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Lesson: Sumi-e Paintings

Grade Level: 5 Unit: Multi-Cultural Art

Objective: The student will learn the 5 brushstrokes of sumi-e painting using a bamboo brush.

Materials/Resources: Power point on sumi-e painting Bamboo brushes Black watercolor/water/ 12 x 18 white paper Newsprint to practice on


Procedure: 1. After viewing sumi-e power point, students will gather to watch demo on how to hold the bamboo brush correctly. The brush is held perfectly vertical, with four fingers behind the bamboo handle, and the thumb in front. Remind students that the brush NEVER slants. To get a thin and thick line the brush is pushed down or lifted on the paper. The first class session, students will practice the thin lines (light pressure) and the bamboo stroke (pushing the brush down on the paper to create the thick lines. 2. The next demo will show students how to create the leaf lines and the bird. Push down slightly and pull to fine point for the leaf. The bird stroke is shaped like the letter V. Push down to create the head and body and lift to make the tail feathers. Add a leaf stroke for the wing and a tiny beak last. 3. Students are limited to 2-3 stalks of bamboo when painting on their final paper.

4. Use a small piece of Styrofoam and carve in Japanese letters of the student's name. I found this translation guide online. Print in red tempera paint.


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