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SEPTEMBER 15, 2009

7:00 ­ 8:00 8:00 ­ 8:40 Registration Welcome to The University of Delaware ­ Michael Chajes, Dean, College of Engineering Welcome to The Center for Composite Materials ­ John W. Gillespie, Jr., Director, Center for Composite Materials Welcome to The American Society for Composites ­ Alfred C. Loos, President, American Society for Composites Welcome to The Canadian Association for Composite Structures and Materials ­ Suong Hoa, Director, Concordia Center for Composites Chou Symposium Joining & Repair Nanotechnology Materials and Processing Mechanics, Fracture and Fatigue Chair: Chair: Chair: Chair: Chair: Effect of Preform Fibre The Compressive Response of Surface Treatment and Effects of Specimen Size and Distribution Tapered Curved Composite Plates Adhesive Bonding of High Geometry on Dispersion on the Surface Finish of Temperature Composite Duality and Properties of Composite Panels Shaikh AkhlaqueERasul and Materials SingleWalled Carbon Rajamohan Ganesan (Concordia Nanotube/Epoxy Composite Ronald Lawand and Pascal University) R. Giles Dillingham and Brietta Films Hubert (McGill University) R. Oakley (Brighton Technologies Group, Inc.); Behnam Ashrafi, Yunfa Zhang, Eugene DanJumbo, Joel and Andrew Johnston Baldwin, and R. Keller (The (Institute for Aerospace Boeing Company); James Research); Yadienka Martinez Onset of Irreversible Magato (Maverick Corp) Rubi and Benoit Simard Deformation in (Steacie Institute for Collimated Fiber Molecular Sciences); Vahid Composites Mirjalili (McGill University) Role of Surface Preparation On Influence of Carbon Mechanical Properties of The Buckling Response of Tapered R. B. Pipes (Purdue Durability of Bonded Nanofibers Dispersion Composite Structures Curved Composite PlatesII University) Composite Joints Method on the Fabricated with the Vacuum Thermomechanical Properties Induced Preform Relaxation Shaikh AkhlaqueERasul and Brian Flinn (University of of Multiscale Carbon Process Rajamohan Ganesan (Concordia Nanofiber/Carbon Fiber Washington) University) Composites Justin B. Alms, James L. Glancey, and Suresh G. Mónica Campo, María Advani (University of Sánchez, Alberto Jiménez, Delaware) Carlos Romón, and Alejandro Ureña (University Rey Juan Carlos) Unusual Characteristics Strain Energy Release Rate Development of a Processing Unsaturated and Saturated FreeVibration Characteristics of in Continuum Modeling Analysis of Adhesive and Properties Map of Flow in The Vartm Process Unsymmetrically Laminated of 2D Anisotropic Bonded Composite Laminate Carbon NanotubeReinforced an Investigation Composite Plates Metacomposites Joints with a Cohesive Crack Thermoplastic Fibres with Multiple Equilibrium Configurations Sanjay Sharma (National H.H. Huang and C.T. Sun Charles Yang, Varun Garg, and Pascal Hubert and Genevieve Institute for Aviation (Purdue University) Suresh Raju (Wichita State Palardy (McGill University); Research); Dennis A. Siginer Grant A. Vogl and Michael W. Hyer University); Eugene DanJumbo David TrudelBoucher (Petroleum Institute); Ravi K. (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and and Russell Keller (The Boeing State University) (Industrial Materials Institute) Dukipatti (Hawker Company) Beechcraft Corporation); Kurt A. Soschinske (Wichita State University)

8:50 ­ 9:10

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9:50 ­ 10:10

The TradeOff Between Damage And Strength: Why Weaker May Mean Stronger Michael Wisnom (University of Bristol)

Fatigue Damage Monitoring In Adhesive Joint By Using Guided Waves Ahmed Maslouhi and Raef Cherif (Université de Sherbrooke)

Growth Mechanism of MWCNTs Using Nanoparticles as Catalysts Vijaya K Rangari, Rahman Samsur and Shaik Jeelani (Tuskegee University)

An Experimental Method for Continuous Measurement of InPlane Fabric Permeability as a Function of Fiber Volume Fraction Using Air Flow Ömer Eksika (Tubitak Material Institute); Pit Schulze, John W. Gillespie, Jr., and Dirk Heider (University of Delaware) Materials and Processing Chair: Experimental Investigation of DualScale Reinforcement Imbibition F. LeBel, E. Ruiz, S. Dulong, A. Bourgeois, and F. Trochu (École Polytechnique de Montréal)

Stress Concentrations Around Irregularities in Anisotropic Plates: Solutions for Arbitrary Boundary Conditions Sotiris Koussios (Delft University of Technology)

10:10 ­ 10:30 10:30 ­ 10:50

10:50 ­ 11:10

BREAK Chou Symposium Chair: Numerical Analysis on the Damage Initiation and Perforation Behavior in Composite Fan Blades Subjected to A Bird Strike Nobuo Takeda and Kei Hemmi (The University of Tokyo); Masaaki Nishikawa (Tohoku University) Conductive Nanocomposites Based on Mass Produced Carbon Nanotubes and Epoxy Resin Iosif D. Rosca and Suong V. Hoa (Concordia University) Test Methods for the Measurement of Preform Compaction Goker Tuncol and Alfred C. Loos (Michigan State University); Roberto J. Cano (NASA Langley Research Center)

Joining & Repair Chair: Strength Enhancement of Hybrid (Bonded/Bolted) Joints for Composites Using Attachments C.T. Sun, Bhawesh Kumar, P. Wang and R. Sterkenburg (Purdue University)

Nanotechnology Chair: Response Surface Study of VaporGrown Carbon Nanofiber/Vinyl Ester Nanocomposites Fabricated Using HighShear Mixing Sasan Nouranian, Hossein Toghiani, Thomas E. Lacy, and Charles U. Pittman, Jr. (Mississippi State University)

Mechanics, Fracture and Fatigue Chair: On the Continuum Theory of Conformable Robots Sergey L. Lopatnikov, Bazle A. Gama, and John W. Gillespie Jr. (University of Delaware)

The Effects of Edge Distance, Hole Size Ratio and Hole Spacing on Peak Stresses of Composite Laminate with Multiple Holes M. Kheradiya and W. S. Chan (University of Texas at Arlington) Damage Evolution Mechanism in Bolted Joints of CFRP Laminates Takeaki Nadabe, Tatsuya Nakamura and Nobuo Takeda (The University of Tokyo); Masaaki Nishikawa (Tohoku University)

11:10 ­ 11:30

Influence of Adhesive Properties on Stress States in a Discontinuous Ceramic Tile Core Sandwich Structure Anis Gawandi and John W. Gillespie Jr. (University of Delaware); Leif A. Carlsson (Florida Atlantic University); Travis A. Bogetti (U.S. Army Research Laboratory) Quantitative Characterization Novel Liquid Latent Curing Bending Analysis of CrossPly of SWNT Dispersions Agents for Epoxies Laminated Conical Shells Zhiwei Xiao, Sida Luo, Chuck Giuseppe Palmese (Drexel F. Shadmehria and S. V. Hoa Zhang, Ben Wang, and Tao Liu University) (Concordia University); M. Hojjatib (Florida State University) (National Research Council Canada)

Nanoclay Reinforced PLA Nanocomposite by Electrospinning Chunhong Wang and Frank K. Ko (The University of British Columbia); Mercedes Alcock (Composites Innovation Centre Manitoba, Inc.)

