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Definition of Employability

"Employability is ... the combination of p people factors and processes which enable p p to progress towards or get into employment, to stay in employment and to move on in the workplace"

Workforce Plus ­ an Employability Framework for Scotland ­ Scottish E S tti h Executive ti

Discover Opportunities

· Why has Dundee been chosen ? · Pipeline approach, WHY ­ WHERE ­ HOW · Partnership Working ­ Co-Location ·


STAGE 1 Referral/ Engagement

Partners introducing new clients into employability, l bilit completing Registration Form and starting Activity Plan. This stage is ESSENTIAL Breakthru Compass

STAGE 2 Initial Needs Assessment

Partners assessing the initial needs of a client and agreeing the k th key activities to ti iti t be undertaken with them. This stage is ESSENTIAL

STAGE 3 Specialist Intervention

Partners delivering specialist services as listed in the Activity Plan ( Pl (e.g. financial fi i l advice, condition management etc.)

STAGE 4 Employability Training

Partners delivering unaccredited core employability skills as li t d in the listed i th Activity Plan

STAGE 5 Accredited Training

Partners delivering a range of accredited training including ECDL, food hygiene, ECDL f d h i etc.

STAGE 6 Work Placement

Partners who can arrange a Wok Placement with an employer to gain l t i the client work experience

STAGE 7 Job brokerage & job matching

Partners who focus on engaging with employers, securing job i j b vacancies and matching jobready clients to jobs

STAGE 8 In Work In-Work Aftercare

Partners supporting clients who start work to maintain their i t i th i jobs, through site visits, practical and specialist support

Breakthru Cyrenians

Adult Learning Breakthru

CraigOwl Communities DEAP

Adult Learning CraigOwl Communities Dundee College u dee Co ege

CraigOwl Communities Dundee College

DEAP Employment Unit

DEAP Employment Unit

Cy e a s Cyrenians

Dundee College u dee Co ege

C a gOw (literacies CraigOwl ( te ac es & dyslexia) Cyrenians

Dundee College u dee Co ege

Employment Unit p oy e t U t

Lennox e o Partnership Triage (Pathways)

Lennox e o Partnershi p Making Money Work Triage (Pathways) Ti (P th ) Working Links

DEAP (outreach Jobshops) Dundee College D d C ll (outreach) Employment Unit

Employment Unit

Employment Unit

Springboard Scotland

Public Sector Recruitment Approach Springboard S i b d Scotland

Triage (Pathways) Ti (P th ) Working for Families

Dundee College D d C ll Employment Unit

Lennox Partnership L P t hi Springboard Scotland

Working f F ili W ki for Families (ICT)

Working Li k W ki Links Public Sector Recruitment Approach

Jobcentre Plus Disability Advisors Triage (Pathways) Working for Families Working Towards Health

g Working Towards Health

Making Money Work g y Working for Families Working Towards Health

Triage (Pathways) g ( y) Working for Families (incl ICT)

Discover Opportunities

Working For Families

Access to: Organisations that support the Employability Pipeline either directly or as an access route.

Joint Action Teams

Discover Opportunities Centre More Choices More Chances

Making Money Work

Dundee Employability Action Team

Working Towards Health

Labour Market Profile - Dundee

· T t lP Total Population - 142 000 l ti 142,000 · Working age population - 88,900 · Economically active (people in employment) - approx 66 000 ) 66,000 · Economically Inactive - approx 20,300

Dundee s Dundee's Current Situation

· · · · · · · Total claimants ­ 19 680 19,680 Job seekers ­ 4,257 (Jan 2009) Incapacity benefit / ESA ­ 10,280 Lone parents ­ 2 310 2,310 Others on income related benefit ­ 650 8:1 ti f li t to job 8 1 ratio of clients t j b vacancies i Currently working with employers ie LEP ­ y g p y matched training to vacancies

Aim of Training Day

To support health, voluntary, housing and other social care professionals to develop a g pathway into y better understanding of the p employment and the services available to support individuals individuals.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Self-actualization personal growth and fulfilment Esteem needs achievement, status, responsibility, reputation Belongingness and Love needs family, affection, relationships, work group, etc. Safety needs protection, security, order, law, limits, stability, etc.

Biological and Physiological needs basic life needs - air food, drink, shelter, warmth sex, sleep, etc air, food drink shelter warmth, sex sleep etc.

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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Alan Chapman accepts no liability.

The Employability Pipeline

After rcare

Job Bro okerage

Work Pla acement

Accredited Training d g

Emp ployabilit Trainin ty ng

Spe ecialist In nterventio on

Initial Needs A Assessme ent

Referral/Enga agement

Colin's Theory

By turning Maslow's Hierarchy Maslow s of Human Needs upside down, it may be possible to start to have conversations with Clients/Service Users and Patients about what "Their Dreams Are", this might give , g g the basis for workers to start the assessment process, and what motivation is needed and service will have to assist to get that individual to start to see the future and realise their dream...

SelfS lf actualization personal growth and fulfilment

Evaluation of Training

· 100% of participants said the training either t t ll or f ti i t id th t i i ith totally partially met expectations · Over 90% said the course would benefit themselves and the individuals they work closely with · Comments: · "I was more informed about options for employability for clients and I can also advise my close work colleagues and be more knowledgeable on the subject " subject. · "Gave a better idea about pipeline and employability also changes to Benefits. Benefits." · "I think this kind of training session should be continued on a regular basis as legislation changes all the time."

The Future Th F t

· Frontline staff training ­ multidisciplinary g p y · No-one is unemployable · I work good for your health and wellIs k df h lth d ll being? (Waddell and Burton, 2006) · Training Pack

Conclusion Working Together

Employees E l Jobcentre Benefits

Friends & Family y NHS

Housing Discover Opportunities pp Centre


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