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ndeed we have had significant progress in the way we do things. For several years we focused on strengthening the organization, its structure, its capacity, its capability. As our financial results show, we have began harvesting the fruits of our efforts in the past. To institutionalize these gains, the ISO initiative which we have successfully hurdled has given us that world-class seal as far as process and continuous improvement programs. At the beginning of this year we have emphasized our new thrust ­ innovation. It is not really new as even in the past we have made sure that we always sought a better way to do things, a better product to offer, a better way of servicing and satisfying our customers which all required innovation. In 2006, however, we have emphasized and prioritized the need and our passion for innovation. Innovation is not an art it is a science and each organization will have a different way of driving it and pushing it, yet there are commonalities in innovation indicatives. For us in Cebu Holdings, it is about stimulating and nurturing creativity. A few years ago we already started programs designed to stimulate the team members' passion with the aim of triggering creativity. We have had some successes but there are still a lot of opportunities. We are pushing for more ingenuity and to do this, we, as an organization must be one in ensuring that our structures and culture promote creativity. Every member of our team must feel confident enough to stand up and suggest new ideas, new approaches, or even just a new perspective without fear, instead with faith that the idea might be able to contribute to the goals of our organization. There must be an openness to hear others ideas and opinion even if they are the least exposed to the situation for it is precisely this distance that may afford a new perspective. We as an organization must share our challenges and victories so others in the team will see opportunities where they could be of help, or our learnings that they, in turn can use to solve their own challenges. In other words, we must heighten collaboration. Collaboration, more than ever, is an absolute necessity if we are to continue to be a successful organization. It is no longer acceptable to be able to work with each other. We must be able to work simultaneously, efficiently, and effectively with one another. We cannot just use the traditional hierarchical organizational chart to relate to each other. Team members must be able to connect to any other team member as directly as they can to save time and resources. The same for the teams, they must be able to interact at the speed and quality required of the modern complexities. While we have our organizational structures in place for administration and order, we must have and drive our functional and cross-functional communities as a way to handle more complex situations better. It is in these teams that we can talk, share, evaluate, and perfect the small ideas into remarkable innovations. The ultimate purpose of all these ­ stimulating and nurturing creativity through collaboration towards innovation ­ is the customer. Our customer who will ever be more demanding from us. We must forever strive to be relevant to our customer and the markets we serve. As these markets evolve, we need to keep at pace, if not lead this evolution and the key to it is our own ability to innovate. Team CHI, each and every one of you can contribute a simple idea, opinion or perspective that can spark a brilliant innovation. There is no idea too small or simple, or a thought too irrelevant. What may not be significant to you can very well be the key to a solution to another team or team member. Let our Passion for Innovation spread across everyone and permeate deeper into each one.



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he year looks very bright for CHI. There is confidence to maintain, if not surpass, the sterling performance last year. Strat planning has just been done and everyone in the organization is excited on the line up of projects in the next 5 years. Yes, `excited' is the right word to describe the feeling of having to achieve a goal with gusto, with passion. Working in CHI is both exciting and fulfilling. Beyond the numbers that tell the story of our performance, there is an equally exciting story about the people who make those achievements happen in the company. The organization is gung-ho about achievement, about success. We are excited about our triple ISO certification, we are excited about the succeeding ISO audits, we are excited about Amara's clubhouse, about Ayala Center Cebu's expansion building and the new merchants who will put up shop, about the build-up in the CBP and in Asiatown IT Park, about the new concept of sewage and wastewater treatment, and CHI PLUS. We have learned that behind the big numbers that spell out our corporate performance are the people who deliver those numbers. People who have the passion for creativity and innovation. In this issue, you will meet some of these people whose principal job it is to create and innovate, the guys in Projects Development Group and Information Systems. Of course there are updates on our on-going projects as well as the trainings and seminars we've undertaken to sharpen skills in the continuing quest for learning and growth. Enjoy reading Inside Vismin and learn more about CHI's passion for innovation.

We have learned that behind the big numbers that spell out our corporate performance are the people who deliver those numbers. People who have the passion for creativity and innovation.

Rene D. Almendras

Ver J. dela Cerna Assistant Vice President Cebu Holdings, Inc.


...the ultimate purpose of stimulating and nurturing creativity through collaboration towards innovation is the customer.

CHI income for 1st half of 2006 doubles


Ayala Land-affiliate Cebu Holdings, Inc. yesterday reported a significant increase in its income for the first half of the year posting a growth of 106 percent versus the same period last year. The company closed June 2006 with a P114 million bottomline, compared to last year's P55.3 million. This income was derived largely from the sales of commercial lots, recurring revenues from its retail and office leasing operations, sales of residential lots, condominium units and sports club shares. "We even expect more growth in the future especially on retail as Ayala Center Cebu is set to expand and is foreseen to derive more revenues as a result of the continuing priming up of CBP," CHI Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Francis Monera said. The continued market interest in seaside residential community Amara has also been a major contributor to the company's revenue, with more than half of the inventory of lots sold just a few weeks after Phase 2 was launched. Asiatown IT Park, a development of CHIsubsidiary, Cebu Property Ventures and Development Corporation, has also seen bullish advancement with the continuing IT boom in Cebu. The growing interest in Asiatown IT Park has contributed to an increase in revenue triple that of the same period last year. Its net income of P35 million is about eight times that of the previous year for the same period.

It's CHI's `Time to Shine'

CHI Gets Integrated Management Systems Certification

By Elson R. Homez and Vera R. Alejandria

"CHI, (it's) your time to shine!"


Jaime I. Ayala Chairman of the Board Cebu Holdings, Inc.

CHI & CPVDC stockholders elect directors for 2006

The board of directors of Cebu Holdings, Inc (CHI) and its subsidiary Cebu Property Ventures and Development Corporation (CPVDC) was elected after the presentation of the previous year's performance of both companies in two separate stockholders' meetings on April 28, 2006. For CHI.: Jaime I. Ayala, Chairman of the Board; members: Rene D. Almendras, Francis O. Monera, Enrique L. Benedicto, Fr. Rod C. Salazar, Jr. , Hernan O. Streegan, Miriam O. Katigbak, Natividad N. Alejo and Antonio S. Abacan. CPVDC directors include: Jaime I. Ayala, Chairman of the Board; members: Rene D. Almendras, Francis O. Monera, Natividad N. Alejo, Armando O. Samia, Pablo John F. Garcia and Anastacio T. Muntuero, Jr.

t's your time to shine. I've always been very impressed for what you have accomplished ­ we truly are a world-class organization," quipped Jim Ayala (JIA) during the turn over and awarding ceremony in a townhall meeting on June 16, 2006 in Cebu. "With the remarkable performance of the company, at least for the first half of the year, I feel that a lot of it is the result of how we have come together as a team. It galvanized people, so you see how they work together in a completely different way." The words of JIA reverberated in room packed with everyone in a celebration mode. For two years and a half, each member of the organization `fixed up a lot of things' in CHI. As our president, RDA, said, "Let's do something that's really going to put us at par with the best, so we decided to go for the certification. Not just one, but let's go for all three." "This is another landmark achievement, a muchdeserved certification arising from the dedication and commitment of the CHI management team," Certification International Managing Director Renato V. Navarrete said shortly before he handed the certificates. He further said that "CHI took one more step forward by setting up an integrated management system to be yet another corporate mechanism to help drive its continual improvement process." "The certification also shows that the organization has exercised the discipline and controls specified by these 3 international standards." To attest to that, Rosehall Management Consultants President and Managing Director

`I feel that a lot of it is the result of how we have come together as a team. It galvanized people, so you see how they work together in a completely different way...'

Ma. Rosario "Charit" de Lara said, "(CHI) wants to show that there is balance: satisfy the customers, meet environmental requirements of the community and take care of the health and safety of its people. " All of these have translated to even higher levels of business performance for CHI, proving that "service excellence, sustainable growth and development, competitive economic value, higher productivity and proficiency," are within everyone's capacity. JIA was almost prophetic. It's truly our time to shine. How it all came to be In May of 2004, an organizational initiative was presented to Mancom for approval. The initiative was to put in place and enhance CHI's systems of product and service delivery to address ever changing customer requirements and enhance customer satisfaction, while ensuring the sustainability of the environment. The management system that was to be put in place had to conform with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000, and ISO 14001:1996. The first team formed was the documentation team, composed of members who have intimate knowledge of the department/division's operations and processes. The task was to

translate these processes into working documents and continually improve on them. At the same time, a search for an external consultant was made, eventually zeroing on Rosehall Management Consultants, Inc., to assist CHI in its quest. In August of 2004, the team started its orientation to the Quality and Environmental Management Systems, and the documentation of its processes, aligned with the requirements of the Standards. Towards September, the Management Representative had obtained approval from the Mancom to include the Occupational Health and Safety Management System, aligned with OHSAS 18001:1999, in the initiative, to ensure that the health and safety of the employees and outsourced personnel are not compromised in the delivery of products and services. December 10, 2004 was the company's official launch of the QEHS MS initiative. It was where the Quality and Environment and Health and Safety Policies were presented to the team members, and each team member had affixed their signatures on the Policies to reflect their commitment to the endeavor.

After December 2004, around 97% of the documentation requirements for the manual was done. The process flows were presented earlier to Mancom for information and approval. The Quality, Environment and Health and Safety Management System was, finally, taking shape... what was lacking at this time was the QEHS Manual, a narrative of what the QEHS MS is all about, and the different processes and their interactions. In addition, the new ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management System) standard was issued on December 2004, with an 18-month transition period. This new twist added another challenge: to embrace the new ISO 14001:2004 standard as basis for the documentation and implementation. Now the Fun Begins But it was not until June 1, 2005 that the Quality, Environment and Health and Safety Management System (QEHS MS) manual was made effective. Trainings (both in-house and consultantassisted) and orientations were done to ensure that everyone was made aware of the management system. The QEHS Internal Audit Team was formed to regularly self-assess the company's QEHS Management Systems. While preparing for the company's first internal audit, and to ensure that everyone wouldn't grow weary with such a technical process, all of these activities had happened with interesting sidebars, and even highlights, prompting one new team member to comment, "Grabe naman itong taga Cebu, mag-aaway sa meeting." During this time, a search for a certifying body was done. After evaluating the technical capabilities and the financial proposals, and interviews with the principals, it was recommended, and approved by the Management Committee, that Certification International would be CHI's certifying body. After the first audit and corrective actions came the pre-certification audit of Rosehall and the management review in December 2005. It was then decided that the certification audit will be on the first quarter of 2006 (February and March 2006). And the Rest is History February 15, 2006 -- we had hurdled Stage 1 audit with no nonconformity.


POLLUTION CONTROL OFFICERS L-R Elson R. Homez; Levi L. Lopez; Adonis P. Sencio; Clement Gerald A. del Rosario; Lydel D. Ducante; Malequias P. Ceballo Not in Photo Janez G. Zozobrado; Eden Ruth R. Perez; Rudy I. Reuyan

Corporate Round-up

HEALTH AND SAFETY COMMITTEE (Front Row) Malequias P. Ceballo; Ma. Cecilia T. Urbina (Chairperson); Mary Grace L. Ventic. (Back Row) Jerry G. Giango; Lydell D. Ducante; Levi L.Lopez; Gauss Josephus G. Alejandria; Ernesto G. Ocasiones Jr.; Dominador M. Rey. (Not in Photo) Elson R. Homez (Management Representative); Melvin S. Tugbo

March 24, 2006 -- the certifying body had declared that we were recommended for certification to the 3 standards. April 20, 2006, a few days before the CHI Stockholders Meeting -- Certification International informed us that our QEHS Management Systems was approved for certification to ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004, and OHSAS 18001:1999. This makes CHI the first full line real estate company whose Integrated Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004, and OHSAS 18001:1999. Now aren't you proud to be on this world-class team?

CHI is the first full line real estate company whose Integrated Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004, and OHSAS 18001:1999.

Beyond mere conformity

By Myla G. Valle

Getting CHI ready for IMS certification

Confessions of an Internal Auditor As auditors, we had a daunting responsibility to help the company get the certification. It was a chance for us to be of service and to be educators.


