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MARCH 2009


Right of Passage

oetic Justice is not usually a phrase associated with the Shipping Industry, but the report that five of the Somali pirates drowned, when their boat capsized whilst they were arguing over the split of the three million dollars ransom parachuted onto the deck of the "Sirius Star", undoubtedly caused a few wry smiles among many shipowners, managers and operators. At the risk of mixing metaphors one wonders whether drowning, after receiving ransom demands, qualifies for the now well documented terrorist benefit scheme involving sharing of virgins immediately after entering the promised land ? Reverting to the actual paying of the ransom though - dropping US$3 million from a helicopter onto the deck of a ULCC does make one think that possibly, some of the scenes depicted in various James Bond movies are not all that fanciful ? Governments world-wide are thankfully tackling the problem and I was interested to see that my own countrymen, on board an anti-piracy warship, actually rescued seven suspected pirates who's boat had broken down. It was also encouraging to see that the traditional Viking custom of looting, ravaging, burning and pillaging is still being maintained because, after removing all the anti-tank rockets, AK-47 assault rifles and other weapons from the pirates stricken craft, the Danes sank the stricken boat before handing over the captured pirates to Yemeni authorities. (The famous "Third Viking Long Boat", who's crew were traditionally responsible for raping, were not called into service in this particular instance!!)


Source: Huffington Post



CAPTAIN'S COLUMN Gulf of Aden - Maritime Security Patrol Area (MSPA)

on earlier vessels of the name to come forward. Very pleasant in this awful "must be new" age in which we live to see a Company maintaining an interest in the past. C.F.Sharp Singapore are also very busy on the cargo front with the voracious demands of China for natural commodities seeing many more bulkers calling into the Republic's anchorages for bunkers . Numerically the Singapore Agency is comparatively small compared to other agencies in the tiny Republic and also our Philippines Operations Division, and their efforts in handling the large numbers of vessels of all descriptions which regularly call into Singapore is highly commendable. Turning to Sharp Crew Management the 2008 statistics, now to hand, show a substantial increase in total crew deployment involving near ly 16,000 seafarers as opposed to 2,000 less than that figure in 2007. Other figures covering every aspect of crew movements must remain confidential, but what to me is interesting is the fact that all these statistics are compiled "in house" and show the value of the exit interviews, which are conducted on all seafarers, by our Fleet and Crewing Managers in conjunction with a representative of the Company/Principal on who's vessel the individual seafarer was positioned and, in some cases, from where they were dismissed for various reasons. We pride ourselves that this very open and candid approach (I refuse to use the now overworked word transparent!) which we adopt with Principal's representatives, either those based in Casa Rocha or visiting to view our activities, is appreciated by all our clients. A lot is to be learnt from such "grass roots" debriefings whether they be pleasant or in some cases contentious or even belligerent. Will there by many Filipino job losses through the current world-wide economic downturn? is a question I have been repeatedly asked over the past few months. Well, like many

MARCH 2009


others I don't have a crystal ball but can only view an unofficial report from a monitoring group spearheaded by the POEA. This states that some 750 vessels are expected to be scrapped globally in the next two to three years, and, as each one of these vessels employs an average of 20 seafarers some 1,500 Filipinos could find themselves "on shore" in the two year period which seems to be the accepted minimum period before the situation upturns. However, on the plus side , we are told that orders are in place for over 6000 new vessels to be built before 2012 and, as yet, cancellations of these orders have not been seen. Even if only a half of these orders remain firm there would be a net gain against the anticipated losses from scrapping. One can only wait and see. Another brief mention in my Xmas edition column, with promise of details to follow, was CFS' pioneering arrangement with SMARTLINK for ship shore communications for crew members. Following a series of tests, CFS seafarers onboard G.M.S. Ships now have access to a more dependable means of keeping in touch with their families back home. The "Cable Retriever" was the ship selected for the trial run, and now, the crew onboard that vessel, can attest to the versatility of this system. They use this for most of the time rather than their personal mobile phones because calls are much cheaper. This was particularly evident during this past holiday season when everyone wanted to reach out and bring themselves closer to their families. As one crewmember said "Smartlink will be a great help to us since we can now communicate with our families at a more affordable rate anytime we want. The reception is clear, and there is no time delay. It is just like I am using a landline phone" This service is not only appreciated by the Filipino crew - all other nationalities on board this particular ship are using this service to call their loved ones in their home countries. C.F.Sharp feel the initiative which we took is well worth while to give this convenience and benefits to our crew onboard. Calls to the Philippines are charged at the very low rate of 15 pesos per minute . Several more units have been delivered to Casa Rocha and have, or are in the course of being sent to other vessels on which our seafarers are deployed. We have to thank SMARTLINK too for making their technicians available at short notice, around the clock, to conduct a briefing on how to install the equipment. To another closely related maritime problem - killing of whales by Japanese whalers in Antarctic waters. Two female Odontoceti whales spotted a whaler and recognised it as the vessel from where their husbands were harpooned. They decided on revenge and agreed to swim below the whaler and use their naturally given gift of being able to discharge extremely powerful jets of water through their blowholes to capsize the craft. This worked with enormous success and they viewed the stricken Japanese crew threshing about in the water. One whale said to the other "look at all that food - we must go and eat them up" to which the other whale replied "Oh No!! - I don't mind giving the Japanese a blow job but I'm not going to swallow their seamen" So that is my contribution for this March - let us trust that the next time I write the international financial downturn has not worsened although, to believe it will have improved is a rather futile hope. I did read of one poor guy who broke into an adult shop to have sex with a blow up doll. When arrested he said he was forced to do it as he didn't have enough money to afford the real thing with a lady of the night!! Let's try and keep laughing despite the gloom and despondency!! Take Care. Captain Hans. J. Rosenfeldt.


