches and educational seminars on marriage, relationships and affairs. See their web site at Or write Anne Bercht and Associates P.O. Box 162, Abbotsford B.C. V2S 4N8 Or call (604) 859-9393

For Fathers and Sons:

DVD Douglas Weiss Ph.D., SHEPHERDING YOUR SONS SEXUALLY Learn how to shepherd your son to be sexually successful--before the world grabs his attention. This DVD-R is necessary for every father

who has a son. Sexuality is the most powerful drive men have and yet most men receive less than one minute of information or direction about it from the most important man in their lives, their father. **

Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker PREPARING YOUR SON FOR EVERY MAN'S BATTLE Honest Conversations about Sexual Integrity. Waterbrook Press 2003

For Building Intimacy in Marriage:

Doug Weiss PhD, INTIMACY: A 100-Day Guide to Lasting Relationships Understand the principles of intimacy, Discover roadblocks to intimacy, Find ways to make intimacy a part of your daily life.** Six Part Video Series Douglas Weiss Ph.D. INTIMACY FOR LASTING RELATIONSHIPS Based on Doug Weiss' "Intimacy" Book, this seminar series for couples, filmed with a live Canadian audience, teaches how to build a marriage that will last a lifetime! Doug Weiss gives practical and Biblical insight into three levels of intimacy--spiritual, emotional, and physical--to help couples build enduring and exciting marriages. (Available on VHS Tape for $125.00 Canadian or on audiocassettes for $35.00Canadian by going to and clicking on "Web Store: Books and Programs" and then typing "Doug Weiss" into the Search by "Guest/Author". There are a lot of items by Doug Weiss listed. Scroll down to the second page and you will find the "Intimacy" series tapes). 3 DVD Set Doug Weiss PhD, WINNING AT MARRIAGE Dr. Doug's "Winning at Marriage" Conference (5 hours) is based on his "Intimacy Book". It is basically the same as "Intimacy for Lasting Relationships" listed above but it is newer and was filmed before an American audience. Cost $69.00US at Seven Part Video Series/CD Rom/Course/Book From "Alpha": THE MARRIAGE COURSE and THE MARRIAGE BOOK How to build a healthy marriage that lasts a lifetime. Ideal for Christian outreach to secular couples. Good prep for above course(s). Go to and click on "Marriage Course".

Christian Resources for Healthy Sexuality:

Doug Weiss PhD SEX MEN AND GOD Finally, an encouraging message for men who want to be sexually successful! God is not against sexual pleasure in your marriage! In fact, He created it! So what is keeping you from experiencing the best of His creation? This book clearly and creatively outlines practical, doable suggestions and principles that will help you enjoy your sexuality as God intended. An encouraging message for men who want to be sexually successful: Having a body, mind, and spirit connection to your spouse alone that grows increasingly more fulfilling.** DVDs Doug Weiss PhD THE BEST SEX OF YOUR LIFE, FOR MEN ONLY and THE BEST SEX OF YOUR LIFE, FOR WOMEN ONLY Each of these DVD-Rs are a must for every Christian man. You are practically and passionately walked through Christian sexuality that really works. For over a decade couples have been using these principles and techniques to radically improve their love life.**

For Prayer and Intercession:

Stormie Omartian, THE POWER OF A PRAYING WIFE worrying about your marriage changes nothing. Praying about it can change everything. Harvest House Publishing 1997 A Study Guide is available for this book. Stormie Omartian, THE POWER OF A PRAYING HUSBAND There is no better way to love your wife than to pray for her. Harvest House Publishing 2001 A Study Guide is available for this book. DVD Doug Weiss PhD SEXUAL INTERCESSION: WINNING THE BATTLE OVER LUST This DVD-R is essential in undertaking the role of spiritual and practical intersession for individuals, churches, cities or nations. This tape challenges men to move from the prayer closet into the practical ministry of healing those in the body of Christ who are sexually trapped.**


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