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Forged Carbon Steel Fittings g g

Forged carbon steel fittings are produced out of bar product through a forging process.

Forging is the process where a heated work piece is forced between an upper and lower die. The die works like a "cookie cutter" and shapes the heated work piece into the desired shape.

Heated work pieces are forged in a press.

Forged Carbon Steel Fittings g g

Once the material if forged it needs to be machined to the required specifications.

Machining takes place at CNC's who will machine several pieces at the same time. See below.

Forged steel in divided in two main groups: First group is shapes. Included in shapes are 90 and 45 D d Degree Elb Elbows, t tees, street elbow, t t lb cross ..... The second group is bar stock. Bar stock includes couplings , bushings, plugs ...

Forged Carbon Steel Fittings

Forged steel fittings are used in different applications. Most of the forged steel fittings CE Franklin sells are used in the oil and gas industry.

Part of a turnkey Installation. Header skid for a wellhead. Typical refrigeration plant modual.

Forged steel fittings come in different class designations. The designations are 2000, 3000, 6000 and 9000. Forged steel fittings with a designation of 2000 come only with a threaded end finish. Fittings with a 3000 and 6000 designation can be supplied with a threaded or socket-weld end finish. Fittings with a 9000 designation are not a stocking item for CE Franklin but these fittings are only supplied in a socket-weld end finish.

Forged Carbon Steel Fittings

Size range / Designations

Forged steel fitting are supplied in a size range of NPS 1/8 - 4 for designation 2000, 3000 and 6000. Designation 9000 is l i only supplied i th range of NPS 1/8 - 2 li d in the f 2. CE Franklin stocks forged steel fittings in two designations. The most common designation is A/SA105N material, the letter "A" is a abbreviation for the ASTM specification, "SA" is g , p , the abbreviation for the ASME specification. 105 is the actual material designation and this material is used for highertemperature service in pressure systems. Last "N" indicates that the material is normalized, normalizing is a heat treatment of the fittings that takes place after the forging process. The other designation CE Franklin carries in inventory is A/SA350 LF2 Cl 1, the "A" and "SA" stand for the same specifications as th 105 material. 350 i th material d i ifi ti the t i l is the t i l designation and thi material i used f l ti d this t i l is d for low-temperature service. t t i "LF2" indicates the grade of this material Cl 1 is part of the grade description and indicates the test temperature of the charpy V-Notch test. Note: There is no CSA specification that covers forged steel.

Forged Carbon Steel Fittings g g

Forged Steel Fittings are supplied in different shapes.

90 Elbow

Street Elbow

45 Elbow

Straight Tee


Full Coupling

Half Coupling


Square Head Plug

Top view Hex Head Plug

Hex Head Plug

Round Head Plug

Hex Bushing Female x Female Union Note: Other fittings that CE Franklin carries in inventory are Reducing Couplings and Reducing Tees.

Top view Hex Bushing.

Forged Carbon Steel Fittings

The size of the olet corresponds with the size of the pipe it is manufactured for. In the example NPS 2.

Forged Steel Olets.

Olets come with three different end finishes, butt-weld, socket weld and threaded.

The run size indicates the size of pipe the o'let is manufactured for. Less arc o let larger run size.

Every Olet has a "run size". The run size indicates the size of pipe the olet is manufactured for. For example NPS 2 X 14 - 36 STD WOL SA105N - this weld olet is manufactured to fit on pipe g NPS 14 through 16. Elbowlet's: The difference between an weld o'let and a elbowlet is that an elbowlet comes of a right angle of the pipe fitting and the weld o'let comes of a right angle of the pipe it is welded on.

Forged Carbon Steel Fittings

Forged Steel material descriptions in JDE.

2 2M THD 90 ELB SA105N DN50

Size - NPS 2 Class Designation - 2M (stands for 2000) THD - Threaded end finish ELB - Type of fitting Material designation Nominal Diameter of the fitting. Refer to NPS 2

Cross reference for imperial (NPS) size and metric size (DN).

NPS - 1/8 NPS - 1/4 NPS - 3/8 NPS - 1/2 DN - 6 DN - 8 DN - 10 DN - 15 NPS - 3/4 DN - 20 NPS - 1 DN - 25 NPS - 1-1/4 DN - 32 NPS - 1-1/2 DN - 40 NPS - 2 DN - 50 NPS - 2-1/2 DN - 65 NPS - 3 DN - 80 NPS - 4 DN - 100

90 - indicating degree of angle of the fitting.

Manufacturer logo's

The following manufacturers you might find in CE Franklin's inventory. To identify them enclosed are their logo's.

Bonney Forge - USA

Bothwell Taiwan

Canvil Canada

Cap Products - USA

Delcorte SA - France

IML Italy

M.E.G.A. Italy

OMC Italy

Penn Machine USA


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Microsoft PowerPoint - Forged Carbon Steel Fittings.ppt [Compatibility Mode]
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