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Cermate Technologies Inc.

Product: PanelMaster Version: V1.1.57

Language: English and Chinese Date: 2009/03/16 Item: Driver Released Notes


PanelMaster Communicable PLC / Devices List 2009-03-16 PM Ver-1.1.57 // PM ver-1.2.16

Brand Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 Dirise Electric Technology Co.,Ltd. CTB Technologies Corporation DANFOSS Delta Corporation ARICO Technology Automation Technology Co., Ltd. Bosch Rexroth Group CAPAC Chino Corporation CMZ SISTEMI ELETTRONICI AIGO Technologies Corporation Allen Bradley A&D Company Ltd. Code CAD401 Model Name AD-4401 Weighing Indicator MS/AP/AS Series Inverter (RTU) BL/D305 Series (RTU) SE500 Series (Modbus RTU) Micrologix 1000/1500 SLC 5/03, 5/04 DH485 (COM) FC Type (Modbus) BLDC NLV/KLV Series Convo CVF-MN3 (RS485 Model) TC DB1000 Digital Indicating Controller (ASCII) NF0 Controllers FCT Controllers SD Drivers SDS Drivers MDM Drivers IMS Servo Controller VLT 2800 Series (FC Protocol) DVP-ES/SS/EP/EH VFD-M Inverter (ASCII) VFD-B Inverter (ASCII) DTC1000/2000 Temperature (ASCII) ASDA-A Servo Controller (ASCII) ASDA-B Servo Controller (ASCII) DRS2000 Series Inverter DRS2800 M Series Inverter

ADLEE POWERTRONIC CO., LTD. CAPINV CAPIPM C87001 C10001 C10002 C10003 Carfc01 CAK200 C49001 CCAP01 CCDB1k Ccmz051 Ccmz151 Ccmz251 Ccmz351 Ccmz451 CAA001 CDAVLT C16001 C16011 C16021 C16031 C16041 C16051 C15101 C15111

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Cermate Technologies Inc.

28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 Gofast Corporation Gigarise Technology Co., Ltd. GE Corporation Fatek Automation Corp. Festo Corporation Fuji Electric Corporation Emerson Network Power C81001 C81011 C1A001 C1C001 C1D001 C1D011 C1D021 C1D031 C1E001 C1E011 C1E002 C90012 C87002 C42002 EC Series EV1000 Series Variable Speed Driver Fatek FBs/FBe FPC/FEC Series NB Series PXR Series Temperature (RTU)


FRENIC5000G11/P11 (Fuji) GE Series SNP Link GE Series CCM Link VersaMax Series SNP GA400 Temperature (RTU) SE5000 NC Series

Hanbell Precise Machinery Co., Ltd. CHANASC Air Screw Compressor Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd. CHA04LS AD Series

44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 Koyo Electric Corp. Klockner Moeller Corporation Keyence Corp. HUST Automation Inc. Idec Corporation Integrated Flow Systems JETTER Honeywell Hitech

C1F001 C1F020 C1F021 C02001 C02011 C02021 C02031 Cbacnet Cbacmst CHCNC01 C22001 CIF001 C24001 C24011 C25001 C25011 C26001 CSUK01 C27001

SJ200 Inverter H/EH Series EHV Series (Procedure 1) Computer as Slave (COM) Computer as Master (COM) Computer as Slave V2 (COM) Computer as Master V2 (COM) BACnet (RS485) BACnet/MSTP (RS485) CNC Controller FC Series iPurge Source Controller NANO Series JetControl 24x Series KV Series KV-1000 PS4-201-MM1 SUCONET K K Sequence Series

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Cermate Technologies Inc.