INTERNAL AUDITORS Front Row: L-R Jackylou A. Ricafort; Jennifer G. Sia; Michelle S. Go; Maria Myla G. Valle; Vera R. Alejandria; Emma G. Mawe; Joan P. Marcojos Back Row: L-R Noel O. Bacalla; Donn Frank C. Rabanes; Leonard B. Cadiz; Clement Gerald A. del Rosario; Ferdinand D. Rojo; Clifford M. Academia; Alejandria Gauss G. Josephus Not in Photo Nonah C. Gacrama; Ma. Sampaguita D. Daculan; Levi L. Lopez

CHI Management Team and Process Owners with Certification International and Jaime I. Ayala.

oing a company-wide audit for Quality, Environment, Health & Safety (QEHS) seemed almost impossible. We had 19 QEHS MS auditors, about 70 percent of which did not have any audit background. Hard as it seemed, I had to force myself to envision a picture of success. To prepare for the big fight (which we shall call the external Certification Audit), we armed ourselves well with a lot of trainings and sessions. As auditors, we had a daunting responsibility to help the company get the certification. It was a chance for us to be of service and to be educators. It was also a learning experience for us where we actually had nothing to lose and everything to gain. It was a plus factor that we had the advantage from experience as auditors ­ from commercial center, property management, construction

management, corporate communications, projects and finance. We actually had a powerpacked group. Then came the audit, the opportunity to shine. Although it was not one perfect audit, we realized it wasn't as hard as we imagined after all. We did not only do what we had to do, we gave it our best too. (My personal congratulations to the whole organization & most especially to the QEHS MS Audit Team for taking on the challenge with much interest, determination and passion.) They say the darkest hour comes right before the sun rises. And it was as dark as it was daunting. But the experience was exciting. And the shining moment? Ahh ­ more lechon, please.

The Heart is


Unfolding the core promise of Amara's recreational lifestyle

A Masterpiece

By Jonas R. Suan



Amara breaks sales records

By Therese Marie P. Sotelo


Anyone who has seen Amara is left breathless.

It weaves its charm around you the moment you set your eyes on it. Looking out into the sea, one can just stand in awe at the surrounding beauty. The sea is peaceful. The sky is blue. A lighthouse proudly stands nearby, holding secrets from more than a hundred years past. As night slowly creeps in, the stars begin to shine, and the light from the majestic lighthouse shines to beckon you home. And you know that from where the light comes from, home is just a few steps away. It is this magical charm that has made Amara a real estate best-seller since it was first launched in the market. Late last year, Amara broke all sales records with an 82 percent take-up on inventory of Phase 1 lots on its first selling day. Pre-selling for Amara Phase 1 lots was started last October 12 of last year. The Sinulog Ballroom 3 of City Sports Club Cebu was a witness to Amara's strong entry to Cebu's real estate industry. Amid all the earlier buzz and hype, there was an instant clamor for Amara lots which were available in fairly competitive prices. On that exciting morning of October 12, eager buyers lined up as early as six in the morning. Even overseas workers with Cebuano roots sent their representatives to the selling activity. By the end of the second day, 90 percent of the lots were already reserved. Property specialist Stefan Reroma shared his surprise at the turn-out of buyers. "I was caught off-guard. I didn't expect a high take-up of the lots on the first day. I thought we would still be selling lots until the end of the year. I was wrong," he said. "You could hear a pin drop," recalled Dave Acenas, another property specialist. "Once a buyer starts to choose a lot, there would be complete silence. You could see anxious faces all over the ballroom. After a lot is reserved, there were various expressions on everyone's faces. Some were happy because the lot they liked was not chosen. Some frantically chose another lot since the lot they liked had just been reserved," he said. "I believe it was a very good indication of things to come. We knew Amara would do well but the selling activity proved it. Although I had a hard time reaching the quota because of lack of inventory, I was inspired. That got me all revved up for Phase 2." By the time of the grand launch on October 18, 94 percent of the lots in Phase 1 had already been taken up. CHI ended 2005 with a resounding bang as it sold its last Amara phase 1 lot in December. Taking a similar turn as the first phase, Phase 2 ignited an enthusiastic response from the market upon its launch last July 1. Buyers and guests were given a taste of life at Amara during the launch as children enjoyed various activities such as face painting, balloon twisting, kite flying and clown acts and puppet shows, as the adults indulged in on-site spa for a relaxing afternoon amid the soothing seaside ambience by the pier with a reassuring view of the lighthouse. Interested buyers were also given site tours and the site sales office was blessed that morning, commencing the daylong Family Fun Day and Phase 2 Sales launch. As Cebu Holdings, Inc., in partnership with Coastal Highpoint Ventures Inc., continues to develop this seaside residential haven, more and more families have joined this one of a kind lighthouse community. Having broken sales records, Amara's light will clearly lead a fortunate number of Cebuanos home. As of presstime, Phase 2 has sold about 66 percernt of the total inventory.

ne of the main features of a residential development is the village clubhouse where you would normally have facilities for social, sports, and recreational activities housed in one building or a complex of buildings in one strategic location. Not so for Amara.

visual distraction of sweaty players in their sports jerseys, or worse, topless jocks (men of course) passing by formal receptions like a wedding. Two separate pavilion type structures would house the social hall and the administration office. These would define the façade of the complex from the land side. The conference facility is in another pavilion.

It is of a modern tropical type characterized by repetitive bay modules topped by floating pyramidal and hip roofs. Pardon my getting a bit of technical at this point... but wait, let me take that back. This is more than just technical, my goodness! I am going to discuss a bit of high-level culture here, if you don't mind. To continue, the bay modules are defined by pilasters or square wall columns. The repetitive pilasters would create a unified rhythm together with the horizontal lines of the walkway canopy and the cantilever canopied porte cochere or the main entrance drop off area (no need to ask) to define the main façade on the land side. On the seaside, try to picture the Parthenon. Of course this would be far from the ancient Greek icon in terms of size and not quite similar also in the layout composition, but the repetitive columns would merit the comparison. I would say that it's dramatic, romantic, and a scene that setting. But don't be fooled, this is a modern Asian you would see in nicer MTVs in a Mediterranean tropical clubhouse, not Greek Mediterranean. You can see yourself now, alone and standing at the edge of a platform leading towards the pool. The video camera is getting a worm's eye view shot of you. It gradually zooms out and moves up as it revolves around you and flies to an aerial view still circling as the music fades and the credit texts appear. Back at the platform, you bask in the midmorning sun with a tall glass of iced tea in one hand and a good book on the other. This is the life ­ la dolce vita. The sweet life that awaits at Amara.

A structure closest to the sea is the beach bar. It is planned to have a tensile fabric roof. This is just a tent essentially, but not any ordinary tent. It is made of composite fabric that is heat insulated. A type of structure you don't often here in Cebu. The stylish roof echoes sails ad Wait a minute, did I get it right? Only that, for highlights the maritime feel of the Leandro V. Locsin & Partners design. a premier seaside residential development? The architectural firm of the national artist Relax! Read on. Leandro V. Locsin gave us landmark structures The word "Main" should give you a hint that such as the Cultural Center of the Philippines, there would be others to come. the PICC, and Tower One and Philippine Stock And truly, there will be a sports and recreation Exchange in Makati. club to be located in phase 2 of the development. From the open-air lobby, a shallow pool Plus other facilities for the common use by the cascades into the 25-meter lap pool in the lower homeowners and their guests in the future level. This creates an illusion of continuity with phases. the sea while providing privacy to guests at the The main clubhouse complex that would sit pool. A pool for for the kids to enjoy will also be in a 7,200 sq.m. lot is intended for the relatively on another level. passive activities and social gatherings. It adjoins Generous landscaping designed by DQA the sea, picked in sprawling style starting from Environmental Designs would complete the an enchanting Calumpang tree. complex. The sports and recreation facilities will be Let me elaborate a bit on the architecture. located at a separate structure, thus avoiding the The ceremonial groundbreaking last May 19 would only be for a complex that would have a social hall, the swimming pool, conference facilities, and a beach bar. This structure will be the Main Clubhouse of the Village.

The main clubhouse complex, sitting on a 7,200sq.m. lot, is intended for relatively passive activities and social gatherings. Situated to adjoin the sea, the location was specifically chosen to have access to the sea. Two separate pavilion type structures would house the social hall and the administration office. These would define the façade of the complex from the land side. The conference facility is in another pavilion.

Opening an Oasis


n the Philippines, the heart of every community is always the point of convergence ­ where people gather to socialize, enjoy a meal, spend time at play, or simply just lounge around and relax.

By Jeanette A. Japzon

"Over time, this wonderful place will become a harbor and haven for its residents as we do our work of enhancing nature," Baad said at the groundbreaking ceremonies.

Developer Cebu Holdings, Inc. (CHI) seeks to "To make this place into a home, one need only recreate this experience at a seaside residential men put to work with shovels and tools. And so, we subdivision, Amara, by building a one-of-a-kind have. In time, you will be back here to marvel at the community clubhouse. completed clubhouse. Until then, have a whiff of This main clubhouse will be the heart of Amara, fresh air, take it with you and dream of Amara," she designed as a multi-pavilion structure which blends aptly added. in with the natural beauty of the landscape surroundThis structure, designed by renowned architecturing it. An existing Calumpang tree at the site, which al firm, LV Locsin & Partners, is set to be completed is almost a hundred years old, is incorporated into by the end of 2006. the design. Rock formations at the edge of the bluff leading to the sea will also be preserved, and will give a seamless visual impression between the structure and the sea. "As responsible developers, we strive to preserve as much on the natural environment as we can," Tetta Baad, CHI's vice president for Marketing and Sales said. Last May 26, the company, together partner with Coastal Highpoint Ventures and Development Corporation (CHVI), guests from the Municipality of Liloan and various contractors, celebrated the groundbreaking ceremonies which marked the construction of this community oasis.

On the Clubhouse C Development Conceptualization

olleagues, Project Collaborators, and Friends of Cebu Holdings Inc., Potential Residents of Amara, Ladies and Gentllemen, good morning. I am Anna Castillo, a Partner at Leandro V. Locsin Partners, Architects. I've been asked to deliver a very brief message on behalf of our firm on the occasion of today's groundbreaking.

Leandro V. Locsin Partners, Architects message delivered by Anna Castillo Partner, LVLP Amara Clubhouse Groundbreaking May 26, 2006

In the course of working on this project, we have been all at once challenged, educated, and rewarded. We were received very warmly by the project partners and by the talented Cebu architects with whom we consulted during the design stages of Amara. Frankly, we found these consultations revealed that the local architectural professionals will have much excellence When LVLP was approached by CHI and Ayala Land to contribute if their clients allow them the freedom to at the beginning of the project, we were very excited explore the very enlightened nuances of the covenants for two main reasons: First, all the elements for an that CHI/ALI have conceptualized for Amara. Every outstanding sea development were present ­ a stunning home built here will be an opportunity for designer and site by the sea, the historic lighthouse, a very focused client to showcase the brilliance of Cebuano creativity ­ project team, and the famously "can do" attitude in sensibility, restraint, easy elegance, and above all, good Cebu that has made you the envy of the nation. I speak taste. Most importantly, these homes and structures will for the firm when I say that we are all extremely pleased provide the venues for personal stories and wonderful memories to unfold ­ testaments to a community's new to be working in this part of the country. history and outlook. We at Leandro V. Locsin Partners Second, CHI and Ayala Land's project brief called for will be honored if, in some small way, we are able to the conceptualization of a development that would truly contribute to that future. break new ground and set a new benchmark for what In closing, we would like to thank the management was possible in terms of aesthetics, design sensibility, lifestyle, amenity, and integration into the natural and staff of CHI and Ayala Land for their unwavering environment of this superlative setting. We believe that faith. To the allied design professionals, thank you for once completed, Amara will combine historical and your patience and collaboration. And finally to the cultural richness of its maritime setting with the elegance, supporters and investors in the Amara development, progressiveness, pride, optimism, and appropriateness our gracious thanks for an education and your warm of the Asian context in which it is built. All these are the hospitality ­ we hope our work will merit your approval finest ingredients for a sure winner of lasting value and and will likewise contribute new lessons and insights into the rich mix that is Cebu. Good morning. relevance.


Amara beckons all

Phase 2 Sales Launch made Amara a hit to adults and kids alike

By Jeanette A. Japzon such as yoga, taichi and other meditation and relaxation exercises.




Phase One takes shape

By Jerry G. Giango

seaside ambience complemented the bodypampering massages at the nearby on-site spa he sky was overcast fall that early Saturday where excellent views of the sea in front is morning. But neither the early call-time back-dropped by the reassuring presence of the nor the threat of rain could dampen lighthouse behind. our spirits with visions of balloons, clowns and Guests who were interested to see more of chicken lollipops which were planned for the this seaside residential oasis were given on-site day. tours to the lots of their choice. These on-site Last July 1, developer Cebu Holdings Inc. tours wewere coordinated from the on-site launched Amara's Phase 2 through an end-of- sales office that was also inaugurated earlier summer shindig to give a taste of life in Amara, that day.



uch has happened in Amara since the first scoop of soil was moved using CHI's symbolic shovel during its groundbreaking ceremony on October 1, 2005. The property we used to explore is slowly turning into a magnificent place. Let's look into the details on how CHI slowly chiseled the piece of rock into what eventually will be a work of art. The development of the project's first phase, planned for completion within the second half of 2007, is led by a project technical group composed of the company's construction management and technical planning team in collaboration with contractors and consultants.