An Acoustical Method Of Predicting Permeability Of Orthotropic Fibers Sanjay Sharma (Wichita State University); Dennis A. Siginer (Petroleum Institute)

11:30 ­ 11:50

High Performance Fiber Optic Sensing Systems Applied to Composite Materials Kazuro Kageyama (The University of Tokyo)

Performance of Bolted Joints in Discontinuous Ceramic Cored Sandwich Structures Kristopher Weidner, John Tierney, Nick Shevchenko, and John W. Gillespie Jr. (University of Delaware)

11:50 ­ 12:10

Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes in a Vertical Tube Furnace and Their Applications in Electromagnetic Interference Shielding NyanHwa Tai, Hsin Mao Chen, YinJu Chen, Chih Kuang Sun, and Ming Chuen Yip (Natl. Tsing Hua Univ); ChiYuan Huang (Tatung Univ) LUNCH Chou Symposium Chair: Multifunctional Polymer and Aligned Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposites Liming Dai (University of Dayton)

Investigation into the Source of Temperature Variations in Silicone Heat Blankets for Composite Structural Repair J. Baldwin, F. D'Andrea, R.Keller and Bud Westerman (1The Boeing Company)

Manufacturing Process for 3D NanoEngineered Composite Materials with Aligned Carbon Nanotubes Grown In Situ Kyoko Ishiguro (Università degli Studi di Perugia); Sunny S. Wicks, Derreck M. Barber, Namiko Yamamoto, Roberto Guzman de Villoria, and Brian L Wardle (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) High Frequency Shielding Properties of Multiwall Carbon Nanotube (MWCNT) Composites Aidin Mehdipour, Iosif D. Rosca, Christopher W. Trueman, AbdelRazik Sebak, and Suong. V. Hoa (Concordia University)

Fabrication and Mechanical Properties of Three Dimensional Hollow Knitted Fabric Composite Yuki Kadoma, Ohtani Akio, Asami Nakai, and Hiroyuki Hamada (Kyoto Institute of Technology)

Assessment of Confinement Models for Concrete Confined with FRP Tubes Hamdy Mohamed and Radhouane Masmoudi (University of Sherbrooke)

Process Capabilities for the Infusion of High Viscosity Polyurea Resin Systems for Composite Applications Conor D. Keenan , John W. Gillespie Jr., and Dirk Heider (University of Delaware); Robert Jensen, Travis Bogetti, and Robert Adkinson (U.S. Army Research Laboratory); Jared D. Bender (Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.) Materials and Processing Chair: On the Use of Simple Models In Process Simulation Anoush Poursartip (The University of British Columbia)

Investigation of Hygrothermally Stable Laminates with Bending Twist Coupling Robert Haynes (Georgia Institute of Technology); Erian Armanios (University of Texas at Arlington)

12:15 1:30 1:30 ­ 1:50

1:50 ­ 2:10

Polymers and Advanced PolymerMatrix Composites Reinforced with Aligned Carbon Nanotubes Brian Wardle (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Joining & Repair Chair: Test and Analysis of Adhesive Bonded Repairs to Fuselage Structure Reewanshu Chadha and John G. Bakuckas, Jr. (Atlantic City International Airport); Keith McIver and Ching Hsu (Boeing Research and Technology); Jonathan Awerbuch and Tein Min Tan (Drexel University) Composite Aircraft Repair: An Assessment of Non standardized Repair Methodology Keven R. Mitchell (Southern Illinois University Carbondale)

Nanotechnology Chair: The Influence of Carbon Nanotube Aspect Ratio on The Bubble Densities of Polymer/Carbon Nanotube Composite Foams Limeng Chen , Rahmi Ozisik,* and Linda S. Schadler (Rensseaer Polytechnic Institute) Characterizing Fracture Parameters of a Graphene Sheet Using Atomistic Simulation and Continuum Mechanics JiaLin Tsai, ShiHua Tzeng, and YuJen Tzou (National Chiao Tung University)

Mechanics, Fracture and Fatigue Chair: Computing Elastic Properties of Short and LongRandom Fiber Composites Using a MultiGauss Point Finite Element Method Douglas E. Smith (University of Missouri) Vibration Characteristics of Thin Walled Noncircular Composite Cylinders HungChieh Lo and Michael W. Hyer (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)

Vacuum Infused Anionic Polyamide6 Composites: A comparison Study Between Different Mould Heating Strategies JeanFrançois Charron, Simon Joncas, and Henri Champliaud (École de Technologie Supérieure); Julie Teuwen and Harald Bersee (Delft University of Technology)

2:10 ­ 2:30

2:30 ­ 2:50

Characterization of Carbon Nanotube and Carbon Nano Fiber Reinforced Multiscale Hybrid Composites Oyoung Choi, SangBok Lee, Wonoh Lee, Jin Woo Yi, ByungSun Kim, and JoonHyung Byun*, (Korea Institute of Materials Science) Fracture Behavior of Carbon Nanotubes WenShyong Kuo (Feng Chia University); Hsin Fang Lu (Feng-Chia University) BREAK Chou Symposium Chair: Starting From Nano: Creating Multifunctional Composites From (Almost) Nothing Erik Thostenson (University of Delaware)

Parametric Study on the Response of Composite Repaired Pipelines under Combined Loading Conditions Ahmed Shouman and Farid Taheri (Dalhousie Unviersity)

Improvement in the Mechanical Properties of an Epoxy Nanocomposite Using Ceramic Nanoparticles Surface Grafted with A Rubbery Copolymer Jianing Gao (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

