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free-flowing ferrous sulfate Feed production Chromate reduction in cement Fertiliser production Chlorosis control Precipitant and flocculant for ­ Phosphate elimination ­ Bulking sludge abatement ­ Hydrogen sulfide elimination ­ Industrial effluent treatment

Formula Form European standard Active substance Typical composition FeSO4 · 6­7 H2O pale-green, fine granules EN 889 195 g Fe/kg Ø 3.49 mol/kg Iron (Fe2+) Magnesium (Mg) Calcium (Ca) Manganese (Mn) Sulfur (S) Insolubles Approx. 0.8 t/m3 In bulk by road tanker or packed in plastic bags Approx. 2 ­ 2 °C (regardless of concentration) 65 ° For the dry granules : no particular requirements For solutions : all common plastics and special steel 1.4571 Xn harmful 22 26­36/37/39­46 Before using any of our products, please consult our Safety Data Sheets. 19.5 % 0.7 % 0.3 % 0.04 % 12.1 % < 0.6 %

Apparent density Delivery pH value of the saturated solution Freezing point of solutions Angle of repose Recommended materials

Hazard identification R-phrases S-phrases Safety

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