IBF High Risk Area (Extended)

remains the main thought for Masters of all vessels irrespective of the cost. P& O should be proud of this action by one of their Masters. Whilst mentioning the Cruising Industry I was extremely pleased to see that my Singapore Agency have firm agency appointments for no less than twenty prestigious cruise liner calls in 2009. Of particular interest are two "firsts" with the "new" "Arcadia" having already called (February) and the "Dawn Princess" due in October. Historically of course the "Arcadia" takes some beating this being the fourth noble vessel to bear that name. Possibly the "second Arcadia" could claim the most records as, during its 25 years of service, it carried more than 430,000 passengers around the world including, in that period, the famous, or infamous depending on one's viewpoint, thousands of British Immigrants to Australia - the famous "ten quid poms" that being the price for a one way passage. To celebrate the current maiden voyage, P.&.O. are digging into history and offering attractive prizes for people who sailed


However, whilst on the subject of Piracy, to associate it generally with the current economic and financial chaos would, in most people's minds , be merely lunatic ravings. But ­ pause for a moment- forget the plight (sic) of the overpaid and over compensated financiers now "resting" and counting their millions, and spare a thought for the plight of the Cruise Liner Owner or operator. Passengers are not all that easy to come by at the best of times and currently, with many people seeing their returns on investments dropping to near zero, the very last activity which most people would consider is booking an expensive cruise. To this scenario therefore, add the current frenzied media outburst of reports of cruise ships being hassled, possibly boarded and personal valuables and cash being seized and the shipowner is facing , what is fancifully named a "double whammy", in trying to entice customers to pay for a cruise


to many parts of the world. To add to these problems, a very lucrative cruise market - Antarctica ­ is now under scrutiny from that area's treaty parties because of the ever increasing "incidents" involving cruise vessels without ice strengthened hulls. Within the next few months a conference is being held which could see new legislation introduced which will curtail the number of vessels permitted to carry the 40,000 tourists, which is the 2008 total, and anticipated to be on the increase. On a happier note it was heart-warming to read of the "Pacific Sun's" role in the rescue of four sailors who were forced to abandon their yacht after it struck a reef between the Australian East Coast and Noumea. For a large cruise vessel to go about and steam 140 nautical miles away from its destination costs "more than a few quid" (to use a phrase) and to my mind shows that the traditional assistance which is inbred in all seamen still


Standby Server



Mirrored Data


t is always a big challenge in our everyday lives on how to move forward in the face of adversity. We can never be assured of survival after such hardships and frustrations. There are those who are not even prepared to face these circumstances; as we tend to forget the importance of planning ahead. Planning ahead is a very effective way of facing unpredictable circumstances. In line with this, CITS has set its main project, the creation of a Disaster Recovery Plan for its clients. The goal of this project is focused on the recovery of technical infrastructure of servers, workstations and applications. This is in order for the clients to continue to run their respective businesses after a disaster. This plan includes: The minimum application and applicationdata requirements The time frame in which the minimum application and application data must be available. Preservation of information in hard copy format, or restoration of data in process Disaster recovery is the process, policies and procedures of restoring operations critical to the resumption of business, including regaining access to data (records, hardware,software,etc.),communications(incoming,outgoing,toll-free,fax,etc.), workspace, and other business processes after a natural or human-induced disaster.