RTM Process Simulation and Optimization of Composite Fan Blades Reinforced by 3D Woven Fabrics F. Trochu and E. Ruiz (École Polytechnique de Montréal); C. Demaria (ERFT Composites); B. Dambrine and T. Godon (RondPoint René RavaudRéau) Process Variability in Liquid Composite Molding and Its Implications for Predictive Modeling Suresh G. Advani and Pavel Simacek (University of Delaware) Materials and Processing Chair: Fabrication and Characterization of Vapor Grown Carbon Nanofiber Reinfirced Polyester Yuanxin Zhou and Shaik Jeelani (Tuskegee University); Thomas E. Lacy (Mississippi State University) Finite Element Simulation of A Thermostamping Process of A Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite H.Chaouki, A.Gakwaya, and M.Fafard (Université Laval ); F.Erchiqui (Université du Québec en Abitibi Témiscamingue)

Deflection of Multilayered Composites Containing Wavy Fibers Habib Rai, Elie Honein, and Michel Najjar (University of Balamand)

Cost Analysis for Manufacturing of Composite Aerospace Products with Uncertainties X.D. Liu, M. Chen, S. V. Hoa (Concordia Center for Composites) Applications Chair: An Analytical Approach to Predict Elastic Properties of Filamentwound Tubes Yunfa Zhang (National Research Council Canada); Zihui Xia (University of Alberta)

Carbon Nanotube Array Reinforced Laminated Composite Materials: Interphase and Mechanics of Deformation Yi Song and Jandro L. Abot (University of Cincinnati) Nanotechnology Chair: Characterization of Carbon Nanofiber Filled Carbon/Epoxy Composites by the Nanoindentation Technique María Sánchez, Mónica Campo, Joaquín Rams, Alberto Jiménez, and Alejandro Ureña (University Rey Juan Carlos) Nanoindentation of High Performance Fibers Quinn P. McAllister and John W. Gillespie, Jr. (University of Delaware); Mark R. VanLandingham (U.S. Army Research Laboratory)

Designer Viscoelastic Nano ­ Composite and Sandwich Materials Mohammad Naraghi, Ioannis Chasiotis, and Harry H. Hilton (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign) Mechanics, Fracture and Fatigue Chair: A New Coupling Method of AtomisticContinuum FE Models Qi Zhao and Suong V. Hoa (Concordia University); Zhanjun Gao (Eastman Kodak Company)

2:50 ­ 3:10 3:10 ­ 3:30

3:30 ­ 3:40

Finite Element Stress Analysis of the OutwaterMurphy (Om) Specimen M.U. Farooq, L.A. Carlsson, B.A. Acha, C.T. Tsai (Florida Atlantic University)

Stress Distributions of Thermoplastic Composite Tubes Subjected to FourPoint Loading D. Xu, B. Deris, S.V. Hoa (Concordia University); M. Hojjati (National Research Council of Canada); R. Fews (3Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Ltd.)

Design of Filament Wound Isotensoid Toroids Based on NonGeodesic Roving Trajectories Lei Zu, Sotiris Koussios, and Adriaan Beukers (Delft University of Technology)

3:50 ­ 4:10

Numerical Green's Functions for Finite Sized Composites Seiichi Nomura (University of Texas at Arlington)

4:10 ­ 4:30

A Sinusoidal UnitCell Model for PlainWeave Fabrics ShenYiLuo, Munshi M. Basit (University of Nevada); Faruk Taban (University of Denver)

FullScale Testing, Inspection, and Modeling of Damaged Honeycomb Sandwich Composite Fuselage Panels Frank A. Leone, Jr., Jonathan Awerbuch, and TeinMin Tan (Drexel University); John G. Bakuckas. Jr. (Atlantic City International Airport) Advanced Manufacturing Technology for Aerospace Composites Matthew Wallen, Jens Rossfeldt, and Zachary N. Wing (Advanced Ceramics Manufacturing)

4:30 ­ 4:50

5:00 6:30

Material Modeling and Composite PowerTrain Components: Reducing DynamicResponse Warranty Analysis of Resin Costs And Improving Part Starved Cross Quality Collimated Compliant Composites Scott Pflughoeft and Toai Ngo Mica Grujicic, Bhaskar (Ashley Industrial Molding, Pandurangan, Tao He, Inc.); Mayur Shah and Mac Guruprasad Arakere, McDougall (Continental William C. Bell, and Structural Plastics, Inc.) Patrick S. Glomski (Clemson University); Bryan A. Cheeseman (U.S. Army Research Laboratory) Poster Session and Reception

Measuring the In Situ Properties of Fiber Reinforced Composites Using Nanoindentation A Virtual Experiment Christian Heinrich, Anthony M. Waas, and Alan S. Wineman (University of Michigan) A Performance Investigation on NanoModified Adhesive: the Single Lap Joint Case Antonio F. Ávila, Matheus M. Meireles, Eder C. Dias, Diego T. L. da Cruz, and Maria Gabriela R. Carvalho (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais) Using Surface Energy Values to Predict Mechanical Performance in Nanocomposites Daniel J. Burnett, Armando R. Garcia, Aline Granier, Bastien Pellegrin, and Tinh Nguyen (Surface Measurement Systems)

ExtrusionCompression Molding of Long Carbon Fiber Thermoplastic Composites U.K.Vaidya, S.Pillay, K. Balaji Thattaiparthasarthy, and H. Ning (University of Alabama at Birmingham) Automated Fibre Placement (Afp) of Aerospace Composite Structures Mehdi Hojjati, Jihua Chen, Ali Yousefpour, and MarcAndre Octeau (National Research Council Canada) Using StateChange Tooling for HighTemperature Composite Fabrication Archana Vuppala and ShenYi Luo (University of Nevada)

Optimization of Mechanical Properties of PE Composites Using Central Composite Design and Deposition Formation of Nanofiller Ruijun Gu, Bohuslav V. Kokta, and KweiNam Law (University of Quebec at TroisRivieres) Damage Propagation in Thermo Oxidative Environments Nan An, Andong Xu, and Kishore Pochiraju (Stevens Institute of Technology)

Ablation Model for Reinforced Elastomeric Thermal Shields Ashraf Fathy Ahmed and Suong V. Hoa (Concordia University)

7:30 ­ 8:00 8:10 ­ 8:30

8:30 ­ 8:50

REGISTRATION Chou Symposium Chair: Damage Analysis of ThreeDimensional Braided Composites Using Carbon Nanotubes Kyoung Ju Kim (Seoul National University); Limin Gao (Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics); Erik Thostenson (University of Delaware); Woong Ryeol Yu (Seoul National University) Directions in Engineered Materials: Foundations of Composites and Future Visions Tia BensonTolle