63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 Maxtech Maxthermo Micro Trend Corporation Liyan Electric Industrial Ltd. Matsushita Electric Works Lenze Drive Systems GmbH LG Industrial Systems C27011 C27021 C27031 CLZ001 C28001 C28011 C28012 C28021 C28041 C28031 C2B141 C29001 C29011 C85001 C86001 C91001 Direct Logic Series Direct 06 Series (K Sequence) Direct 06 Series (DirectNet) 93xx Servo Controllers (LECOM A/B) Master-K Series CNet K120S CPU Port Master-K Loader GLOFA GM Series CNet GLOFA GM Loader XBM-DR16S EX Series (CPU Port) FP Series Computer Link VF0C Series Inverter MC2 PID Controller MC5738 (RTU) UTC Servo Controller (Only for signed 32bit device) 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 Mitutoyo Corporation Modicon Corp. Mirle Automation Corporation Mitsubishi Electric Corp. C2A001 C2B001 C2B011 C2B012 C2B021 C2B031 C2B041 C2B051 C2B052 C2B061 C2B071 C2B081 C2B091 C2B0A1 C2B151 C2B161 C2B171 CMITDEV C2C021 nDX Controller Melsec-FX (CPU Port) Melsec-Q/QnA (Link Port) Melsec-Q00/01 (CPU Port) Melsec-Q02H (CPU Port) Melsec-Q00J (CPU Port) Melsec-FX2n (CPU Port) Melsec-FX3U (CPU Port) Melsec-FX3U (Link Port) Melsec-AnN/AnS (Link Port) FX2n 10GM/20GM Melsec-A1S/A2S (CPU Port) FR-E500 Series (485) Melsec-A3N/A1SH (CPU Port) Melsec-AnA/AnU (Link Port) Servo Amplifier MR-J2S-A Melsec-A2A/A2AS (CPU Port) EV Linear Gage Counter (ASCII) Modicon 984 Master (RTU)

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Cermate Technologies Inc.

98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 MTC 108 Muscle Corporation Inc. 109 Newtop Co., Ltd. 110 111 112 113 114 Omron Corporation 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 PanelMaster 122 123 124 C2C022 C2C031 C2C061 C2C062 C2C071 C2C081 C2C0A1 C2C0B1 C2C0C1 C93001 CCM117L C80001 C80002 C80003 C80004 C80005 C2D001 C2D011 C2D021 C2D021 C2D041 C2D051 C2D061 C01051 Cepson0 C2C091 C2C093 Modicon 984 Master (RTU; Little Memory) Modicon 984 Device/Slave (RTU) Modbus Master (ASCII) Modbus Master (ASCII; Little Memory) Modbus Device/Slave (ASCII) Modicon Device/Slave (RTU, Quantum) TSX Premium (Uni-Telway) TSX Quantum (Uni-Telway) Twido (Modbus RTU) MTC96 Controller (Modbus ASCII) Cool Muscle CM1-17L30 PSTC (Temperature Controller) PSBD (Bushless Driver) PSSD (Stepping Driver) PSMC (Motion Controller) PSNC (Embedded NC) Sysmac C Series Host Link Sysmac CV Series Host Link Sysmac CS/CJ Series Host Link Sysmac CS/CJ Series (FINS) E5CN Temperature (CompoWay/F) E5CN Temperature (Modbus RTU) EJ1 Temperature (CompoWay/F) General Device (COM) Epson Matrix Printer Modbus Device/Slave (ASCII) Modbus Device/Slave (ASCII; No block read) 125 126 127 128 C2C041 C2C042 C2C051 C2C052 Modbus Master (RTU) Modbus Master (RTU; Little Memory) Modbus Device/Slave (RTU) Modbus Device/Slave (Word order in big-endian) 129 130 131 132 C2C053 C00000 C01081 C01061 Modbus Device/Slave (RTU; No block read) Null PLC Profibus-DP Slave EP0920 2-to-1 Server (COM) (Service Link)

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Cermate Technologies Inc.

133 134 135 136 137 138 139 Pan-Globe Corp. 140 141 142 RICH Electric Co., Ltd. 143 144 RKC Instrument Inc. 145 Saia Burgess 146 147 Samwon Technology 148 Schneider Electric 149 Sharp Corporation 150 Shenzhen Step Servo Ltd. 151 SHIMAX CO., LTD. 152 Shinko Technos Co., Ltd. 153 154 SIEMENS AG. 155 156 157 158 159 C01062 C01071 C01001 C01011 C01S01 Cbcode C90001 C90011 C90021 CEI500 CEI9001 C82001 C31001 C31003 C88001 CSCH23 CSJW10 C50001 CSHI01 CSJCS11 CSJCS01 C39001 C39011 C39021 C39031 C39041 C39051 2-to-1 Transparent Server (COM) 2-to-1 Client (COM) N-to-1 Master (COM) N-to-1 Client (COM) Data Sharer (RS485) Barcode Scanner E9 Temperature Series E904 Temperature (RTU) HT Series Temperature Controller EI-500 Series (RTU) EI-9001 Series (RTU) MA900/CB900 Series (RTU) PCD1 (S-Bus, PGU) (Break Mode) PCD Series (S-Bus, Data Mode) NOVA Series (RTU) (Indirect Link) (Service Link) (Indirect Link)

Lexium 23 Servo Controller (ASCII)

