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Our Fuse-Bonded Powdered PVC Coating Process

Shepherd PVC coated wire mesh is the best quality available. We start with steel wire which meets or exceeds ASTM A-90, the industry standard for quality. Shepherd then employs specialized state-of-the-art equipment to weld different gauges. Advanced technology guarantees virtually error-free welding each and every time, producing wire mesh that meets or exceeds ASTM A-185 standards. Our rigid quality assurance process includes electronically spot-checking the welds to reveal a "perfect weld profile." The wire is prepared for coating in a seven stage hot cleaning, degreasing and phosphatizing process which ensure clean material for maximum adhesion between metal and the coating. A proprietary primer is then applied for increased corrosion resistance and to facilitate bonding of the coating. Welded or hex mesh wire is coated utilizing an exclusive fluidized bed, fuse-bonded process by which the PVC coating adheres to the metal. This durable coating makes wire extremely corrosion resistant, impervious to many chemicals and significantly longer lasting than non-coated wire. Conventional PVC coated wire is covered with a sleeve of PVC. If the sleeve is cut or nicked, the entire length of the PVC sleeve peels away leaving the galvanized wire beneath exposed and unprotected. The proprietary process of fuse bonding powdered PVC to Shepherd PVC coated welded wire yields a coating that is an integral part of the structure of the wire so it stays in place - assuring the best corrosion protection possible. Shepherd PVC coating offers uncompromised protection. Purchase Shepherd wire with confidence; it is simply the very best commercial wire available.

Shepherd Wire Mesh Products

The C. E. Shepherd Company produces literally millions of feet of quality wire mesh every year , for a broad variety of applications. Much of this wire mesh is coated with a durable PVC coating that is fuse-bonded to the wire in a proprietary process which makes the wire extremely rust and corrosion resistant. The coating also provides a smooth, snag-free surface which is easy to clean and requires little or no maintenance. Products made of C. E. Shepherd Wire last and will not rust even when exposed to water or other corrosive environments over long periods of time, and will withstand the roughest use you can give them! Strong and durable, Shepherd Wire provides economical value by significantly reducing replacement costs. Shepherd Wire Mesh is available in a large assortment of gauges and welded and woven mesh sizes. These are just a few of the possible uses for Shepherd Wire Mesh. More specific information is available; please call for details.

Steel Core Wire Hot Dipped Galvanizing Primer Fuse Bonded PVC Coating

Industrial Applications ! Machine & Instrument Guards ! Security Fencing ! Cooling Tower Components Cage Applications ! Zoo Habitats & Fences ! Kennels & Dog Runs ! Gamebird Pens ! Aviaries ! Poultry Breeder Floors ! Poultry Sidescreens Nursery & Greenhouse Applications ! Stem Support ! Wind Guard ! Bench Tops ! Composters

Aquaculture & Marine Applications ! Lobster, Crab & Crawfish Traps ! Fish Traps ! Fish Farming Construction Applications ! Concrete & Perlite Reinforcement ! Stucco ! Supports Wall & Pipe Insulation ! Erosion Control


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