The project's construction is not a walk in the park. The ground is rock-solid. One may see lush vegetation on the surface of the property but beneath the greenery are tons of crystalline solid rock. This type of rock is harder and more massive than the type of rocks we can find in Mactan, Cebu or elsewhere. The site's condition proved to be a big challenge. Excavation is doubly tough Road tracing at phase 1 is 100% done while concreting of access road is 90% completed. Ongoing construction activities include excavation and installation of utility lines and the construction of a retaining wall and covered canal at the access road. Actual accomplishment of Amara phase 1 as of June 30, 2006 is 19.29% against target of 17.95%.

Cebu's real estate star following hit sales record Phase 2 sits on 6.8 hectares and consists of By evening, after a sumptuous spread, wine, last year. 87 lots which include bluff, premium seaview, superb live entertainment and a spectacular Themed a Family Fun Day, children and the seaview, promontory and parola lots. fireworks display by the lighthouse, everyone young at heart enjoyed a much-awaited weekend To help promote a relaxed and healthy headed home with a smile on their faces after treat. Children lined up at the face painting and lifestyle among its residents, Phase 2 will feature having spent another memorable day at this balloon twisting booths, or were captivated a Sports and Recreation Club with a basketball seaside haven. by puppet shows and special performances by court, badminton courts, a fitness gym and a Barney, the purple dinosaur. Still, others trooped beach volleyball court. to the area by the pier to take advantage of the Also in Phase 2 is a Serenity Park with gazebos sea breeze for kite flying. That same soothing and a lagoon ideal for alternative lifestyle options

Phase 2 is adjacent to the century-old Bagacay lighthouse which is operated by the Philippine Coastguard and was recently named a national historical landmark last May 14. American Governor General Howard Taft declared the property as a reservation in 1903 through Executive Order No. 60, and today the lighthouse is deemed one of the few remaining lighthouses which stand as an important example of American architecture in the country. It serves the maritime industry of Cebu, the center of shipping in the country.

The project's construction is not a walk in the park. The ground is rocksolid. One may see lush vegetation on the surface of the property but beneath the greenery are tons of crystalline solid rock.

The Build-up In time, another set of awe-inspiring structures will add to the boomed and still booming. Cebu Tower Palace Strategic location. This is most appropriate for condo-lifestyle, one of the reasons a Korean firm, Fastem Housing Development, Inc. (FHD), decided to build its P1.4 billion residential condominium at CBP. The company, in a statement, emphasized that annual property appreciation rates are high in a location such as CBP ­ making possible structures here a good investment opportunity. The 19-storey Cebu Tower Palace Residential Condominiums will have 200 condo units, function rooms, basement parking, spa, fitness gym, day care station and a business center. The towe knew a long time ago that Cebu was er sits on a 3,000 square-meter lot. FHD also more than the usual white sand on built the Cebu Tower Palace showroom, also water's edge. More than sweet and located in CBP. succulent mangoes and the picture of a paradise FHD broke ground early this year. The buildisland down south, Cebu had a lot more to of- ing is expected to be completed on the 4th fer. quarter of 2008. Recognizing this, Cebu's maximum potential Lexmark asserted itself through the advent of Cebu Busi"They intend to stay and [are] determined ness Park. to grow." Philippine Economic Zone Authority From 1990 onwards, CBP has given Cebu a director general Lilia de Lima stressed during different flavor, a different milieu, a different the ceremonial groundbreaking of Lexmark Repromise. search and Development Corporation (LRDC) This image tells the story of promise deliv- in January early this year. ered. This was confirmed by Lexmark President and CEO Stan Combs. "We are pouring substantial The Business Park Now investment because we are here to stay..." The numbers speak well. LRDC is one of Cebu Business Park's new loThe shopping destination of choice, Ayala cators and has started constructing one of the Center Cebu which sits on a 9-hectare block at two R & D structures it planned to build ­ the the heart of the business park is surrounded by eight-storey building. It is expected to finish in completed structures: Cebu City Marriott Ho- February 2007. The second structure with 22 tel, office condominiums Cebu Holdings Center stories and a lower ground floor will be conand Ayala Life-FGU Center Cebu with VisMin structed as soon as the first one is completed. headquarters of Citibank on its ground level Both buildings will have a total of 30,000 square and separate structures for Hongkong Shang- meters of office space. In terms of peso investhai Banking Corporation and Unionbank. Their ment, this two-building facility will almost be as neighbors include City Sports Club Cebu, Kep- big as that of Lexmark in Mactan. pel Center, Globe - Innove Plaza, two residenAt present, Lexmark is occupying ten floors tial buildings Park Tower One and Park Tower Two and Pag-ibig Tower on the other side. This (out of 16) in Innove IT Plaza and another three shows much of the growth from the picturesque floors in Keppel Center, both located at CBP. fairways before its development in 1990. With the signing of 75-year lot lease agreement with property owner Efficient Holdings, Lexmark has committed to stay in Cebu for good ­ obviously for the same reason ­ strategic location and not to mention, Cebu's competent workforce.


Laying down images unfolded by time makes one feel like an archivist. But it makes one heave a sigh from tremendous accomplishment.

Pioneer House Cebu Pioneer's biggest branch office outside Luzon is expected to rise at the Cebu Business Park in mid 2007. The building which sits on over 1,000 square meter of lot area will have nine stories of office space with a total of over 6,000 square meters mostly for Pioneer Insurance and Surety Corporation. The rest of the floors will be available for lease. The building will be a testament of Pioneer's commitment to its clientele as it maintains its rank as one of the leading non-life insurers in the industry. Cebu IT Tower An image of a burgeoning economy is never without new structures, facilities and office spaces for information technology use. Loreta Realty and Development and Loreta Property and Construction, Inc. have invested on a 14storey IT building with 26,190 square meters of floor area. This structure will soon house IT and IT-enabled firms which chose Cebu as their preferred location for doing business. PEZA declared it as an IT building in February of this year. Security Bank Cebu Business Park is home to major banks and financial institutions in Cebu and the rest of the VisMin area and Security Bank is one of them. The structure which occupies over 1,000 square meters of lot area is scheduled to serve its clients in September this year. Laying down images unfolded by time makes one feel like an archivist. But it makes one heave a sigh from tremendous accomplishment. We are given a sense of ownership and of pride for being part of the project and the company behind this. Most importantly, for being part of Cebu's flourishing economy, a sign of progress easily understandable at face value.

Walk in the Park

By Dianne Arnie P. Nicolas


uite easily, work can spin in a mechanical route, making paperwork and meetings a whirling sub-reality, orbiting around us like a mocking carousel, playing screech after heightening screech of neck-deep pressure. We march instead of walk, run instead of stride. We talk, not converse. We function, not perform. Cebu Business Park (CBP), since its beginning, has transformed this mocking carousel to a graceful "walk in the park." Well-manicured, wisely master-planned and visually relaxing, CBP has achieved for the city what a pro-development urban planner should have done. "It has tremendously changed the physical landscape of Cebu City. It has changed the concept of people, making business and beauty blend," says Cebu City councilor Jack Jakosalem.


Cebu Business Park

Every image tells a different story. This page's landscape tells the story of what was once a dream, a landmark created 18 years ago from billions of resources, unmatched talent and expertise, unparalleled vision and a lot of innovation.


The few minutes and seconds on the way to work, after work, and the requisite breathing intervals in between, have given opportunities to loosen collars around the neck, slow the More than aesthetics, CBP is "one of the usually hurried pace, smile in absent thought, first major investments that really spurred smell the morning dews or hear the evening crickets almost reminiscent of a provincial the growth of Cebu," says broadcaster Leo Lastimosa. home. Creating landmarks, Cebu Holdings Inc.'s To some extreme, we stop to wax poetic, CBP, as Lastimosa notes, "was a pioneer that smelling the flowers and feeling revitalized with enough creative juices, smiling wider paved the way for other industries. It was to the roving guard, leaping higher through built when it was not yet a trend to invest in the stairs or the lift, looking up to skies and Cebu." discovering childish delights like a peeping Now, CBP continues to innovate, adding rainbow or a spotted grasshopper. more landmarks in Cebu's urban skyline and Others have recognized the safety of augmenting investment and growth figures CBP as an opportunity to jog, do taichi and day by day. kickboxing, or just walk hand in hand with a A multi-purpose park, CBP has transcended wrinkled fellow through tree-lined sidewalks. the traditional concept of Spanish plaza or "When I want to take photos of Cebu's Italian piazza. It has become the city's point skyline, the type that tells stories, I go to of convergence, making the Queen stand out the top of Park Tower. The view of CBP higher, better. there is always good," says award-winning Jakosalem explains it quite simply, "Where photojournalist Tonee Despojo. Ayala goes, business follows."

CBP has transcended the traditional concept of Spanish plaza or Italian piazza. It has become the city's point of convergence, making the Queen stand out higher, better.

Cebu Business Park

Lexmark Ayala Center Cebu Expansion Cebu Tower Palace Showroom

Pioneer House Cebu

At Face Value:

By Vera R. Alejandria

Cebu's Development as a Park

Security Bank Cebu IT Tower

Cebu Tower Palace


Raising the Bar in Cebuano Shopping

By Caesar Ian G. Real


Imagine a breathtaking array of retail fashion brands and stateof-the-art digital one-stop shops in a relaxing atmosphere, all designed to provide the ultimate shopping experience. Ayala Center Cebu aims to elevate the standards of Cebu lifestyle shopping. An expansion building is set to welcome Cebuanos by midyear of 2007 ­ a five-level mega-structure that will rise at the south surface parking area and will house some of the most globally-renowned brands in the retail industry.


Ayala Center Cebu

iant fashion brands like Levi's, Nike Women, Sisley, Geox, Chocolate, Guess Accessories and many others have expressed their excitement over this new development in the mall. Yuppies and call center agents who are looking for a relaxing retreat from their daily grind will be delighted to know that this expansion has been designed with them in mind. "The new building is zoned for the urbanite office workers. Thus, its merchandise offerings appeal mainly to this market," intimates Clavel Tongco, Senior Division Head of Ayala Center Cebu. "It will not just be all apparel but will include other shops that will address the need of this market like IT shops, computer shops, gadgets, accessories, and the like," she added. When asked what to expect from the mall's latest gem, she shares, "If there is something that will describe this zone, it is going to be an explosion of brands." This five level mega-complex will make use of the latest architectural furnishings and fixtures available in the market. Another noteworthy feature of this building is a new ramp going to the basement, thus adding entry and exit points for customers from our basement parking. The structure will have an additional basement floor solely dedicated to spacious and hassle-free parking. Apart from being a fashion and I.T. mecca, it will also be a food haven for shopping mom's and their families, as it will boast of the cleanest and freshest supermarket in this side of the metropolis, complementing technology and lifestyle concepts and offerings. Ayala Center Cebu has always been at the forefront of unparalleled shopping innovation and excellent customer service. Proof of this

is the on-going rezoning program of the mall where merchants are strategically placed in appropriate zones to better cater to their specific target markets. The rezoning is an innovative move to better address our shoppers' needs and preferences. Sales of rezoned outlets have significantly improved and our valued shoppers no longer need to go from one level to another just to shop to their heart's content. Value-added services are now opening at our mall such as bills payment facilities, more airline and shipping ticketing stations, alteration shops and other services that will make every visit to Ayala, a truly unique and rewarding experience. All these strategic movements are being done for the sole purpose of exceeding our shoppers' expectations and providing them the unique and rewarding shopping experience that only Ayala Center Cebu can offer. True to our vision of "Creating Landmarks" "Setting Standards" and "Building Relationships," we continue to create milestones that the Cebuanos can call their own, persistently raising the bar in shoppers' satisfaction and renewing and strengthening our ties with the present and future generations of our valued partners ­ the Cebuanos.

All these strategic movements are being done for the sole purpose of exceeding our shoppers' expectations and providing them the unique and rewarding shopping experience that only Ayala Center Cebu can offer.


n November of 1993, Cebu Holdings introduced Ayala Center Cebu to the community. At a time when the concept of malls was still so novel in Cebu, it was a bold step to build one which emphasized on creating a lifestyle, more than just selling merchandise. Today, after twelve years, Ayala Center Cebu has become the lifestyle and shopping destination of choice south of Manila and is known for its fresh concepts and pioneering ideas. Last July 1, CHI pushed the envelope even further with the groundbreaking of yet another landmark in Cebuano retail industry. In what used to be the old PUV terminal and South Surface parking area will soon rise a five-storey structure with 6,000 square meters of additional retail offerings for the mall's patrons. This architectural innovation will be home to around fifty local and international giants in the shopping industry. It will be a haven to the discriminating shopper and the urbanite office worker, offering an impressive array of premium shops in an aesthetically impressive, yet comfortable shopping environment. A supermarket will greet shoppers at the lower ground level. For additional convenience, this expansion building will have a whole basement floor solely dedicated to spacious and hassle-free parking. "Today marks a ceremony, not only of building with brick and mortar, but of building relationships and enhancing a way of living as well," Francis Monera, COO and senior vice president of CHI said at the ceremonial groundbreaking, "Today, we not only begin construction on this new structure, we also reiterate our commitment to contribute to the improvement of the Cebuano lifestyle." The completion of the new expansion building slated by the first quarter of 2007, will offer alternative options to the many shops already available to the mall and will add a new dimension to the shopping experience at Ayala Center Cebu -- where Cebu's heart beats.

