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Area and Perimeter PowerPoint

Lesson/Unit Overview Objectives/Expected Learning Outcomes: Students will:

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Learn how to find the area and perimeter of different figures.

How to determine which formula to use when solving word problems with area and perimeter. Targeted ISTE Indicators & Standards

IC3 Standards

Key Applications: Presentation Software National Standards NCTM: Geometry 1, Measurement 2 State Standards / Provincial Standards Louisiana : Geometry: 2M, 3M,5M,7M ; Measurement 1E Technology Standards NETS T II A, III B, III C Approximate Time Needed: 30 minutes Recommended teaching resources: (equipment, materials, reference sites, etc.) Teaching Materials/Handouts/Directions/ PowerPoint Presentations Other Materials Needed Technology ­ Hardware: Camera Computer(s) Digital Camera DVD Player Internet Connection Technology ­ Software: Excel/ Spreadsheet Publisher/ Desktop Publishing E-mail Software Subject Area(s): Language Arts Social Studies Grade Level: K-2 6-8 Description of Lesson Math Science 3-5 9-12 Internet Web Browser PowerPoint/ Presentation Access/ Database Web Page Development Word/ Word Processing Other: Laser Disk Printer Projection System Scanner Television VCR Video Camera Video Conferencing Equip. Other:

Area & Perimeter


Students will view this presentation as a group. The purpose of the presentation is to review the area and perimeter formula. We will then look at some word problems like those found on standardized tests and determine whether it is an area or a perimeter problem. Technology Justification The auto-shape feature, color and animations in PowerPoint make it a great tool for teaching area and perimeter formulas and the difference between the two. Teacher Reflection and Advice In PowerPoint XP and 2003 the pointer options tool is a great for drawing on the slides as you teach. In 2003 you can even select the style, color and whether you want to save your annotations. While in slide show mode, just right click on the slide and select pointer options. To go back to your presentation just hit the ESC key. Student Example/ Rubric: Unit Author First and Last Name: School Name: School City, State: E-mail Info: New Orleans, LA [email protected] Gloria Peifer None

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