Recovery Plan

Primary Server



hildren from the nearby Baseco Compound cheered singing by office our Christmas carols. Indeed, the children are good singers with no less than Amb Rocha posing for a snapshot with them and their mentors, the good Sisters of the Daughters of Charity.

about these children, happy to support the cause so they could have fun and enjoyment, which is what Christmas is all about. Thanks to the generous donations of NCL and the Filipino crewmembers. NCL was represented by CF Sharp : Miguel Rocha, Kjell Hjartnes, Jikie Ilagan, Nino Salvacion, our dearly beloved



early 50 children enjoyed the afternoon holiday fun. The children were all looking forward to playing games, meet new people and receive Christmas gifts. It was nice to see that NCL continues to care


n January 10, 2009, CF Sharp participated in the Tree Planting Event held in Intramuros. CFSharp was represented by our colleagues in the Corporate Human Resources: Sam Rosales, Ian Martin Serrano and Rayven Pacia. Spearheaded by Intramuros Administration with the help of The Rotary Club of Makati West, Lifestyle Asia, and Boy Scouts of the Philippines, the CF Sharp Group has been chosen as one of the major sponsors for this important event that sought to pronounce our collective hope for the end of senseless destruction of Mother Nature. By: Rayven S. Pacia / CFS Corp. HR



crewmembers. But lest we forget the reason for the season, it is to celebrate the wonderful things of 2008 and here's wishing for more good things to come in 2009. Cheers to all of you kindhearted people.



MARCH 2009



ecember 19, 2008 was marked a red-letter day on the CF Sharp Group corporate calendar. No, that's an understatement. It's a colorful day for all the CFS Group employees! It was a day we outshined the stars as we donned our glitziest and glam-est for the CFS at the Palacio de Maynila. Adding more glitz and glam to the affair is the production number competition among various companies of the group. The theme of this year's competition showcased hit musicals where the combined forces of CF Sharp Holdings, Inc., Sharp Maritime Security Training Services and Competitive IT Solutions garnered them the coveted champ's hat. But why glitz and glam, why such pomposity, considering that the news of economic recession is announced non-stop everywhere? Instead of allowing this crisis to rattle and dishearten us, we choose to take stock and focus on the things that we value as employees of the CF Sharp Group of Companies.

As has been a tradition, CFS Christmas Party is considered by employees as a day to celebrate as a family, a reunion of sorts wherein all employees belonging to various subsidiaries of the CFS Group gather to meet one another ­ to strengthen bonds and to forge new relationships. More than a glitz and glam event, the CFS Christmas Party '09 was a celebration of togetherness. We celebrate our being a family. In the face of looming economic recession, this is one important attribute that will help the CF Sharp

Group of Companies to move on and tackle the challenges the year 2009 may bring. This inherent corporate strength ­ internal stability which the family spirit engenders ­ is, in fact, one of the things that has made CF Sharp resilient and fruitful through the years and gives its management and employees the necessary confidence and courage in facing all business difficulties. We know that we can always count on the goodwill, professionalism, and generous cooperation of one another. And we have solid basis on which to anchor this belief: WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! RAYVEN PACIA/CORP. HR


in the Family


BOSM - NEU Seafarers and Family

n the tradition of gift giving and sharing the blessings with the seafarers, their families, especially the children, December 2008 was again filled with family parties. Two of our dearest principals continue with this tradition by sponsoring a Family Christmas Party for their respective seafarers and families. There w e r e g i f t s for the children a n d grocery items for the moms and dads. We thank RCPO and Blue Ocean Shipmanagement for the generous support in organizing these parties. This gave the chance to the seafarers and their families to get together and to know each other, thus strengthening the ties of a one big happy family. With activities such as this, we believe our seafarers will gladly reciprocate the dedication and concern shown

to them by their principals. For RCPO, it was a Filipiniana night at Christmastime. The party was held at the open grounds of the Fort Santiago in Intramuros. Mr Jens Ketels, RCPO Personnel Manager, travelled halfway around the world just to be together and share this bonding with the seafarers and their families. The children had fun of their lives. They watched with enthusiasm, Roy- the Magician, got excited with the raffle of prizes joined in the parlor games with the 3 Santa Clauses. The RCPO cadets showed their singing and dancing skills.




t is also Blue Ocean Shipmanagement's 3rd Family Christmas Party. This time, the party was held at Tamayo's Restaurant. There were never ending games, sheer delight in watching the Yoyo Master, the band that provided live music, and who can forget the sumptuous buffet food. The much awaited raffle-dazzle of prizes added thrill and excitement to the party. Thank you, Captain Jolly!