Ver J. dela Cerna, Gil J. Cansido, Francis O. Monera, Rene D. Almendras, Tetta B. Baad, and Clavel G. Tongco.

CHI starts work on new shopping landmark

Ayala Center Cebu's expansion is part of the effort to stamp the Ayala mall brand in all its malls regarded as the Ayala Malls Group. Shown in photo are Clavel G. Tongco, senior division manager heading Ayala Center Cebu (right), Joy R. Polloso, marketing manager (left), marketing supervisor Nonah C. Gacrama (extreme right) and Jaime I. Ayala, Ayala Land, Inc. President, during the launching of the renovation projects of the five Ayala malls at the NBC tent on March 9, 2006.

CHI Management Committee with project consultants, contractors, and merchants of the extension building.

More reasons to shop at Ayala Center Cebu


By Sofia A. Balmaceda

How Ayala Center Cebu saved millions in electricity

Cutting on the bills

By Jay G. Zozobrado


Anne Klein Another heir to the House of Klein. Anne Klein offers refreshing and casually chic outfits that every fashionista's closet must have. Level 1, Paseo Marina Butterbean There's something new for everyone with a sweet tooth. Butterbean brings new offerings to the market with their chewy brownies in different flavors and big, round-shaped cookies with chips, nuts, white chocolate, and more. It's sumptuously sinful for all chocolate lovers. Bizdepot Bayad Center Now, here's an easy way to pay your bills. Payments accepted: PLDT, MCWD, SMART, Sun Cellular, SKY CABLE, DIGITEL, BAYANTEL CAP, PHILAM LIFE, Manulife Philippines, Platinum plans, CAP, Maynilad Water Services, Inc., Manila Water, Sky Internet, My EdsaMail, Meralco, World Vision (A Charitable Institution) Other services: photocopying, risographing, internet access, fax, NDD and IDD calls and photo printing. SSS, GSIS, VECO, CREDIT CARD payments will be accepted next month. Level 3, AFEC Access (near Global Village) EGG Extreme gaming and warp speed net surfing Level 3, Hip Zone F & C Jewelry F & C Jewelry has lovely and exquisite earrings bracelets and necklaces to be treasured for a lifetime. Level 2 (near Mail & More) Forward & Scoop Look "forward" to "scooping up" the attention with fashionable finds at Forward & Scoop: shoes, bags and accessories. Level 1, Paseo Ciudad Magic Fit You've just bought the dress you've been dying to have but then you discover... it doesn't fit! What do you do? Go to Magic Fit and have it altered to show off your best assets. Level 2, West Entry Tea Square Here's a refreshing new haven to all tea and health drink lovers. Tea Square also serves sandwiches. Level 3, Mc Donald's Bridgeway


Ultimate Reel Experience in a Click!

By Vera Leigh C. Lasam

One-stop cinema Long gone are the days when movie-watching was that typical two-hour-seat treat. The theater-buff in me is now taken to a superb digital surround sound experience which gives an almost palpable picture to that wizard school or pirates' ship, as you sit comfortably in the mall cinema. Here is my ticket to mainstream films, various international film festivals, and theater productions ­ Ayala Center Cebu Cinema. In this case, I practically have everything in one place. Entertainment, arts and education ­ I can tick schedule to schedule, showing date to showing date. This year's very much talked-about film version of Dan Brown's sweeping book, The Da Vinci Code, saw the Ayala Cinemas jam-packed with film enthusiasts. Little Boy Productions' staging of the Tony-and-Pulitzeracclaimed play Doubt had its run at Onstage! It was preceded only days before by the French Film Festival where I rushed to greet French artistry in cinematography and filmmaking. Ayala Center Cebu marketing manager Joy Polloso says the existing tie-up and partnership with Cebu Arts Council supports the thrust in promoting arts and films from local and foreign productions. Cebu Arts Council chairperson Petite Garcia says the Ayala Cinemas started the trend in using a movie theater for stage productions, by reconstructing one of its cinemas to include a performing area, a backstage, and yes, definitely those stage curtains, too. To count, Cebu Arts Council has 20 day-slots in a year for use of the cinema for feeding us eager audiences with highquality productions and films. Online extension I face the computer at least an average of ten hours a day. Those windows and click-buttons have become constant and necessary companions. Sureseats inserts itself into my screen. Here's what it does: It takes me to pages of films currently showing in what cinema and at what time, then it allows me to click on a film of my choice and in which seating, and finally reserves me that ticket for the movie that would take me to a welldeserved treat. Forty-five minutes before show time, a side trip to Food Choices for dinner or a short snack doesn't sound so bad either. This is the silver screen taking leaps and bounds to meet its viewers with more than mere applause. What Ayala Cinemas offers, I take with both ticket-filled palms open. A postscript here: On days when I get a rest off from the computer table, I can check the movie list through a smaller screen this time, and text ACCMOVIES to 2278 (for Globe and TM subscribers only). Short message sending is screen-dandy, too.

nless you happen to have an obscene amount of money to spend, you would probably give a damn about the nonstop oil price hikes and the escalating costs of commodities, particularly that of water and electricity. For whom the bill tolls? No pun intended to Ernest Hemingway, but the bill tolls on all of us. Just when you thought life is what the optimists would want us to believe, those water and electricity bills are the bane of our existence.

at 1:45 PM, hi-bay & floodlights at 5:30 PM & finally the perimeter lights at around 6:00 PM. Afterwards, everything should be put off when the mall closes. (Note: Other equipment like the escalators/elevators are run individually and that it's not uncommon to have these scheds adjusted)


Ayala Center Cebu


Oh Georg! Same old great food served at a new and refreshingly cool outlet. Revisit and rekindle your memories of great food, warm ambiance and with a fresh new. Level 1, South Entry (beside Marks & Spencer) Lacoste The "smiling" gator we all love to grab has a hip and happening new home. So, grab a gator now! Level 1, Paseo Ciudad

Graph comparing 2005 and 2006 power consumption. Now picture this, the switches and/or controls of these utilities & equipment are situated at more than 100 different locations in the mall once a pre-set of instructions are program (from the basements to the roof deck) spaced therein. If the turning on and off of several For a power-monster of a mall such as Ayala hundreds of meters apart. hundred equipment and devices are within Center Cebu, electricity costs reach seven digits It is imperative therefore that the turning a window now of a few seconds to a minute, in a month. And innovation, more than anything on and off of all these is done precisely within energy savings will ensue. else, is crucial to keep the company's finances in a window of just a few minutes. But when the Variable Speed Drives pink health. controls are spaced far apart and that many, This is one of the initiatives implemented Building Management System & Variable it's difficult to achieve such. And since some at Ayala Center since 1995. Quite recently Speed Drives of these equipment, particularly the fans and however, Variable Speed Drives are gaining One of the biggest challenges in Ayala Center blower motors are electricity chugging devices; popularity. is to make the building more efficient in terms of a few minutes' delay especially in turning-off means an additional several thousand pesos VSDs are used for energy-optimized speed energy consumption. on the electricity bill. It translates to a hundred control of pump and fan motors. Here's a rough Good engineering practice using state of the thousand to even a million in a month! analogy: Our body utilizes energy varyingly art technology called "Building Management The whole idea of BMS is control, if not all it, at different periods ­ metabolism they call System" (BMS) is the key. The key concepts it. Obviously, we expend more energy when are "control" & "monitor" in order to establish but majority of these equipment from a single exercising or engaging in sports than when we workstation. It simply allows you to control & energy management system. monitor effectively; auto running the system are just sitting down or lying still. Now think of To fully appreciate the fundamentals of BMS an electric motor. The rate at which it consumes consider the following here in Ayala Center: electrical energy is directly proportional to its speed; which in turn is governed by frequency. At 6:00 AM, water-pumps run. Three hours But what if the motor is carrying varying loads? later (at 9:00 AM) several ventilation systems Can it automatically adjust its speed, slow down (exhaust/supply) are also running. At around 9:30 or pick up speed, consume energy in proportion AM, some thirty minutes before Ayala Center to its load? The answer is yes, only if attached opens, the mall's Air-conditioning Plant runs, with a VSD. Such device therefore regulates consisting of chillers, cooling towers & motorconsumption by automatically adjusting the pumps (both primary & secondary). Another frequency input to the motor, hence the name. 15-minutes later (9:45 AM), several dozen Air

Handling Units (AHUs) and Supply Fans run, serving the common areas of the mall (the AHUs serving the cinemas run much later depending on the movie scheds). At exactly 10:00 AM, Vtype lamps are lighted, followed by A-1 lamps

For a power-monster of a mall such as Ayala Center Cebu, electricity costs reach seven digits in a month. And innovation, more than anything else, is crucial to keep the company's finances in pink health.

We have installed it in our water pumps, in our blowers, our chillers, and in conjunction with BMS results into a sizeable savings. If that isn't energy conservation, I don't know what is.


Rai-Rai Ken Authentic Japanese eats: sushi, sashimi and other sumptous treats from "The Land of the Rising Sun" in a bigger and better place that features Japan's rich culture & history. Moved from Level 3 beside [email protected] to Level 3 AFEC Access Annie's With a decade's experience in beauty and wellness you'll surely get the pampering you deserve at the new site of Annie's Health Spa. From Level 2, West Entry to Basement 2 Maanyag Hair Salon & Spa Moved from Level 3 to Basement 2 Globelines Conveniently pay your bills and inquire about their other services at the new site of Globelines. Level 1, South Entry to Level 2, West Entry KI Pearl Find that perfect pearl at KI Pearl. Level 1 to Level 2 Radio City Pump up the volume and feel the vibe at the new location of Radio City. Moved from Level 2, beside Chelsea to Level 2, beside Junrex Premium Concepts Moved from Level 1 to Level 3 Persian Palate A unique blend of exotic Indian and Mediterranean cuisine served the vegeterian way. Moved from Level 3 beside [email protected] to AFEC Access

Easy access: A

New terminal gives more convenience for drivers & shoppers alike

By Jeanette A. Japzon

s Ayala Center Cebu continues to grow, and as people continue to come through its doors everyday, a trip to the mall has become more pleasant with the opening of its new and improved public utility terminal. This 4,000-square meter open area, three times the size of the old terminal, was built to make access to transportation even more convenient to shoppers. The new structure is surrounded with walkways and roof canopies. A covered walk from the mall's south entry shields you from the heat of the sun, or the downpour of rain. The new terminal is also complete with covered loading areas, male and female lavatories, a baggage area, an administration office and a ticket office. It is even designed with At the blessing and inaugural ceremonies of the a leasable area where kiosks can be put up to new terminal, Cebu City Councilor and head of sell refreshments to waiting commuters. the Committee on Energy, Transportation and With its bigger areas, the new terminal can Communication Jack Jackosalem emphasized also accommodate more routes. It now has a that the roads at the Cebu Business Park (CBP) holding area for vehicles waiting in queue to the carries a significant amount of the city's traffic advantage of vhire and jeepney drivers. every day. Building of the new terminal began at the beginning of the year, and was completed after three months, in time to make way for the construction of the expansion building also located at the south surface area. The opening of this bigger and better terminal provides ease for the patrons of the mall and occupants of surrounding buildings, making CBP not only a business and commercial hub, but a busy center for transportation as well.

