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December Newsletter

Happy Holidays!

From the Calgary & Southern Alberta Chapter!

Be sure to book your "Wrapping for a Cure" shifts this month... Go to to book online!

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GIVE ME A CALL AT HOME: 403-253-6897 OR AT THE CF OFFICE: 403-266-5295 POSITIONS REQUIRED Banker Cashier Chiprunner Countroom DAY SHIFT TIMES 10:30am - 7:00pm 11:15am ­ 7:00pm 11:15am ­ 7:00 pm n/a NIGHT SHIFT TIMES 6:15pm ­ 3:00am 6:15pm ­ 3:00am 6:15pm ­ 3:00am 10:15pm ­ 3:00am

NAME_________________________________________________________________________ PHONE NUMBER_____________________________EMAIL __________________________ DATE OF PREFERRED SHIFT___________________________________________________ TIME OF PREFERRED SHIFT (DAY OR NIGHT)_______________________________________________________________ PREFERRED POSITION_________________________________________________________


Teri Lang

Casino Chairperson, Kinette Club of Stampede City Office Coordinator, Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Calgary & Southern AB Chapter

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Income Tax Information

Just a reminder that all children with Cystic Fibrosis are eligible for the disability tax credit. This credit is based on children receiving "life sustaining therapy" (ie. chest physiotherapy) on a regular basis, totalling at least fourteen hours per week. If this is new information to you or you have any questions, please see me when you are in clinic or contact me directly. Those families who are in receipt of the Child Tax Credit are entitled to additional financial benefits, once the disability tax credit paperwork has been filed with the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency). This happens automatically, there is no need for you to file any additional paperwork.

Additionally, according to the CRA website, families who have to travel greater than 40 kms, to travel to the hospital to receive CF care, may be able to deduct travel related costs (mileage). Families who travel greater than 80 kms, may also be able to claim costs for meals and accommodations. Receipts need to be kept. Please refer to the CRA website for further details.

Parents, we are asking you to please send in pictures of your child/children at the CF walk or other events, pictures of your kids doing activities and of them doing CF care. Please email them to our CF office at [email protected] These pictures will be used to make a video for promotion purposes for the chapter. Please don't forget to include your child's name and age. Please note however, that you do not have to use the child's real name

SWITCH FROM MAIL TO E-MAIL AND WIN! We have decided to extend the newsletter contest. We have only received 4 requests to have the newsletter sent via email instead of having it mailed out. 11 year old Erin Rodger, after helping mom stuff over 150 envelopes, came up with the idea of the contest to save our Foundation money and to save the environment. So switch from mail to e-mail and your name will entered in a draw to win a movie pass for two, concession included! phone Teri 266-5295 or [email protected]

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Where else can you.... Find people you can totally relate to 24/7 CF kids/Teens hang out in conference 14 (CF Chatter) Talk about the things that you love to do as well as other things that are important to you Get studying tips & help with homework Feel good about yourself and the world you live in

?????? Fun, free, and the online place to be!

Check out our web site, but if you want more info email [email protected] or call 416-650-6207 (toll free 1-866-650-6207) and ask for Michelle.

When you get your activation code, add CFC at the end and you will have immediate access to our CF message forum.

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2008 AGM

On October 26 our Chapter had the opportunity to thank some very special members of the CF community during our annual general meeting. Our Community partners were presented with beautiful plaques and thanked for their many ongoing contributions to our cause. Receiving plaques were: Carbon Copy Digital, Okotoks Carcraft Carstar Collision, Bowen Workforce Solutions, Haskayne & Partners, Paula Neuhold from North Hill Centre, Nexen Marketing and The Calgary Rock Riders. The Kinsmen and Kinettes of Calgary were recognized for their 45 years of support of the CF cause. Plaques were presented to The Kinsmen Club of Calgary, Kinettes Club of Calgary, Stampede City Kinsmen and Stampede City Kinettes and also to the High River Kinsmen.

