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Close Protection Jobs are not advertised. Let us show you where the work is. Grab hold of your future. Advance your career. The choice is yours.

Let us add to your existing knowledge and train you to enter the Close Protection Field without spending thousands of dollars.

The most common questions we here from those wanting to enter the field of Close Protection are:

1) Do I have the correct training to get in to Executive Protection, Celebrity Protection, VIP Escort or High Risk Commodity Transport? Answer: If you are already in the Uniformed Security field. Have prior Law Enforcement or Military training. Then the answer is yes. Now you must be taught the difference between Security and Close Protection. They are two completely different types of Security. Our Close Protection Training Course will teach you what you need to begin your new Career. 2) Where do I find work? Answer: In the fields of Executive Protection, Celebrity Protection, VIP Escort and High Risk Commodity Transport there are no want ads. You will not find the High Profile projects you are seeking in the Newspaper, on Craig's List or at the local career center. Plain and Simple! Someone has to show you where the projects are. This is what we do in our Close Protection Training Course. The course is taught by John J. Kearney ICPS. Having been in the field for over 25 years involved in the training and hiring of High Risk Field Agents on an International basis for Government and Non-Government Contracts Worldwide. 3) Once I have located the project how do I go after and land the project? To even be considered for these high profile projects you will need the tools to apply for it. Your resume must be in the proper format for the Close Protection Field. You must have a dossier that contains the proper items to present to the client.

In our Close Protection Training Course we go thru the complete format and setup of your resume and dossier. We will go over examples and build your resume and dossier with you.



Close Protection Jobs are not advertised

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