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This is a hardbound periodical that is catalogued and kept in the STACKS under the call number RK24.D4. Each issues has several scholarly articles about major topics listed below:

2008 V.52.1 Management of the Oncologic Patient V.52.2 Dental Public Health V.52.3 Handbook of Dental Practice V.52.4 2007 V.51.1 Temporomandibular Disorders and Orofacial pain V.51.1 Successful Esthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry for the Modern Dental Practice V.51.3 Dental Materials V51.4 Dentistry's Role in Disaster Response 2006 V. 50.1 Adolescent Oral Health V. 50.2 Tissue Engineering V. 50.3 Implantology V. 50.4 Mental Conditions and their Effect on Dental Care 2005 V. 49:1 Oral Soft Tissue Lesions V. 49:2 Geriatrics: Contemporary and Future Concerns V. 49:3 Periodontology: Present Status and Future Concepts V. 49:4 Incipient and Hidden Caries 2004 V. 48:1 Modern Endodontic Practice V. 48:2 Fixed Prosthodontics V. 48:3 Removable Prosthodontics V. 48:4 Lasers in Clinical Dentistry 2003 V. 47:1 Minority Oral Health V. 47:2 Nutrition and Oral Health V. 47:3 Infections, Infectious Diseases, and Dentistry, Part I V. 47:4 Infections, Infectious Diseases, and Dentistry, Part II 2002 V. 46:1 Evidence Based Dentistry V. 46:2 Restorative Dentistry V. 46:3 Dental Informatics V. 46:4 Dental Therapeutics Update

2001 V. 45:1 New Techniques in Esthetic & Restorative Dentistry V. 45:2 Forensic Odontology V. 45.3 Women's Oral Health V. 45.4 Dentistry & SleepRelated Breathing Disorders 2000 V. 44:1 Advances in Sports Dentistry V. 44:2 Applications of Digital Imaging Modalities for Dentistry V. 44:3 Pediatric Dentistry V. 44.4 Lasers and Light Amplification in Dentistry


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