SEPTEMBER 16, 2009

Materials and Characterization Chair: Characterization and Modelling of Cure Behavior of Cycom RTM 890 Resin System Jihua Chen and Mehdi Hojjati (National Research Council of Canada) Nanotechnology Chair: Cyanate Ester Nanocomposites with Enhanced Dimensional Stability Prashanth Badrinarayanan and Michael Kessler (Iowa State University) Materials and Processing Chair: Evolution of Laminate Microstructure During Consolidation of Carbon/Pekk Thermoplastic Composite Hasan Salek and Suong V. Hoa (Concordia University); Johanne Denault (Industrial Materials Institute (IMI)) Mechanics, Fracture and Fatigue Chair: An Orthotropic Hyperelastic Damage Model for Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites: Formulation and Computational Aspects H.Chaouki, A.Gakwaya, and M.Fafard (Université Laval ); F.Erchiqui (Université du Québec en AbitibiTémiscamingue)

8:50 ­ 9:10

9:10 ­ 9:40

Carbon Nanofiller Modified Neat Epoxies and Fibre Reinforced Composites with A Matrix as Self Sensing Material K. Schulte, S. Buschhorn, L. Böger, J. Sumfleth, and M.H.G. Wichmann (Technische Universität Hamburg Harburg) BREAK

Characterization of the Influence on Thermomechanical Behavior of Shape Memory Polymer Due to Fiber Reinforcement Masaaki Nishikawa and Tomonaga Okabe (Tohoku University); Ken Wakatsuki and Nobuo Takeda (The University of Tokyo) Role of c­Relaxation in High Temperature Polymer Deformation Alex Kronfeld (Terumo Medical Corporation)

Synthesis of High Temperature Bismaleimide /Carbonnanofibers Nanocmposites by Thermokinetic Mixing M.I.Faraz, S.Bhowmik, and R.Benedictus (Delft University of Technology) Carbon Nanotube Buckypaper Composites with High Nanotube Concentration and Improved Alignment for Structural and Multifunctional Applications Qunfeng Cheng, Jianwen Bao, Jin Gyu Park, Zhiyong Liang, Chuck Zhang and Ben Wang (Florida State University)

Evaluation of an Outof Autoclave Curing Prepreg for Potential Aerospace Applications Sharon Wong (The Boeing Company); Shawna Boyko (Magellan Aerospace); Lisa Hibbert (Composites Innovation Centre) An Empirical Model for the Automated Deposition of Thermoset Composite Dirk H.J. A. Lukaszewicz, Paul M. Weaver, and Kevin Potter (University of Bristol); Darren Winter, Steve Evans, and Marcel Buckley (Airbus UK)

Arrested Crack Detection for Foam Core Sandwich Structures using Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors Embedded in a Crack Arrester Shu Minakuchi, Nobuo Takeda, and Ippei Yamauchi (The University of Tokyo); Yasuo Hirose (Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.) Oxidation Ahead of Axial Crack Tips in Polymeric Composites Kishore Pochiraju (Stevens Institute of Technology)

9:40 ­ 10:00 Chou Symposium Chair: A Robust Structural Health Monitoring Technique for Airframe Structures Ingolf Mueller, FuKuo Chang, Surajit Roy, Amrita Mittal, Kuldeep Lonkar, and Cecilia Larrosa (Stanford University) Interfacial SelfHealing for Advanced Composites B. J. Blaiszik, M. Baginska, S.R. White, and N.R. Sottos (University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign) Materials and Characterization Chair: Modeling QuasiStatic Indentation of 3D Woven Composites M. P. Rao, B.V. Sankar, and G. Subhash (University of Florida); C. F. Yen (United States Army Research Laboratory) Dynamic Response Chair: High Strain Rate Characterization of Woven Carbon/Epoxy Composites Rana Foroutan (McGill University); James A. Nemes (Penn State University) Materials and Processing Chair: Finite Element Simulation for Textile Composite Stamping Xiongqi Peng and Fangfang Ding (Northwestern Polytechnical University); Jian Cao (Northwestern University) Investigation of Linear Electrospinning Jets J. Knopf, J.M. Deitzel, and N.J. Wagner (University of Delaware) Mechanics, Fracture and Fatigue Chair: Effect of the Misalignment on Initial Fracture Behavior of Woven Composite Asami Nakai (Kyoto Institute of Technology)

10:00 10:20

Cryogenic Mechanical Properties of CoreShell Rubber Toughened Epoxy Polymers Jun Wang and Judy A. Schneider (Mississippi State University)

10:20 ­ 10:40 Mechanical and Interfacial Properties of Ramie FiberReinforced Green Composites with Soy Protein Resins Jun Tae Kim and Anil Netravali (Cornell University) 10:40 ­ 11:00 Nano Scale Physical Property Measurement of Carbon Fibers and Polymers with Electron Emission Loss Spectroscopy (EELS) S. Ganguli, A. K. Roy, Robert Wheeler (Air Force Research Laboratory)

The Effects of Environmental Conditioning on High Performance Aramid Fibers A. Abu Obaid, J.M. Deitzel, and J.W. Gillespie, Jr. (University of Delaware); J.Q. Zheng (U.S. Army Executive Program OfficeSoldier) ThermoOxidative Degradation of High Temperature Polymer Matrix Composites: Modeling and Testing Sushil Singh (University of Alabama)

Comparison of Low Velocity Impact Behavior of Conventional Glass Polyester and CNFFilled Glass Polyester Nanophased Composites Mohammad K. Hossain, Muhammad E. Hossain, Mahesh Hosur, and Shaik Jeelani (Tuskegee University) MultiNeedle Stitching/Tufting Of Sandwich Composites For Improved Damage Tolerance Alper Aktas, Prasad Potluri, and Isaac Porat (University of Manchester) Role of Interlayer Between Ceramic Tiles and Thick Section Composites Subjected to Impact Loading Garrett M. Peters, Bazle A. Gama, and John W. Gillespie Jr. (University of Delaware)

Probabilistic Simulation for Combined Cyclic Fatigue in Composites Christos C. Chamis (NASA Glenn Research Center)

New High Performance Natural Fiber Composites M.T. TonThat, J. Denault, F. Perrin, W. Leelapornpisit, W. Hu, and K. C. Cole (National Research Council of Canada) Fatigue Damage Analysis Of Glass Woven Fabric Reinforced Plastics Masanori Okano (Shonan Institute of Technology)

MultiScale Simulation of Polymer Nanocomposites Using Statistical Coupling of MD and MPM Abilash Nair and S. Roy (The University of Alabama)

