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CentraLite® IR Remote Control Receiver

Compatible with CentraLite lighting control products

Streamlined installations

The fun and drama of a home theater begins when the lights dim. For CentraLite® customers with home theaters, their room lighting can now be integrated into the entertainment system and adjusted with the theater remote or touchpad. Decide what light settings you prefer for watching television or a movie and configure them into the remote. When the movie sequence begins, the lights will automatically dim to the predetermined level without anyone jumping up to turn the lights down at the keypad. It's a convenience that adds a lot to the enjoyment to the home theater experience. If components for music, gaming or other entertainment activities are included in the home theater system, additional lighting settings can be configured specially for these activities. The RS-232-based receiver is compatible with any home theater remote that uses the Philips/Marantz® .ccf or .pcf command protocol. Most recent remotes use this protocol including units from Philips, Logitech® , Sony® and many other major electronics manufacturers.

How it Works...

Theater remote control sends a signal to dim lights. The CentraLite IR Receiver picks up the message, converts the signal, and relays request to the CentraLite System to adjust lights. It all happens in an instant!

CentraLite® manufactures residential and commercial lighting control solutions for new and existing construction. Our systems are designed to be simple, reliable, and affordable!

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