Understanding Asiatown-IT Park's environmental innovation


Information and communications technology (ICT) is one of the top-listed economic drivers in the country today. Cebu, often referred to as Asia's new ICT hub, holds the first PEZA-registered IT Park outside Luzon ­ the Asiatown Information and Technology Park (AITP). An IT Special Economic Zone operating for five years now, AITP has laid the groundwork for rising employment rate in this side of the country. Backed by four major telecommunication providers; Globe, PLDT, Bayantel, and Eastern Telecom, it continues to attract companies dealing mostly with software research and development, contact centers and other IT and IT-enabled companies to Cebu. "The number of these telecom providers allow locators to have a better option in terms of cost and choice of telecom redundancy," business administrator for AITP Raul Mananquil adds. "The overall environment here is conducive to the working population with its well-maintained greenery and 24/7 security in place. It is also very near the residential areas, malls, hotels and the different colleges and universities." It is the age when data flow meets the need of immediacy without the question of geography. And with AITP, borders are broken and more possibilities have come within everyone's reach. AITP in the ICT map In Europe and the US, faster and more personalized supermarkets is made possible by the fast-lane self checkout terminal. Shopping has moved to better trends as this checkout terminal allows shoppers to scan prices, pay through cards and in coins or coupons, then head home bringing their bags of groceries all by themselves. Behind this self-service and more convenient transaction is an operating system carefully researched and developed by software designers of NCR Cebu Development Center at AITP. More than the software development scope, here's the scene at AITP: telecommunications, graphic design, ship design, medical transcription and contact centers AITP cradles names like NEC Software Philippines, Tsuneishi Group of Companies, NCR Cebu Development Center, Epson Precision Philippines Inc., Globe Telecom, People Support Philippines Inc., eTelecare Global Solutions, Versagraphix Design Philippines Inc., Dash Engineering, and SPI Technologies. The list is certainly getting longer. And AITP, not surprisingly, is at its toes in keeping pace for Cebu's transition to an ICT hub, both in the national and international arenas. Primary Industrial Properties Corporation ­ 2nd building The demand for more office space is on. After the success and full occupancy of the Engineering Sciences Building with eTelecare, Dash Engineering, SPI Technologies and a ground level retail strip, Primary Industrial Properties Corp. is now completing its second building with 17,611 square meters of leasable office space. Sky Rise I.T. Building Skyrise Realty and Development Corp. is also another locator now up with its eight-story building currently housing PeopleSupport, Epson, Astro Ship, Info Weapons and Microsoft. PeopleSupport, one of the country's pioneering contact centers, needed another 1,600 seats for its expansion from their first facility at eOffice One. Epson also expanded and required a bigger facility to accommodate a workforce which doubled from the time they moved in to Asiatown I.T. Park in 2002. Astro Ship occupies part of the building's 7th floor and handles ship management for foreign vessels. InfoWeapons develops secure network solutions for data exchanges, and is already established in Europe, Japan and the U.S. in its line of business.

Cebu, often referred to as Asia's new ICT hub, holds the first PEZA-registered IT Park outside Luzon ­ the Asiatown Information and Technology Park (AITP)

The Cebu facility of Mexico-based call center Qualfon International with offices in Argentina, Costa Rica, Guyana, Mexico Monterey, and Mexico City, opened and started operations in June of this year as its first customer care center in Asia. It will exclusively service Tracfone Wireless, Inc., a US-based cellphone company with about seven million customers. Multinational computer technology corporation Microsoft, and employing close to 72,000 employees in more than 100 countries has now set up a base right here in Cebu. Supporting manpower With the fast-tracked entry of investors, there is definitely an anticipated increase in the present working population of AITP, which is a little higher than 5,000 this year. Eighty percent of this projected population will contribute around 1.4 billion in annual compensation. "This is the amount of disposable income that the IT park will contribute to Cebu's economy by the end of 2006, not to mention the income tax component that will be generated out of the employees' wages," Mananquil further notes. AITP establishes its firm objective in making Cebu a distinct ICT hub by supporting the growing number of ICT professionals. Recently, three of its lots were sold to an IT school with a graduate school for IT in one of buildings. The IT Park is also host to the Cebu Educational Foundation for IT (CEDFIT). CEDFIT aims to establish high industry standards by developing the human resource component in the field of ICT and fostering quality ICT education. During the 2nd Information, Communication Strategy Summit (ICT Summit) last May, CEDF-IT was one of the key facilitators. It is keeping true to the efforts in increasing the value of IT skills among IT human resources in Cebu. The summit brought together the academe, government, civil society and the ICT industry. AITP alongside Cebu's ICT From a number of 1,424 employees at AITP in 2005, the Department of Trade and Industry 7 reported an increase of up to 2,384 in the first six months of 2006. AITP also hold most of the first semester of 2006 investments among IT zones in Cebu. All of these put together certainly makes AITP as Cebu's prime area conducive for further growth in the ICT sector. Its ability to match investors with ready locators and with competent workers shows how AITP moves alongside Cebu's effort in making a mark in the new age economy.

Leaving Nature to its Devices

By Paul C. Gahi

Imagine that, a waste water treatment facility using the immense and gentle power generated by Nature herself.

same efficiency. However, studies also show that the former entails lower maintenance cost and lesser technical skills in its operation. While the mechanical solutions would require much power and electricity as its main driving force, Constructed Wetlands would just lie there peacefully as any gracious park or lagoon, with a sense of calmness from all the surrounding plants and trees. The only power required will only be for the grass cutters used for maintenance.


Asiatown IT Park

Swift as the wind; Calmly majestic as the forest; Plundering like fire; Steady as the mountains.


have not been totally Nature's ally all life, simply because most of the time I find it more convenient and practical to get the job done in a straightforward attitude. I'd always prefer solutions and methods which are more reliable, updated, powerful and simply more available. Or so I thought. My first brush with Constructed Wetlands was not that different. It sounded more of satisfying the Environmentalist Greens rather than referring to the Engineers and the Number guys. Also, the term "Constructed Wetlands" would refer to an artificial process, developed and built by man. Much like that of a Bubble Glass Community from an environmental science fiction B-movie thrashed about by Pauly Shore.

The World Finds Its Home in Cebu

By Vera Leigh C. Lasam

An overview of how AITP champions Cebu's ICT economy

According to Cebu Holdings, Inc. Property Management Manager, Engr. Elson Homez, the entire process happening in natural wetlands would be duplicated in Constructed Wetlands, following the concept that Nature is best in healing herself. concept, is generally a new thing in the Cebu Holdings, Inc., an Ayala Land affiliate, will Philippines. be using such nature-friendly technology in its It's a series of complex dance with nature, of real estate development projects; surprisingly it selected aquatic plants, animals, microorganisms, And ironically, it is most ideal as well. will be built first in the IT Center of the Visayasand a symbiotic interaction with the environment For starters we have the sun all year long, Mindanao region, the 24-hectare Asiatown IT to improve the quality of waste water before it as winter is just a concept we read and see in Park. is being thrown back to nature or reused for movies during Christmas. Thus with a tropical other purposes. On the residential end, the Ayala North climate, the intricate interaction of nature's Point and Plantazionne Verdana Homes, both elements is guaranteed all year long. in Talisay City, Negros Occidental, will soon There are two two kinds of Constructed be utilizing such technology for its waste water Wetlands, the Overflow and the Underflow treatment facilities. concept. We will also be utilizing such technology in Overflow is the open, lagoon type wherein the some of our real estate projects in the future. waste water flows from one set-up to another Imagine that, a waste water treatment facility until the water is deemed safe to be discharged using the immense and gentle power generated or for other uses, watering plants for example. The Underflow system is much like that of by Nature herself. marshes and wetlands, making waste water safe Swift as the wind; before it is being sipped down the ground. Calmly majestic as the forest; Studies and research conducted by Cebu Plundering like fire; Holdings Inc., indicate that Constructed Wetlands Steady as the mountains. and the Mechanical Process show almost the Nature is best in healing herself.

A well constructed engineering marvel would still require an advanced and specially trained team of technical experts for its maintenance. On the other hand, the maintenance crew of a properly built Constructed Wetlands would only compose of gardeners, making sure the plants Simply put, Constructed Wetlands is a waste and greens are trimmed now then, and maybe a few security personnel as the ambiance the water treatment plant done in a natural way. greens generate might extend an open invitation The West has not utilized such method and to meandering visitors. instead concentrated more on its engineering On the high note, Constructed Wetlands and mechanical means, where other countries can also serve other purposes as well. These and the Philippines followed suit. It may be that geography played an important factor in can serve as an open research facility or even a the West, in favoring more on the engineering wildlife park. These can also serve as scientific solutions as their lives are governed by seasons. parks, welcoming students and visitors, Constructed Wetlands would not be feasible showcasing the educational value of science in action as well as environmental awareness. during winter. Where to with this green technology? Constructed Wetlands, though not a new

Asiatown IT Park

Globe Telecom Building Skyrise IT Building

Engineering Sciences Building Primary Industrial Properties Corporation Building One

Engineering Sciences Building Primary Industrial Properties Corporation Building One

An idyllic place

By Therese T. Borromeo



arlos Centeno and his wife, Christy, were one of the first buyers of Verdana Homes Plantazionne in 2002.

Ayala North Point / Plantazionne Verdana Homes

"There were no roads, only tall grasses when we inspected the site. But we decided to buy because we believe in the Ayala name." Carlos has been exposed to various Ayala villages in Manila where he grew up. He also saw the Ayala projects in Cebu where he worked for three years as a Caltex engineer. A true believer, he invested in shares at the Cebu City Sports Club while he was assigned there. It was in 2004 when Carlos and Christy decided to build a home for their three growing and precocious children ­ Carlo (7 yrs old); Catrina (5) and Camille (1). Their Spanish Mediterranean inspired house was designed by an architect friend. However, as Carlos said with amusement, "the design was revised and improved by Christy who is also an interior designer." Visiting friends and relatives from Manila and Bacolod were delighted with their choice of residence. When Christy's cousin, Mariton Caram and her husband, saw the sprawling and impressive clubhouse,

they immediately fell in love with the place and decided to build their house a few blocks from the Centenos. Now, children of both families play with other children in the neighborhood. Saturday lunches for the youngsters are hosted by different families who have become friends. "Our son, Carlo, plays with our neighbors' sons, JR Orola and JI Locsin. They bike around the village, play basketball or swim at the clubhouse. Our neighbors are friendly.. we greet each other on a first name basis.... and follow through with more conversation at the clubhouse." The neighborhood in the village has become one big happy family. Carlos observed that the community has grown bigger with thirteen houses and several construction projects going on. He looks forward to meeting and knowing more new neighbors. Like everyone else in the community, Carlos and Christy feel safe because they know that the village security works 24 hours for them. "That is why we can enjoy a fenceless community," they add. Carlos, who also owns and manages a Caltex gasoline station in Bacolod, is busy with his latest project ­ the construction of his new gasoline station near the Ayala North Point entrance which will open in November. "The station will have a convenience store and service areas which will offer special benefits to homeowners of the Ayala villages like free delivery for every minimum purchase of items from the store." Because of his hectic schedule, Carlos looks forward to coming home after a hard day's work. "Every time I enter the village, I feel relaxed... all the pressures seem to go away. I look forward to breathing fresh air and hearing the beautiful sounds of birds, crickets, and, yes, even frogs." So, where can you find such an idyllic place? Only at Verdana Homes Plantazionne, where the Centenos have found a sanctuary they can call their own.



Tetta B. Baad


ometimes, when words escape me, fractured syllables swirl around my tongue like jello, melting away before the mind could whip them into shape. It makes me wonder if age has anything to do with this and it's time to take "Gingko Biloba." Being tongue-tied happens to everyone. Information overload can trigger it. Oftentimes, it is occasioned by emotions. A suitor afraid to express his feelings to his loved one. A student terrified of his teacher.

the work of hunting and feeding the young, and the king, of course. That's the trade off. Roles. These facilitated communication. When thought became word, when a spark of light brought man out of darkness, man became master of his world. How this happened universally among men, whether in Africa, the cradle of mankind, or elsewhere, is a thought that begs for an answer. A National Geographic feature about the beginnings of man offered some answers. Research led to the theory that the first stirrings of language and human community emerged from Central Africa. From there, small bands of men walked to Europe, to Asia and other parts of the world. Traced by DNA patterns to a small group of bushmen that survive to this day, it was found that these primitive men talk with "clicking sounds" that faintly resemble dolphins. Do the clicks convey meaning that is lost to us because we have no equivalent? The journey of becoming man as we know him today has been long and arduous, albeit rewarding. There was a flowering of expression. Music, painting, dance, song and poetry occupied men delighting over the joy of simply being, or its opposite. War, on the other hand, became an expression of superiority and dominance as civilizations sought to expand their territories. Ideas fueled expansion of territories beyond land as science conquered the dark beyond, debunking myths and superstition. Technology continues to transform the world, and in its aftermath, sadly degrades nature on its march onward to master the elements. Communication has transcended boundaries and brought instant connections globally. Cell phones, the internet, satellite links and global TV coverage has shrunk the universe into a compact ball of information. There is no hiding from its reach. Have social conventions been keeping step? Or are we ignorant of changes that are slowly creeping into our lives? Do we still take the time to talk over a cup of coffee, talk about life and its joys? Have expressions of emotions, purpose and intentions been reduced to abbreviated text messages and curt emails?

Where can you find sanctuary from the noise and pollution of the city, yet be only ten minutes away from your business or workplace? Where can you hear melodious songs of birds, crickets, and frogs amidst children's laughter? Where can you breathe the freshest of air while enjoying the view of tall bamboos swaying along a river bank?