Effects of Notch Location and Fatigue Loading on the Stress Concentration and Reliability of Notched Laminates Based on Probabilistic Approach A. K. Arumugam (Resin Systems Inc); R. Ganesan (Concordia University)

11:00 ­ 11:20 An IonicLiquid Functionalized MWNT/Epoxy Composite Zhe Wang , Hansang Kim, H. Thomas Hahn (UCLA), ChoLong Park, SangGi Lee (Ewha Womans Univ), Kun Hong Lee (Pohang Univ of Science and Technology) 11:20 ­ 11:40 SelfHealing Epoxy and Epoxy Based Composites Ming Qiu Zhang and Min Zhi Rong (Zhongshan University)

An Analytical Model for the Chemical and Physical Degradation of Fibre Reinforced Plastics Ratnam Paskaramoorthy (University of the Witwatersrand)

Effect of Strain Rate on the Mechanical Behavior of Hydrolyzed Tricalcium Phosphate/ Poly(Llactide) Composites Shusaku Yamadi and Satoshi Kobayashi (Tokyo Metropolitan University); Shinji Ogihara (Tokyo University of Science)

Evaluation of Low Cost Tooling for Fabricating Thick Section Composites Using Multiple Manufacturing Methods Robert C. Matteson, III, Bruce R. Trethewey Jr., and Michael Rooney (Johns Hopkins University)

12:00 1:30 1:30 ­ 1:50

Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation and Condensation on Static and High Strain Rate Behavior of Nanophased Glass/ Epoxy Composites S. Zainuddin, M. V. Hosur, R. Barua, and A. V. Anafo (Tuskegee University); Ashok Kumar and S. Jeelani (U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center) LUNCH Speaker: Tom Apple, Provost, University of Delaware Chou Symposium Materials and Characterization Dynamic Response Chair: Chair: Chair: Three Dimensional On the Application of a New Crush Behavior of Thin Braiding Characterization and Yield Composite Plates from Magna Weave to Definition to the Tensile Hexagonal Braiding Testing of Fibre Metal S. T. Mane, G. Reyes and P. K. Laminates Mallick (University of Frank Ko and Emmanuel Michigan) Amalric (University of Peter P. Krimbalis (National British Columbia) Research Council); Cheung Poon, Zouheir Fawaz, and Kamran Behdinan (Ryerson University)

Heat of Formation Concept Used on the Characterization of A CopperAluminum Graded Constitutional Intermetallic Interface Daniel Moreno (Soreq Nuclear Research Center)

Experimental Investigation on Encapsulation of Whispering Gallery Mode Sensors for Smart Materials Applications Nguyen Quang Nguyen and Nikhil Gupta (Polytechnic Institute of New York University)

Characterization and Modeling of the Effect of Environmental Degradation on Interlaminar Shear and Flexure Strength of Carbon/Epoxy Composites Sneha A. Chawla, Avinash R. Akepati, A.R. Nair, S. Roy, A. Haque (The University of Alabama); P.K. Dutta (Dutta Technologies); J. Trovillion, A. Kumar (US Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC)) Performance Improvement of Green Composites Using Nanoclays Rajinder Pal Singh, TriDung Ngo, Wei Hu, Tan Minh TonThat, and Johanne Denault (National Research Council of Canada)

NDI Chair: Damage Location and Identification Using Full Field Strain Measurement MarieLaure Dano and François Maillette (Université Laval)

Design and Analysis Chair: The Global and SubModel Analysis of Composite MultiHull Structure Using Fluid Structure Interaction Siyuan Ma and Hassan Mahfuz (Florida Atlantic University)

1:50 ­ 2:10

Elastic Bending Behavior of Solid Orthogonal Woven 3D CarbonCarbon Composite Beams ChenMing Kuo (IShou University)

Metal Onto Polymer Composite Casting: Degradation Behaviour And Mechanical Performance N. Larijani, E. Marklund, and M. Wysocki (Swerea SICOMP)

Novel Fastener Design For Composite Panels Under Dynamic Loading J. Tierney (University of Delaware)

2:10 ­ 2:30

Reactive Melt Infiltration of Ultrahigh Temperature Refractory Carbide Composites Linhua Zou, Natalie Wali, and J.M. Yang (University of California)

Effects of Environment on the PullOut Properties of Carbon Fiber Tow Embedded in Epoxy Resin: An Experimental and Finite Element Analysis Shloka Vemuganti, A. Haque, and S. Roy (The University of Alabama); P. K. Dutta (Dutta Technologies); J. Trovillion and A. Kumar (US Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC)) Materials and Characterization Chair: Synthesis and Microstructural Characterization of Iron Aluminide Ali Kh. Vafadar (Sharif Univeristy of Technology)

Criteria Evaluation of Cavitation Induced Failure Under Transverse Loading in MultiFiber Composites D. C. Foster (AFRL); G. P. Tandon (UDRI); M. Zoghi (ISU)

Application of Acoustic Emission and Frequency Response Techniques to Detect and Locate Damage in Notched FullScale Sandwich Composite Fuselage Panels Frank A. Leone, Jr., Jonathan Awerbuch, and TeinMin Tan (Drexel University); Didem Ozevin (Physical Acoustics Corporation); John G. Bakuckas. Jr. (Atlantic City International Airport) Advanced System to Improve Next Generation Aircraft Composite Damage Inspection, Diagnosis, and Repair Mr. Mark T. Butkiewicz and Mr. David J. Turner (SURVICE Engineering)

Finite Element Based MultiScale Modeling of the Nonlinear Response and Failure of Thick Section Composite Structures Brian M. Powers, Travis A. Bogetti, William Drysdale, and Jeffrey Staniszewski (U.S. Army Research Laboratory); Michael Keefe (University of Delaware)

Finite Element Modeling of Delamination in ThickSection Composites using LSDyna SangGuk Kang, Bazle A. Gama, Shridhar Yarlagadda, and John W. Gillespie Jr. (University of Delaware)

2:30 ­ 2:50 2:50 ­ 3:10

BREAK Chou Symposium ONR Session Chair:

Dynamic Response Chair: Fracture in Glass/Epoxy Multilayers from Low Velocity Impact Herzl Chai (TelAviv University); Guruswami Ravichandran (California Institute of Technology) Modeling of Low Velocity Impact Damage in Injection Molded Long Fiber Composites Satish K. Bapanapalli and Ba Nghiep Nguyen (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory); Vlastimil Kunc (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

