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Superlative Awards Dee Allen Ms. Manners Ben Baggett The Ornithologist Cabrina Bosco The Knitter Olivia Bourke Ms. Sunshine Pat Brinson Super Woman Beverly Cebe Betty Crocker Cece Clark Mom of the Year Vicki Collins Smiley Face Catherine Duffy You Are What You Drive Jerry Fielden Honey Do List Nikki Gardner Ms. Pheonix Hill ** Amy Holley President of the NI Fan Club Lorie Ann Jacobs Care Bear Marty Jansing Slum Buster Margaret Maginnis Neighborhood Mapper Brendan McGee Comedy Central Andrea Merriwether Cuttin' Up Debra Minter The Quiet Adventurer Lauren Mitchell Eyesore Buster Ali Palmer Mr. Congeniality Becky Peak Mayor of the Year Julia Perry Hardest Worker Alina Pabin Prusak Motor City Lady Chad Rehnberg Mr. Passionate Bob Sarver The Class Historian Barb Sinai Architectural Princess Glenn Starkey Reno 911 Roy Templeton Mr. Systems Guy Lonnie Thurman King of the Block James Tippett Man with a Plan Ray Whitener The Ass Kicker Deb Zimmerman Welcome Wagon


Superlative Awards

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Superlative Awards