We think of children and how easy it is for them to say things. I remember with amusement a 5-year old boy whose birthday party I attended with my daughter, some 30 years ago. In the middle of the singing as he was about to blow his birthday candles, he looked at his mom and announced, "Stop Mama. I want to poo." We laughed, of course. Candor can be disarming. Or deadly. Imagine interrupting an important meeting to exclaim to everyone that you are bored and want to go out. Just think what would happen if you told your office mate he has bad breath. You'll be thrown out of the house if you told your wife she's fat. It was simpler in the days when grunts and gestures were all that our ancient ancestors could muster to convey intentions. Over time, rules and ritual evolved such that there was no mistaking intent. Among gorillas, the silverback is the dominant male and there is no second guessing what his bared teeth and thumping of the chest mean. Look around the world around us. It is replete with nature's ingenious ways of communicating. Birds overdo themselves in courtship dances, singing and flashing their colorful plumage to impress a mate. Curiously, males in the animal kingdom are more colorful and attractive than the females. It helps them to be chosen from among aspiring males to perform the function of ensuring the survival of the species. (Women, in general, among us humans tend to be more attractive or try to be. Michelangelo, however, considered the male form perfect. His masterpiece, David, is homage to that conviction). Strength and dominance play a defining role in hierarchical groupings. We see it among lions. The famously luxuriant mane helps the male look even bigger and impressive. This comes in handy in protecting his pack. The lioness does all

How often do we yield to the temptation to send impersonal m e s s a g e s because we don't have the time to talk or meet? When was the last time anyone has received a letter written in beautiful prose? Time is still 24 hours a day but it's not the same 24 hours of the last 100 years. It befuddles the mind to imagine each one of us imprisoned by technology in our own cubicles of reality, able to hit a button to reach anyone in the world and yet, unable to relate to the next person on a personal level. Will it come to the point where interaction shall become so rare that it becomes something to be avoided at all cost? And when face-to-face encounters do happen, will we find ourselves at a loss for words? Do we read the tone and gestures of the person addressing us suspiciously because he dares confront us rather than send an email? Are we losing our human qualities of tolerance and understanding as we build a fortress of machines and gadgets to do our talking for us? The poem The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Eliot is evocative of the angst that renders man mute. He wrote: And would it have been worth while, after all, Would it have been worth while, After the sunsets and the dooryards and the sprinkled streets, After the novel, after the teacups, after the skirts that trail along the floorAnd this, and so much more? ­ It is impossible to say just what I mean! But as if a magic lantern threw the nerves in patterns on a screen: Would it have been worth while If one, settling a pillow or throwing off a shawl, And turning toward a window, should say: "That is not it at all, That is not what I meant at all."


Why Second is Best

Why Second is Best

Donn Frank C. Rabanes


ne of my memories as a kid was waking up early and seeing fog drifting by our home. My morning ritual was to go out and pee while staring at the mountain right across our house. It fascinated me no end to see fog amidst the cold weather, but with an expected torture of taking a very cold bath sans a heater. That was more than twenty years ago, and while I still pee facing the mountain, I do not see those wispy threads of fog anymore. Perhaps, this is the reason for my fascination with mountains and chasing clouds. This might sound irreverent to you but I am simply laying the predicate for a concept so existential in nature yet so difficult to define. The concept of quality of life might be familiar to many people especially for those working in economics and real estate development, but just what is quality of life?

For several years, Asiaweek conducted a poll all across Asia to determine the best city to live in using the concept of quality of life. It attempted to quantify this concept through a quality point index by giving corresponding points to various indicators like access to education and literacy, access to hospital care, criminality rate, income per capita etc. For a couple of years, Cebu was always the top city followed by Davao then Manila. Cebu was able to pull this off despite not being the capital? People might find this surprising but for people studying urban planning and macro economic development, this might not be something new. Consider this, which Japanese city topped the same survey? I bet that you will say Tokyo, the capital city of Japan but you are wrong, dead wrong. It is actually Fukuoka, one of the oldest cities in Japan and was initially the gateway for trade and commerce with other countries just like Cebu.

economic repercussions of political upheavals. The political stability and the peace and order situation bodes well for promoting economic activity which in turn creates more opportunities for businessmen and employees alike.

All these arguments about Cebu being the best would be rendered meaningless if each of us though would not do our share in keeping the city number one. Cebuanos are known for their clannish pride and religious affinity. This trait has led us to be very vocal and proud of our roots anywhere we go. Our company name itself, by attaching the word Cebu is a serious affirmation of its potential and at the same time recognition of its power. I believe that other than the government, Cebu Holdings, is the single entity with the most capability to impact on the development of our city and to alter our future. Just look at the impact of the Cebu Business Park and Asiatown IT Park on the economy and development of Cebu. The burden of the company is to ensure a balance between development yet maintaining that distinctly Cebuano culture. Seeking an equilibrium between profits and preserving our culture perhaps is the greatest challenge to us as a responsible corporate citizen. Cebu has been the benchmark for planning and development and perhaps it is about time to give something back to our beloved city. Our ability to unite behind a common cause will always be our strength and our defining character as a people. Each of us has to do our share, whether we are transplanted or born and bred Cebuanos. This is the burden which each of us should willingly bear. Overpopulation and unbridled development has lead to the destruction of my beautiful mountain and ever since, I have never caught sight of the fog again. Perhaps, age and development has weaned me away from my youthful memories. I will always look back to my youth with fondness and with a prayer that I would wake up to a million mornings with fog amidst. Perhaps mother nature would be so forgiving so as not to punish me for peeing, because then again, I am just marveling at the sight of the her majestic mountains.

Kitefest at Ayala North Point. More than 30 giant colorful kites adorned the sky with beautiful colors on April 8, 2006. This gathering of residents, lot owners and their friends included activities like a kite making and decorating demo, kite artwork for kids and a kite Gallery.

Negros Sales Team

We always hear about quality of life but how do we measure it? What are its components? Who sets the standards? These are tricky questions that demand the most careful of scrutiny given the tendency of regionalistic pride to kick in. Which city in the Philippines has the best quality of life? Is it Manila, the capital and premiere city in the Philippines? Or is it Cebu, the Queen City of the South or the upstart Davao? All of these cities would lay claim to the title of being the best city to live in and would proffer various reasons to establish their claim. While I acknowledge that Manila being the capital is the premiere city in the country in terms of education, finance, political base and Davao being the largest city in the Philippines in terms of area, I would still contend that Cebu despite playing second fiddle has the best quality of life.

This phenomenon of the second cities being considered as the best place to live in can actually be explained using the concept of quality of life. Capital cities all over the world by their very nature have a tendency to attract a spectrum of people. This migration to major cities necessary would create a burden on its carrying capacity and its failure to support such migration would lead to various problems like overpopulation and attendant rise in criminality. Trends in urban planning indicate also a preference for environmentally sound projects which sad to say is something almost impossible to do in Manila given its demand for real estate. There is also a problem of overpopulation in Manila which is clearly manifested in the proliferation of slum areas, perennially rising criminality and high jobless rate. All you have to do is just go to Tondo and see for yourself just how not to plan and develop a city. Cebu was able to pull this off by scoring highly in these areas which lead to a higher overall score. Furthermore, the status of Cebu has been cemented by establishing itself as the premiere tourist destination in the country. All you have to do is ask a foreigner which city is the best place to live in the Philippines and I bet 9 out of 10 he would say Cebu. Being considered the second city in economic terms is actually beneficial for Cebu as it is able to avoid the

Ayala Land ­ Negros Branch Office

Breakfast Club meetings at McDo every 1st Monday of the month encourage the Negros Sales Team to exchange ideas and give creative suggestions for sales and marketing in a relaxed and casual environment. It is also one effective way to look for prospects.

Negros Sales and Admin Team, headed by Therese T. Borromeo, pose with trainers, Daisy Baad and Michelle Simtoco, DMD (front row, extreme right) after their "Personal Slogan Look" exercise in the Being in Marketing workshop conducted by Out of the Box Training and Productions held in Talisay City recently.


Like the motor that drives your car, they turn potential energy into kinetic energy, thus keeping the company's momentum running.

design trends ­ mostly acquired and honed while on the job. They take an idea from different angles and perspectives, exploiting it to its maximum potential in a way no one-man operation can. "We are in a position to make things happen. PDD is actually the 'think-tank' of CHI where projects go through a process of conceptualization. From bare land we envision the product appropriate to the site given all the inputs from different experts, and most importantly foresee the best use for it. This is the heart of the real estate business," Torres said. "But the challenge lies not only in creating that perfect balance of cost and market demands", explained PDD manager Dodong Galo when I finally cornered them for a chat over lunch, "It's the act of juggling several projects at a time with limited hands on board." "The work people see us do is only the tip of the iceberg," PDD supervisor Donn Rabanes described. "At any one time, we might be working on 20 prospects simultaneously, each requiring equal amount of effort. But at the end of the day, only two or three projects could be approved for implementation," he explained. Interestingly enough, people in PDG have been on almost every form of transportation from airplanes to boats, to habal-habals, and even horseback-riding. They've entered prospective properties with a security entourage to rival that of rock stars. The constant revision of financial and design schemes is headsplitting. It's late nights at work, and even more hours away from the family with all the traveling they do. At the end of the day, despite the long hours and the challenges of the job, seeing a project evolve from a glimmer

of a single idea to a concept ripe for implementation makes the effort all worth it. The elation of seeing your work become a community for families to live in and enjoy each day gives you a unique sense of timeless achievement. As an architect, Torres adds, "The highest satisfaction is seeing our visions immortalized in stone, clad with glass and steel, and softened by lush greens of nature." Take for example, Amara. Since this seaside residential community was launched last year, it has become a phenomenal best-seller in the market. This project started out with one great idea. This idea came into fruition because of the team who buckled down on the negotiation, legwork and conceptualization. Now, with its sheer beauty, unique concept and most importantly the people behind the whole plan, Amara is set to become a landmark community in the next few years. Every successful venture starts with a glimmer of a single idea. An informed hunch refined and merged with other ideas to build a concept significantly better than that of its predecessors. A good idea isn't enough. Through time, that idea is shaped to its implementation. Through people, that idea is nurtured, drawn and developed to create value. That is innovation ­ the PDG way.


he need for fast, reliable and accurate information is a given in the world of business. Decision makers use this information to make strategic and tactical decisions for the organization.

In CHI, the Information Systems Department acts as a support to its value-creating activities. Acting as its Digital Nervous System, ISD provides the needed information at the right time and place. The focus, therefore, is the business itself and not technology. As the Digital Nervous System, ISD provides us CHI'ers with resources that will enable us to think and act faster and make informed decisions. The strategy is to improve the company's internal business processes (IBP) through automation and to lessen paper documents. All these are to be done with the customer in mind. To be able to achieve its purpose and objectives, ISD provides the organization with the following: network and hardware (workstation maintenance and repair), data and information, software and systems development.

Beyond Repair

By Jennifer G. Sia

Team ISD

The strategy is to improve the company's internal business processes (IBP) through automation and to lessen paper documents. All these are to be done with the customer in mind.


Creating Valuepeople, Betting on

not just plans

By Jeanette A. Japzon

As I step out the elevator with a fresh steno pad and more than a couple of burning questions, I'm greeted by a seeming ghost town this side of the 2nd floor. All I hear is the almost inaudible bass of computer speakers nearby and the clickety-clack of my black pumps on the cold tiled floor. I am told three of them are out of town on different business trips, another is off to a nearby government office to submit some paperwork, and two architects are in a meeting with the team at the mall. And so goes another day with the Project Development Group They rarely stay put at their desks for more than a couple of hours, which often leads you to ask, "What is it exactly that they do?" In today's competitive real estate market, success is spelled out not only in terms of location, aesthetics and price points, but also by how novel your project is. Enter Project Development. This process of carrying out an idea from its inception to implementation falls on the laps of an agile group of men and women who often operate at the engine of a budding project. Like the motor that drives your car, they turn potential energy into kinetic energy, thus keeping the company's momentum running. Headed by "Street Strategist" Thads Bentulan, the teams takes on a two-prong approach with the Project Development Division (PDD) and the Technical Planning Division (TPD). I once heard a learned man say that these days, innovation is best created through collaboration. A process where people of different talents and capabilities bring something unique to the table, thus producing an exceptional whole. This describes the dynamics the PDD team injects into every project. You have the men at PDD who smoothen the odds and ends of land acquisition, due diligence, titling and negotiations with government and landowners. Simultaneously, you also have the creative minds of TPD going to and fro their drawing boards to draft and re-draft architectural maps, plans and concepts for the creative and design requirements of the next big masterpiece. "As PDG is to the business side, the design team is commissioned to exercise our imagination, to be creative and innovative, develop new ideas, grounded by the parameters set by the project proponents," TPD Manager Mike Torres explained. The team is a blend of various expertise ranging from numbers and financials, to geologic and topographic know-how, to legal complexities and

A good idea isn't enough. Through time, that idea is shaped to its implementation. Through people, that idea is nurtured, drawn and developed to create value.

or have adopted them into their systems. These systems are: Total Customer Service / Management System (TCS/MS), Text Feedback System, Documents Tracking System, the eThe network is the infrastructure that is Forms and the new website features ­ 3D responsible for making us communicate easily maps, 360-degree views, and much more. among internal and external customers. ISD, So far, the need for these `home-grown' through the network administrator, makes sure that the network is secure and is able to provide systems have risen and ISD can even hardly keep up with the demand. We can now text in us with fast and reliable information. our comments, track our ISD also manages the data and information tasks and documents, of CHI. It aims to provide reliable, timely and file travel orders and relevant information for decision making. job requests, swipe in Documents, for example, are now converted electronically, and soon to electronic format. These are scanned and file our leaves on-line. archived to allow easy referencing and retrieval Team ISD therefore of needed information. is not just the group we Lastly but certainly not the least, ISD ensures call for help when our that CHI's software and systems are reliable and PCs need repair or when up-to-date. The team, develops, manages and our inner technophobe maintains systems. These systems make our gets the best of us. This work less tedious and allow us to make informed is the department that decisions at the fastest possible time. allows us to be betterISD maintains a standard on software informed decision development that makes it very easy for end- makers and supports users to use their systems. These systems are us in the achievement so practical and user friendly that even other of our business unit companies are either inquiring about them objectives.