The Chapter wanted to also recognize all of our Chairs of committees for all their hard work and dedication and again, beautiful plaques were presented to; Jeanette Demers; Great Strides Walk, Grant Weir; Ride for Breath Of Life, Beverly VanHorne; Casino, Sue Godfrey; Frightlites and Mums for Moms, Matthew McWhirter; Friends Of CF Golf Tournament, Rita Owen; 65 Roses Ladies Golf Tournement, Deb Laval: 65 Roses Ladies Golf Tournament, Wayne Brennan; Shooting For A Cure, Ray and Theresa Renke; Friends Fore CF Golf Tournament. Individuals who were thanked for their contributions to our Chapter and awarded a plaque were Terry Baker, Darren Cooke and Rebecca and Doug Watson. Anne Clark was thanked for her many years of contributions to the Cf cause through her work on the 65 Roses Ladies Golf Tournament and Beezley from 97.7 FM for all his help in advertising our different events through his radio broadcasts and attending the Great Strides Walk. Thank you to Paula and North Hill Centre for donating $750,00 worth of gift certificates that will be used for volunteer recognition. The following volunteers were recognized for their outstanding commitment by going the extra mile.

Joanne Breeze Rita Williamson Judy and Bob Derbowka Fred Wuotila Cara Wiley Jenny Wilmot Rhona Richardson Joan Powley Agatha Korczewski Jean Gulayets Joan Wohlford

Denise Williamson Ernest and Verna Yurkiw Susan Buhler Al Weir Carol O'Connor Virginia Holmes Cheryl Shore Ursula Jennings Arlene Fowler Liz Taylor Brenda McKeowen

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Volunteer Acrostic V: Volunteer from the heart; O: Observe and help where you can; L: Lighten the burdens of people; U: Uplift people through volunteering; N: Notice the needs around you; T: Treat the needs around you; E: Empower those you serve; E: Enhance your cause; R: Render good service;

WRAPPING FOR A CURE! The Gift wrap event starts on Dec 6th and we are in need of volunteers. We still have close to 100 shifts that need to be filled. If you are interested in helping us please log on to our web site and book your shift today! If you prefer to phone Agata her number is 287-1755.

Join us and help make this year's gift wrap a success!

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We are happy to share with you the creation of an official CCFF Page on Facebook. The Page has just been launched, and has grown exponentially in a very short time. We look forward to continuing this trend! The Page is designed to be an interactive place that members of the CF community can visit to obtain and/or share information. The Page can be viewed by anyone, whether or not you have an account on Facebook. We hope that you will visit the Page, view the content, and if you have a Facebook account, become a `fan' and interact (to become a fan of the Page, log into your Facebook account, and click the `Become a Fan' link on the upper right hand side of the Page). Please pass along this information to your chapter members, family and friends. All features are available for use, including the wall, discussion board, photos and videos. The page is currently in English only, but with increased interaction on the Page, we may explore the possibility of creating a French Page as well. Please visit the Page at: or link directly from the CCFF Web site. We look forward to connecting with you on Facebook.

On November 17th Erin Rodger accepted an invitation to Rundle College to accept a cheque for the amount of $2200.00 to the CF Foundation. Erin and I were greeted by a warm and outgoing staff at Rundle College. The atmosphere was very welcoming and made Erin feel relaxed and ready to speak to the 400 students waiting in the gym. Thank you Sara and Erin for welcoming us and being great ambassadors for your school. We were very impressed with your polite and outgoing personalities. Thank you to Beverly Ross also, who was very kind and also made us feel very welcomed. And most of all thank you to all the students at Rundle College for picking the CF Foundation as your charity of choice during your Jeans for Genes week! Your contributions mean a lot to all the people in the CF community. It is because of people like you that we are getting closer to a cure! Good job Erin for taking the time out of your day to speak to the students and share with them what it is like to live with Cystic Fibrosis. Monique Rodger Vp of Volunteers and Community Partners