MARCH 2009 MARCH 2009


casa rocha

Phil Collier on his first ever visit to CF Sharp: " I would like to thank you all for the kind hospitality shown to me during my trip to Manila. I found my visit hugely beneficial and very enlightening and I was impressed with the professionalism and enthusiasm shown by everyone I met." Phil Collier, Fleet Personnel Director, James Fisher Guernsey Ltd.

Employee of the Month



Accounting Staff

Mr. Petros Kyranides, General Manager for Operations, Louise Cruise Line Ltd. With him in photo are Lawrence Francia and Kjell Hjartnes.

The Officers and Crew of Rem Clough :

Gl bal

Standing leftmost and right most are : Capt. Trond Breivik and Capt Lidvin Flusund, respectively. Beside Capt Flusund is our Filipino crew's best friend, Ch Steward Gert Kvalsund (in white gala). While our Filipino crew are seated from L-R: Marjoe Bayoneta, Ch Cook Carlo Espino, Cook Larry Donggon, Elizabeth Hitgano, Alex Himan. The REM fleet is a modern and sophisticated Offshore fleet. It consists of PSV, AHTS, MPSV and OCV and operates on world wide basis and is operated by experienced crew, both on board and ashore. This makes REM to a highly respected and preferred player in the Offshore Industry.

Mr. Amir Ayaz, Entry Clearance Officer, Visa Services, British Embassy Manila with Miguel A.V. Rocha and Rafael Santiago.




Crewing Staff

With Phil in photo is the Recruitment Team with Emma Cruz as Team head (5th from L)

RCPO holds Senior Officers' Seminar

February 17, 2009 · Pan Pacific Hotel ­ Manila

knowledge and skills as Capt Raimund Gross elaborated this when he presented the training activities of RCPO. Capt Dirk Kanzler updated everyone on the customized courses that have been instituted : such as collision avoidance, ship handling, trim & stability. These training courses are available for aspiring Senior Officers. Capt Albert Alde in his speech, mentioned that he is glad that the company is now pushing for Filipinos to move up the shipmanagement level position. Other speakers are : Bobby Davantes, RCPO Phil Fleet Manager crewing matters, discussed various Bernadette Cortez on the accounting procedure. Aurie Milanco provided a brief walk through on the seafarers medical and dental plan. Everyone had time to exchange pleasantries after the seminar in an exclusive dinner. RCPO is committed to continuously improve and enhance their Officers' growth and promotion. So much so that 66% of RCPOs seafarers are Filipinos. They continue to encourage Filipinos to upgrade and achieve, strive, and become future Senior Officers. They see a lot of potentials that need to be tapped and they shall provide the additional training required. "We want to bring you up. We do not care about nationalities, we look at abilities." Reederei Claus Peter-Offen (RCPO), one of the world's leading shipping companies gathered together its Senior Officers for a seminar on the career development prospects of Filipino Officers. Mr Miguel Rocha, CFS Vice President opened the seminar with a warm welcome and an introduction of CFS and RCPO partnership. Mr Jens C. Ketels, RCPO Fleet Personnel Manager provided a situationer on company's long term plans and proudly announced that by the end of 2009, RCPO will be the leading supplier of modern containerchartertonnage. 75% of RCPO ships are chartered out long-term. He also informed about the installation of Videotel (Video on Demand) onboard ships with unlimited access to the interactive training this VOD offers. A unit has also been installed in CFS office. RCPO appreciates the potentials of the Filipino officers and aims to enhance and encourage the capabilities of the Second and Third Mates, Third and Fourth Engineers and prepare them to assume senior positions. Instilling in their minds the importance of teamwork, good feedback, and to work harmoniously and productively not only with the Filipinos but most especially with the foreign counterparts. RCPO believes that with the right training, they are assured that their Officers are equipped with the latest


1. Good : your wife is pregnant. Bad : It's triplets. Ugly : you had a vasectomy five years ago. 2. Good : Your wife's not talking to you. Bad : She wants a divorce. Ugly : She's a lawyer. 3. Good: Your youngest son is finally maturing. Bad : He's involved with woman next door. Ugly : So are you. 4. Good : You give the "birds and bees" talk to your 10 years old daughter. Bad : She keeps interrupting. Ugly : With corrections. 5. Good : Your son is dating someone new. Bad : It's another man. Ugly : he's your best friend. 6. Good : Your 15 year old daughter got a new job. Bad : As a hooker. Ugly : Your co-workers are her best clients. Very Ugly : She makes more money than you do.