NDI Chair: New Durability Evaluation Method of Fiber Reinforced Plastics Masanori Okano, Yuki Kadoma, Asami Nakai, Hiroyuki Hamada, and Yoshimichi Fujii (Kyoto Institute of Technology) Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy an Emerging NDT Method for Evaluating Degradative Processes in Aircraft Composite Steven Donahue, Alan Rein, and John Seelenbinder (A2 Technologies); Joseph Dietzel, Dirk Heider, and Pit Schulze (University of Delaware)

Design and Analysis Chair: Analysis of Thickwall Composite Cylindrical Pressure Vessels Under the Effect of Cyclic Internal Pressure and Cyclic Temperature Mahmood M. Shokrieh and Saeed Sahmani (Iran University of Science and Technology) The Evaluation of Shipboard Composite Structural Integrity from Exposure to Fire David Keyser and Mark T. Butkiewicz (SURVICE Engineering); Shridhar Yarlagadda (University of Delaware)

3:10 ­ 3:30

Overview of The ONR Solid Mechanics ­ Marine Composites Research Program Yapa D. S. Rajapakse (Office of Naval Research)

Mechanical and Interfacial Properties of Individual Vapor Grown Carbon Nanofibers in Epoxy Matrices Tanil Ozkan, Qi Chen and Ioannis Chasiotis (University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign)

3:30 ­ 3:50

3:50 ­ 4:10

Interfiber Failure Criteria for Composite Materials Under Static and Dynamic Loading Isaac M. Daniel, Jeong Min Cho, Brian T. Werner, and Joel S. Fenner (Northwestern University) Interfacial Engineering of the Carbon Fiber Vinyl Ester Interface Lawrence T. Drzal (Michigan State University)

Study of Reactivity in Particulate AlMg Alloy Composites Using XANES and XRD W. A. Uju and I. N. A. Oguocha (University of Saskatchewan); E. Gikunoo (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology) Interfacial Effects on the Finite Element Modeling of Random Chopped Fiber Composites Yi Pan (Rutgers The State University of New Jersey)

Blunt Impact Damage Initiation in Composite Laminates Daniel Whisler and Hyonny Kim (University of California San Diego)

Wettability and Absorbency of NanofiberBased Probes Taras Andrukh, Daria Monaenkova, ChenChih Tsai, and Konstantin G. Kornev (Clemson University)

New Design Procedure for FRP Composites Poles Slimane Metiche, Radhouane Masmoudi, and Hussien Abd El Baky (University of Sherbrooke)

4:10 ­ 4:30

Mechanical Properties of PANDerived Carbon Nanofibers for Polymer Nanocomposites Ioannis Chasiotis and Salman Arshad (University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign)

The OffAxis Tensile Test Revisited Johnathan E. Goodsella, Suchart Siengchinb, and R. Byron Pipes (Purdue University)

Assessment of Impact Response of Composite Aircraft Structures Under High Velocity Loading Augustin Gakwaya, Jean Charles F. SaintMarc, Marie Anne Lavoie, and Fatima Zohra El Bahri (Université Laval) Impact, Damage and Penetration Modeling of ThickSection Composites Using LSDyna MAT162 Bazle A. Gama and John W. Gillespie Jr. (University of Delaware); Travis A. Bogetti (US Army Research Laboratory) Sources of Nanoparticle Improvement to Fabric Composite Properties: Shear Thickening Fluids and Particle Hardness Dennis P. Kalman and Norman J Wagner (University of Delaware); Richard L. Merrill and Eric D Wetzel (U.S. Army Research Laboratory)

Inspection of Miniaturized Interconnections in IC Packages with Nanofocus X Ray Tubes and Nanoct Jeffrey Urbanski, Tony Williams, and Javier Santillan (GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies) Damage Sensing in CFRP Composites Justin McAndrew and Olesya I. Zhupanska (University of Iowa)

Development of a 10 Metre Composite Radio Antenna Gordon Lacy and Dean Chalmers (NRC Hertzberg Institute of Astrophysics)

4:30 ­ 4:50

Permeability Estimation of NanoPourous Membranes Dirk Heider, Solange Amoroux, and J.W. Gillespie, Jr. (University of Delaware)

Modeling Fatigue Damage in LongFiber Thermoplastics Ba Nghiep Nguyen and Satish K. Bapanapalli (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory); Vlastimil Kunc (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Free Space Optical Coupling to Embedded Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors Through Panel Surfaces Liang Qiu, Michael E. Teitelbaum, Keith W. Goossen, and Dirk Heider (University of Delaware); Daniel J. O'Brien and Eric D. Wetzel (Army Research Laboratory)

Characterization and Prediction of the Nonlinear Response and Failure in Continuous Fiber Reinforced Alumina/PEEK Composite Laminates Jeffrey Staniszewski, Travis A. Bogetti, Brian Powers, and William Drysdale (U.S. Army Research Laboratory); Michael Keefe (University of Delaware) Robert Adkinson (Data Matrix Solutions, Inc.) Simple Accelerated Research Methods for Ranking and Evaluation of Composites for Various Applications Adla AlTurkait (College of Basic Education); Camelia Adly Abdel Malak, M. Abu Dobarah, M. Ismail, Hussain ElFadly, Adel ElSonbati, Mohammad M. Abdel Hady Mashaly, Moammad Ramzy Mostafa, AbdElgawad Radi, Ahmed Sabry Ahmed Shehata, M. Atia Waly, and Hamdy Ziedan (Mansoura University); Fahmy I. Ismail, Mohamed I. Ismail (cSc Center & cSc Int. Inst)