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Erin Rodger is 11 years old and was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at 4 months old. Her family didn't waste any time getting Erin involved in fundraising, at the age of 8 months old she participated in her first Moonwalk and accompanied her mom to presentations to the Zellers employees for many years. Erin has since participated in every Moonwalk and Great Strides walk with her family. Erin has grown up volunteering in many CF events including sorting frightlites with her family, painting thank you cards for the Golf tournaments, attending the Toshiba Ski Challenges, decorating Easter eggs, and her most favourite fundraising event of all is gift wrapping at the "Wrapping For A Cure". When Erin was little she started off being the "bow" girl and would happily stick the bows on the gifts. Last year at the age of 10 she impressed her many customers with her wrapping skills. Last Spring Erin decided that she wanted to start spreading awareness on her own. She raised $500.00 in her classroom and just recently spoke to the students at Rundle College thanking them for their donation and educating them on what it is like to live with Cystic Fibrosis. When not volunteering she keeps busy with riding her bike, downhill skiing, water skiing, skating, swimming and riding her pony. In September Erin won four year end Provincial Championship titles in show jumping and equitation. She also loves spending with her family and is especially thankful to her Aunt Carole, our Chapter President, for her many years of "working for her". Even though she is a busy girl she says "it's important to make time to volunteer and raise money for CF, especially if you have CF! If you don't, who will?"

Send in your January Hero to [email protected]

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On behalf of the 2008 65 Roses Ladies Golf Tournament, we would like to recognize our many volunteers that help make the day possible. Most of these people are CF family, friends, grandparents or siblings, and return year after year to help. Their presence is invaluable and we wanted to have them recognized and thanked. Cheers to you: Barry Lindgren Stan Carver Steve Dunne Frank Everts Stefan Read Virginia Holmes Mitch Agata Korczwski Kathy Modesette Sarah Bird Allison Modesette Yvonne McCartney Deb DeGraaf Allison Searle Ursula Jennings Brandi Jensen Bob Derbowka Jackie Garbutt Judy Derbowka Laura Read Vance Gough Ben Archibald Tanya Hurlburt Susan Godfrey Please forgive me if I missed anyone. Your generous donation of your time that day helped raise $47,000 for local cystic fibrosis research and patient support. We hope to see you again next year! -Deb Laval for 65 Roses Ladies Golf Classic Committee

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Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Calgary and Southern Alberta Chapter


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Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Calgary and Southern Alberta Chapter 130, 6001 ­ 1A Street Calgary, AB T2H 0G5 Phone: 403-266-5295 Fax: 403-262-7556 email: [email protected] _______________________________________________________________________________________ Please note that if your membership is not kept up to date, we will be unable to mail you a copy of the newsletter. For those with access to a computer, please help keep costs down by switching from mail to electronic mail for receiving your newsletter!

2007/08 Calgary & Southern Alberta Chapter Executive President Carole Erlam 208-8392 [email protected] VP ­ Volunteers & Community Partners Monique Rodger 730-7978 [email protected] VP ­ Publicity & Promotions Debbie Carver 230-7893(h) [email protected] Treasurer Rebecca Watson 256-2543 [email protected] Secretary Marie Nicholson 285-2293 [email protected] Adult CF Clinic Liaison Melissa McGoldrick 695-7129 [email protected] Chidlren's CF Clinic Liaison Jenny Wilmot 217-1768 [email protected] Kin Liaison Robin Stanton [email protected] or [email protected] Risk Manager Steve Peplinski [email protected] Newsletter Editor Director at Large Director at Large Director at Large Regional Director Past President National President Great Strides Chairperson FrightLites Chairperson Casino Chairperson Gift Wrap Coordinator Gift Wrap Co-Coordinator 65 Roses ® Ladies Golf Chairperson Friends of CF Golf Chairperson CF Chapter Office 130, 6001 ­ 1A Street SW Calgary, AB T2H 0G5 Cara Wiley Jeanette Demers Weir Debbie Laval Alice Leiper Beverly Van Horne Sue Godfrey Laura Read Jeanette Demers Weir Susan Godfrey Beverly Van Horne Monique Rodger Cara Wiley Rita Owen Matthew McWhirter Teri Lang 266-5295 262-7556 fax 398-7221 256-1755 249-0409 241-6223 730-2182 226-2807 247-3854 256-1755 226-2807 730-2182 730-7978 398-7221 249-4641 288-1786 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

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[email protected]


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