Three degrees of harmony

By Donn Frank C. Rabanes Memories of not so distant past are clearer now, as my work-induced stupor begins to desert me. Again, I smile at such at thought ­ Argao a quaint town in the south. During an adrenaline-filled June weekend, this charming town was the site of our latest expedition ­ hopefully not our last. River wild, childlike abandon, new-found friends, you would never realize the number of activities you can have during a trek. We crossed knee-deep waters, climbed slippery slopes, and walked through the trail in awe of the wonders Nature held. At the end of the day, the town itself will embrace you and make you want to come back for more. Memories indeed are treasures, and now I have one more treasure to call my very own.


EGI Resort, June 16 ­ We all agreed it would be a good time to unwind with a few drinks and good music after a loooong day at the Writing Workshop. So, we had signed up Jay Z. to take care of the musical strings. I guess, he thought he was too smart for us as he sneaked off to his room after dinner ­ que barbaridad! We were done with Day 1 of the Workshop by 10 in the evening, but instead of giving in to the call of our beds, we were more eager to sing the night away. With a bottle of vodka (este, Sprite) and a bagful of chips in tow, we were determined not to let the night pass without singing "My Way". So, off we marched to Jay Z's room to carry him off from dreamland. Aaah, finally ­ ACOUSTIC JIVE !!! Poor Jay, practically held at gunpoint, strummed his guitar to the nth "last 5 songs". Dozing off, he must have thought what a pain in "*#&%" we were!!! Well, we all ended the night with a big smile and went off to dreamland waking up to a rejuvenated start for Day 2 of our Writing Workshop.


Acoustic jive

By Michelle S. Go

Novelist and columnist Erma Cuizon

Editor and Palanca awardee Isolde Amante with Inside VisMin writers.

On target

Pistoleros: from the word pistol as in pusil in the dialect. Last June 12, a Saturday morning which was a perfect day for shooting, adventurous individuals set off for practical shooting at the Kamagong Gun Club Firing Range. Proud to say all hit their marks (on the paper target). We had two first-timers that day while the rest had already tried their hand at the sport. When the smoke cleared after shooting 400 rounds of ammunition, all you could see were smiles on their faces and tattered target boards. Then we were off to a hearty and well-deserved lunch of pochero, pork adobo, kaldereta, clam, and yes, even the infamous Soup No. 5. `Til the next adventure we dare you to join us dudes...

Photojournalist Tonee Despojo

A day at the shooting range

By Levi L. Lopez

Pens, papers, and cameras in. Ask the staff of InsideVisMin what they have in their hands, and they're sure to give you back more than words. It's a time off from regular office work and on to bowed heads, or opened windows for inspiration perhaps, as the contributors of this issue participated in a two-day writing workshop with lectures on news features, special and research reports, essays and columns, and photo journalism. It was a healthy exchange of lessons, questions, and sometimes-crumpleddrafts with the participants and respected journalists in each of their fields ­ news editor Sol Amante, special features editor Mayette Tabada, columnist and novelist Erma Cuizon, and photo editor Tonee Despojo. With workshop notes in tow and a pocketful of writing wisdom passed on, the contributors headed home with challenging assignments and deadlines to beat as the real work begins...

Lecturer and columnist Mayette Tabada

By Vera Leigh C. Lasam

Getting CHI Ready



n CHI, there is a balance between adhering to a certain set of structures while deviating or improvising to achieve better results. This is what we call a creative chaos which makes work life worthwhile at CHI ­ involvement in a good mix of activities from the weekend outdoor fun and frolic with good food, to the indoor, discussion groups, lectures and workshops. These are just a few of those more advanced and complex trainings and seminars to enrich, equip and getting us ready to face life and its stark realities head on. EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS SP03 Ruben Lugay and his team from the Bureau of Fire and Protection with CHI's Security Manager, Dominador Rey, taught us the very basic and important things to do when a disaster occurs. A simulation on emergency situations such as fire and earthquake was conducted aside from the classroom discussion. The participants' response to such situations were evaluated and critiqued. The workshop also included proper handling of basic equipment in firefighting. BASIC LIFE SUPPORT AND FIRST AID Most of us have our share of emergencies at home and in our previous or current jobs. Looking back, we somehow managed to breeze through every emergency situation though at times, we tend to shirk or freeze in shock and horror. Then I thought, wouldn't it be better if we are better able to handle ourselves in emergency or crisis situations? Ms. Marujah M. Prejido and Mr. Jan Mabanag of the Philippine National Red Cross conducted a special session for the Health and Safety Committee members and selected CHI employees and outsourced personnel on Basic Life Support and First Aid. It was a 5-day intensive training workshop through which proper CPR and other forms of emergency care were taken up. EFFECTIVE BUSINESS WRITING FOR EXECUTIVES A refresher course on grammar and new ideas in business writing was conducted by Full Potential Training Center, Inc. Managing Director Wandry Rafanan which tested, evaluated and enhanced the CHI employees' business writing skills. PROFESSIONAL IMAGE MANAGEMENT We are so lucky to have undergone a special session with Jocelyn Juarez-Lim. She is the first Filipina to be certified by Image Asia Training under Lynne Marks AICI, Certified Image Master (CIM) of the London Image Institute and Christina Ong, AICI, Certified Image Professional (CIP), Principal Consultant of Imageworks Asia Singapore. QEHSMS REVIEW AND REVALIDA CHI's HR and Admin Department facilitated another special session to zero in on the Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Management Systems (QEHSMS). This provided a venue for orientation to newcomers, review for the old ones and a prolific discussion on each of the management system which the company implemented after it decided to align its systems to international standards. TOTAL QUALITY SERVICE Dealing with internal and external customers is an important function in our business. HRD & Admin developed this particular module given to all employees and new hires. DRUG USE / ABUSE PREVENTION Health and Safety in the workplace is part of CHI's commitment reflected in its Drug Free Workplace Policy. A seminar/ orientation was conducted by SP04 Jesus Cabalda and Atty, Paul Clarence Oaminal of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency Region 7.

Spatial Sense

By Jonas R. Suan




MA. CECILIA T. URBINA From HR and Admin Manager (SP B) To HR and Admin Manager (SP C) NOEL F. ALICAYA From C & A Manager (SP A) To C & A Manager (SP B) MICHAEL P. TORRES From Technical Planning Manager (SP A) To Technical Planning Manager (SP B)


he Property Management, Technical Support, Project Development, and Technical Planning departments moved in this year to a new office in the second floor of the Cebu Holdings Center. The new office is characterized by white painted walls accentuated by light yellow and mint green planes. Glass walls with wave pattern frostings enclose the individual offices and meeting rooms. The glass wall can actually double as a writing surface using a whiteboard marker. Wenge-stained doors and jambs punctuate the glass and provide the contrast with the white walls and the protruding soffits. The staff area is defined by custom-built partitions characterized by charcoal black framing and translucent "luningning" glass panels. White shelving intermittently juts out of the "heads" of these otherwise uniformly linear jigsaw cubicles. The tables are designed to be multi-tasking friendly. This means you can have the computer monitor and spreads of papers in front of you all at once in a panoramic view. You can still have room for the phone, coffee mug, a photo frame stand, desk collectibles, and a few more objects that are sentimental. These aren't it yet; stacks of more work are waiting to be pulled out from the shelf placed at eye level across you. Talk about ergonomically overwhelming work -- not that I'm complaining. A nice view of Marriott Hotel with the green foliage of the trees across the street is a visual relief. Roll down blinds shield the office from the afternoon glare while allowing a soft glow of natural light to flood in.


FRONT (L-R): Rhea Angela D. Tan-Tago; Tiffany Y. Glarino; Geraldine F. Malaya; Daizy Marie A. Ponce; Mary Katherine A. Castañares. BACK (L-R): Caesar Ian G. Real; Toni Rose G. Ignacio; Hannah Myrh A. Ngujo; Dianne Arnie P. Nicolas; Thads R. Bentulan; Lyneth C. Samson; Therese Marie P. Sotelo; Ernesto G. Ocasiones, Jr. NOT IN PHOTO: Paul C. Gahi and Lennon Louise S. Seno.

Corporate Movement





FRANCIS O.MONERA From Assistant Vice President , ALI Managing Director, CPVDC To VicePresident, ALI President, CPVDC TETTA B. BAAD From Division Manager, ALI Assistant Vice President, CHI To Sr. Division Manager, ALI Vice President, CHI VER J. DELA CERNA From Sr. Division Manager (SP D) To Assistant Vice President (SP E) CLAVEL G. TONGCO From Division Manager (SP C) To Sr. Division Manager (SP D)


(as of June 30, 2006)

RHEA ANGELA D. TAN-TAGO Marketing Assistant | Ayala Malls Group TIFFANY Y. GLARINO HR and Admin Supervisor GERALDINE F. MALAYA Finance Supervisor | Property Management Division DAIZY MARIE A. PONCE Accounting Assistant MARY KATHERINE A. CASTAÑARES Marketing Assistant | Ayala Malls Group PAUL C. GAHI Projects Development Assistant | Real Estate Business Group LENNON LOUIS S. SENO Programmer/ Analyst | Information Systems Department SOFIA GRACE A. BALMACEDA Marketing Assistant | Ayala Malls Group MA. CHRISTABEL SOGUILON Finance Assistant | Ayala Land, Inc. ­ Bacolod Branch CAESAR IAN G. REAL Operations Assistant | Ayala Malls Group TONI ROSE G. IGNACIO Receptionist | HR and Admin Department HANNAH MYRH A. NGUJO Technical Planning Assistant DIANNE ARNIE P. NICOLAS Marketing Assistant | Real Estate Business Group THADS R. BENTULAN Projects Development Division Head | Real Estate Business Group LYNETH C. SAMSON Accounting Assistant THERESE MARIE P. SOTELO Sales Supervisor | Real Estate Business Group ERNESTO G. OCASIONES, JR. Technical Assistant | Ayala Malls Group








NONAH C. GACRAMA From Marketing Supervisor 2 To Marketing Officer LEONARD B. CADIZ From Technical Supervisor 2 To Assistant Building Administrator JANICE N. ANFONE From Marketing Supervisor 1 To Marketing Supervisor 2 NOEL O. BACALLA From Sales Admin Supervisor 1 To Sales Admin Supervisor 2 MA. SAMPAGUITA D. DACULAN From Audit Supervisor 1 To Audit Supervisor 2 EDEN B. PEREZ From Building Superintendent (PC V) To Building Superintendent (PC VI) ROMULO M. ALAJID From Analyst 2 To MIS Officer




Internal trainings | Seminars 2006

DATE SEMINAR TITLE FACILITATOR Mr. Ding Rey and Maj. Max Sumaoy Ms. Olen Lim Jan. 12, 2006 Security Orientation Jan. 14, 2006 Professional Image Management Seminar


VERA R. ALEJANDRIA From External Affairs & Corp. Comm. Officer To Corp. Comm. Manager (SP A) THERESE T. BORROMEO From OIC, Bacolod Branch To Branch Manager, Bacolod (SP A) CELESTE BERNARDINE K. DY From Operations Officer To AMG Operations Manager (SP A) ELVIRA G. MAWE From Finance Officer To AMG Finance Manager (SP A)

Jan. 25 and Feb. 1 Basic Course on Emergency SF03 Ruben Lugay and Mr. Ding Rey Prepared Training Jan. 26, 30 and Feb. 2 Advanced Course on Emergency Preparedness Mar. 9 - 10, 2006 Effective Business Writing For Executives Mar. 15, 2006 QEHSMS General Review and Revalida Mar. 17, 2006 Incident / Accident Analysis Workshop SF03 Ruben Lugay and Mr. Ding Rey Ms. Wandry Rafanan | Potentials, Inc. Ms. Cecil Urbina Sam Suarez

(L-R) Archie T. Obeso; Ma. Emma Linda L. Velasco; Gwen H. Bacus; Joan Isabelle C. Balbin; Jennifer N. Galero; Vera Leigh C. Lasam; Charity Cassandra Monique E. Corro; Michele D. Chiu. NOT IN PHOTO: Joanne P. Ramin; Sharon G. Alforque.






