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Bible Story 253 Peter Raises Tabitha Acts 9:36-43 OPENING ACTIVITIES · Craft -- Woven Placemats

o Tabitha made clothes for the poor widows o Have each child make a placemat to give to someone o Give each child a large piece of construction paper with 7 slits cut one and a half inches apart, leaving a one and a half inch border all the way around the paper o Give each child 10 strips of construction paper 12" X 1 1/2" o Have the children weave the strips of paper over and under through the slits in the large paper, alternating which way they start each strip o Glue the strips at the tops and the bottom o If possible, collect them, laminate them and return them the following week


Acts 9:36-43

· Act out the story MEMORY VERSE

Acts 9:41-42 "...He presented her alive...and many believed on the Lord." · When Peter did what God told him to do (through God's power), the result was that many people believed in Jesus · Practice verse by doing sign language

o "presented" ­ Place both hands palms-up and move them forward as if giving something o "alive" ­ Extend the thumb and pointer finger of each hand to form an L-shape; point to hips and then raise arms up to point to shoulders o "many" ­ With loosely closed hands, snap your fingers out from under your thumbs to result in open hands o "believed" ­ Point to your mind with one hand and then clasp your hands together o "on" ­ Set one hand on top of the other hand o "Lord" ­ Form the L shape as in "alive" with your right hand, begin with your thumb pointing to your left shoulder and end with it pointing to your right hip


o Color the picture with the memory verse on it

· Craft -- Stick Puppet

o Give each child a picture of Tabitha with her eyes open and a picture of Tabitha with her eyes closed o Color the pictures and glue them back to back on a craft stick o Retell the story with Tabitha (eyes open) doing good deeds, Tabitha dying (eyes closed), and then Tabitha brought back to life by Peter (eyes open)

· Role-Play

o Peter saw a need. Before he did anything, he prayed. Once he knew what God wanted him to do, he had the power to raise Tabitha from the dead o When we see a need, we should pray to find out what God wants us to do. When we are doing His will, we can have confidence He'll give us whatever power we may need o Have one child pretending to be in need (hurt, sad, missing something, lost...) o Have another child who becomes aware of that need o The second child stops to pray and asks God what he can do to help o Say, "God reminds (the person praying) that the Bible says, (share a verse that would help to give direction)." o The child acts out an appropriate helpful response


- Coloring paper with memory verse on it (Print the coloring page from and cut and paste the memory verse onto the bottom) - Crayons - Large piece of construction paper for each child with slits cut in it - 10 strips of construction paper in various colors for each child (12"X1 1/2") - Glue - Costumes - Coats and dresses - Cut-out of Tabitha with her eyes open for each child - Cut-out of Tabitha with her eyes closed for each child - Craft stick for each child - Props for role-playing


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