What a way to end a relationship! These are some of the entries to a Washington Post Competition asking for a two-line rhyme with the most romantic first line and the least romantic second line.: 1. My darling, my lover, my beautiful wife: Marrying you has screwed up my life. 2. I see your face when I am dreaming. That's why I always wake up screaming. 3. Kind, intelligent, loving and hot; This describes everything you are not. 4. I want to feel your sweet embrace; But don't take that paper bag off your face. 5. My love, you take my breath away. What have you stepped in to smell this way? 6. My feelings for you no words can tell Except for maybe `Go to hell.' 7. What inspired this amorous rhyme? Two parts vodka, one part line. Who said poetry is boring?

Two lines "to end a relationship" poems


Reederei Nord Congratulates you !

Our dear seafarers who celebrated their five year anniversaries with the company. Keep up the good work! We are truly proud of you. · IDF Foreman Colito Cabia · IDF Foreman Jusito Tuboro · Pumpman Jorge Fajardo · Pumpman Jose De Vera Ramos · Fier Eleuterio Cabansay · Oiler Oscar Villas · Oiler Joseph Ibarra



Amb. JOHN J. ROCHA Chairman/President, C.F. Sharp Group Capt. HANS J. ROSENFELDT Editor in Chief MIGUEL ANGEL V. ROCHA Managing Editor AURITA D. MILANCO Head, Editorial Staff

WOMEN'S ASS SIZE STUDY There is a new study about women and how they feel about their assess. The results were pretty interesting: 30% of women think their ass are too fat... 10% of women think their ass are too skiny... The remaining 60% say they don't care, they love him, he's a good man, and they wouldn't trade him for the world.



MARCH 2009

Women's Ass Size Study


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(With apologies to Meryl Streep / Robert Redford and their 1985 academy award winning film!!)

n my column in the Xmas edition of "Sharp News" I made brief mention of my son and heir's plans, with several school mates, to visit South Africa on a goodwill mission aimed mainly at distributing sporting equipment to extremely underpriviledged children. It gives me immense satisfaction to report that this visit was accomplished with enormous success and has left many black children with not only happy memories of being treated as equals by visitors from a far off land but, more important, footballs and cricket equipment with which they can continue to take part in sporting activities which, otherwise, would have been denied to them. The tour commenced from a cold London on Boxing Day and the first destination was a slightly (!) warmer, but wet, Lusaka. So what's new or different those thousands of miles apart ? nothing really because "rain stopped play!!" However, not to be deterred, the time in Zambia's Capital City was spent training with the youthful members of the Zambian Cricket Union and, of course, swopping lies - sorry - stories of successful centuries scored in past games back in England's green and pleasant. On the outskirts of Lusaka is the "Alive & Kicking" football stitching factory where monthly no less than 2,000 footballs are produced by the efforts of 50 local stitchers all of whom, it is pleasant to record, are not slave labour but paid a fair wage for their efforts. Each football takes approximately 3 hours to make and on the exterior of each and every one is a message warning of the dangers


of Aids and Malaria. After visiting the factory, and when the "Old Cranleighan Cricket Club Team " reached Livingston, they met up with the representative of several local charities, who distributes the footballs, which the team had purchased. He assured them that each local school would receive at least one ball which the team had bought as contributions. Proceeding on to Capetown via Johannesburg, more clement weather was experienced so the sound of leather on willow was frequently heard over the ensuing few days. During these matches, the English players wore shirts with the emblem of their chief sponsor emblazoned thereon. Who is the chief sponsor you may well ask ? It pleases me to state that, none other than Whilst in Ca pe t own the team visited the townships of Myanga and Lyalitsha to play the local teams and also to mingle with the sports mad population and give away footballs and cricket gear. The team considered this as one of the most important gestures of their tour as HIV is a major problem in those areas and also unemployment is calculated at 70%. In all 100 footballs were given away together with clothing and cricket equipment. It is to be hoped that this gesture will encourage the playing of the two games (not difficult!!) and that local talent can be discovered and nurtured in the areas. It was extremely encouraging to watch some of the local kids performing on the pitch - more than one future Christiano Ronaldos appeared to be possibly waiting to be discovered!! All in all a hugely successful outing and the time, effort and money invested in the enterprise certainly gratifying. Further contributions are planned and should any of my readers feel they would care to be associated with these efforts, Tristan, in white shirt, sans the helmet

as already stated, aimed at combating Aids and Malaria, I will be very pleased to pass on any contributions with suitable references to the donors. And in closing , the accompanying photograph of someone with whom, by now, you must be well acquainted, handling one of the message bearing footballs, will show that the arguably most important human being currently in power is also a participant in the endeavour to pass the warning messages down to those unfortunate people most affected. Captain Hans J.Rosenfeldt.


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