· CHI Chairman of the Board Jaime I. Ayala and President Rene D. Almendras join the March birthday celebrants during a townhall meeting on June 16 in Cebu honoring all birthday celebrants for the first half of the year.

FLORAMIE A. VEGA From Operations Assistant 2 To Operations Supervisor 1 CLIFFORD M. ACADEMIA From Operations Assistant 2 To Operations Supervisor 1 JEANETTE A. JAPZON From Customer Affairs Assistant 2 To Cust. Affairs & Corp. Comm. Supervisor MARIANITA O. ORAT From Finance Assistant 2 To Finance Supervisor 1 JENNIFER G. SIA From Audit Assistant 2 To Audit Supervisor 1 JONAS R. SUAN From Technical Planning Assistant 2 To Technical Planning Supervisor 1







IZABELLE A. ALAGON From Accounting Assistant 1 To Accounting Assistant 2 ALLAN L. AQUINO From Marketing Assistant 1 To Marketing Assistant 2 LYDELL D. DUCANTE From Technical Assistant 1 To Technical Assistant 2 MICHAEL S. GALANG From Analyst/ Programmer 1 To Analyst/ Programmer 2 JERRY G.GIANGO From Engineer 1 To Engineer 2 JENNIFER G. TEOLOGO From Sales Admin Assistant 1 To Sales Admin Assistant 2


He was rubbing those calloused, big hands over his eyes. The gentle voice broke. Manong Baron was in tears. His eyes, usually droopy, didn't have the usual bemused light. He was sad, deeply contemplative, almost lost in his own thoughts as he relayed the story of 18 years past.

By Dianne Arnie P. Nicolas

"Don't resign for a higher-paying job. Love the company you work for," Cebu Holdings Inc.'s employee number 002 feelingly said in vernacular. Manong Baron, the resident "fast lane" driver who would surprisingly wax poetic, hold out his arms in a gentleman's dancing poise and sing "Matud Nila" throatily in the course of a midday traffic, was exceptionally serious when he said this. Recalling his history, though, Manong Baron's intense loyalty will come as no surprise. Starting when Ayala seemed to have no place in the city, Manong Baron has seen more of our beginnings than anybody else from us had. Back in 1988, he had experienced golf balls thrown at him, being seriously threatened by the squatters and receiving firsthand violence during road-tracing for the construction of CBP. He made it his job to talk to the people, defend the company and in the process, risk his life, because he believed in the development Ayala would bring. He takes touching pride in his work, the company driver who claims "great happiness" in meeting people everyday, fetching them and seeing how everybody is working hard for the company to grow. He experienced first-hand Ayala's pro-people agenda in community development. And that he carried with him early in those uncertain times, even when job stability became one of those uncertainties. "Wa ko nagdahom nia ko aning kompanya," Baron, a probationary employee for two to three years before he became regular, explained in amazement. The years passed him by in excitement, as he saw the changes that followed the early uncertainties and the growth Ayala made in the city. "Dako kayo ko'g gibati sa Ayala Land. Kalipay nako nga nia ko diri. Pasalamat ko sa tanan--sa Ayala Land ug sa Cebu Holdings. Wa ko'y ikasulti aning kompanyaha." Baron, the bear of a man who looks like fondness himself when his face crinkles in shy laughter, succumbed to unashamed tears as he thought of retirement after 18 years of devoted service. He kept repeating how very thankful he is, and hopes fervently that everybody in the company will continue working hard for the company to grow, and to always look highly to Ayala. "Dili gyud magbinuang sa trabaho." He is most thankful that he was able to send all his children to school because of the company. Asked what he feels everyday when he drives, he answered, "Bation nako sa matag-adlaw ang muserbisyo kaninyo. Ug muuli ka, muuli ko. Ug naa pa ka, naa pa pud ko. Mahimo ra ko wala'y pahuway, basta kailangan mo asikasuhon." In the same manner, he understands completely Ayala's policy of mandatory retirement at 60. He tried to wipe the tears away while saying, "Mingawon ko sa tanan. Pero mag-agad lang ko. Ang ako lang, mentras makaya pa, kaya. Maghulat lang ko ninyo. Wala ko'y problema."



Loyalty in High Gear

Agent 002:

How do you put in so limited words one's impression of a person? It's like capturing a spark of light in your palm ­ an impossible task. At best, one gets only a fleeting glimpse of the light, a recognition that spans barely a brief instant... Standing, left to right: JAY Z. ­ sweet, thoughtful and unfathomably mysterious. Huggable and lovable, he reminds you of a cuddly teddy bear and can charm any woman by the strums of his guitar. This budding intellectual is a complete home entertainment system rolled into one. Batteries not included on this one. JEANETTE strikes you as a ball of light that glows inwardly, swirls of amber pulsating in the deep within. You catch glimmers of the fire within through her eyes when she allows herself to be revealed, but only then. A kaleidoscope of talents, she can fire a gun, climb a mountain, tickle you witless, take up any microphone unruffled, capture shots thru the lens, or write a mean article in a jiff. She's our fantabulous Ms. Catwalk who struts her stuff even when she's sick or having a bad day; crazily funny, sassy par excellence and ultimately CHI's foxiest. An Atenista at heart, MAYETTE strives for excellence. From a deceiving seriousness courtesy of demanding sales targets, this beaming newcomer is a sales strategy in herself ­ patient, calm, funloving, honest and faithful to the tasks at hand. She has a crazy sense of humor, shifting from a serious sales discussion to the more intimate particulars of a woman's generous curves. She is very approachable to her team and is easy to grab for spur of the moment adventures, from a sales pitch downtown to an old churches' expedition down south! Gentle kindness is THERESE. She leads like a mother and laughs like a child. She tucks her hair adolescently behind her ears every few minutes, and her eyes glow while talking about her precious children. She is so blessed, just as she is so much of a blessing. No wonder she never looks her years. She is a dolphin ­ beautiful in her royal way, extraordinarily brilliant, playful, a great delight to those who will be privileged to come close enough to see. When she takes your hand, takes you aside and tells you of the journeys she fared and the lessons she learned, you will understand the woman behind the many triumphs. There is nothing she can't do and nothing she can't see done. A woman of substance, she is known for being assertive, decisive, and very attentive to detail. Indeed, if the word "resonance" can be a woman, it will be TETTA. MYLIE is a ruby. Unlike the diamond, it is not showy but flashes of brilliant fire leap up through her many facets when her emotions move her, triggering an outpouring of passion ­ like love or dance. Here's one class act who rarely has a bad word for anyone (unless you have your audit figures all jumbled up, of course). The epitome of compassion, she loves to see other people happy and lives to do it. A rare angel with just the right amount of humor and spunk. MICHELLE, Ms. Manners herself, is apparently more than meets the eye. She's a fashionista who has just the right outfit per occasion and can makeover any room in a minute. Sure, her taste and her opinion in social graces are impeccable, but she can get down and dirty too when it comes to having a good time with friends, great food, or the perfect shoe. Everybody knows VERA or more fondly known as Roxy. She's a bundle of energy that can do anything and be everything, and at the end of the day shrug laughingly at a huge feat like a child heading for the next adventure! She giggles like a kid ­ musing in

thought, eyes smiling in inspiration. That's Vera ­ highly creative and one of the most passionate weavers of the great dreams we make real. Almost fierce-like, she seems to elude ease and openness. But deep down, LEIGH is a wild surprise that can burst with tremendous passion at an instant. She is a writer, a performer, a wanderer, a friend. She has both intensity and depth, intelligence and sense. She also has a good taste in fashion with her mom as her couturier. Gradually, Leigh is a star weaving her own magnificent galaxy. This young woman is in reality still a cute kid crushing on life and keeping it top secret. MYRAH, or APPLE to friends, is a good-natured child following the rules and trying to lead a pack, while keeping at bay an adventurous streak. Strict and guarded from afar, she is actually a fun conversationalist: lively, witty, smart and all that. She's the type who comes over and gives you a hug on busy days when she can't stop to chat. She is a budding fashionista, a customer service icon, a beach fanatic, Care Bears-lover and every CHI broker's friend. Music, books and movies are her passion. A great soul and a good friend, JENSIA may look jolly and lively. But don't be fooled, she's an introvert devilishly shrouded in an upbeat and outgoing character. You won't believe it, but this little-known information (until now) was verified in a scholarly research. She enlivens the place with her mere presence. Blessed with the smarts, she pushes the limits by trying to attain virtually impossible feats like catching flying Ferdie or chasing the elusive Jonas. Warm and endearing, JONI reminds you of cotton candies, party balloons, popping popcorns and times spent in Church parks during lazy Sunday afternoons. Throw in a rainbow as well. This passionate dancer belts a sultry laugh and sports wits that can drive you crazy. At the same time, she's a very strong person who can knock some sense into a troubled heart. DEE is like a spark of intense blue light. Focused, brilliant and driven. But her blue is not cold. Rather, it has a lively warmth, reassuring and vital as sunshine on a cloudy day. She squeals like a schoolgirl and always has a ready smile for you no matter how tired or busy she is. Eloquent yet hilariously entertaining, she's a joy to work with because her enthusiasm just rubs off on you. You can sum her up with 5S ­ smart, sexy, stylish, sensible, and our resident sassy girl. HIEDE, though often silent, won't hold back on speaking her mind when she has to. She gives it to you straight and doesn't talk to please, but will always be there for you anyway. Give her something to work on and you can be confident that things will go smoothly as expected. It's worry-free working with and being with her. This girl can't seem to stop smiling, as if from the moment she was born she was smiling instead of crying. "Buo ang Loob" ­ this is GRACE. She isn't afraid to take on the challenges you throw at her. You can ask her to dance, sing, act, and do almost anything under the sun. But it's not just talent that will amaze you about Grace. She's genuinely a kind person whose strength of character is worthy of applause. Sophisticated, soft-spoken and charming, her youth might render her novice. But SOFIA definitely takes on work and life with remarkable enthusiasm and a disarming smile. Though seemingly soft on the outside, she is a dependable team player who isn't afraid to speak her mind. Seated, left to right: Despite the hilarious exterior, deep inside, JERRY is a repository of valuable information. Always full

of life, this man of many talents brightens every dull moment and almost nothing can put him down. You will know he is around even without spotting him. The ladies love him, the guys feel comfortable with him. Armed with a camera and a bag of lenses, Jerry can capture the beauty of even the simplest things in life. Life experience taught IAN that he should have been an astronaut. A truly dedicated nature lover, who loves everything that the Creator made, especially the one that made Adam bite the apple. Ian jams the night away with the rest of his bandmates after work, proving that no amount of office work could stop the flow of creative juices. Operations assistant at the mall in the morning, law student and songwriter at night; here's a toast to juggling schedules 24/7. Among all the men in CHI, ELSON is probably the coolest man you will meet. He stays unaffected despite all the pressures and the heated discussions about ISO. Not even the most challenging personalities in CHI can sway his resolve. And while he is not much of a talker, he will surprise you with the depth of his knowledge and analytical take on a broad range of subjects. On a lighter note, he has one of the most characteristic chuckles in CHI. We salute the man! His devil-may-care attitude and the confidence with which he speaks his mind may rub some people off as cockiness, even arrogance. But underneath DONN's alpha male exterior is fundamentally a good man who knows what he wants and works hard to get it. An attorney by profession but a gardener and dog-lover by heart, his insightful nature and the dreamer in him are perfect to have at a conversation over a couple rounds of beer. Boy-next-door charm, wit, and humor rolled into one. JONAS is the perfect gentleman, though a rare naughty streak flashes at times. He may seem ever so serious but when he flashes you that smile, you know you'll be comfortable with him. He is the person to approach when you want an honest opinion on just about anything. Here is a man who knows how to work hard, and play even harder. At work, LEVI wows you with his efficiency and the sincerity. Outside the office, he is a man of many talents ­ whether it be at the target shooting range, mountain bike trail, or even the hiphop dance class. Reliable, just like his trusty .45 cal. pistol; shoots straight, also like his .45 cal. pistol; and can get you out of a jam, especially with his .45 cal. pistol. This regular-issue .007 definitely knows how to pamper the ladies too. VER is like a shaft of light caught in a smoky quartz crystal. The light bounces between facets, soft and sure. Now sparkling, oftentimes just glimmering quietly but ready to burst out like a bolt of lightning when the occasion calls for it. In lighter moments, he is almost like a bear ­ eyes all-knowing, which glint with unbridled humor in a second. And he talks his heart out no end while speaking of adventures past and dreams that are yet to be. He is a man of passion, a Quixote who sees things done. And life, all of it, is his Dulcinea! Strong, smart and relentless, yet vibrant and artistic too. PAUL is a traveler through life who takes time to savor every moment. He will fascinate you with tales of lands far away or interesting little-known facts of the world over a beer or a cup of coffee. "Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow," that's how he summarizes his daily grind. Full of life, he can lift your spirits on a sad day. To friends, he is a loyal and compassionate "big brother" with a big heart.


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