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Pediatric Resources Available through EMSC Grantee Websites

Alabama · Alaska · Clapping for Safety ­ Injury Prevention for Children 3 5 Years of Age · Alaska' Safety Drummers ­ Injury Prevention For Children 6 ­ 9 Years of Age · Alaska's Symbols Of Safety: Injury Prevention For Children 10 ­ 13 Years of Age · The Alaska Safety Gauge: What Would My Elders Advise? Water, Fire, and Firearm Safety/Poisoning Prevention for Alaska's Teens Arizona · Emergency Medical Technician & First Responder Guidelines: SIDS and Other Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths · Booster Seat Fact Sheet · Communicable Disease FlipChart · SAFETY INFORMATION FLIPCHART: Emergency and Prevention Guidelines for Schools, Early Childhood Programs and Parents · AllTerrain VehicleRelated Unintentional Injuries · 2007 Fast Facts on Suicide and SelfHarm Among Arizona Children Ages 017 Years · Burn and Scald Injuries Among Children Age 0 through 17 Years · Drowning Among Children Age 019 Years · FallRelated Injuries Among Children Age 019 Years · Injuries Among Children Age 0 through 2 Years · Motor Vehicle Crash Injuries Among Children Age 019 Years · Abusive Head Injuries among Arizona Infants and Young Children, 20042008 · Traumatic Brain Injuries Among Children Ages 019 Years California · EMSA #181: Guidelines For Pediatric Interfacility Transport Programs [PDF] · EMSA #182: Administration, Personnel and Policy Guidelines for the Care of Pediatric Patients in the Emergency Department [PDF] · EMSA #183: Interfacility Pediatric Trauma and Critical Care Consultation and/or Transfer Guidelines [PDF] · EMSA #184: Guidelines for Pediatric Critical Care Centers [PDF] · EMSA #185: Pediatric Prehospital Treatment Protocols [PDF] · EMSA #186: Model Pediatric Interfacility Transfer Agreement [PDF] · EMSA #187: Pediatric Education Guidelines for Paramedics [PDF]

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EMSA #188: Prehospital Pediatric Equipment for BLS/ALS Support Units [PDF] EMSA #190: EMSC Recommendation for Illness and Injury Prevention [PDF] EMSA #194: EMSC Pediatric Trauma Care Recommendations EMSA #195: EMSC Systems Planning, Implementation and Management Model EMSA #196: Emergency First Aid Guidelines for California Schools [PDF] EMSA #197: EMSC Pediatric Disaster Preparedness Guidelines for LEMSAs EMSA #198: EMSC Pediatric Disaster Preparedness Guidelines for Hospitals

Delaware · 2008 Childhood Injury In Delaware Georgia · Bienvenidos a Safetyille Coloring Book (Spanish) · EMS For Children · 10 Safety Steps To School · Welcome to Safetyville Coloring Book (English) · EMSC Coloring and Activity book was designed for children ages 3 9 years to promote emergency preparedness · Bicycle Injury · Burn Injury ­ Sun Exposure · Burn ­ Fire Injury · Burn ­ Scalding Injury · Emergency Brochure · Falls · How to Handle Childhood Emergencies · Poisonings · Sports Injuries · Walk Safety ABCs · When Your Child's Head Has Been Hurt Illinois · Creating Liquid Tamiflu® for Children During a Pandemic Flu · NICU Evacuation Guidelines · Pandemic Flu Resources · Instructional Guidelines for Use of Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) Ventilators in the Pediatric Patient Iowa · A Profile of the Emergency Medical Services for Children Program in the State of Iowa · Pediatric Assessment Curriculum · Iowa EMSC Injury Prevention Resource List

Kansas · The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act · CDC Childhood Injury Report · Transporting Children with Special Healthcare Needs · Child Passenger Safety ­ Booster Seat Maine · Maine Youth Suicide Prevention Program · School Injury Report Form Maryland · EMSC: Right Care When It Counts · Child Passenger Safety and Occupant Protection Health Care Project · PEPP2 Maryland Enhanced PEPP Program · Pediatric Continuing Education (offers several courses, downloadable materials, PowerPoint presentations, and Cds) · Maryland Prevention Programs Mississippi · Poison Prevention · Poison Lookout Checklist Missouri · ALS Checklist for Pediatric Equipment · BLS Checklist for Pediatric Equipment · Affidavit · EMSC Fact Sheet New Jersey · School Kit Inventory List · EMSC Newsletters New York · The New York State Trauma System: A Special Report on Pediatric Trauma · Be Prepared for Medical Emergencies Involving Your Child · Children with Special Healthcare Needs Reference Card · Pediatric Assessment Reference Card · Prehospital Pediatric Care Curriculum · Injury Prevention Resources North Carolina · CARE (Child Abuse Recognition Education) Powerpoint · Disaster Planning in Schools: The Role of the School Nurse · KIDBASE Brochure

· Guidelines for Safe Pediatric Transports Ohio · EMTs & Injury Prevention: Advocates for Children · EMS Pediatric Guidelines and Procedures Manual · Emergency Guidelines for Schools Oklahoma · EMSC Factsheet Pennsylvania · EMSC Factsheet · EMSC Reference Guide South Dakota · "Don't Thump your Melon" Brochure · "Don't Thump your Melon" Rodeo Kit · First There, First Care: Bystander First Aid · Injury Prevention · Pediatric Emergency Response Bag Brochure · BLS Equipment Survey · ALS Equipment Survey · Ambulance Response Survey Tennessee · Treating Children from Homes with Meth Labs · Pediatric Resuscitation Guide Texas · Pediatric/ Neonatal Hurricane Evacuation Plan Utah · Emergency Health Information System for Children with Special Health Care Needs · Training for EMS Providers for Children with Special Health Care Needs · Utah Pediatric Protocol Guidelines · Family Centered Care Factsheet · Family Centered Care Policy Statement · Family Centered Care Protocol · Needs Assessment Results · Pediatric Education Needs

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Pediatric Equipment Needs Children with Special Health Care Needs Cultural Competence Needs Injury Prevention Needs

Wisconsin · Women's Club Pediatric Kit Project · Recommended Guidelines for Physician's Offices, Clinics, and Urgent Care Centers for Pediatric Emergency Preparedness · Required Pediatric Equipment and Recommended Pediatric Kit


Pediatric Resources Available through EMSC Grantee Websites

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