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Thursday evening 22 thru Sunday 25 September

Walsenburg = WAL, La Veta=LV, Gardner = GAR All Workshops, demo/talks, classes and sessions take place in La Veta unless otherwise noted When listing prices, 1st price is ADULT / 2nd price is STUDENT (thru college w/ ID) i.e $12/$10 · Workshops, Demos and Special Demos are $12/$10 Exceptions are indicated beside the event. · Classes are $25/$20 · Harp Classes and Harp Retreat see "2011 Harp Events" on website · "Singing for Fun" 6 hr program in 3 parts. Group singing of Scottish, Irish & American folk songs: Margaret Bennett, Ed Miller, Robbie O'Connell, Jenny McAvoy and Tanya Perkins. 85/$70 · Free events are marked in red below. · Concerts are individually priced. FOR free Ceilidhs in LV Park or UP TOP bring a blanket or folding chair to sit on. In the case of rain, OUTDOOR PARK EVENTS will be held in the LV HIGH SCHOOL GYM.


All day Harp Workshops held in WAL. See "2011 Harp Events" on website for schedule and fees GAR $16/$12 7:15 ­ 9:45pm "A TASTE OF THINGS TO COME" Ceilidh Review of Weekend Artists This concert is NOT included in our Discount Packages Seating is limited. Advanced ticket purchasing is encouraged


10:30 ­11:30am Hands on for Beginners FREE A chance to try a new instrument (Instruments supplied on loan by Kolacny Music, Denver) ·Hands on Whistle for beginners (whistles on sale $15) ·Hands on Dulcimer for beginners Linda Hickman Malacha Hall

12:00- 3:00 pm Opening picnic-ceilidh at UP TOP ghost town. FREE Bring your own picnic or order lunch (vegetarian option) at the Festival office by Friday, September 15. Under $10 3:45 ­ 4:45 pm ·Hands on Harp for beginners FREE Debbie Kolacny · Hands on Dulcimer for beginners FREE Malacha Hall 3:45 ­ 5:00 pm Workshop: · Getting the most fun out of session playing Linda Hickman & Jim Remington Demo/Performance: · Wickedly funny traditional songs & tales about the de'il, whisky & wild women at LV Inn's Pub Robbie O'Connell, host, with Ed Miller, Jenny McAvoy & Dennis Cahill 3:45 ­ 5:15 pm Demo/Talk/Workshop: · Traditional Scottish, Irish and Appalachian dances: Learn about them and their historical links, and give them a try. J. Crumlin, K. Horwege & Cleek Schrey 3:45­ 5:15 pm Classes: Recording classes for enhancing learning is strongly encouraged. ·Irish Fiddle County Clare Style: geared toward advanced students, but mixed levels welcome. Martin will concentrate on teaching his own unique techniques and apply them to learning a tune. Martin Hayes ·Bouzouki & other fretted instruments Class 1. Developing skills at playing traditional Irish music. Topics covered in two classes are: fine tuning instrument style; modal harmonic context of ITM; and rhythmic approaches to accompaniment . 2nd class Sat 10:15 am Roger Landes 4:00 ­ 6:00 pm Session playing at North by Southwest on South Main St. 5:00 ­ 7:00 pm Pre concert dinner Restaurants Menus on view at Festival Office La Plaza in WAL and La Veta Inn in LV Fireside Café in Wal.

7:30 pm

"SCOTLAND MEETS APPALACHIA" CONCERT at Fox Theatre, WAL $25/$20 THE OLD BLIND DOGS Aaron Jones, Ali Hutton, Jonny Hardie and Fraser Stone with guest, Nashville fiddler David Coe Concert followed by late night session playing at the La Veta Inn Pub. Snacks available for sale.


