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SKYGREEN® PETG/PCTG resins are environmentally friendly materials, which provide replacement options for PVC, PMMA and PC in many applications including clear sheet for POP displays, medical devices, food packaging, and cosmetics bottles and jars. SKYGREEN® PETG/PCTG resins exhibit outstanding clarity, toughness, chemical resistance and processability.

SKYGREEN® PETG/PCTG resins may be used in various processing methods, including sheet, film and profile extrusion, injection molding and extrusion blow molding.

Grade / Concept General Purpose High Melt Flow

PETG Regular S2008 ­ Enhanced Clarity KN100 KN200* Cosmetic PN100 ­

PCTG Enhanced Performance JN100 JN200*

*Better mold release.

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What is it? Characteristics

Amorphous copolyesters ­ a copolyester is a polyester with comonomers ­ a copolymer type · Excellent optical (high transparency, high gloss, low haze). Thick sections can be molded with min voids · High impact strength · Outstanding decoration and printability · Easy fabrication ­ high toughness, can cold-bend, does not stress-whiten · Versatile bonding ­ accepts many assembly methods · Environmental ­ recyclable ­ no toxic fumes or odors

Your Medical Choice

1.27 S Regular 1.27 K Enhanced Color KN100 (Eastar GN071) KN200 (Eastar GN007) PETG 1.23 J

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Grade Information and Offsets:

Resin Specific Gravity Grade Concept General Purpose

Medically Approved Engineering Thermoplastic Materials. PETG PCTG

Enhanced Performance JN100 (Eastar DN001) JN200 (Eastar DN004) PCTG

S2008 (Eastar 6763)

High Flow ­ Improved Mold RESIN GRADE Mechanical Tensile Strength at Yield Elongation at Yield Elongation at Break Flex Modulus Density Izod Thermal S2008 MPa 4.5% 180% 2100 MPa 1.27 105 J/m 70 (158) @.455 MPa 62 (43) @ 1.82 MPa <1.0 89 1.57

KN100/200 50 MPa 4.5% 180% 2100 MPa 1.27 105 J/m 70 (158) @.455 MPa 62 (43) @ 1.82 MPa <1.0 90 1.57 KN100: Better clarity and color vs. S2008, Less expensive vs. KN200 FDA Approved 1.27 Specific Gravity KN200: Better melt and mold release vs. S2008 or KN10

PN100 50 MPa 4.5% 120% 2150 MPa 1.27 85 J/m 70 (158) @.455 MPa 62 (43) @ 1.82 MPa <1.0 91 1.57

JN100/200 45 MPa 5% 340% 1800 MPa 1.23 No Break 74 (165) @.455 MPa 64 (147) @ 1.82 MPa <1.0 91 1.56

Heat Distortion


Haze Transmittance Refractive Index, np


ISO 10993 approved (medical)

Clear and Moldable in thick containers

Improved Temperature Impact and Chemical Resistance 1.23 Specific Gravity

Relative Chemical Resistance

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Good material is based on tests or experience believed to be reliable.


Any recommendation by Chase Plastics personnel for the use of any However, since the final processing and use of the product are PETG beyond our control, we make no warranty as to such use or effects incident to such use, handling or sale.


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Impact PMMA



SKYGREEN® PETG/PCTG is a registered trademark of SK Chemicals.


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