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Truckers' Chaplain Corps International

"Providing Spiritual Care to and through Truckers"


Today, we are in an unprecedented state of Global Crisis where men women and children from all walks of life are hopelessly floundering with many perishing. Simultaneously, God Almighty, Our Creator, is raising up His called and chosen people as His vessels of hope and restoration. "Those from among you will rebuild the

ancient ruins, you will raise up the age-old foundations, and you will be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of the streets in which to dwell." - Isaiah 58: 12 NAS

God Almighty is calling many over the road Truckers and others into His fellowship and service, but, they are isolated from participation in local community services and lack an effective method and opportunity. Truckers' Chaplain Corps International (TCCI) provides fellowship, training and service opportunities, which enable our associates to become Certified Crisis Chaplains and bloom in His service wherever they are planted in workplace and community. Crisis Chaplaincy is a totally different concept of ministry or service than that perceived and practiced in both the religious and secular worlds. Crisis Chaplains have a different calling and agenda and must be specially trained and adapted to the crisis environment. Without a thorough understanding of The Life or Death Nature of Crisis Unique physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of crisis/trauma victims, And the Roots of Spiritual Care, Want to be "Good Samaritans", amateur and professional, can inadvertently do more Harm than Good. The Vision and Plan for Truckers Chaplain Corps has been imparted to me through my fifty year personal relationship with God Almighty and by numerous devout men and women who have or currently comprise;

Ben McGregor & Associates BMA Consulting and Management Services, LLC

Truckers' Chaplain Corps International is based on the Call of God Almighty and the Vision given to me in 1993 while establishing Truckers' Chaplain Service and 17 years of trial and error experience thereafter. In that vision, I saw a long causeway with water on both sides and in the water was a multitude of floundering people with many going down for the last time. Then a flatbed 18 wheeler with 4ft sideboards and a team of rescuers on broad went across the causeway casting out life preservers. The former perishing were then climbing aboard and joining in the rescue effort. The original vision is now expanded to 150 trucks driven by TCCI Certified Crisis Chaplains with teams and 10 member chapters consisting of trucking industry and community associates. It is my vision, hope and continual prayer that as we connect the dots, Truckers' Chaplain Corps will grow into an international organization.

Chaplains Rose & Gerald Shultz

The TCCI Mission is to facilitate OTR Truckers and others as Certified Crisis Chaplains and assistants who can provide spiritual care and practical support to virtually anyone in crisis, anywhere at any time through practical application of Biblical principles.

The TCCI Training Program

"Boot Camp for Spiritual Survival" (BCSS) is designed to enable TCCI Members to protect themselves and help others under dire and adverse circumstances. Beginning with Spirituality 101 through Advanced Crisis Chaplaincy, BCSS may be the key that opens the door to effective service to God Almighty. For more info, check interested on the TCCI Membership Application.

We need your prayers, cooperation and support.

How You Can Help:

Pray for TCCI and your pending involvement. If God leads our direction, please come forth. Learn more about TCCI - Contact Us Tell others about TCCI and invite them to get involved. Become a TCCI Member (Submit Application) Enroll in the TCCI Chaplain Training Program Support TCCI Benevolent Services through your donations of funds, goods and services. Become a TCCI Sponsor for promotional or professional consideration. Become a TCCI Prayer Partner. Most importantly, submit yourself to the care and keeping of God Almighty, listen to and obey Him and Him alone. May God give you His peace-"Sheepdog"

You Are Invited to catch the TCCI vision, use our Services and Join with Us. In His Service, Chaplain Ben "Sheepdog" Ben McGregor,

Certified Crisis Chaplain, ICS & CERT TCCI Founder and Director

Truckers' Chaplain Corps International

701 Ave L Cell: 713-540-6304 South Houston, Texas 77587 Email: [email protected]

"Remember, we are here and we care."

Of/Fax: 713-947-3247

<<<Contact Us.

TCCI Application - Page 2

Truckers' Chaplain Corps International

"Bringing Hope to and through Truckers" Executive Chaplain Ben "Sheepdog" McGregor Truckers, Chaplain Corps 701 Ave L

Cell: 713-540-6304 Email: [email protected] South Houston, TX 77587 Office/Fax: 713-947-3247

TCCI Membership Application:

Type Membership:


Date _____/_____/_____

_____Non-Trucker Community Associate


_____Active or retired CDL Trucker

MI Last

Name ________________________ / _____ / __________________________/____________________

Mailing Address: ______________________________________________ Home____ Bus._____

__________________________ / _____ / ___________________/ USA or_______________

City ST Zip

Home Address if different from above:

__________________________ / _____ / ___________________/ USA or_______________

City ST Zip

E-Mail ___________________________________

Phone HM. ___________________________ MO. ___________________________ Wk. ___________________________


TCCI- Email List: Y____ N_____

Website: _____________________________ Face Book/other: _____________________________ Skype, etc: _____________________________

Relationship Phone

Emergency Contact: __________________________/__________________/__________________________

Occupation: _______________________________________________________________________ (Truckers Only) CDL#: _________________________ST____ T.W.I.C. ___Y or ___N

Are you interested in a TCC Certified Crisis Chaplain or assistant? Y___ or No___ Please indicate any special interest, talents or skills you would like to deploy through TCCI. __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ ******************************************************** (Use back or additional paper) I agree to abide by established guidelines while engaged in Truckers' Chaplain Corps activities. Applicant Signature___________________________________ Date: ___________________ *Referred by: ________________________________________ I.D. #: ______________________ ***** TCC Annual Membership @ $25 ____ Five Year @$100 ____ Life [email protected]$250 _____

Please return or fax application with appropriate fee payable to Truckers Chaplain Corps % above address. (Master Card or Visa payment accepted by phone)

Sponsors & Donations to fund Truckers' Chaplain Corps non-profit operations are needed and appreciated. For office use only: Membership Status: ___Approved ___ Pending Code: ______________________ Notes: __________________________________________________________________________ Membership # ______________________ Rep: _____________ Date: ____/____/_____

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