9:00 ­ 10:00 am Hands on for Beginners FREE · Hands on Harp for beginners · Hands on Whistle for beginners Workshops · Appalachian flatfoot dancing, all levels · Irish whistle, elementary technique, fingerings, tunes · Dulcimer, elementary technique, chords, tunes · Take your voice out of the shower: Fun and helpful singing warm-up exercises geared to strengthening and enriching your voice 9:00 -11:00 am Debbie Kolacny Linda Hickman Cleek Schrey Jim Remington Malacha Hall

Tanya Perkins

Double storytelling workshop ($16) ·Techniques of Learning and telling complex as opposed to simple tales: Essence, atmosphere, characters' emotions and actions are key storytelling building blocks. Stories will be provided or you can bring in a traditional tale (as opposed to one with a named author) on which to work. Barbara Yule

9:00 ­ 11:00 am "Singing for Fun" (Part 1) 9:00 ­ 10:00 (1) Take your voice out of the shower: Fun and helpful voice exercises (This can also be taken separately as a single workshop- see above) Tanya Perkins 10:00 ­11:00 (2) Singing American folksongs with Celtic roots; song sheets supplied Tanya Perkins 9:00am - Noon Two Fiddle Classes: Recording to enhance learning is strongly encouraged 9:00-10:30 (1) Appalachian Fiddle: Focus on techniques for playing old time fiddle tunes. Geared toward confident players, but mixed levels welcome Nashville fiddler David Coe 10:30- Noon (2) Participants will be expected to have at least a basic technical grasp of their instrument. Introduction to the music of the Tarland Minstrel Peter Milne (1824-1908). Milne tunes will be taught in the appropriate Scottish fiddle style to fit the music. Old Blind Dogs' fiddler Jonny Hardie 10:15 ­11:15am Hands on Harp for Beginners FREE Debbie Kolacny

10:15 -11:15 am SPECIAL: Dem/PERFORMANCE How Appalachia made the dulcimer its own, and how Kim McKee developed her unique playing technique that won her the national dulcimer championship. Hear the champion in person. Kim McKee 10:15 ­11:45am Classes Recording for learning purposes is strongly recommended · Guitar: Approach to accompanying Irish music, chord structure & rhythm. Class aimed for intermediate to advanced players, but mixed levels welcome. Dennis Cahill · Border Pipes and Low Whistles. Working on technique and learning to use ornamentation affectively. Mixed levels. Ali Hutton · Banjo, mandolin, bouzouki and other fretted instruments: Class 2 (see Class 1 for description, Fri. 3:45 pm) Class 1 not a prerequisite Roger Landes 10:15 ­ 11:45am Rocky Mt. Celtic Radio Hosts Summit FREE Hosts of Public Radio Celtic programs from Fort Collins, CO down to Taos, NM meet for their 3rd annual gathering. Discussion topics will range from trends in popular Celtic music to initiating new program ideas to excite the listening public.

Here is your chance to ask questions or give your own suggestions to the panel. Pat McCullough, John Crumlin, David Fincher, Cindy Reich, Karl Kumli, and Jim Remington 11:00 ­ 12:10pm Music in La Veta Park FREE The Giant's Dance, one of Colorado's favorite Celtic groups is back again this year and will perform in La Veta Park. Erick Morningside, Karen and Steve Cunningham, and Kevin Dawson Enjoy a take out meal from La Veta Inn, Ryus Ave. Bakery, Sammies, North by Southwest, Fireside Cafe (Wal.) and relax in the park to enjoy the lively music of Giant's Dance. 12:30 - 2:30 pm "SONGS ACROSS THE SEA" CONCERT at Park ­ $18/$15 Margaret Bennett, Ed Miller, Jenny McAvoy & Robbie O'Connell with guest dulcimer champion, Kim McKee 2:30 ­ 4:00 pm CEILIDH IN LV PARK FREE John Crumlin, host, with Arlene Patterson, Stephanie Coleman, Cleek Schrey, Kenny Horwege and his Hoofin High Country Cloggers and others to entertain and lead dancing. "Singing for Fun" (Part 2) taught by Scottish and Appalachian songs and ballads Margaret Bennett, Ed Miller & Jennie McAvoy Lunch

3:30 ­ 5:30 pm

4:15 ­ 6:00 pm

Session playing at La Veta Inn Pub led by members of the Old Blind Dogs.