5:00 8:00

Banquet The D at Deerfield

SEPTEMBER 17, 2009

7:30 ­ 8:00 8:10 8:30 REGISTRATION Chou Symposium ONR Session Chair: Review of Water Influence of Low Velocity Impact Properties of Polymer Composites Leif A. Carlsson and Betiana A. Acha (Florida Atlantic University) Damage Evolution and Mechanical Behavior of Hierarchically Structured Polymer Composites Alan L. Gershon and Hugh A. Bruck (University of Maryland) Materials and Characterization Chair: Mechanical Property of CF/CF Hybrid Unidirectional Composites Yuki Sasaki, Akio Ohtani, Asami Nakai, Hiroyuki Hamada (Kyoto Institute of Technology) Alkylammonium Functionalized MontmorilloniteEpoxy Composites: Improvements in Mechanical Properties Mickey C. Richardson and Gale A. Holmes (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Dynamic Response Chair: Cut Behavior of High Performance Fibers Jessie B. Mayo, Mahesh V. Hosur, and Shaik Jeelani (Tuskegee University); Eric D. Wetzel (Army Research Laboratory) An Experimental and Numerical Study of the Impact Response (V50) of Flexible Plain Weave Fabrics: Accounting for Statistical Distributions of Yarn Strength Gaurav Nilakantan, Cameron Showell, Ahmad AbuObaid, Michael Keefe, and John W. Gillespie Jr. (University of Delaware); Travis A. Bogetti and Rob Adkinson (US Army Research Laboratory) Mapping of Pressure Gradients Due to Ballistic Impact on Layers of Unidirectional HMPE Fibers by WideAngle Xray Diffraction Steven T. Correale, Lori Wagner, Bradley L. Grunden, and David Hurst (Honeywell International Inc.) Early Dynamic Behaviour of Aramid Textile Armour Subjected to Ballistic Impact: An Experimental Investigation Elvis Cepus (MEA Forensics Engineers and Scientists Ltd.,); Anoush Poursartip (The University of British Columbia) Natural Fiber and Multifunctional Composites Chair: Green Composites for Renewable Energy Richard P. Wool, Erman Senoz, Mingjiang Zhan, Ale Campanella, Joseph Stanzione III (University of Delaware) Fiber Architecture Concepts from Nature: Literature Review and Comments Jared L. Kosters and Steven L. Donaldson (University of Dayton) Cardon Symposium Chair:

8:30 ­ 8:50

Technoeconomic Impact of Featherweight Composites on the Aircraft Industry Keynote: James Seferis (Polymeric Composites Laboratory)

8:50 ­ 9:10

Determination of Stress Field in Damaged Composites Using Thermal Imaging Michael L. Silva and G. Ravichandran (California Institute of Technology)

Using A Spectrum Function to Characterize the Creep Behavior of Composite Beams in Flexure Rani Warsi Sullivan (Mississippi State University)

Mechanical and Micro structural Characterization of Rice Husk Based Fiber Reinforced Composite Concrete Muthusamy Sivaraja (Kongu Engineering College); S Kandasamy (Anna University) Hygrothermal Effects on the Tensile Mechanical Properties of Hemp and Coir Fibers Thu Nga Ho and Anh Dung Ngo (École de technologie supérieure)

On Line Friction and Wears Damage Monitoring During Soft Tissue Creping Process Jean Théberge and Ahmed Maslouhi (Université de Sherbrooke)

9:10 ­ 9:30

The Controlling of Debonding in Sandwich Structures Ole Thybo Thomsen, Johnny Jakobsen, and Jens H. Andreasen (Aalborg University)

Characterization of Polymer Morphology and Subsequent Reconditioning of Embrittled Continuous FibreReinforced Thermoplastic Polyurethane Using Differential Scanning Calorimetry and Dynamic Mechanical Analysis Steven G. Moffatt (Composites Innovation Centre Manitoba, Inc)

DiffusionControlled Moisture Ingression In Sandwich Composites Mark Tuttle (University of Washington)

BREAK Chou Symposium ONR Session Chair: 10:00 ­ 10:20 FluidStructure Interaction of Composite Structures Subjected to Dynamic Loading Young W. Kwon and Peter K. Kendall (Naval Postgraduate School) 10:20 ­ 10:40 Response of Composite Materials to High Pressure Waves Dahsin Liu and Guojing Li (Michigan State University); Basavaraju Raju (U.S. Army) 10:40 ­ 11:00 Integrated Functionally Gradient Syntactic Foams Eyassu Woldesenbet and Kanakaji Chittineni (Louisiana State University) 11:00 ­ 11:20 Polymer Nanofabric Interleaved Composite Laminates Kunigal Shivakumar, Huanchun Chen, Paul Akangah, and Shivalingappa Lingaiah (North Carolina A&T State University) 11:20 ­ 11:40 Process Optimization and Characterization of Nanoclay Infused Polyurethane Foam Dangale C. Robinson Meda, Mahesh V. Hosur, and Shaik Jeelani (Tuskegee University)

9:30 ­ 10:00

Materials and Characterization Chair: The Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Behaviour of ParticleReinforced AlMg Alloy A535 Composites W. A. Uju and I. N. A. Oguocha (University of Saskatchewan)

Dynamic Response Chair: Penetration Resistance of ThickSection Composites: Effect of Projectile Diameter and Mass Anthony F. Manzella, Bazle A. Gama, and John W. Gillespie Jr. (University of Delaware) Effect of Interlayer Properties on Stress Wave Propagation in Discontinuous Ceramic Cored Sandwich (DCCS) Composites Bazle A. Gama, Sergey L. Lopatnikov, and John W. Gillespie Jr. (University of Delaware) Simplified Analytical Modeling of Composite Sandwich Panels Under Blast Loading Jennifer Righman McConnell and Dennis Helmstetter (University of Delaware) Geometric Optimization of Cellular Sandwich Panels for Maximum Energy Absorption and Blast Resistance Hong Su and Jennifer Righman McConnell (University of Delaware) Energy Absorption Capability of CFRP Tube Using Load Control Attachment Masahito Ueda (Nihon University)

Effect of Woven Fiber Architecture on the Interlaminar Mechanical Response of Composite Materials: An Experimental Study Kevin Harsley and Jandro L. Abot (University of Cincinnati) Size Effect of G/VE Textile Composites Miroslav J. Cerny (Czech Technical University)

Natural Fiber and Multifunctional Composites Chair: Application of Continuous Natural Fiber Reinforced Biodegradable Resin Composites for Structural Member Hajime Nakamura, Naoyuki Shikamoto, Asami Nakai, and Hiroyuki Hamada (Kyoto Institute of Technology) Flow Modeling in Natural Fiber Preforms Used in Liquid Composite Molding Reza Masoodi, Krishna M. Pillai, and Michael A. Verhagen (University of WisconsinMilwaukee) Novel Composites From Recycled Constituents Magdalena Szpieg , Maciej Wysocki, and Leif E. Asp (Swerea SICOMP) The Human Teeth As A Smart Composite Material For Fracture Resistance Herzl Chai (TelAviv University)

Cardon Symposium Chair: Moisture Attack on Adhesive Joints: Roles of Adhesive and Interface Properties Donald L. Hunston, Kar Tean Tan, Christopher C. White, and Sushil K. Satija (National Institute of Standards and Technology); Bryan D. Vogt (Arizona State University); Cyril Clerici (DMS Dyneema) Multiphysics Paths from Durability to Prognosis of Composite Structures Kenneth Reifsnider, Paul Fazzino, and Prasun Majumdar (University of South Carolina)

Mesoscale Modeling of Failure In Short Fiber Composites Ramesh Talreja (Texas AM University) RealTime Fullfield Deformation Analysis on the Ballistic Impact of Polymeric Materials Using High speed Photogrammetry Jian H. Yu, Alex J. Hsieh, Peter G. Dehmer, and James M. Sands (US Army Research Laboratory) Improving the Reliability of Electric Grid Infrastructure: Case Study of Firewalls Manufactured With Fiber Reinforced Inorganics (Fri) Clem Hiel (Composite Support & Solutions, Inc.)

