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CDI Electronics QuickStrike Pro Series Switchboxes Proven by Wyotech to Produce 13% More Horsepower

March 1, 2010

CDI Electronics announced today that Wyotech Career College of Daytona Beach Florida performed a series of dynometer engine tests on the QuickStrike Pro Series replacement switchboxes from CDI using a V-6 Mercury Marine outboard engine. The test was conducted by the Advanced Marine Program students at Wyotech as part of their outboard engine curriculum. The testing demonstrated that CDI's products improved horsepower by as much as 13%! Students first performed a series of horsepower and torque output measurements on a standard Mercury V-6 engine. Next, high-performance switchboxes manufactured by CDI were installed and the tests were repeated. The results demonstrated a 13% increase in low-end torque output ranging from 1000-1900 RPM. The testing also showed that the CDI switchboxes continued generating power in high RPM ranges where the factory ignitions saturate and cannot generate additional output. "We have supported both the performance-minded boater and sanctioned racing divisions of the marine market for many years", said Thomas James, CDI Electronics Sales Manager. "These tests confirm the feedback we have received from many customers who have chosen the QuickStrike Pro Series line of ignitions. You gain torque and power at the starting line plus you continue to generate power beyond the upper limit of the RPM range." "We performed these tests as part of a class project for our Advanced Marine Program students" remarked Dan Scudder, Wyotech's Marine Division Manager. "The results were impressive. Our students were excited to run the tests and the dynometer graphs show the results. We simply bolted the switchboxes on the engine and the better results were obvious. We perform various tests at the factories' request and our students take the challenge to prove the results. The CDI parts performed just as advertized." CDI Electronics is the premier supplier of performance outboard ignition components. CDI has supported many racing organizations, from modifying EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) modules and ignition systems to judging APBA (American Power Boat Association) events. QuickStrike Pro Series products are designed and manufactured by CDI Electronics (www.cdielectronics) in Madison, Alabama and are available "off-the-shelf" through all of CDI's distribution partners. To learn more about CDI performance products or to diagnose an ignition problem, contact the CDI Technical Support Line at +1-866-423-4832. You can contact the Wyotech Career College at

111 Commerce Circle Madison, Alabama 35758


Phone: 256-772-3829 / 1-800-467-3371 Fax: 256-772-5701


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