4:30 ­ 5:45 pm SPECIAL: Demo/PERFORMANCE, MC $15/$12 "They Met Here: Appalachian Fiddle and Irish Harp" Irish harper Aine Minogue and Tennessee fiddler David Coe will provide a musical journey from Ireland to Appalachia. Along the way they will demonstrate the common roots and differences that make each of these musical traditions unique. Don't miss this one! Aine Minogue and David Coe 5:00 ­ 6:30pm 7:30 pm Evening Pre-concert dinner choices. See Friday schedule for restaurants. FROM COUNTY CLARE TO APPALACHIA CONCERT Fox Theatre, WAL $25/$20 Martin Hayes, Dennis Cahill and friends

Concert followed by late night session playing at La Veta Inn Pub. Snacks available for sale.


9:30 ­ 10:30 am Hands on for Beginners: Harp FREE Debbie Kolacny Bodhran for Beginners:Bodhra FREE Frank Clark Workshops · Clog dancing for everyone. Bring the family! Kenny Horwege · Flute & whistle: Mixed levels elem & above. Attention to advanced aspects of techniques and style for playing Irish music. Learn an Irish tune. Linda Hickman & Jim Remington · How to successfully take part in fiddle sessions with the pros: A lighthearted but useful approach to session etiquette Martin Hayes Dennis Cahill Demo/Talks · One Tune, Many Musics: Miss MacLeod's Reel, Scottish, Irish, and American Connections. The historical tracing of one fiddle tune that originated in Scotland, is commonplace in the Irish tradition, and crossed the sea to enter fiddle traditions in the United States and Canada. Roger Landes

9:30 ­ 11:30 am 10:45 ­11:45 am

"Singing for Fun" (Part 3) Irish & Scottish songs Robbie O'Connell, Ed Miller & Margaret Bennett Workshop · Scottish ceilidh & country dancing John Crumlin and Arlene Patterson (Free for children under 13 with an adult) Demo/Talks ·Percussion for Dogs Building percussion parts to create The Old Blind Dog's Fraser Stone unique sound. · Storytelling: Scottish and Appalachian tales as recorded in the field from traditional storytellers and retold Barbara Yule Special: Dem/Performance: · Old Time American fiddling. A guided tour of old time fiddling through recorded examples & live performance Cleek Schrey and Stephanie Coleman Classes: Recording classes for enhanced learning strongly encouraged · Bouzouki: How to affectively use the bouzouki as an accompanying instrument for songs. Also appropriate for other fretted instruments. Aimed for intermediate and advanced players, but mixed levels welcome. Aaron Jones · Dulcimer, students at minimum should have a basic understanding of DAD tuning and can strum chords. Class will work on fingering melodies, exploring ornamentations, and tricks in smoothing out tunes. Kim McKee Demo/Workshop · Irish dancing: Experience the connecting links by dancing the steps yourself Kenny Horwege SPECIAL:Dem/Talk · Gaelic Songs: The history books tell the factual story of a people, but songs keep alive their personal and collective emotions and the heartbeat of their daily living. Such is the case with traditional Gaelic songs that have traveled from the Highlands of Scotland to Appalachia and Cape Breton always carrying their stories to tell. Learn to sing a Gaelic lullaby form North Carolina. Margaret Bennett & Jennie McAvoy · Song writing in a traditional style: Ever wanted to write a song? Experience steps from the initial idea to the finished song Robbie O'Connell Lunch La Veta Inn, Sammies, North by Southwest, Fireside Cafe (WAL)

10:45 ­ 12:00pm

10:45 ­ 12:15 pm

12:15 ­ 1:15 pm

11:30am-1:30pm 2:15 pm

MATINEE FINALE CONCERT AND DUELING FIDDLES EXTRAVAGANZA First Half: "IRISH AND APPALACHIAN FAVORITES" David Coe, Roger Landes and Linda Hickman letting loose with their favorite tunes and songs Second half: "DUELING FIDDLES A rare spontaneous happening with fiddlers Martin Hayes, David Coe and Jonny Hardie with Cleek Schrey, Stephanie Coleman and Arlene Patterson. Coming in to back these unstoppable players will be The Old Blind Dogs, Dennis Cahill, and Roger Landes, Finale: Margaret Bennett, Ed Miller, Robbie O'Connell and Jenny McAvoy joined by Singing for Fun participants leading a grand Sing-Along. Park $20/$16 Followed by session playing & ceilidh dancing at La Veta Inn Pub, food available for sale


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