The Role of Precursor Architecture and Nanotexture on the Properties of Carbon Fibers Amod Ogale (Clemson University)

Mechanical and Thermal Behaviors of Triaxally Woven Fabric Composite for Deployable Structures Keishiro Yoshida (Kanazawa Institute of Technology); Takahira Aoki (University of Tokyo)

SelfHealing Enhancement through the Addition of Carbon Nanotubes in Single Fiber Polymer Composites Nebiyu Fikru and Eyassu Woldesenbet (Louisiana State University)

11:40 ­ 12:00 Creep and Stress Relaxation Modeling of Nanoclay and Graphite Platelet Reinforced Vinyl Ester Nanocomposites Ahmad Almagableh, P. Raju Mantena, and Ahmed AlOstaz (The University of Mississippi) 12:00 1:00 LUNCH Chou Symposium ONR Session Chair: 1:20 ­ 1:40 Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Graphite ­Vinylester Nanocomposite and its Constituents Hunain Alkhateb, Ahmad AlOstaz, Alexander HD. Cheng, and Raju Mantena (The University of Mississippi) 1:40 ­ 2:00 Auxetic PVC Foam as A New Core Material for Sandwich Structures Fupen Chiang, Gunes Uzer, and Jiandong Yu (Stony Brook University)

Pultrusion of Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite Tube with Braiding Technique and Its Mechanical Propertie Yoshitaka Tanaka, Akio Ohtani, Asami Nakai, and Hiroyuki Hamada (Kyoto Institute of Technology)

Cure Kinetics and Dynamic Viscoelastic Shear Behavior of Rigid Polyurethane Foams at Different Temperature Mrinal C. Saha and Sriram Mohan (University of Oklahoma)

Shielding Effectiveness Analysis of Reinforced Continuous Carbon Fiber (RCCF) Composites: Numerical and Experimental Study Aidin Mehdipour, Iosif D. Rosca, Christopher W. Trueman, AbdelRazik Sebak, and Suong. V. Hoa (Concordia University) Natural Fiber and Multifunctional Composites Chair: Bending Test of A Fiber Reinforced Composite Cylinder Adriana W. Blom and Zafer G¨urdal (Delft University of Technology); Patrick B. Stickler and Mostafa Rassaian (The Boeing Company) Assessment of Methods for Increasing the Bearing Capacity of Potted Anchors for Composite Rods George G. Portnov and Vladmir L. Kulakov (University of Latvia ); Charles E. Bakis (The Pennsylvania State University)

Development of Holistic Structural Integrity Process Framework for Composite and Hybrid Structures Jerzy Komorowski (Institute for Aerospace Research)

Materials and Characterization Chair: Explicit Digital Element Approach with Periodic Boundary in Determining Textile MicroGeometry Yuyang Miao, Lejian Huang, Youqi Wang, and Daniel Swenson (Kansas State University); ChianFong Yen and Bryan Cheeseman (US Army Research Laboratory) A New Lamination Theory for Layered Textile Composites that Account for Manufacturing Induced Effects Mark Pankow and Anthony M. Waas (University of Michigan)

Dynamic Response Chair: Influence of ZYarns on the InterLaminar Shear Strength of 3D Woven Composites Timothy R Walter, Ghatu Subhash, and Bhavani V. Sankar (University of Florida) Chian F. Yen (U.S. Army Research Laboratory)

Cardon Symposium Chair: The Genesis of the Time TemperatureSuperposition Principle and Its Application to the Viscoelastic Durability of Polymer Based Composites and/or Adhesively Bonded Structures Hal Brinson (University of Houston)

Vibrations of A Three Segment Composite Shaft with a Lumped Mass Mohamad S. Qatu (Mississippi State University); Javed Iqbal (Oakland University)

Multiscale Modeling of Glass Fiber Reinforced Viscoelastic Polymers Subjected to Impact Loads Victor F. Teixeira , Flavio V. Souza , and David Allen (University of NebraskaLincoln)

2:00 ­ 2:20

Blast Resistance of Sandwich Composites in Marine Applications Ahmed AlOstaz (University of Mississippi)

Thermal Characterization of Plain and Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Syntactic Foams Eyassu Woldesenbet and Pratap Bhat (Louisiana State University)

2:20 ­ 2:40

A Shell Theory Based on the Interatomic Potential for Carbon Nanotubes Yonggang Huang (Northwestern University)

Influence of Carbon Nanotubes on Fatigue Delamination Growth in Filament Wound Composites with Rigid and Flexible Matrix Materials Ye Zhu, Ambuj Sharma, Charles E. Bakis, and Minji Yoo (The Pennsylvania State University)

Influence Of Mat Parameters On Manufacturability And Properties Of Needle Punched Hemp Fiber Bio Composites M. Fahimian, J. Raghavan, and D. Adhikari (University of Manitoba); Geof Kime (Stemergy Renewable Fiber Technologies); Brent Klimack and J. Arnolt Milne (Carlson Engineered Composites Inc.); R.P. Wool (University of Delaware); Paul Zanetel (New Flyer) A Study Of Change In Properties Of Polymer Composite After The Replacement Of Glass With Jute Fibers Michael A. Verhagen, Thomas Duelge, Krishna M. Pillai, and Reza Masoodi (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee)

A 3D Damage Model for Fiber Reinforced Composite Structures Robert(Ce) Sun and Xinran Xiao (Michigan State University)

Polymeric Composites Interlayer Enablers In The NanoScale V. M. Drakonakis, A. Sfakianakis, C. G. Ancuta, J. C. Seferis (Polymeric Composites Laboratory); B. L. Wardle (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); G. C. Papanicolaou (University of Patras); C. C. Doumanidis (University of Cyprus) Multiaxial Static and Fatigue Testing of Glass Fiber Reinforced Composites Danny Van Hemerlrijck (Free University of Brussels)

2:40 ­ 3:00 BREAK

3:00 ­ 4:00

Technical Division Meeting Analysis, Design & Testing Division

Technical Division Meeting Durability & Damage Tolerance Division

Technical Division Meeting Durability & Damage Tolerance Division

Technical Division Meeting Manufacturing & Processing Division 4:00 ­ 6:00 Reminiscence of Albert Cardon

Cardon Symposium Reception


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