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Improve your air conditioning system Buy Energy Star qualified office equipment and electronics



consumption To help Canadians save on energy costs while helping Money the environment, a Liberal & government will implement a p the permanent Green Renovation Modernize nment Tax Credit of up to $13,500. your windows


Green Renovation Tax Credit Lower energy

Save Money & Help the Environment Économisez de l'argent et aider l'environnement

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Replace your hot water tank


Upgrade roofing


This fund will help families with the up-front costs of energy-saving home renovations such as installing Lower energy-efficient windows, improving insulation, greenhouse gas emissions replacing old appliances, and upgrading roofing.


Partner Observer

Upgrade your furnace

Save Money

Improve the insulation in your house Replace your old appliances Fix your household lighting Modernize your windows

We can strengthen families ­ without raising your taxes ­ if we stop corporate give-aways, turn the page on wasteful spending like $30-billion fighter jets, and focus on what really matters: giving every Canadian the tools to succeed in the years ahead.

Your Family. Your Future. Your Canada.

The Liberal Family Pack

The Liberal Family Pack

The Liberal Party's five-point plan to strengthen families:

1 Learning Passport

Help families pay for college and university

Learning Passport

The new Learning Passport will open the doors for every young Canadian who wants to go to college or university, and help every family struggling to save enough to pay for it: · $1,000 a year over four years for every high school student in Canada to use when they go to college or university, or $4,000 in total. · For students in low income families, the amount will be $1,500 a year, or $6,000 in total.

Family Care

To help Canadians who care for elderly or seriously ill loved ones manage the financial pressures of caregiving, the Liberal Family Care Plan will offer: · A new Family Care Employment Insurance Benefit, similar to EI parental leave, to let caregivers take six months off work to care for gravely ill family members at home; and · A new Family Care Tax Benefit up to $1,350 annually, modeled on the Child Tax Benefit, to help low- and middle-income family caregivers manage costs.

2 Early Childhood Learning and Care

More high-quality, affordable child care spaces

3 Family Care

Take time off from work to care for sick loved ones Help with the costs of caregiving

4 Stronger Public Pensions

Enhance the Canada Pension Plan Make it easier to save for retirement More help for low-income seniors

Stronger Public Pensions

To make sure every Canadian has a secure retirement, a Liberal government will: · Work with the provinces and territories to gradually expand the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), the most reliable, simple and low-cost way to save; · Put forward the Secure Retirement Option (SRO), a voluntary supplement to the CPP for any Canadian worker who wants it. Under the SRO, Canadians could save a tax-deductible percentage of their pay in a secure retirement fund backed by the CPP; and · Help low-income seniors with a $700-million boost to the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS).

5 Green Renovation Tax Credit

Save on energy costs Help the environment

Early Childhood Learning and Care

To give our kids the best start while giving parents access to affordable, quality child care, a Liberal government will create a new Early Childhood Learning and Care Fund. This fund will help create new affordable child care spaces across Canada.


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