JW10/20 Series Kinco Servo Controller MAC3 Series (RTU) JCS-33A-R/M (Modbus ASCII) JCS-33A-R/M (Shinko Protocol) Simatic S7-200 (PPI; 1-to-1) Simatic S7-200 (PPI; Network) Simatic S7-300 (MPI Port) Simatic S7-300 (PC Adaptor) Simatic S5 3964R Simatic S5 TSDA Series AC Servo TP02 Series TP03 Series (Modbus RTU) TSTA Series AC Servo FY series DIGITAL PID CONTROLLER

160 Teco Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd. C51001 161 162 163 Taiwan Instrument & Control Co., 164 Ltd. 165 166 167 TESHOW Electronic CFY001 CFY002 CMY901 C51021 C51011 C51031 CTAIEFY

TAIE FY100/900 Series (RTU) TAIE FY100/900 Series (TAIE) MY90V/MY40V Series (RTU)

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Cermate Technologies Inc.

168 Thinget Electronic Co., Ltd. 169 Tieon Electronics Co., Ltd. 170 TOHO Electronics Inc. 171 172 173 Toshiba Schneider Inverter Corporation 174 Unitronics 175 Vertex Technology Co,. Ltd. 176 VIGOR 177 Wanfeng Electric 178 YAMAHA MOTOR Co., Ltd. 179 Yamatake Corporation 180 181 182 183 184 185 186 Yaskawa Electric Corporation 187 188 189 YE-LI ELECTRIC & MACHINERY 190 Co., Ltd. 191 192 Yokogawa Electric Corporation Cyeli2 C46001 YJD Servo Controller FA-M3 Series (CPU Port) AI-7/8 Series (AiBus) AI518/708/808/518P/708P/808P (Aibus) BP Series PSDA Driver (RTU) C4A001 CVVT26 C42001 CWF001 CYAERCD C44001 C44011 C44021 C44031 C44041 CyaMX30 CyaMX50 C45001 C45011 C45021 C45031 Cyeli1 Vision 120 Series (Modbus RTU) VT26/30 Series Controllers (RTU) M/VB Series WF Series Single-axis Robot Controller ERCD SDC35/36 Temperature (RTU) SDC35/36 Temperature (ASCII) MA500 FA Controller (ECL Host) DMC10 Controller (RTU) DMC10 Controller (ASCII) MX30 MX50 C89001 C83001 C3D001 C3D002 C3D003 C84001 XC Series Controller (RTU) IPC-03 Series (RTU) TTX-700 (Modbus RTU) TTM-000 Series (TOHO Protocol) TTM-200 Series (TOHO Protocol) TOSVERT VF Series (Modbus RTU)

YPV Servo Controller

193 Yudian Automation Technology Ltd. C47001 194 195 Zhuhai Motion Control Motor Co., Ltd. C47011 C2CBP1

PM Designer Ethernet Communicable PLC / Devices List 2009-03-19 PM Ver-1.2.16

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SGDM/H Series AC Servo

MP Series Controllers (Memobus)

V7 inverter (Memobus) NS600 Servo Controller

Cermate Technologies Inc.

Brand Name 1 2 3 4 Allen Bradley CMZ SISTEMI ELETTRONICI Fatek Automation Corp. Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd C1F007 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Saia Burgess SIEMENS AG. Omron Corporation PanelMaster Honeywell Jetter Mitsubishi Electric Corp. Modicon Corp. C2C001 C2C011 C2C101 C2C111 C2DE01 C01E01 C2C211 C01091 C01021 C31007 C39E01 Cbacip C24012 EH/EHV Series (Ethernet; UDP) BACnet/IP JetControl 24x Series(Ethernet) Melsec-Q/QnA (Ethernet) ModBus Master (TCP/IP) ModBus Device/Slave (TCP/IP) ModBus Master (TCP/IP; Type 2) ModBus Device/Slave (TCP/IP; Type 2) Sysmac CS/CJ Series FINS/TCP Data Sharer (UDP) Modbus Device/Slave (TCP/IP) N-to-1 Client (Ethernet) N-to-1 Master (Ethernet) PCD Series (Ether-S-Bus) Simatic S7-300 Ethernet Module (CP343) (Indirect Link) (Service Link) Code C10E01 Cmz111 C1A011 C1F006 Model Name MicroLogix 1000/1500 via 1761-NET-ENI FCT Controllers (TCP/IP) Fatek FBs/FBe (TCP) EH/EHV Series (Ethernet; TCP)

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