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An Invitation to Health:

Choosing to Change

First Edition

Karlyn Grimes, m.s., r.d., l.d.n

Simmons College

For use with the fourteenth edition of An Invitation to Health by Dianne Hales

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taking charge of Your Health

CHAPTER CHAPTER CHAPTER CHAPTER 1 2 3 4 Your Invitation to Healthy Change 6 Psychological and Spiritual Well-Being Personal Stress Management 22 Taking Care of Your Mind 30




Healthy Lifestyles

CHAPTER 5 CHAPTER 6 CHAPTER 7 The Joy of Fitness 42 Personal Nutrition 58 Managing Your Weight 75



Responsible Sexuality

CHAPTER 8 Communicating and Relating CHAPTER 9 Personal Sexuality 91 CHAPTER 10 Reproductive Choices 110




Avoiding Health Risks

CHAPTER 11 Avoiding Addictions 129 CHAPTER 12 Alcohol Use, Misuse, and Abuse 145 CHAPTER 13 Tobacco Use, Misuse, and Abuse 156




Protecting Your Health


Preventing Major Disease 165 Avoiding Infectious Diseases 188 Lowering Your Risk of Sexually Transmitted Infections 204 Getting Quality Traditional and Nontraditional Health Care 215 Protecting Yourself from Injury, Violence, and Victimization 229 Creating a Healthier Environment 237 A Lifetime of Health 247


Review Question Answers


To The sTudenT, You are changing your life. simply by enrolling in a personal health course, you have taken a major step toward improving the way you feel, move, eat, work, play, relate to others, and live in this world. Change always begins with awareness. In the coming weeks, you will tune into the choices you make every day. some may seem small and simple: to make time for breakfast or not, to go to the gym or not, to join in a drinking game or not, to stay up late or not. Yet over time these ordinary choices have a cumulative effect on every dimension of your health. The Invitation to Health eBook represents the next step in the change process: action. With its purchase, you have committed yourself to breaking old unhealthy habits and developing healthy new ways of handling stress, managing your moods, exercising, eating, developing good relationships, being sexually responsible, preventing illness, and protecting yourself and your environment. Your eCompanion is a highly effective tool to help you get the most out of the Invitation to Health eBook, and the investment of time, energy, and money that you are making in your personal health course. Take it with you to class so you can stay on track with chapter content during lectures without the need of a laptop or printed book. You also will find it valuable for taking notes during lectures, managing homework assignments, and preparing for exams. Among the useful interactive learning aids in the eCompanion are: · keytermsfromeverychapterwithspacetofillindefinitions · a"ConceptCheck"section,uniquetotheeCompanion,thatpresentspertinentfiguresfrom thetextaccompaniedbynewquizquestionsintendedtoensurethatyoufullyunderstandthe corresponding concept · figures,charts,graphs,andtablesfromthebookthatyoucanrefertoduringlecturesorwhile studying · reviewquestionsfromtheend-of-chaptermaterialwithspaceforyouranswers · linedpagesforadditionalnote-taking Your eCompanion can do more than help you to master the material in an Invitation to Health and do well in this course. It can help you live more healthfully, happily, and fully -- but the decision is yours. You cannot simply read your textbook, complete the exercises in the eCompanion, and study health the way you study Italian or chemistry. You must decide to make healthy choices part of your daily life. My advice: Go for it! You'll be glad you did. --dianne hales


How to Use Your eBook Companion

Thank you for purchasing the eCompanion for An Invitation to Health: Choosing to Change. The materialinthisbookisintendedtoprovidethetoolsneededtoutilizeyoureBookintheclassroom byhelpingyoutosummarizeandsynthesizekeyconceptsfromeachofthe20chapters.The eCompanionwillalsoprovetobeagreatrecallandnote-takingtoolduringclasslectures.Additionally, once completed, this book will provide a comprehensive review which will assist in examination preparation. The features of the eCompanion include the following: ChApTer oBjeCTIves -- review chapter objectives corresponding with the content and organizationofthetext.Becomefamiliarwiththetopicscoveredineachchapter. KeY TerMs-- define the key terms contained in each chapter in the provided space. Build your own glossary for exam preparation. ConCepT CheCK-- evaluate important figures and tables from each chapter. In this section, you will be asked to complete missing information from tables or figures within the text. Accompanyingquestionstestyourunderstandingoftheillustratedconcept.Usethesevisual aids to help you practice the application of key chapter concepts. revIeW QuesTIons -- Take this multiple choice test to see how much you remember. Ananswerbankisprovidedonpage256. noTes seCTIon -- Recordanyadditionalnotes,calculations,orquestionsintheblank section at the end each chapter.



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